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Writers write books, but how are these books marketed? Whether traditionally published or self-published, a writer needs to understand their role in author marketing. An author's role has been …

Writers write books, but how are these books marketed? Whether traditionally published or self-published, a writer needs to understand their role in author marketing. An author's role has been redefined in the past few years. Once the creative side of writing is done, are authors ready for business? This Author Marketing presentation helps minimize author frustrations in the book business by reviewing:

*Latest tools and strategies for authors in a digital world
*Emerging technology affecting publishing trends
*Qualities of best-selling authors
*How, where, and when to acquire book reviews
*Ways to generate appropriate media contact lists and how to contact the media

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  • 1. AUTHOR MARKETING © 2014, Tara Lynne Groth
  • 2. About Me  Originally from Long Island, lived in Rhode Island, soon Pittsboro  Freelancing for 5 years in May 2014 (4 years full-time), TW & AW  PR director 4 years in NY, Marketing Manager 2 years in NC  VP of Marketing, Atlanta Writers Club 2 years  Memberships: Freelancers Union, ASJA. Former: AWC, NCPS, Authors Guild.  Academia: Career Writing, Advertising/Marketing Communications; B.A. Cinema & Cultural Studies at SUNY Stony Brook  Non-writing: New moto rider, kayaking, QT
  • 3. AUTHOR’ S ROLE IN MARKETING Traditional v. Self
  • 4. Author’ s Responsibilities  Evolution from traditional book signings to e ve nts  Out of book stores  Signing e-books with Authorgraph  Engaging readers  Blog tours – duplicate content penalties
  • 5. Publisher and Agent’ s Responsibilities  Book tour expenses  Book store connections  Reviews in specific markets  Connect with editors  Book cover design  Advances – repaid
  • 6. COMMON FRUSTRATIONS Problems Authors Have in a Digital Age
  • 7. Author Problems  Formatting book for print  Maintaining social media  Managing physical inventory  Consistently creating content: Blogs, podcasts, videos  Website outdated, nonexistent, using outdated or black hat methods  New tool overload
  • 8. SOLUTIONS FOR AUTHORS Resolving Digital Conflicts
  • 9. Solutions  Book formats – Research user-friendly providers with downloadable templates, hire a designer, hire an independent publisher  Social Media  73% of US online adults use social networks; 71% use Facebook, more than LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter combined. (Pew Research Center, 2013)  Google & Twitter Alerts (Tweetbeep, Twilert)  Facebook: Videos, timing, completely paid in 2014  Google+ Authorship  eBooks – KDP, USB, Seth Godin’s 20 Rule, pricing strategies  Blogs, Podcasts, Videos  Maintain quarterly sessions for creation and schedule over weeks  Simple strategy: Complementing content.  Website  Quarterly is better than nothing.  Goal of the user: Buy a book, hire you to write/edit, etc.  Mobile users only growing – test on multiple devices
  • 10. Solutions  Marketing automation – Online tools that manage social updates on your behalf 24/7. Some tools allow you to designate rules, such as “If someone ‘likes’ an update on Facebook, send it as a Tweet.” Or “If someone retweets a status, reply back with XYZ and post it to LinkedIn.”  Pros:  Less time spent monitoring and engaging.  Content that users are interested in is shared.  Timing can be strategized.  You can be the source for the latest publishing trends.  Cons:  Less real engagement. You don’t know your fans. What if you meet them in person?  Content cloud.  Users are smart. They know it’s not you.  Reliability
  • 11. How Hard is Publishing an eBook? 1. Sign in with Amazon account on and complete tax information. 2. Click “Bookshelf” and “Add new title.” 3. Fill out the form, including book title, description, and keywords you want people to search to find your book. 4. Upload: Cover image and separate book file. Preview for accuracy before saving. 5. Select desired rights options on “Rights and Pricing” page. 6. Choose royalty rate and name your price. (Royalty typically 70%.) 7. Save and Publish. Book available in under 48 hours.
