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Chapter 3 quiz Chapter 3 quiz Document Transcript

  • 1. In Carol Gilligan's view, the most important concept in the morality of women is Compassion 2. Information-processing models of cognition show that the best decisions are made by those who Take time to gather a lot of information to look for the most relevant pieces. 3. About what fraction of adult Americans are overweight? 2/3 4. Which of the following is NOT a psychoactive substance? Acetaminophen 5. Which one of the following individuals is most likely to be diagnosed with depression? Sandy, who has had trouble sleeping for the past several months. 6. Eric is hyperactive (ADHD) child who has been prescribed medication to control his behavior. Which kind of drug will he probably be given? A stimulant 7. Find the statement that generally describes adult friendships of women and men. Women prefer relationships that focus on understanding; they want friends to pay attention and be empathic. 8. In general, when looking for a spouse, which of the following traits has become more desirable for both men and women? Education 9. Sheri and Al want to begin a new diet without changing their exercise routine. They have been scouring professional journals to find the best way to lose weight. After looking at countless studies they decide that the most consistant way to lose weight and keep it off is to Reduce their intake of calories 10. For the last 10 years Becky has consistently weighed about 160 punds, which for her is 30 pounds overweight. In February she went on a special diet and successfully she 20 pounds before her sister's June wedding. Since her previous habits had kept her weight consistently around 160 pounds, Becky figured that resuming her pre-diet habits would keep her weight consistenly at 130 pounds. Instead, by the end of the year Becky found that she was back to 160 pounds. Why did Becky not get the results she expected? Her body's set point probably adjusted her rate of energy use.