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Taptu: Mobile Touch Web Report 'Government & Non-Profit' Update Mar 2010

Taptu: Mobile Touch Web Report 'Government & Non-Profit' Update Mar 2010



Taptu's Mobile Touch Web Report 'Government & Non-Profit' Update from March 2010

Taptu's Mobile Touch Web Report 'Government & Non-Profit' Update from March 2010



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    Taptu: Mobile Touch Web Report 'Government & Non-Profit' Update Mar 2010 Taptu: Mobile Touch Web Report 'Government & Non-Profit' Update Mar 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • government and non-profit update march 2010 This is the third report from Taptu in a monthly series that will track the growth of the Mobile Touch Web. Find previous reports and other resources at www.taptu.com/metrics
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 02 contents 03 The Touch Web is the Inclusive Web Selected sub-category screenshots 08 Global overview: Mobile 11 Central Government & Agencies Touch Sites, all categories and Local Government 10 Government & Non-Profit 12 Colleges & Universities category analysis and Museums & Libraries 13 Healthcare and Charities & Causes 14 Religious Organisations and Military Organisations 15 About Taptu & Methodology
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 03 the touch what we did In January this year, we completed the first what we saw Historically, Non-Profits have tended to lag the web is the in-depth survey of the Mobile Touch Web. We estimated a total of 326,600 Mobile Touch Web commercial sector in their adoption of new information technologies. Their budgets tend inclusive web sites – more than the number of apps across to be lower than commercial organizations of all app stores. We defined the Mobile Touch equivalent size. They are often significantly Web as Web content that is created specifically more risk averse, wanting to see new for mobile touch screen devices, with finger- technology prove itself before engaging with it. friendly layouts and lightweight pages that are Yet despite these background factors, Taptu fast to load over cellular networks. One of our observed a surprising degree of adoption findings in January was a more advanced and of Touch Web technology, and some very progressive adoption of the Touch Web in the innovative services. To some degree these track Government and Non-Profit sector. the rapid recent adoption of Web technology Given the predictions that internet-connected by Non-Profits, especially for fund-raising. In touchscreen phones will increase significantly 1997 just $300,000 was donated online. Ten beyond that of PCs, the Touch Web has the years later annual online donations had risen to potential to more than double the level of more than $10 billion. Experts say that online internet adoption around the world. Unlike donations were likely to exceed $15 billion in PC technology, all the demographic segments 2009 – despite the recession. According to The of society are moving towards high levels of Chronicle of Philanthropy, 4 out of 5 donors mobile phone ownership. have made a gift online. In their own words “during the next decade, mobile phones and The Touch Web is the most democratic and other handheld devices will become vital to inclusive of the mobile content technologies. Non-Profit efforts.” 1 Why? First, the Touch Web allows web developers to develop a site or WebApp once to support multiple mobile OS platforms. Second, there is no commercial entity that can act as a gatekeeper via an apps store. This is very attractive to Government and Non-Profit organizations. This sector is the focus of this month’s State of the Touch Web report. 1 Source: http://www.urmobile.com/
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 04 the touch notable government & non-profit sub-categories web is the 01 Sub-category Central government & agencies What’s the point? Paying tax online, contacting political representatives, inclusive web 02 & supporting the move to a “digital democracy” continued... Local government Providing mobile access to public transport routes and timetables, giving visitors easy access to local information and resources 03 Colleges & universities Create a virtual campus to promote student We’ve identified 8 important sub-categories of Non- engagement, improve pastoral care, and provide Profits where we measured significant numbers of mobile access to learning resources. existing Touch Web sites and WebApps. These are discussed in more detail in the report on the right. 04 Museums & Libraries Check opening times, or catalogue, and to get information and maps when you are on-site. 05 Healthcare Providing 24/7 information about medical issues, locations of practices and dealing with constant care needs. 06 Charities & Causes To donate via your mobile whilst watching TV, or follow a specific cause whilst on the go. 07 Religion Providing information, fundraising and community engagement. 08 Military For service personnel, keep connected to news and other military info resources when you are in the field away from your PC.
