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SalesDriver(tm) short pack

  1. 1. Faster time to benefit with CRM Modular tools for systematic and proactive sales management and execution Tapio Nissilä February 2010
  2. 2. SalesDriver on a page • Modular set of “ready to implement” tools for sales and marketing • “Industry solution”, Blue Print and Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Unique product vision extends CRM to cover also segment and account management • Complete sales methodology as software components on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Complete, end-to-end, sales system that is designed for different sales logics • Proven approach to lower company specific tailoring of CRM tools 2
  3. 3. Faster time to benefit with SalesDriver Waterfall approach (traditional, formal process) Process Tailoring, Feasibility study IT selection mapping integration and Training Utilization implementation Fast approach (business benefit oriented) Deployment & Deployment & Selection training Selection training of Utilization of Data migration modules Data migration modules & integration & integration Development cycle Development cycle 3
  4. 4. Sales management focus for increasing performance and consistency of sales SalesDriver™ solution scope Strategy Sales Management Market Segment Account Opportunity Encounter Management Management Management Management Management Market Area • Offering • Resource • Mobilising and • Customer Definition and differentiation optimization allocating meetings Selection – • Communication • Account resources • Objectives, What is the and sales business • Driving the agenda, market where materials planning sales case participants and we compete in? • Target setting • Opportunity • Value preparation identification proposition, • Metrics pricing & closing Sales Execution Marketing 4
  5. 5. Overview of SalesDriver™ solution Software modules for improving sales management Sales Management Segment Account Opportunity Encounter Management Management Management Management Sales Customer Sales Sales Customer Account processes Sales Selection Gate Model Person’s Call Segmentation Business Plan (solution, Funnel Criteria Desktop Planning product) Segment Yearly Sales Win & Sales Segment Sales Team Business Planning Mgmt Win Plan Loss Call Reporting Calendar Plan Cycle Reporting Review Reports Data Data Account Opportunity Collection Sales Value Resource Lead Collection Management Qualification for Incentives Quantification Management Management for Reports Process Criteria Segmentation Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform 5
  6. 6. What is a SalesDriver module ? Each SalesDriver module Sales Management • is designed for single purpose Segment Management Account Management Opportunity Management Encounter Management • is designed for specific group of users Customer Selection Criteria Customer Segmentation Account Business Plan Sales processes (solution, product) Sales Funnel Gate Model Sales Person’s Desktop Sales Call Planning • has built-in functionality Segment Business Plan Segment Reporting Yearly Planning Cycle Sales Mgmt Reporting Win Plan Win & Loss Review Sales Team Calendar Sales Call Reports • utilizes customer data in the CRM platform Data Collection for Segmentation Data Collection for Reports Account Management Process Sales Incentives Value Quantification Opportunity Qualification Criteria Resource Mgmt Lead Mgmt • has one or two ready made reports that enable management and performance reporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform • comes with user manual & training • can be modified if required • is developed based on Vectia methods and best practices Module X 6 SalesDriver module
  7. 7. Benefits of SalesDriver approach • Faster time to benefit and shorter development cycles with CRM • Better CRM support for your business • Designed to align sales management and execution • Designed to support different sales logics • Enables utilization of best practices and experiences from multiple sales performance projects in different industries • Cross-functional alignment of sales (marketing, service, offering management, delivery) • Lower CRM development costs and effort • Supports creation of industrialized sales culture through systematic, proactive and analytical approach 7
  8. 8. Benefits for different users • Find all sales and customer related information in one place Sales people • Tools that support your daily work • Better sales results with up-to-date information • 360 view on your customers - account & sales information in one place Sales & account managers • Easy to use tools that support your daily work • Win more business by focusing on what creates value for the customer • Enables proactive management through transparency of information Sales team leaders & sales • Improve sales management with systematic and proactive approach management • Fast deployment & short development cycles ensure faster time to benefit • Aligning sales & marketing efforts to reach common objectives Marketing • Improved quality of information through industrialized sales processes • Improves sales performance and sales productivity • Lower cost of sales Financial management • Proactive approach to sales funnel mgmt and top line forecasting • Better control through industrialization of sales and marketing • Lower cost of sales, improved sales and marketing productivity Top management • Systematic approach to market & customer management • Better control over sales and marketing through industrialization 8
  9. 9. Customer Segmentation SalesDriver module Features Benefits • Tool for marketing & sales management • Makes segment management part of daily sales • Customer Segmentation tool enables & marketing work through CRM tool management of customer segmentation model • Enables segment specific analysis, management & customer data & sales funnel • Value creation • Enables management and coordination of sales • Value capture activities on segment level • Customer Segmentation tool enables • Supports segment specific offerings, sales management of customer specific parameters materials and sales processes • Tool has built-in logic to decide correct customer • Increases hit rate segment based on customer specific criteria and • Increases profitability of proposals and contracts values • Segment information can be utilized in marketing, sales both in operational as well as in Needs-based sub segments analytical work Segment Segment Segment 1 2 3 Value-based categories A B C Target customer s 9 SalesDriver module
