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Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief
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Fa 30 q course personnel chief brief


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  • This is what the Personnel section does:Monitor overall FA 30 authorizations across the Army and Joint Community for current and future fiscal years. - includes providing recommendations regarding changes to FA 30 positionsOversight and SME for AR 600-3 and DA Pam 600-3Conduct FA 30 recruiting briefs through DCOProvide input regarding accession criteria for acceptance into FA 30Promotion Board and Selection Panel packet preparation (LTC Motley), provide oversight and processing of FA 30 ACS/TWI selection panels.
  • 1. “Pin-On point” for last group of FA30 MAJs is approximately 115 months of commissioned service (9 years, 7 months).2. “Pin-On point” for last group of FA30 LTCs is approximately 203 months (16 years, 11 months) of commissioned service. The “Pin-On point” average for the last group of FA30s COLs (only 3 Officers) is 269 months (22 years, 5 months) of commissioned service. The Army G-3 has approved resident ILE attendance at Fort Leavenworth KS for FA30s as mission requirements dictate. The typical first FA30 assignment for a MAJ after the FA30 QC is to a BCT early in the ARFORGEN process. BDE S7 is a key developmental position IAW AR 600-3.DA PAM 600-3 states that FA 30 officers:(1)  Serve primarily as the S/G7 on staffs at Brigade Combat Team through Army Service Component Command.(2)  Is a primary coordinating staff principal.(3)  Integrate IO capabilities in accordance with commander’s guidance and mission.(4)  Remain up-to-date on Army organizations, structure, and doctrine.(5)  Be familiar with the core capabilities of IO as well all related and supporting elements.(6)  Possess the necessary tactical and operational expertise in order to advise the commander and staff on the benefits of information engagement and other information capabilities and how best to achieve its full potential.(7)  Possess the potential for advanced civilian schooling (ACS), training with industry(TWI), and training with government agencies in the areas of international studies, government, or marketing.(8)  Understand cultural and/or social anthropology, cross-cultural communications, media and information network Dissemination.(9)  Have experience in operational assignments, preferably command at platoon or company level and staff experience in plans or operations.(10)  Exhibit capacity and capability to understand, articulate, and apply complex concepts as well as properly frame and solve ambiguous problems. 
  • Resident ILE at Fort Leavenworth, KS 8 seats in FY 2011 (8 Army and 1 Sister Service for 9)3 HRC Approved TWI partnerships (Hill Knowlton, STARCOM, SEIMENS AG)
  • 61% of FA30 positions are in the Operating Force.That being said, BCTs, Division HQs and Corps HQs are the frequent deployers.Currently the FA30 Branch works diligently to ensure the deploying units are filled as specified by HQDA manning guidance.We are still a growing Functional Area. Over the last 12 months, we had a 5% growth in the FA30 Population.Although our personnel inventory is above 100%, just under 30% (29% to be exact) of the total FA30 population is not currently serving in valid FA30 billets.The number of FA30 Authorizations filled is affected by the time it takes to move newly assessed officers from basic branch assignment to FA 30 positions (including 4 month FA 30 Qualification Course)
  • Although one of the smallest across the Army in overall population, FA 30 is strong as a functional area. The number of FA30 Authorizations filled is affected by the time it takes to move newly assessed officers from basic branch assignment to FA 30 positions (including 4 month FA 30 Qualification Course)
  • Here are the POCs for additional information.MAJ Yandura is currently the IPO Personnel Chief;Contact her if you have any questions.As soon as you become an FA30, contact LTC Motley for career advice and start working on your FA30QC date and 1st assignment.You can go to IPO homepage and FA30 HRC website to keep updated on the latest information
  • Transcript