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 05 the touch touch sites of the month march 2010 web is the help haiti http://helphaiti.mobi inclusive web With the massive penetration of mobile devices, a charity that wishes to maximize audience reach can no longer continued... afford to ignore mobile. Touchscreen devices, which make it easier to use the Mobile Web compared to older-style phones, offer the most advanced mobile platform to try out new ideas. The recent disaster in Haiti demonstrated just how important the mobile donation channel is becoming. mGive, which processes SMS donations, announced on their blog that within 3 weeks of the disaster that they had processed $37 million. Taken as a single donation, this represents a larger sum than that of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). An example of a site looking beyond SMS donations to a full mobile checkout help haiti http://helphaiti.mobi experience is helphaiti.mobi. Helphaiti.mobi is run by Global Impact, a not-for-profit organization that represents over 55 leading US based International Charities. A touch mobile site enables a charity not only to process one-time donations but to retain the giver in a longer-term relationship with the charity. This can be achieved by imaginative communication (through images and videos, delivered to the touch screen) of the issues at hand. 2 Source http://blog.mgive.com/2010/02/03/behind-the-scenes-at-mgive-processing-over-37-million-in-donations 3 Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2010/jan/14/haiti-quake-aid-pledges-country-donations
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 06 the touch touch sites of the month march 2010 directgov mobile web is the http://m.direct.gov.uk inclusive web The direct.gov desktop portal aims to provide the British public with a centralized point of access to all of it’s continued... online services, including tax payments, processing court fines, accessing journey information or job hunting for the unemployed. The British Government has now brought the most mobile relevant sections to the Mobile Touch Web. The m.direct.go.uk site helps citizens to search for work, to get live information on road and public transport delays together with access to NHS services, passport services and free local Internet access facilities. directgov mobile http://m.direct.gov.uk mit mobile web http://mobi.mit.edu This is a truly device agnostic web application done in the best way possible, and is exactly the quality you would expect from the home of the MIT mobile experience labs. Based around a simple navigational experience the user is presented with 16 areas which they can access, these range from a searchable, categorized Campus map enabling students and staff to identify the locations of everything from Libraries to Dunkin’ Donuts, to bus shuttle times; from being able to manage your MIT paperless money system, to seeing what events are on. By simply having your touch-phone and your MIT ID card, you can perform almost every single action you could mit mobile web http://mobi.mit.edu ever want to perform on campus.
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 07 the touch conclusion Across the 8 sub-categories that we’ve Level 2- Touch Sweet Spot Sites – Within the web is the analyzed, we observed different levels of exploitation of Touch Web technology: Colleges & Universities sector we observed examples of sites that utilized touch inclusive web functionality to it’s full potential and added Level 1 – Information & Transaction Touch access to real time information to provide an Sites – Charities are a good example of non- outstanding Mobile Touch experience. MIT is continued... profits that are using the Mobile Touch Web providing students with a number of innovative as a convenient resource for disseminating services. It points the way to the future of information, but haven’t yet taken the larger university online systems. steps, which could offer the biggest payback. At Taptu we can see a next level of adoption Government and Non-Profit organisations, like where charities’ Touch Web Sites will evolve commercial organisations, have to prioritise into mobile donation portals and take centre- their spending on mobile initiatives. If they stage in the fund-raising process in line with focus too much on single platforms like the the general increase in mobile commerce (for iPhone they become vulnerable to accusations more info see our previous report on mobile that they are favouring specific and privileged touch commerce). demographic groups. The Mobile Touch Web can offer a more egalitarian approach which reaches a broader cross-section of the population at lower cost and in less time.
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 08 mobile touch analysis of mobile touch sites sites global Top categories Blogs % of sites 32.7% overview Shopping & Services Photo & Design 16.4% 10.1% march 2010 Social 5.5% Technology 4.2% World Affairs 3.9% Government & Non-Profit 3.7% Places,Travel & Local 3.1% Adult 2.0% News & Weather 2.0% Mens Interest 1.5% mobile Entertainment 1.2% touch sites Gambling 1.0% Blogs Autos 0.8% Shopping & Services Womens Interest 0.9% Photo & Design Music 0.9% Social Sport 0.6% Technology Games 0.5% World Affairs Apps 0.2% Government & Non-Profit Global total number of Web sites scanned 114.0m Other 9.1% Places, Travel & Local Sites estimated as touch-friendly 367,900 (0.32%) Total 100.0% Other Notes: Indexing .com, .net, .org domains + DMOZ. Percentages based on analysis of English language sites (84.9% of sites indexed) “Higher quality” sites which as used as the basis of our category-level analysis are defined as those with above average quality score for either visual quality or information quality.
