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Lumavera presskitfina llores

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE Skin Care Line formulated with the First Cosmetic Active Capable of Revitalizing Dermal Stem Cells Launches to the Public New York, NY – David Vargas, founder and president of LUMAVERA announced the official launch of his naturally effective skincare collection. LUMAVERA combines Vargas’ family recipes of farm fresh ingredients with the benefit of PhytoCellTec™ Argan, the first cosmetic active that can help protect and repair dermal stem cells for revitalized skin. “By combining my family’s traditional health remedies with today’s science of skin care and beauty in Lumavera Beauty products, I’m excited to share this timeless wisdom with everyone so that we can all live the promise of healthy, beautiful lives,” says Vargas. About Lumavera LUMAVERA is a complete line of luxury skincare formulated with antioxidant-rich super-foods and Plant Stem Cell technology, which includes peptides and other ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve skin’s texture and appearance. While other cosmetics on the market use water as their first ingredient, LUMAVERA is formulated with aloe vera to deliver superior hydration. LUMAVERA addresses the needs of the ingredient savvy individual who prefers high-quality ingredients that benefit the skin while being free of toxins. The name, LUMAVERA comes from the Latin words for light (lumen) and truth (veritas). To Vargas, “the principles of truth and light also guide our business. We’re committed to transparency, honesty and quality in everything we do.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: David Vargas ph: 866.878.5684 fax: 866.875.3343 Although LUMAVERA pre-launched in 2012, the formulation and ingredient recipes have been passed down from over three generations of Vargas’ family. Vargas grew up on a farm where his mother grew nopal, aloe vera and other anti-oxidant rich plants that they used to cure ailments and combat premature aging caused from sun exposure. It was when Vargas had daughters of his own when he decided to continue the tradition of passing on the home recipes that had been handed down from his mother and grandmother. Vargas is excited to share his family’s recipes, combined with advanced technology so everyone can experience his super-foods for the skin.
  2. 2. FACT SHEET Introducing LUMAVERA Blending the best of Nature and Science for Unsurpassed Beauty What is LUMAVERA? LUMAVERA is a complete line of luxury skincare formulated with the use of Plant Cell Technology, virgin botanical extracts, anti-oxidant super foods and advanced molecular technologies that address aging skin. The ingredients in LUMAVERA have been carefully selected to deliver the best in nature and science. Plant Cell Technology is the most innovative method to fight aging skin. LUMAVERA delivers a synergistic combination of Plant Cell Technology, botanicals and powerful antioxidants that significantly improve the appearance of skin. LUMAVERA products are luxurious, results driven and offer an easy and effective solution to looking younger. While toxins in some popular skincare treatments offer short-term enhancements at the risk of long lasting damage to cells, they will never be found in LUMAVERA. Our skin is the largest organ in our body; therefore, LUMAVERA believes that it is vital to use the best ingredients possible since the skin absorbs 65% of what we apply topically. LUMAVERA products contain NO parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, harsh synthetic chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances. How Does Plant Cell Technology Work? As skin matures, the rate at which it’s natural stem cells responsible for renewing and regenerating the dermis begins to slow down. This decrease in stem cell proliferation is what leads to lack of elasticity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. PhytoCellTec™ Argan, Argania Spinosa Sprout Cell Extract (derived from the Argan Tree grown in Morocco) found in LUMAVERA, is the very first cosmetic active capable of both protecting and vitalizing human dermal stem cells, which are responsible for collagen and elastin production. PhytoCellTec™ supports the skin’s natural repair process and enables dermal stem cells to maintain their regenerating potential while reactivating all of the skin’s youthful functions. Benefits of PhytoCellTec™: FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: David Vargas ph: 866.878.5684 fax: 866.875.3343 • Fights & minimizes wrinkles • Firms sagging skin • Plumps skin while contours appear lifted Who LUMAVERA is for: LUMAVERA is for women and men of all ages who prefer using pure ingredients infused with the best Anti-aging technology on the market for outstanding anti-aging results.
