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  • 1. Clickers in the 4thGrade ClassroomTara Badeaux
  • 2. What are Clickers?Student Response Systems, better known asclickers, are a technology used to help promoteactive learning in the classroom.
  • 3. What do they look like?
  • 4. Who can use them?• Anyone! • Elementary students • Secondary students • College students• They can even be used by professionals
  • 5. What can they be used for?• Formative Assessment• Summative Assessment• Review• Attendance
  • 6. How do I use them?• Assess student learning at the end of each class period with an exit ticket type question• Class review, or formative assessment• Summative assessment for test questions
  • 7. Exit Ticket Questions• Assign each student a number that correlates to a response system remote• Our last activity of each day is to answer one exit ticket type question electronically• After the students leave, I am able to create a report on the data and effectively design my instruction for the next day
  • 8. Class Review• Students can work individually, in partners, or in groups to answer questions that are projected electronically “One glance at aggregated responses can immediately convey whether the class in agreement (a peak), generally undecided (a random spread), or highly polarized (two distinct peaks).” (Shihadeh- Shald, 2010)• This quick response helps me know what areas of study are most important to review before a summative assessment.
  • 9. Summative Assessment• I project a series of questions and set a timer for each one• Students work individually at their desk to solve the problem then select the appropriate answer choice with their clicker
  • 10. Benefits• The students will be less frustrated because they know that I can immediately see who needs help and what specifically needs to be addressed.• Shy students no longer have to worry, “because clicker responses can be anonymous, clickers encourage participation, even from shy students or with sensitive topics.” (Derringer, 2011)• The grading part of assignments and tests is done automatically so teachers are left with more time to work individually with students.