    • 3. Matthew J. Yandura, MAJ, PO (FA 30)<br />Michigan native, YG 96 officer, Basic Branch AG<br />Education<br />B.A. Central Michigan University<br /> Interpersonal Public Communication<br />M.A. The Catholic University of America<br /> International Relations<br />Deployments: <br />Afghanistan (12 mos), Iraq (10 mos), Saudi Arabia (12 mos), Kuwait (4 mos)<br />Relevant Experience: Officer manager & Personnel Actions Branch Chief, ABCT S7, PSYOP Officer, PAO, White House Writer, Corporate<br />
    • 4. Perceptions matter….even in the personnel business<br />
    • 5. Perceptions matter….even in the personnel business<br />
    • 6. Perceptions matter….even in the personnel business<br />
    • 7. Perceptions matter….even in the personnel business<br />
    • 8. Information Proponent Office (IPO) Task Organization<br />Director<br />COL Dominique<br />Deputy Director<br />Mr. Wesson<br />Operations<br />Operations Officer: Vacant<br />Operation Assistant: Vacant<br />Military Analyst (Communications): Ms. Marcec<br />IMO/Sec Mgr: Mr. Quick<br />Doctrine<br />Chief: LTC Himmelheber<br />Doctrine Writer: Mr. Arvizu <br />LDE&T<br />Chief: LTC Baldridge<br />OES: MAJ Christensen<br /> CES: Dr. Hill<br /> WOES: CW3 Savage<br /> NCOES: SSG Reynolds<br />CTR SPT: Mr. Langley <br />CTR SPT: Mr. Long<br />FA30 QC<br />Director: Mr. Warner<br />Course Administrator: Ms Dinkel <br />Sem. Leader : Mr. Dewitt <br />Sem. Leader: Mr. Hingula <br />Sem. Leader : Mr. Foley<br />Sem. Leader : MAJ Martin<br />Sem. Leader : MAJ Bostick<br />Sem. Leader: MAJ Adamson<br />Sem. Leader : MAJ Brenton<br />RC FA30 QC<br />Director: LTC Miller<br />Personnel Proponency<br />Chief : MAJ Yandura<br />Personnel Military Analyst: Ms. Burns<br />ASSIGNMENTS MGR (HRC) : LTC Motley<br />Integration<br />Chief: LTC Reichart<br />Senior Military Analyst: Vacant<br /> Military Analyst (RD): Vacant<br /> Military Analyst:(CBA): Vacant<br />As of: 26 July 11<br />
    • 9. USAIPO Personnel Chief<br />Significant Duties<br />An advocate for the FA 30 community<br />Pre-board and panel scrubs (promotion, Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS), and Training With Industry (TWI)<br />AR 600-3 and DA Pam 600-3<br />Recruiting & Accessions assistance to HRC<br />Selection Board and Panel Support<br />(Promotion, ACS, and TWI)<br />FA30 Officer Assignments support to HRC<br />Resident FA30 Liaison with HRC<br />9<br />
    • 10. Proponent Personnel Responsibilities<br /><ul><li>Day-to-day support activities for the eight personnel development life-cycle management functions:
    • 11. Structure: Force development; defines military capabilities, defines career path, recommend changes to TOE, MTOEs, TDAs
    • 12. Acquisition: manpower management; recruiting, accession, attrition, and retention; classification criteria (standards)
    • 13. Distribution: distributing available personnel to maximize combat readiness
    • 14. Development: the process of developing people mentally morally, and physically; promotion of the army culture
    • 15. Deployment: recommendations on mob planning and management; evaluate effects of mobilization on development
    • 16. Compensation: develop concepts for pay, entitlements and benefits to improve the health of the career field
    • 17. Sustainment: How we tend to the well being of the FA 30 community AC/RC/NG; represent the professional interests of the members; advocate for RC officers
    • 18. Transition: monitor and recommend changes on Army Personnel Transition Management program</li></ul>AR 600-3, para. 2-21, 26 FEB, 2009<br />
    • 19. FA30 Professional Development Path<br />Pin On MAJ<br />Pin On LTC<br />Pin On COL<br />0 4 8 12 16 20 24 28<br />Years in Service<br />Accession (VTIP)<br />Joint IO Planners Course as required<br />FA30 QC<br />ILE<br /> - Goal is for all FA30 officers to attend <br />after initial FA30 assignment (Satellite or Resident)<br />Initial Assignments<br /><ul><li>BCT S7
    • 20. Div IO Officer
    • 21. Corps IO Officer
    • 22. Field Support Team
    • 23. IO Planner</li></ul>SAMS<br /> - JCWS (+ joint tour = JPME 2 qual)<br />SSC<br /><ul><li>Div G7
    • 24. Joint Staff
    • 25. Army Staff
    • 26. ASCC IO Chief
    • 27. Deputy G7
    • 28. Joint IO Planner
    • 29. S3, XO, 1st IOC</li></ul>Basic branch assignments<br />Subsequent FA30 Assignments<br /><ul><li>61% of our positions are deployers and Army priority Missions.