  • 12. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES New Tools for Authors
  • 13. Reaching Readers in Digital Age • Tablets outpaced PCs • More mobile devices than people • Readers • Cloud-enabled • Subscriptions • Serials
  • 14. Where Are Adults Online? Pinterest continues to appeal to female users (women are four times as likely as men to be Pinterest users), and LinkedIn is especially popular among college graduates and Internet users in higher income households. Meanwhile, Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and nonwhites.
  • 15. Emerging Apps and Technologies  Flipboard – Create your own magazine. (Alt: Periodical exclusive to iPhones.)  IFTTT – Automation for everything AND eBook reading. eBook deals, articles to Kindle, Amazon Gold Box, Nook Free Fridays. Ex: Newsletters, new books.  FreebooksHub – Free Kindle, Reduced Price, Free Prime.  Upworthy – Inspiring stories with “irresistible headlines.”  Pic a Moment – App only. View social images based on location.  PressBooks – Open source. WordPress plugin. Publishing software.  LibriVox – Free public domain audiobooks.  Evernote  Soundcloud
  • 16. BEST-SELLING AUTHORS What did they do?
  • 17. Author Strategies • Pen name • More than one • E-book • Timing • Edit • Covers • Platform • Hybrid • Be everywhere
  • 18. Top-Selling Authors • Theresa Ragan, Lizzy Gardner Series, A uc te d – bd SAHM, formatted, hired designer, KDP first 3 books free. 1,500 first month, 40,000 few months later. ($2.99 at 70%) Now 7 novels and $1M. • Jennifer L. Armentout, Wa it fo r Yo u – First #1 self-pubbed eBook on Digital Book World’s list as of March 2013. Hybrid. Price $0.99 increased to $2.99. • Andy Traub, $20K in 90 days. Gave away 1-month online course, audiobook and membership to his site w/purchase of a book.
  • 19. BOOK REVIEWS How, when & where to get reviews.
  • 20. Book Review Steps
  • 21. Target  Your connections – Author acquaintances, critique groups, mentors, editors, professors, industry leaders.  Review brokers – Kirkus Reviews, Publisher’s Weekly, Book Rooster, Story Cartel  Media – MondoTimes, Wooden Horse, Writer’s Market, local v. national  Communities – KindleNation, KindleReader, GoodReads, IndieReader, eReaderNewsToday, Pixel of Ink. (Goodreads doubled for the s e c o nd time in 2013.)  Platforms – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Bub, Bookish, Jellybooks, Riffle, Sony Reader Store, What Should I Read Next, Which Book
  • 22. How to Contact Media Kit – Create a tab/corner on your website with a media kit. This will contain: •3-5 sentence bio •Longer bio •Headshots/book images in multiple resolutions •Award info Email – Personalized, include the press release pasted below your note and add link to Media Kit.
  • 23. Become a Source Source Networks  Help a Reporter Out  Reporter Connection  Source Bottle  Story Cartel
  • 24. Book Reviews and Shelf-Life  12-Month Publicity Plan Tip from each chapter as monthly article (NF) Publish a chapter in a market Follow trends – Offer your perspective when relevant. Ask media if they want to receive your newsletter. Local example: Book Beat on radio. Don’t think consumer. Ask trade markets if they are open to interviews. Create and release a survey Coordinate a contest Contact local media well in advance of a visit Align with organizations/causes related to the book. Example: Romance with characters experiencing memory loss? Historical fiction featuring local spots?  Press release top-selling         
  • 25. UPCOMING EVENTS March 2014 Panel Discussion in Chapel Hill Aromas & Creativity in Raleigh April 2014 TBA in Cary Worship Write in Asheville May 2014 WordFest in Asheville Connect: ‘Re s o urc e s fo r Write rs ’ – www. ta ra ly nne g ro th. c o m Twitte r - @ write na ke d write na ke d . wo rd p re s s . c o m © 2014, Tara Lynne Groth