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Tablets for Real Estate


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How REALTORS can use Tablets, such as iPads and other Droid Devices for practicing real estate.

How REALTORS can use Tablets, such as iPads and other Droid Devices for practicing real estate.

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  • 1. Tablets in Real Estate
  • 2. Which Tablet is best for me? iPad, iPad2, Galaxy, Nook, Xoom? Must look at plans/availibility/preference/features
  • 3. There are over 65,000 Apps
  • 4. iPad Features
    • Larger screen
    • Larger on-screen touch keyboard
    • External bluetooth keyboard option
    • Longer battery life
    • Faster processor
    • Ability to transfer pictures from a digital camera
    • Mobile broadband Internet access for $30 per month through a contract-free service plan with ATT providing unlimited data. There is also the option to use a mobile hotspot from  Sprint or Verizo n .
    • Rela tively low price
    • Accessories . The iPad offers some amazing accessories, including a full-size keyboard. This means a person could leave a wireless keyboard at home and work, while using the built-in touch keyboard when traveling.
  • 5. Xoom vs iPad2
  • 6. Galaxy? Samsung Galaxy Tablet Specification, Features and Pricing | The New iPad Killer Tablet fans looking for something other than the iPad (don’t ask why!) rejoice because Samsung has finally spoken up about the Galaxy Tab ! Samsung calls this a ‘smart media device’ and it looks quite likely that the Galaxy Tab will live up to that billing. It will have Android 2.2 Froyo on board when it ships, a first for tablets. Specification, Features of Samsung Galaxy Tablet It is powered by a CortexA8 1GHz processor and has 512MB of RAM. And the Galaxy tablet will have storage memory up to 32GB but this can be increased with the help of an SD card. The screen is mainly about a 7-inch TFT LCD display having a 1024×600 resolution and a 3MP camera with features such as auto-focus and LED flash.
  • 7. MAP FEATURES Start Start Start Finish Step by Step Directions
  • 8. Additional Map Features Clicking the arrow finds your location via GPS Stores Contacts for Quick Access
  • 9. On to the Apps...
  • 10. GoToMyPC Must have subscription GoToMyPC, but service will allow you to acccess your desktop from your tablet
  • 11.
  • 12. Map View
  • 13.
  • 14. Con’t...
  • 15. trulia-real estate search
  • 16.
  • 17. Zillow Con’t... Know what consumers have access to
  • 18. Financial Institutions
  • 20. facebook
  • 21. twitter
  • 22. Linked in
  • 23. skype
  • 24. foursquare
  • 25. HootSuite/Flickr
  • 26. Google earth
  • 27. Additional Apps...
  • 28. Travel Related Apps...
  • 29. Extra/Bonus Apps: 1. WordPress 2. Craigphone 3.ActiveRain 4. Tumblr 5. Gowalla 6. Go Daddy 7. Pegshot 8. Ladidude 9. Bookmarks
  • 30. Brought to you by: Tara Jordan Member Relations Manager