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  2. 2. Question:<br />“Research has found that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement, and have an effect in education”. Do you agree with this statement? <br />
  3. 3. Smart phones, what are they?<br />These are special phones with computer capabilities like the internet access, email, Windows Mobile software, music player and other different applications.<br />
  4. 4. Examples Of Smart phones<br />
  5. 5. General Positive Effects of Smart phones productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement and in education:<br /><ul><li>Portable (Easy to carry wherever you may be)
  6. 6. Easy access to information.
  7. 7. Its cheaper to even set up compared to alternative access devices like Personal computers.
  8. 8. The word “Weisure” has been introduced by experts which is a mixture of the work time and the leisure time.
  9. 9. This increases the work time hence productivity is also positively.</li></li></ul><li>Effects of smart phones on productivity and communication in the workplace.<br />Based on the article entitled “Mobile Corporation SA 2010”<br /><ul><li>70% of employees with smart phones regularly check their email outside normal business hours;
  10. 10. 42%  of employees access business email accounts while at home or on sick leave; and
  11. 11. 43% of employees connect to their email on smart phones in order to get ahead and ease their workloads for the next working day.</li></li></ul><li>Ways to ensure positive influence with the use of smart phones in the workplace:<br /><ul><li>ensuring they have expanding acceptance usage and communication policies to encompass smart phone applications;
  12. 12. addressing situations where employees may copy and remove confidential information using a smart phone’s camera or Bluetooth TM capabilities;
  13. 13. requiring smart phones, like PCs, to be have security software and password protection;
  14. 14. addressing whether communication via smart phones can constitute after-hours work, giving rising to overtime payment claims; and
  15. 15. ensuring that employees using their personal smart phone do not retain company data, once the employment relationship is at an end.</li></li></ul><li>Smartphone effects in education<br />Research has found out that:<br /><ul><li>78% of South African students access the internet through their cell phones. (Student Village and Interact RDT)
  16. 16. 75.4 % of the respondents indicated that they accessed the Internet via their cell phones. (UNISA’s study of high school learners)
  17. 17. In poor schools 93% of the Grade 11 learners reported having used the internet on cell phones with 68% using their phones for internet access on a typical day, opposed to 39% using computers (Kreutzer 2009).
  18. 18. They are entering the market faster than Personal computers or laptops did.
  19. 19. These stats show how important the smart phone era is now and how helpful it is to the education era</li></li></ul><li>Smart phones have a Positive effect have Social engagement:<br /><ul><li>People can access information at any time without any hustle, in the case computers are scarce at a place.
  20. 20. People are able to communicate with each other at any time cheaply as email is a cheaper way of communication and some phones its free of charge.
  21. 21. People have an easier access to information of other cultures without having to visit the place or go on a Desktop or Pc therefore it is a convenient source of information.
  22. 22. People are increasingly using Facebook and this just shows how much useful it has become. The average time spent on a social network in January 2011 was 22 minutes.</li></li></ul><li>Facebook is an example of a social network site and its stats show the number of users in the U.K alone <br />
  23. 23. Conclusion<br />No technology or anything comes without its negative effects:<br />Misuse of the work resources.<br />Wasting of time.<br />Addiction.<br />Workaholics.<br />Industrial Espionage<br /> In conclusion Smart phones have had a greater positive effect on productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement and education.<br />
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