How to Write Killer Web Content


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Prepared by Tara Loftus for MSAE Communications Networking Group on May 17, 2011

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How to Write Killer Web Content

  1. 1. MSAE Communications Networking Group How to Make Google Love You with Killer Web Content May 17, 2011Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  2. 2. © 2006, ed. 2007, 2008Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  3. 3. “There is nothing search engines prefer more than killer Web content.”Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  4. 4. “„I‟m not technical‟ is no longer an excuse for a marketing or communications professional.”Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  5. 5. What is “killer” Web content? The small percentage of Web content that really makes a difference It makes the sale, delivers the service and builds the brand Probably represents less than 10% of content published on the WebTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  6. 6. The “Six Cs” of Killer Web Content 1. Who Cares? 2. Is it Compelling? 3. Is it Clear? 4. Is it Complete? 5. Is it Concise? 6. Is it Correct?Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  7. 7. Writing for the organization vs. writing for the reader If you want to get found by Google, you need to use your customers’/members’ words – not yours! Know your reader: there are no more “users” on the Web anymore – instead, members, customers, teenagers, etc. For key phrases, strike the balance between broad and specificTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  8. 8. Which key phrase is the best? 1 . Association executives in Midwest 2 . Association networking 3 . Association networking in Minnesota 4 . Association networking mnTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  9. 9. Using keywords on your website Page titles Page descriptions Page headings Page content LinksTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  10. 10. What‟s a page title?Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  11. 11. What‟s a page title?Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  12. 12. What‟s a page description?Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  13. 13. Page titles & descriptions (a.k.a. “meta data”) Make it unique for every page of your website Describe what that page is about – make it enticing so users will click Use your keywords – lead with them, then organization nameTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  14. 14. Example Title for MSAE “About Us” page Currently: MSAE Better: About the Midwest Society of Association Executives (MSAE) Best: Association Management in MN, ND and SD | About the Midwest Society of Association Executives (MSAE)Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  15. 15. Example Description for MSAE “About Us” page Currently: [none] Google is substituting first content on page Suggested: MSAE serves association professionals in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, helping members stay informed of industry trends, meet organizational challenges and network with their peers.Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  16. 16. What about keyword tags? (more “meta data”) Because it was so abused in the past, keyword tags are of little significance to Google and other search engines. Do your title and description tags first, then keywords if you have time.Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  17. 17. Page headings (denoted by <h> tag in HTML) Your heading is your hook – be as compelling and specific as possible! (Six Cs) Headings should stand on their own two feet Lead with keywordsTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  18. 18. Example: MSAE “About Us” page Currently: Midwest Society of Association Executives Suggested: #1 Networking Group for Association Professionals in the Midwest or: Association Management Networking for Association Professionals in the MidwestTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  19. 19. Page content Each page should focus on a single term, using keyword phrases for that term All content should be USEFUL Web paragraphs should be 4 sentences or fewer Position keywords at the beginning of sentences rather than the endTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  20. 20. Page content Be original – Google awards no points for copied content Update regularly – be careful of “smelly” content End with a call to action – a link is best (no page should be a dead end)Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  21. 21. “When it comes to conciseness, when in doubt, cut it out. When it comes to clarity, when it doubt, spell it out.”Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  22. 22. Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  23. 23. Example content for MSAE “About Us” page #1 Networking Group for Association Professionals in the Midwest MSAE is the #1 networking group for association professionals in the Midwest because we advance and serve association management professionals in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota on a daily basis. We do this by offering the highest quality, cost-effective education and networking opportunities for association professionals, from young professionals to CEOs. Hundreds of association professionals in the Midwest stay informed of industry trends, meet organizational challenges and achieve their goals for professional development through MSAE. Read more about MSAE‟s mission and vision Meet the MSAE Board of Directors Check out the MSAE Young Professionals groupTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  24. 24. Links Link within your discipline to build credibility Do “reciprocal linking” cautiously – only if the link adds value to your reader Google gives special emphasis to words found in links Place links at action points in your textTara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  25. 25. Examples of links: Click here for more information.Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  26. 26. Examples of links: Currently: MSAE is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Suggested: Meet the MSAE Board of Directors. Best practice: Keywords in the link should match the keywords in the title and description of the page you are linking to – Google LOVES this!Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  27. 27. Remember! Your “score” with Google can never be less than zero.Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development
  28. 28. Resources for the Web writer Killer Web Content by Gerry McGovern Search Engine Marketing by Ramos & Cota SEO for Dummies Above the Fold by Brian Miller A List Apart blog Plus any websites you love to read – analyze and emulate them!Tara Loftus | Frontier Web Development