Taptu: Mobile Touch Web Report 'Shopping & Services' Update Feb 2010

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Taptu's Mobile Touch Web Report from February 2010 ' Shopping & Services Update'

Taptu's Mobile Touch Web Report from February 2010 ' Shopping & Services Update'

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  • 1. shopping & services update february 2010 This is the second report from Taptu in a monthly series that will track the growth of the Mobile Touch Web. Email metrics@taptu.com to sign up for future reports Find previous reports and other resources at www.taptu.com/metrics
  • 2. shopping & services update february 2010 02 contents 03 Touch Commerce - an emerging trend Selected sub-category screenshots 07 Global overview: Mobile 10 Shopping Assistants and Autos Touch Sites, all categories 11 Travel and Banking 09 Shopping & Services 12 Electronics and Food & Drink category analysis 13 Property and Computers & Software 14 About Taptu & Methodology
  • 3. shopping & services update february 2010 03 touch what we did In our January report, we carried out the first what we saw We were struck by the sheer diversity of mobile commerce - complete survey of the Mobile Touch Web. We estimated a total of 326,600 Mobile Touch Web commerce on the Touch Web at what can only be regarded as a very early stage of its an emerging sites – more than the number of apps across development. If desktop eCommerce is a vast all app stores. We define the Mobile Touch ocean, then “Touch Commerce” is a rock pool, Web as Web content that is created specifically 83,000 sites, yet surprisingly rich, diverse and trend for mobile touch screen devices, with finger- friendly layouts and lightweight pages that are fast to load over cellular networks. rapidly evolving. The life forms we find are distinct entities, although often related to their larger cousins on the desktop Web. We observed a significant concentration – over Within this rock pool, consumers are in a 20% of all sites - in the Shopping and Services unique position to purchase products and category in our January report. For this reason, services when they are in any location or social we forecast that the Mobile Touch Web would situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This play an extremely important role in the future may be en route to a destination, in a café, a development of mobile commerce. For this park or even in a competitor’s physical shop. month, we have completed a more detailed analysis of Shopping & Services, picking out 8 important emerging sub-categories.
  • 4. shopping & services update february 2010 04 touch notable shopping & services sub-categories commerce - 01 Sub-category Shopping assistants What’s the point? To help you buy stuff cheaper. Very useful in an actual bricks- an emerging and-mortar retail location, when you need to decide if the price you see in front of you is competitive or not. trend 02 Auto For when you’re out and about buying a car and you want to make sure you get the best deal. continued... 03 Travel For when you’re on a trip and want to get to important travel info without firing up your PC. 04 Banking For checking your accounts when you are out of the office and away from your PC. 05 Electronics Online mobile storefronts, best used when you are in-store to price-check that major purchase. 06 Food & drink Order a pizza (or whatever) with zero hassle. 07 Real Estate Your virtual real estate agent that you can take with you to view relevant properties in your area. 08 Computers & software All the big players (IBM, Microsoft, et al) are ticking the box and creating an online presence on touch screen mobiles.
  • 5. shopping & services update february 2010 05 touch conclusion: three patterns Across the site sub-categories, we observed 02 “True Touch Innovator” sites Secondly we found examples of sites which commerce - three groupings with similar characteristics: 01 “Touch Sweet Spot” sites pushed the boundaries of what is possible and opened our eyes to new ways of interacting an emerging with the customer. Gratifyingly we saw many more examples of (Noteworthy: www.klrealty.net)* sites that were really exploiting the capabilities trend of the new medium, giving customers a valuable new way to buy products or services. 03 “Lack of Imagination” sites We saw several examples of brands creating continued... (Noteworthy: mobile.dominos.com)* static Touch Web sites that don’t do anything * To view these sites, enter the URL into your browser on your touch very useful except act as a kind of on-line screen phone. Only tested to work on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. brochure, like the early days of the World Wide Web . february’s touch sweet spot site domino’s pizza mobile.dominos.com Domino’s Pizza wins our noteworthy selection for February with one of today’s best Touch Commerce experiences, just beating their competitor Pizza Hut to the punch. With Touch Commerce, ease of use is a defining, if not, deciding, feature. Keyboard entry is a pain, so cumbersome Login and Registration processes are best avoided. This is where Domino’s experience has the edge. Of course, Domino’s needs to know your address in order to deliver your pizza, so step-by-gentle- and-quick-step they guide you through the process. Whilst harvesting the data they need quickly and easily, they do not present the user with any big usability dominos pizza hurdles. The user is engaged, guided and facilitated http://mobile.dominos.com during the Touch Commerce experience, making the process feels as it should be - simple.