  10. 10. Account Business Plan SalesDriver module Features Benefits • Tool for account & sales managers • One centralized view on all customer accounts • Tool for account planning & opportunity • Information regarding on-going projects, identification discussions and objectives • Tool for documenting current situation & • Supports systematic cross-selling across customer understanding customer base • Customer analysis, business overview • Makes account plan part of daily sales work • Identification of new business opportunities • Enables systematic account planning with one • Settings targets and measuring progress tool across company • Planning actions to reach the targets • Gives sales management an overview of all customers and related account plans • Gives customer teams, account and sales managers systematic way to plan & identify Section opportunities 1. Executive summary 2. Customer analysis 3. Business overview 4. Sales opportunities 5. Account strategy & targets 6. Action plan SalesDriver module 10
  11. 11. Lead Management SalesDriver module Features Benefits • Identification & creation of leads • Increases marketing results • Manual entries by users • Increases sales results • Import from other sources, such as website and • Links marketing and sales processes, enables other data sources creation of “marketing & sales funnel” • Mass generation of leads (e.g. hundreds or thousands of leads) with automated tools • Improves return on marketing investments • Supports lead management process • Supports launching new offerings and/or selling to specific customer segment(s) • Inputs • Activities, workflow & process • Outputs • Includes rules and instructions for processing different types of leads All leads from different sources • Management and performance reporting for end to end lead management process • Lead quality Verifying • Lead effectiveness leads • Lead processing can be done by sales, sales support or marketing organization as well as by Processing outsources call center leads 1. Generate leads 2. Verify leads 3. Process leads Identified opportunities SalesDriver module 11
  12. 12. Sales Funnel SalesDriver module Features Benefits • Tool for sales management • Enables systematic sales management across • One systematic way to manage sales customer segments, offerings, regions and sales teams • Overview of all sales cases that the sales organization is currently working on • Links sales process design to customer’s buying processes • One view on future sales and likely outcome of top line growth • Supports systematic and proactive sales approach • Analyze sales situation by • Customer segments • Estimates overall sales results beforehand • Products / offerings • Support planning of corrective actions in before- • Regions hand • Sales teams • Supports sales organization to do all necessary • Sales persons actions proactively • Sales process phase / stage • Increases top line growth through proactive sales approach • For all sales cases in the funnel • Total contract value Commit to a • Profitability Customer’s Run my business Explore improvement Compare options certain course of Ensure successful buying process opportunities actions outcome • Sales process phase • Estimated closing date 5. Support Provider’s 1. Influence 2. Influence 3.Negotiate 4. Ensure usage & • Lagging indicators sales process strategy requirements & win case efficient delivery verify results • Leading indicators • Sales funnel structure must be linked to customer’s buying process SalesDriver module 12
  13. 13. Gate Model SalesDriver module Features Benefits • Tool for sales person & sales management • Increases hit rate • Tool for analyzing individual sales cases • Lowers the cost of sales • Gate Model makes sales related decisions visible • Supports systematic sales culture and decision and understandable making • Gate Model is linked to sales process phases and • Supports fact-finding and focuses sales people it supports decision making & resource to systematically collect all relevant information allocation on all sales opportunities • Gate Model supports • Supports decision making based on facts, • sales people to systematically collect information systematically across all sales opportunities and on all sales opportunities and all sales people • Sales management to make decisions based on • Supports making informed No Go -decisions that information • Makes good and bad sales opportunities visible • One sales process may have 1 or more “decision based on facts making gates”, e.g. • No / No Go • Bid / No Bid • Value proposition selection • Pricing model selection Provider’s 1. Influence strategy 2. Influence requirements 3.Negotiate & win case 4. Ensure efficient 5. Support usage & verify • Resource allocation sales process delivery results Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Gate 4 Gate 5 Go/no Go Bid/no Bid Win/lose Acceptance Benefits verified SalesDriver module 13
  14. 14. Partnering to create tools for systematic and proactive sales management • In-depth understanding of different sales logics • Experts in customer and sales management concepts, processes and tools • Thought leadership through research and publications • 15 years of experience in working with customer and sales management across different industries • Implementation of sales management tools and modules • Global presence • Leading partner for Microsoft in Europe • Global and strong sales and delivery organization • Enterprise level CRM platform and tools • Financially and strategically strong company • Global presence 14
  15. 15. Faster time to benefit with CRM Results through systematic and proactive sales management