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 09 mobile touch higher quality sites Top categories % of sites sites global Shopping & Services Social 22.7% 12.1% overview World Affairs Places,Travel & Local 8.7% 8.3% march 2010 Government & Non-Profit 6.8% Adult 4.9% News & Weather 4.4% Photo & Design 2.7% Entertainment 2.6% Gambling 1.9% Mens Interest 1.6% Technology 1.4% higher quality Womens Interest 1.3% sites Sport 1.3% Shopping & Services Music 1.2% Social World Affairs Games 1.0% Places, Travel & Local Blog 0.7% Government & Non-Profit Apps 0.4% Adult Autos 0.4% News & Weather Other 15.6% Photo & Design Total 100.0% Other Notes: Indexing .com, .net, .org domains + DMOZ. Percentages based on analysis of English language sites (84.9% of sites indexed) “Higher quality” sites which as used as the basis of our category-level analysis are defined as those with above average quality score for either visual quality or information quality.
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 10 government analysis of mobile touch sites* example sites in category and non-profit Top categories Religion % of sites 72.5% Site Name Christ for all Nations Site URL http://m.cfan.org/ mobile touch Medical Colleges & Unis 13.7% 4.8% Medline Plus MIT http://m.medlineplus.gov/ http://mobi.mit.edu/ sites Politics Environment 3.3% 3.0% Directgov WWF http://m.direct.gov.uk http://wwf.mobi/ march 2010 Charities 1.3% Love the unloved http://lovetheunloved.com/ Museums 0.6% Velvet Foundation http://m.velvetfoundation.org Military 0.6% America’s Navy http://m.navy.com/ Government & Non-Profit % of sites 3.7% Total 100.0% government & non-profit Religion Medical College & Unis Politics Environment Other Notes: Indexing .com, .net, .org domains + DMOZ. Percentages based on analysis of English language sites (84.9% of sites indexed). * Higher quality sites only - see Methodology page for further information. % change equals current month versus previous. Important: To view site, go to site URL on your touchscreen phone (Many sites do not render properly on PC browsers). Sites can be classified in more than one category.
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 11 directgov mobile cdc.gov http://m.direct.gov.uk http://m.cdc.gov/ example central government & agencies securities and us department of exchange commission veteran affairs http://m.sec.gov/ http://m.va.gov/ miami-dade transit the city of wheeling http://miamidade.gov/transit/mobile/ http://wheelingwv.gov/ example local government state of indiana utah.gov http://in.gov/ http://utah.gov/
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 12 massachusetts institute of technology university of oxford http://delta.com/ http://m.ox.ac.uk/ example colleges & universities inside higher westminster college education http://travelocity.com/ http://m.insidehighered.com/ california academy walker artcenter of sciences http://walkerart.org/ http://m.calacademy.org/ example museum & libraries velvet foundation iowa city http://m.velvetfoundation.org public library http://icpl.org/
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 13 medlineplus thesite.org http://m.medlineplus.gov/ http://thesite.mobi/ example health care american college of emergency webmd physicians http://webmd.com/m/ http://m.acep.org shelter extra urcause http://shelterextra.mobi http://urcause.mobi example charities & causes love the unloved best friends http://lovetheunloved.com/ animal society http://m.bestfriends.org
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 14 richland hills cornerstone church church of christ http://cornerstonesimi.com http://rhchurch.org/ example religious organizations christ for all nations lake ann camp http://m.cfan.org/ http://lakeanncamp.com/ military.com support our troops http://m.military.com/ http://supportourtroops.org example military organizations usaf thunderbirds america’s navy http://usaftbirds.mobi http://m.navy.com/
    • government & non-profit update march 2010 15 about Founded in 2007, Taptu built a strong user base and reputation for entertainment get copies of past reports and sign up for future ones taptu search on mobile devices. The service was http://www.taptu.com/metrics/ available globally in 5 languages, generated in excess of 1 million searches per day and over 3.2 million users (June 2009) and try taptu for free Please visit http://www.taptu.com on your picked up several international awards touch screen mobile or find us in the Apple along the way. App Store or Android marketplace. Since early 2009 Taptu has evolved and pioneered the index and crawling of media more info specifically designed for touch screen http://www.taptu.com mobile devices. Consumers can now, for the http://www.taptu.com/blog first time, search and explore millions of mobile touch web sites, apps, images and get in touch the realtime web from their touch screen email hello@taptu.com mobile device. Taptu is also making this twitter @taptu unique index available to third parties via an API. report Taptu scans 110 million internet domains each month, using a cluster of 750 servers, Candidate sites are then filtered to identify English language sites, then further methodology downloading approximately 10 terabytes evaluated for site quality, then classified by of data for each scan. Each scanned site type. “Higher quality” sites which as used as is checked against a number of tests for the basis of our category-level analysis are potential mobile touchscreen-friendliness. defined as those with above average quality march 2010 score for either visual quality or information quality. These quality ratings, together with site popularity data, are used as the basis for our selections of Taptu Top 10 Touch Screen Sites in each of the topic categories.