Negotiation 101 beta class 2 slide share
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Negotiation 101 beta class 2 slide share






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Negotiation 101 beta class 2 slide share Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Get what you want.Help everyone win.Navigate to victory.
  • 2. Class 2! Today’s intentions:  Review the framework for effective negotiation  Introduce you to interest-based negotiation
  • 3. Objectives  Define interest-based negotiation  How it’s different from basic negotiation  Hone the elements involved in long-term negotiation  Figure out ways around negotiation “walls”
  • 4. What’s in this for me?  Using negotiation in the work place and other long- term relationships  Using techniques beyond the basics  Being more self-aware
  • 5. The Negotiation Process• Interests at stake? • Options?• Emotions? Analysis and • Responses we• Motivation? anticipate?• Prior evidence? Research Planning • Agreement? •Disagreement?• Does thedecision improveupon my BATNA? Discussion• Another round Decision • Criteria?of the process? • Equal time?• Do we walk • Create optionsaway?
  • 6. How’s Interest-based Negotiationdifferent? Interest-based Basic Negotiation Negotiation  Short-term relationships  Long-term relationships  Maximize outcome based  Emphasis on on one or few collaboration and ideas transactions  Conflict resolution  Start by examining  Start by examining people involved yourself
  • 7. Anatomy of Interest Based Negotiation  Truthfulness  Collaborative Intention  Self-Awareness  Self-Accountability  Negotiating “True collaboration begins inside the individual and works its way out into organizations.” – Jim Tamm
  • 8. The Collaborative model  Examine the situation Collaborative  What problem can I solve? Can we solve Intention together?  Evaluate what your needs are Self-  What do I need to feel validated? awareness Respected?  Evaluate what you can offer Self-  What can I directly contribute? accountability  What are the options we can generate to serve all interests? Negotiating  Create options without judgment
  • 9. Skill Check  Do we know the difference between basic negotiation and Interest-based negotiation?  What are the elements of a collaborative model?
  • 10. Collaborative Negotiation  Collaborate  Listen  Come back with a new invention
  • 11. Closing and Homework Thanks for all the feedback! Will try to schedule one-on-one chats or catch up via email. Your feedback is invaluable! Please let me know if I can reciprocate (if you need participants for a training, etc.) THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!We are limited only by our imagination!