    • 30. FA30 requirements have remained steady the last year while our population has grown 5% in the last 12 months (354 to 374). </li></ul>5 x NPS opportunities to earn a<br />Masters of Joint Information Operations<br />3 x ACS Opportunities<br />- Harvard<br />- Princeton<br />- Johns Hopkins <br />Other Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Joint Staff Officer Course
    • 31. MILDEC Course
    • 32. EW Planner Course
    • 33. CNO Planner Course </li></ul>Legend<br />= average pin on<br />= active programs<br />Broadening Experiences<br /><ul><li>Research Fellowships (Pilot Internship at OSD)
    • 34. Sister Service ILE, Foreign ILE
    • 35. WHINSEC</li></ul>= working<br />TWI Opportunities<br />- Hill & Knowlton Group – Alexandria, VA<br /><ul><li>StarcomMedia Vest Group – Chicago, IL
    • 36. Siemans AG – Iselin, NJ (templated)</li></li></ul><li>Advanced Dimensions to FA30 <br />Professional Development<br />Advanced Civil Schooling Program<br /><ul><li>Training with Industry (TWI)</li></ul>Provide FA30s with broadening opportunities to see and learn the art of corporate communications, marketing strategy formulation and target audience analysis in the civilian/corporate world.<br />Advanced Civil Schooling(ACS)<br />HQDA G-3/5/7 approved CG CAC (IPO) to run its own GLE program for FA30s.<br /><ul><li>Funding included in the IPO budget (~$210K)
    • 37. 10 slots each year; 5 for NPS and 5 for ACS</li></ul>Other Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Joint Staff Officer Course
    • 38. JPME II
    • 39. Joint IO Planners Course
    • 40. MILDEC Course
    • 41. EW Planner Course
    • 42. CNO Planner Course </li></ul>ACS program includes agreements with:<br />Harvard University (JFK School of Government – MPA)<br />Princeton University (WW School of Government – MPP)<br />Johns Hopkins University (SAIS – MIPP)<br /><ul><li>Working Other Broadening Experience Opportunities</li></ul>On-line Masters (Norwich) (tent. Spring start)<br />Student funded<br />FA30<br />Officer<br />Utilization <br />Tours<br />Fellowship opportunity<br />With Joint Staff<br />Experiences prior to <br />accession to FA 30<br /><ul><li>Graduate Level Interaction
    • 43. Resident ILE at Fort Leavenworth, KS
    • 44. 8 seats in FY 2011
    • 45. Lincoln University FA30 QC Academic Support </li></ul>- Cultural Awareness Training<br />Training with Industry (TWI)<br /><ul><li>HQDA G-1 program managed by HRC.