  • 6. shopping & services update february 2010 06 touch february’s touch innovator site kl realty commerce - www.klrealty.net an emerging As in the E-Commerce revolution that preceded it, the “Touch Commerce” revolution will enable newcomers to trend leapfrog their larger and better resourced competition. Boulder, Colorado-based real estate firm KLRealty are one such example. Founded 8 years ago, their mobile continued... Touch Commerce site is a shining example of what is possible by those who are open to new technologies, new challenges and new opportunities. The KL Realty site provides Mortgage Calculators, Location Based Services, Map Searching, Web Camera Mapping and Search. By fully exploiting the additional capability that Touch Commerce kl realty can bring, KL Realty gets our vote as the obvious choice www.realty.net for the discriminating iPhone owner wishing to purchase Real Estate within the Boulder vicinity. summary In summary, the best sites showcased in this Touch Commerce re-defines how users are report define what the Touch Commerce engaging with your brand, so your brand needs experience should be: to re-think how your mobile internet presence can best engage your users. • Intelligent (location aware, multi-faceted) • Easy (guided navigation, intelligent data harvesting) • Engaging (Content heavy, light-weight page size) • Transaction (either completetion or point of completion)
  • 7. shopping & services update february 2010 07 mobile touch analysis of mobile touch sites sites global Top categories Shopping & Services % of sites 24.8% overview Photo & Design Social 17.7% 9.2% february 2010 World Affairs 8.1% Places,Travel & Local 6.5% News & Weather 3.3% Womens Interest 3.3% Technology 3.2% Adult 3.0% Mens Interest 2.2% Entertainment 2.1% mobile Music 1.5% touch sites Personal Blogs 1.3% Shopping & Services Sport 1.1% Photo & Design Games 0.9% Social Autos etc 0.5% World Affairs Fashion 0.2% Places, Travel & Local News & Weather Nature & Environment 0.2% Women’s Interest Celebrities 0.2% Technology Global total number of Web sites scanned 113.0m Other 10.6% Other Sites estimated as touch-friendly 334,800 (0.30%) Total 100.0% Notes: Indexing .com, .net, .org domains + DMOZ. Percentages based on analysis of English language sites (84.9% of sites indexed) “Higher quality” sites which as used as the basis of our category-level analysis are defined as those with above average quality score for either visual quality or information quality.
  • 8. shopping & services update february 2010 08 mobile touch higher quality sites Top categories % of sites sites global Shopping & Services Social 25.9% 14.5% overview World Affairs Places,Travel & Local 12.7% 9.1% february 2010 Adult 5.8% News & Weather 5.1% Photo & Design 4.4% Entertainment 2.4% Mens Interest 1.5% Womens Interest 1.4% Technology 1.4% Sport 1.2% higher quality Music 1.1% sites Games 1.0% Shopping & Services Blog 0.4% Social Autos etc 0.4% World Affairs Fashion 0.3% Places, Travel & Local Adult Celebrities 0.2% News & Weather Nature & Environment 0.2% Photo & Design Other 11.1% Entertainment Total 100.0% Other Notes: Indexing .com, .net, .org domains + DMOZ. Percentages based on analysis of English language sites (84.9% of sites indexed) “Higher quality” sites which as used as the basis of our category-level analysis are defined as those with above average quality score for either visual quality or information quality.
