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Smartphones Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Question:
    “Research has found that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement, and have an effect in education”. Do you agree with this statement?
  • 3. Smart phones, what are they?
    These are special phones with computer capabilities like the internet access, email, Windows Mobile software, music player and other different applications.
  • 4. Examples Of Smart phones
  • 5. General Positive Effects of Smart phones productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement and in education:
    • Portable (Easy to carry wherever you may be)
    • 6. Easy access to information.
    • 7. Its cheaper to even set up compared to alternative access devices like Personal computers.
    • 8. The word “Weisure” has been introduced by experts which is a mixture of the work time and the leisure time.
    • 9. This increases the work time hence productivity is also positively.
  • Effects of smart phones on productivity and communication in the workplace.
    Based on the article entitled “Mobile Corporation SA 2010”
    • 70% of employees with smart phones regularly check their email outside normal business hours;
    • 10. 42%  of employees access business email accounts while at home or on sick leave; and
    • 11. 43% of employees connect to their email on smart phones in order to get ahead and ease their workloads for the next working day.
  • Ways to ensure positive influence with the use of smart phones in the workplace:
    • ensuring they have expanding acceptance usage and communication policies to encompass smart phone applications;
    • 12. addressing situations where employees may copy and remove confidential information using a smart phone’s camera or Bluetooth TM capabilities;
    • 13. requiring smart phones, like PCs, to be have security software and password protection;
    • 14. addressing whether communication via smart phones can constitute after-hours work, giving rising to overtime payment claims; and
    • 15. ensuring that employees using their personal smart phone do not retain company data, once the employment relationship is at an end.
  • Smartphone effects in education
    Research has found out that:
    • 78% of South African students access the internet through their cell phones. (Student Village and Interact RDT)
    • 16. 75.4 % of the respondents indicated that they accessed the Internet via their cell phones. (UNISA’s study of high school learners)
    • 17. In poor schools 93% of the Grade 11 learners reported having used the internet on cell phones with 68% using their phones for internet access on a typical day, opposed to 39% using computers (Kreutzer 2009).
    • 18. They are entering the market faster than Personal computers or laptops did.
    • 19. These stats show how important the smart phone era is now and how helpful it is to the education era
  • Smart phones have a Positive effect have Social engagement:
    • People can access information at any time without any hustle, in the case computers are scarce at a place.
    • 20. People are able to communicate with each other at any time cheaply as email is a cheaper way of communication and some phones its free of charge.
    • 21. People have an easier access to information of other cultures without having to visit the place or go on a Desktop or Pc therefore it is a convenient source of information.
    • 22. People are increasingly using Facebook and this just shows how much useful it has become. The average time spent on a social network in January 2011 was 22 minutes.
  • Facebook is an example of a social network site and its stats show the number of users in the U.K alone
  • 23. Conclusion
    No technology or anything comes without its negative effects:
    Misuse of the work resources.
    Wasting of time.
    Industrial Espionage
    In conclusion Smart phones have had a greater positive effect on productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement and education.
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