    • 46. 3 HRC Approved TWI partnerships: Hill Knowlton,
    • 47. STARCOM, + SEIMENS AG (templated)
    • 48. FY 12 TWI, ACS, NPS: 30 SEP closing dates for submission </li></ul>Training Objective: Provide FA30s with broadening opportunities to see and learn the art of corporate communications marketing strategy formulation and target audience analysis in the civilian/corporate world.<br />Utilization Tours: Division, Corps or ASCC G-7 staffs as determined by the FA30 Career Manager<br />12<br />
    • 49. IPO - Personnel<br />ACS Summer 2011:<br />FY10 NPS Graduate Winter FY12<br /> MAJ BERTHELOTTE JOSEPH MYRTILE <br /> MAJ HAGERTY ROBERT WAYNE <br /> MAJ LINGENFELTER CHARLES MICHAEL<br />Naval Post Graduate School (NPS)/Naval ILE: Start dates in June<br /> MAJ BROWN JASON <br /> MAJ GALEANO RICHARD ARTHUR <br /> MAJ HANSEN TIMOTHY P <br /> MAJ LEWIS WILLIAM KIMBALL<br /> MAJ MALONE PATRICK JOSEPH <br /> MAJ STOEBNER GRANT WADE <br /> MAJ WEDLAKE JEREMY MICHAEL <br /> MAJ ZIELINSKI WILLIAM JOHN (already ILE grad)<br />Harvard:<br /> MAJ STINSON RICHARD GLEN (FALL GRAD) <br />Johns Hopkins University:<br /> MAJ TAYLOR MICHAEL RICHARD JR (FALL GRAD)<br />Training With Industry 2011:<br />Hill Knowlton Group: MAJ THOMPSON ANTHONY MAURICE (AUG report)<br />STARCOM Media Vest: MAJESSARY MICHAEL LEE (JUL report)<br />SEIMENS AG: Fill FY12 Summer (T)- LTC Motley working<br />Broadening Experiences (Sister Service ILE, Interagency Fellowship, and Foreign ILE):<br />Sister Service (Air) ILE: MAJWHISKEYMAN ANDREW DENNIS, Airforce ILE Summer 2010- replacement ILE MAJ ROSENQUIST, SIDNEY DAVID start 15 July 2011 <br />Shotgun/Extra slot – MAJ Metoyer, Jude (start 15 July 2011) <br />WHINSEC: MAJ LARUMBE EDUARDO J, 2 year ADSO, FA30 follow-on assignment; start date o/a JUNE ‘11<br />Foreign ILE: <br />Brazil: MAJ DAVID DAVID PAUL THOMAS, 2 ADSO, FA30 follow-on assignment; Start JAN 2012<br />HRC Boards:<br />VTIP: 4th QTR FY11 ref MILPER message 11-227 ; applications due by 9 SEPT 11, 31 OCT 11 results announced.<br />CFD: Goes away 1 OC 11; VTIP new method for assessing FA 30<br />FY12 Active Promotions: FY12 MAJ Promo Board meeting now <br />SSC (War College): Summer FY10: COL MILLER MICHAEL ANTHONY, COL DECARVALHO FRANCISCO, COL SPADE JAYSON MATTHEW, FY11: COL EASSA; COL BIRCHER IV; COLBURBRIDGE; COL THIBODEAUX –deferred until end of command in July 2012. <br />ACS, NPS, and TWI Application Window 2012: <br />30 May - 30 Sep 2011 Applications<br />November 2011 Panel; Dec 2011 results<br />EGSP: Extended Grad School Program:BECKER, JAMES A. - Officer will be assigned to US Army Student Detachment (USASD)* with duty at University of Montano, Missoula, MT 59812 to pursue a masters degree in Anthropology for a period in excess of 20 weeks (30 August 2010 - 18 December 2011).<br />POC: MAJ Yandura, Effective Date: 19 JUN 11<br />Verified with LTC Motley HRC<br />
    • 50. FA 30 Personnel Facts<br />As of 1 June 2011 <br />BG(P) Davis, FA 30 Senior Mentor<br />61% of our positions are Deployers and Army Priority Missions. <br />Deployers filled at 94% <br />(120 out of 127):<br /><ul><li>BCTs = 100% (44/44)
    • 51. DIV HQ = 90% (36/40)
    • 52. Corps HQ =85% (17/20)
    • 53. 1st IOC = 100% (23/23)</li></ul>FA30 requirements have remained steady the last 12 months while our population has grown 5% in the last 12 months (354 to 373) (gained OPSEC billets). <br />Current Inventory at 116%, however, there are currently 114 officers that are not in<br />valid FA30 billets: <br /><ul><li>Completing basic branch obligation (i.e. deployed in basic branch billet)
    • 54. Recently assessed (Officer is tracked as an FA 30 upon announcement)
    • 55. In a fixed tour prior to assessing FA 30 (i.e. West Point, TRADOC, Recruiting, Joint, etc.)