  • 9. shopping & services update february 2010 09 shopping & analysis of mobile touch sites* example sites in category services mobile Top categories Business % of sites 28.6% Site Name Yellowbook Site URL http://www.yellowbook.com/ touch sites General Real Estate 27.0% 12.7% Target Homes.com http://target.mobi http://homes.com/ february 2010 Adult - Paid 5.2% Twistys http://twistys.com/ Travel 3.2% TripAdvisor http://www.tripadvisor.com Auto 3.1% Porsche http://m.porsche.com Mobile Shopping Assistants 1.4% HotUKDeals http://m.hotukdeals.com/ Profile 1.3% Vodafone http://vodafone.mobi/ App Stores & Apps 1.1% Secret Exit http://iphone.secretexit.com/ Computers and Software 1.0% Cisco http://m.cisco.com/ Web Design 0.9% Briannotbryan Design http://m.briannotbryan.com/ Shopping & Business % of sites 24.8% Banking 0.7% Wells Fargo Mobile https://www.wf.com/ Marketing 0.5% Firedog Communications http://firedogpr.com/ shopping Food & Drink 0.5% Dr Pepper http://www.drpepper.com/mobile/ & services Phones 0.4% Nokia http://www.nokia.mobi/ Electronics 0.3% D-Link http://m.dlink.com/ Business General Fashion & Lingerie 0.3% Dolce & Gabbana http://www.dolcegabbana.mobi Real Estate Books, DVD & Music 0.3% Barnes & Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ Adult - Paid Auto Leasing 0.3% National Car Rental http://www.nationalcar.mobi/ Travel Health & Beauty 0.3% Pantene http://pantene.com/ Auto Other 11.0% TicketStorm.com http://www.ticketstorm.com/ Mobile Shopping Total 100.0% Assistants Profile Other Notes: Indexing .com, .net, .org domains + DMOZ. Percentages based on analysis of English language sites (84.9% of sites indexed). * Higher quality sites only - see Methodology page for further information. % change equals current month versus previous. Important: To view site, go to site URL on your touchscreen phone (Many sites do not render properly on PC browsers). Sites can be classified in more than one category.
  • 10. shopping & services update february 2010 10 steals.com pricecanada.com http://steals.com/ http://pricecanada.com/m/ example shopping assistants mobile touch sites scope nextag http://sccope.com/ http://nextag.com autotrader napa http://autotrader.mobi/ http://napaonline.com/ example autos mobile touch sites jeep volvo http://jeep.com/m http://m.volvocars.com/
  • 11. shopping & services update february 2010 11 delta airlines indian wells http://delta.com/ http://m.indianwells.com/ example travel mobile touch sites travelocity city pass http://travelocity.com/ http://citypass.com barclays american express http://barclays.mobi/ http://americanexpress.com/ example banking mobile touch sites bank of america us bank http://bankofamerica.mobi/ http://m.usbank.com/
  • 12. shopping & services update february 2010 12 wired up installs canon http://wiredupinstall.com/ http://m.usa.canon.com/ example electronics mobile touch sites sonos sony http://sonos.info/ http://m.sony.com/ bud light live on the go http://budlight.com/m http://liveonthego.com/ example food & drink mobile touch sites dominos pizza teavana http://dominos.com/ http://teavana.com/m
  • 13. shopping & services update february 2010 13 realestate.com homes.com http://realestate.com/iphone http://mobile.homes.com/ example real estate mobile touch sites kl reality bushby http://klrealty.net http://bushby.com.au/ geeksquad microsoft http://m.geeksquad.com/ http://mobile.microsoft.com example computers & software mobile touch sites dell ibm http://dell.com http://m.ibm.com
  • 14. shopping & services update february 2010 14 about Founded in 2007, Taptu built a strong user base and reputation for entertainment sign-up for future reports email metrics@taptu.com taptu search on mobile devices. The service was available globally in 5 languages, generated try taptu for free in excess of 1 million searches per day Please visit http://www.taptu.com and over 3.2 million users (June 2009) and on your touch screen mobile picked up several international awards along the way. Download Taptu Touch Search from the Apple App Store or Android marketplace Since early 2009 Taptu has evolved and pioneered the index and crawling of media more info specifically designed for touch screen http://www.taptu.com mobile devices. Consumers can now, for the http://www.taptu.com/blog first time, search and explore millions of http://taptu.com/metrics mobile touch web sites, apps, images and the realtime web from their touch screen get in touch mobile device. Taptu is also making this email hello@taptu.com unique index available to third parties via twitter @taptu an API. report Taptu scans 110 million internet domains each month, using a cluster of 750 servers, Candidate sites are then filtered to identify English language sites, then further methodology downloading approximately 10 terabytes evaluated for site quality, then classified by of data for each scan. Each scanned site type. “Higher quality” sites which as used as is checked against a number of tests for the basis of our category-level analysis are potential mobile touchscreen-friendliness. defined as those with above average quality february 2010 score for either visual quality or information quality. These quality ratings, together with site popularity data, are used as the basis for our selections of Taptu Top 10 Touch Screen Sites in each of the topic categories.