Islam n halloween
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    Islam n halloween Islam n halloween Presentation Transcript

    • Samhain.On the nightof October31, theycelebratedSamhain, whenit was believedthat theghosts of thedead returnedto earthNov 1 was thebeginning ofthe dark, coldwinter, a timeof year that
    • Romans started to conquerthe Celtic lands by 43A.DIncorporating theirfestival of honoring pagangoddess pomonaChristianity spread inCeltic lands in 7th centuryIntroduced ‘All Saints DAy’
    • Halloween Customs andTraditions
    • Halloween Customs andTraditions
    • Halloween Customs andTraditions
    • IslamicTeachingsTauheed:He is Allah, the One and Only;Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;And there is none like unto Him. – [Quran 112:1-4]Blindly follow the ancestorsWhen it is said unto them, Come to what Allah has revealed, come tothe Messenger, they say, Enough for us are the ways we found ourfathers following. What! Even though their fathers were void ofknowledge and guidance?" (Quran 5:104)Plans of Ahal e KitabMany of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) wish that ifthey could turn you away as disbelievers after you have believed, out ofenvy from their own selves, even, after the truth (that Muhammad isAllaahs Messenger) has become manifest unto them. But forgive andoverlook, till Allaah brings His Command. Verily, Allaah is Able to do allthings. [Quran 2:109]
    • IslamicTeachings1. Refrain from copying or imitating the kufarin their celebrations(Our beloved Prophet Muhammad(s.a.s.) issued a stern warning:“Whoever imitates a nation is one ofthem!” (Abu Da’oud).)2. Islam is a pure religion with no need toaccommodate any custom, practice orcelebration that is not a part of it(Prophet (s.a.s.) “Every innovation (inour religion) is misguidance, even if thepeople regard it as something good”(ad-Daarimee.).)3. Abstain from Hallow’een and other non-Muslim celebrations, such asbirthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc(The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) said: TheFinal Hour will not come until my followerscopy the deeds of the previous nations andfollow them very closely, span by span, andcubit by cubit (inch by inch). (Bukhari).)
    • IslamicTeachingsReligiousFestivalsMuslims have two celebrationseach year, Eid al-Fiitr and Eid al-Adhaa. They were allowed toMuslims instead of pre-Islamicfeasts in Medina. The celebrationsare based in the Islamic faith andreligious way of life.(Anas reported: "The Prophet came toMadeenah while they had two daysthey celebrated. The Prophet asked,"What are these two days?" They said,These are two days we used tocelebrate in our pre Islamic era. TheProphet said: "Allah has replaced themwith two better days: Eid Al-Ad-haand Eid Al-Fitr." [Ahmad and At-Tirmithi])
    •  Avoid it, its anight of evil.Satan is our openenemy and we donot play with evil Whentempted, remember the paganorigins of thesetraditions(astughfirullah),and ask Allah togive youstrength.
    • 