    • 56. In school (ILE, CCC, ACS, TWI, NPS etc.)
    • 57. Other (eg., 01A Position, ROTC PMS, compassionate assignment)</li></ul> NOTE: USAIPO Director’s Guidance is not to assign FA 30’s to non-FA 30 billets (ROTC, recruiting etc.)<br />STRENGTH<br />14<br />
    • 58. FA 30 Dataas of June 2011<br />FA 30 promotion rates are higher than Army average!<br />15<br />
    • 59. FA 30 Data(2012 DATA)<br />* Proper coding of FA 30 billets on Joint and Operating force manning documents will lead to future gains for the career field<br />16<br />
    • 60. Director volunteered the FA<br />Go live date:28 SEPT 11<br />Army Career Tracker<br />Web-based Individual Officer and NCO career management tool<br />Allows you to view your career path, current skills and training via a career dashboard; gain visibility on development opportunities<br />Empowers an officer to make informed decisions by linking the officer to relevant career information and news<br />FA 30 is one of the first FA to participate<br />
    • 61. What is ACT?<br />Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a leadership development tool that integrates training and education into one personalized, easy-to-use website. Users can search multiple Army education and training resources, monitor their career development and receive personalized advice from their leadership.<br />Who Supports ACT?<br />As part of Army Learning Concept 2015 (ALC 2015), ACT will allow Soldiers, Officers, and Civilians to manage their lifelong career objectives and monitor progress toward career requirements and goals. Users can enroll in courses and training to become multi-skilled, agile leaders of the 21st Century.<br />A Real Solution for You<br />ACT was tested in Fall 2009 by 214 Soldiers who provided feedback, and a high percentage reported satisfaction with the tool. With this Soldier feedback, Congressional approval, <br />leadership support and a <br />fully built tool, ACT is now <br />ready for you!<br />ACT is Coming<br />Get on the Right Path<br />Release 1:<br />Enlisted <br />Total Force<br />Jun 2011<br />Release 2:<br />DA Civilian<br />Aug 2011<br />Release 3:<br />Recruiting <br />Sept 2011<br />Your Tool,<br />Your Career,<br />ACT Now!<br />Release 4:<br />Officer<br />Nov 2011<br />Find Out More<br />Email:<br />Log On:<br />Information Site: <br /><br />Release 5:<br />Staff Role<br />Nov 2011<br /><br />
    • 62. My Planner View<br />Find a Course View<br />My Career Dashboard View<br />Your single career management tool that will help you to<br />See<br />Understand<br />ACT<br /><ul><li>Log in to one website that compiles all career development related information
    • 63. Read news from your specific proponent or Career Program
    • 64. Learn more about Army educational programs
    • 65. Leaders can identify Soldiers’ or employees’ career paths to date
    • 66. Track your progress within your personalized career map
    • 67. Receive messages and recommendations from your leader or supervisor and mentors
    • 68. Identify upcoming deadlines for training and education
    • 69. View multiple examples of career paths and progressions
    • 70. Set professional goals
    • 71. Register for classes through Army online sources
    • 72. Highlight existing Army training and education assets
    • 73. Leaders can advise reports on their leadership development
    • 74. Leaders can send targeted career recommendations</li></li></ul><li>FA30 Personnel DivisionContact Information<br /><ul><li>Chief, Personnel Division at Information Proponent Office (IPO), Fort Leavenworth, KS:</li></ul> MAJ Matthew Yandura,<br />(913) 684-9432 or DSN 552-9432<br /><ul><li> Military Personnel Manager at IPO, Fort Leavenworth, KS:</li></ul>Mrs. Evelyn Burns,<br /> (913) 684-9438 or DSN 552-9438<br /><ul><li> FA 30 Career Management Office at Human Resource Command, Fort Knox, KY:</li></ul> LTC Vincent Motley,<br /> (502) 613-6130 or DSN 983-6130<br /><ul><li>Information Proponent Office website:</li></ul>20<br />