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  • 2. ca Memahami makna dalam teks fungsional tulis serta esei pendek sederhana berbentuk procedure, report dan explanation untuk berkomunikasi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan/atau a SK _ KD Standar Kompetensi Kompetensi Dasar Membaca 5.1 Memahami dengan benar dan 5. Memahami makna efisien makna yang diungkapkan dalam teks fungsional secara tersurat dalam teks fungsional tulis serta esei pendek tulis pendek, serta esei pendek sederhana berbentuk sederhana berbentuk procedure, procedure, report dan report dan explanation dalam konteks explanation untuk kehidupan sehari-hari dan/atau berkomunikasi dalam akademik. konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan/atau akademik.
  • 3. Indikator1.Menentukan main idea dari teks berbentuk report.2.Mengidentifikasi gambaran umum dari teks report.3. Mengidentifikasi informasi tersurat dari teks report.4.Mengidentifikasi informasi rinci tersurat dari teksreport.
  • 4. Materi FISH Fish vary in size, shape and colors, but most fish have three things in common, they are: 1. all fish live in the water 2. fish have fins to help them to swim 3. fish use gills to take oxygen in the water
  • 5. Female fish lay eggs in the water. Theprocess is called spawning. So, spawning isthe process of laying eggs in the water byfemale fish.Fish eggs may hatch several weeks after thespawning. It depends on the temperatureand the species of the fish.
  • 6. Fish have similarity with human being. Thatis, fish have five senses like us, namely:A. sense of sightB. sense of hearingC. sense of smellingD. sense of touchE. sense of tasteThe last thing about fish is, they have abilityto differentiate colors like we do.
  • 7. Based on the text above, answer the questionsbelow.1. What do most fish have in general?2. What is spawning?3. How long do fish eggs hatch?4. What are the similarities between fish and humanbeing?5. Based on the text above, what can fish do?
  • 8. Latihan SoalRead the text carefully and then answer the questions. Is whale a fish? The answer is no, it is not. Whale is not a fish although it lives in the water. It is a mammal. It means it gives birth and give milk to its baby. It doesn’t lay eggs. In some ways, whale have difference with fish, namely: 1. Whale breathes with its lungs like other mammals, but fish use gills for breathing. 2. Whale gives birth and breastfeed its young but fish lay eggs. 3. Whale has horizontal tailfins and swims vertically, but fish have vertical tailfins and swims horizontally.
  • 9. Then, what are the similarities between whale and fish? A. both of them live in the water. B. whale and fish are good swimmer. C. the form of their bodies are much alike.Evaluasi1. Why whale is included into mammals?2.How does whale breathe?3. what are the differences between fish and whale?4. What are the similarities between fish and whale?5. Does whale stay in the water all the time?, why?