  3. 3. PRODUCT SHEET Facial Cleansing Gel 1.7 fl oz (50 ml) This gel to milk cleanser is designed to cleanse your skin with exceptional gentleness. As you splash water on your skin to rinse the Cleanser, it turns into an ultra soft lotion. Your skin is left clean, soft and supple, with no oily residue. This unique Cleanser contains our exclusive “Vita Veggie blend” of antioxidant-dense vegetables that nourish skin while protecting it from free radical damage. Ideal for normal to dry skin. Use: Apply a small amount of the cleanser to the face, massage in circular motions. Next apply water to remove the cleanser as it turns into this milky cleanser, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Anti-Aging Serum 1 fl oz (30 ml) An Anti-Aging Serum like no other. Formulated with a synergistic complex of the most innovative anti-aging ingredients, including Argan Stem Cell Extract and Vitamin C for super firming. This serum dramatically improves skin tone, texture and appearance by revitalizing and protecting dermal stem cells within your skin while boosting collagen production. It also achieves its impressive results with the help of Sprout Cell Culture Extract, (broccoli) proven to have superior antioxidant qualities. Lumavera’s Anti Aging Serum has a beautiful, natural derived, citrus scent. Excellent for all skin types. Use: Apply twice a day after cleansing and before using moisturizer or night cream. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: David Vargas ph: 866.878.5684 fax: 866.875.3343 24 Hour Moisturizer 1.7 fl oz (50 ml) This lightweight Moisturizer is an age defying, powerhouse formula that offers abundant hydration while restoring skin cells for a more youthful and luminous skin. Imparts remarkable anti-aging benefits by lifting and supporting skin structure due to the use of plant stem cell technology and rare botanicals. Use: Apply to skin after Anti-Aging Serum. Massage in starting at the base of the neck stroke upward in an upward, outward motion.
  4. 4. PRODUCT SHEET Glycolic Night Cream 1.7 fl oz (50 ml) This night cream is a skin renewal treatment for nighttime. Refines pores using a powerful cocktail of botanicals and skin firming ingredients that minimize the appearance of wrinkles while bringing new clarity to the skin. The antioxidants from Green Tea Leaf Extract and Algae Extract work to protect skin from damaging effects of free radicals. Grapefruit and Tangerine extract lend a brightening action to even skin tone. Excellent for all skin types. Use: At night, apply to clean skin starting at the base of the neck stroke in an upward, outward motion. Anti-Aging Eye Cream 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) This powerful, yet gentle eye cream addresses wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Skin becomes brighter, wrinkles are minimized and eye area looks refreshed. Excellent for all skin types. Use: Apply to clean skin under and around the eye area, use Day and Night. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: David Vargas ph: 866.878.5684 fax: 866.875.3343 Oxygenating Masque 1 fl oz (30 ml) This Masque brings new radiance to the skin by imparting a molecular level exfoliating action that eliminates debris, refreshes skin and encourages new cell turnover. This deep oxygen-enhancing action acts as a pore decongestant, helping reduce visible pore size while helping to firm sagging skin. You can actually see and feel it working. Excellent for all skin types. Use: Use twice weekly on clean skin. Apply a nickel size amount of product into hands. Massage into skin for approximately 5-10 seconds. You will see the mask begin to turn white. Leave product on skin for 5-10 minutes. Rinse skin thoroughly and pat dry. Excellent for all skin types.
  5. 5. PRODUCT SHEET Perfection Peel 1 fl oz (30 ml) This lightweight, silky peel is the next generation in skincare exfoliation. Unique, plant based ingredients mimic your skin’s natural enzyme by exfoliating dead skin cells. This is a timereleased formula that works in 5 minutes – clarifying skin, refining pores and creating a flawless appearance. Just rinse, feel, and see the difference. Excellent for all skin types- even the most sensitive. Use: May be used 2-3 times weekly. Apply 3 pumps to hands and then apply to face neck and décolleté. Leave on for 5 minutes and remove with tepid water. Excellent for all skin types. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: David Vargas ph: 866.878.5684 fax: 866.875.3343