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A presentation on the marketing strategy that hershey's could follow if opening a store in Mumbai !

A presentation on the marketing strategy that hershey's could follow if opening a store in Mumbai !

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  • 1.
    Background of the
    Hershey’s Mumbai
    store location
    store facade
    store interiors
    Product range
    In store experience
  • 3. Hershey’s Retail locations
    Hershey, The Sweetest Place on EarthWith thrilling attractions, luxurious surroundings, mouth-watering treats, it's no wonder this chocolate-scented candy store is such a popular destination for the whole family.
    Located in :
    • Times Square, New York
    • 4. Chicago
    • 5. Niagara Falls
    • 6. Shanghai
    We now introduce this fun filled family Chocolate store to Aamchi Mumbai itself…
  • 7. Choice of Location in Mumbai: Kemps Corner
    As per our opinion this is the best location for our Hershey’s chocolate store as per the following reasons:
    • It’s proximity to various schools
    • 8. Hobby ideas and Crosswords are close by and they will help in attracting people to the Hershey’s store as well
    • 9. Area is centrally located, parking is also available
    • 10. The frequency of people visiting this store in south Mumbai is high
    • 11. People in this area are mostly aware of this brand as its International and can afford it
    • 12. Majorly a residential area
  • USP of the Hershey’s Chocolate store
    • A complete Chocolate shopping experience with the family
    • 13. Will cater to the palate of every family member
    • 14. There is a wide variety of chocolates with different ingredients to please all
    • 15. Chocolates available for those who are calorie conscious, have diabetes etc.
    • 16. Apart from chocolate the store will also offer candies, chewing gums, liquorices
    • 17. There will also be chocolate hampers available as per the customers needs for any occasion desired
    • 18. The store also has a café where in Hershey's cakes, beverages, cookies are also available
    • 19. Kids will feel at home with the spacious surroundings and various games to entertain them
  • Persona 1
    Rohan Mehta 10 years old goes to cathedral school and lives at Woodland apartments on Peddar road, South Mumbai. Being the only child he is the apple of his parent’s eye is spoilt rotten and loves spending his time after school playing football with his friends. His parents love to plan their annual holiday’s abroad; these trips are planned keeping Rohan’s favourite places in mind as well. Is also quite the fussy eater, hates to share his favourite food with friends and if he really did have a choice his breakfast, lunch, dinner would consist of an assortment of chocolates but the sugar rush that follows only leads to some more hyperactivity leaving his maid to chase him around the house to put him to sleep at night.
  • 20. Persona 2
    Natasha Sharma an 18 year old studying at Jai hind college residing at Pali hill bandra loves her fair share of sleepovers, her favourite colour is Pink, loves gossiping on the phone with her friends till the wee hours of the night, absolutely loves to go shopping with her friends, study’s one day before the exam, keeps her facebook messages updated, knows all about the latest trends being followed, needs to convince her parents as to why she deserves a blackberry phone over her average academic results.
    And when she’s feeling down in the dumps after having a fight with her boyfriend she needs her fix of her favourite chocolate for that endorphin release after all its every chocoholics feel good remedy...!
  • 21. Persona 3
    PriyankaMurarka a 31 year old mother of 2 leads a very hectic life she works as a magazine editor and sometimes even has to deal with odd working hours. She loves to drive to work in her Honda CR-V and days when she gets done early even picks up the kids from school. Her husband is the owner of a brokerage firm and the family resides at Jolly maker apartments,Cuffe parade with their pet dog Jinx. Every day the maharaj cooks the meals in the morning before the family leaves for work and school and even though they may not like what’s been cooked for lunch, one thing that all their palates agree to is the taste of Hershey’s chocolate. A good meal or a bad meal their sweet tooth needs to be catered to with chocolate after every meal.
  • 22. Persona 4
    JagdishMehra a 62 year old has been happily married for the past 37 years he lives with his wife at Il palazzo Malabar hill. He has two married daughters and 5 grandchildren in total who he is absolutely crazy about. Mr.Mehra suffers from diabetes and cannot have chocolate, his only weakness. His wife has forcefully made him join the gym so that he can take care of his health and keep his blood sugar levels in check. One of his son in laws who works as a diamond merchant has recently introduced him to hersheys sugar free candy.
    What more could Mr.Mehra ask for a chocolate that suits his taste, his health condition and chocolate he can share with his grandchildren as well.
  • 23. Hershey’s Product Range:
  • 24. Chocolate products
    5th Avenue
    Almond Joy and Mounds
    Bar None
    Cadbury Crème and Easter.
    Cadbury's Caramello
    Cadbury Cherry Blossom
    Heath bar
    Cookies and Cream,
    Hershey's Kisses chocolate chip.
    Hershey's Miniatures Hershey's Chocolate, Hershey's Special Dark chocolate, Krackel, and Mr. Goodbar.
    Hershey's Hershey's KissablesMilk Duds
    Mr. Goodbar peanuts.
    Oh Henry!
    Hershey's Pops golf movie theaters.
    Reese's Fast Break,
    Reese's NutRageous,
    Butter Cups,
    Reese's Pieces
    Rolo, Nestlé.
  • 25. Non-chocolate products
    • Care-Free sugarless gum.
    • 26. CareFree Koolerz mint based gum in various flavors made with Xylitol.
    • 27. Good & Plenty, white and purplish-red pill shaped licorice candies.
    Breath Savers breath mints.
    Bubble Yum bubble gum brand.
    Ice Breakers chewing gum and mints.
    Jolly Rancher hard fruit candy, lollipops, and flavored soda.
    Koolerz chewing gum, with Xylitol and regular.
    PayDay candy bar, which contains peanuts and caramel but no chocolate.
    ZAGNUT candy bar, consisting of toasted coconut and peanut butter.
    Zero candy bar, a combination of caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered in white fudge.
    Reduce size of chocolate packets
    Add flavours wafer chocolates
    Festive hampers
    Chocolate gola corner
    Chocolate candyfloss and pop corn
    A complete chocolicious experience
    with family
    Chocolate games on the ground floor
    Sensory branding
    Hersheys kiss mascot around the store playing with kids
    Acrylic shelves
    • 7000 square feet at kemps corner besides hobby ideas and crossword
    • 30. Two floors each of 3500 square feet
    • 31. The ground consists of products to be sold and the gaming zone
    • 32. The first floor consists of the cafearea
    3500 square feet at kemps corner besides hobby ideas and crossword
  • 34. TAGLINE:
    Love at first bite!!!
    Name: choco
    Age: 3yrs
  • 35. PRINT AD 1.
  • 36. PRINT AD NO.2
    From HERSHEY’s Mumbai @ kemps Corner
    Visit the chocolalicious world of dreams
    @ Hershey’s Mumbai kemps Corner
  • 39. Marketing strategy
    Teaser posters on near target group locations
    Print ads on billboards at major traffic junctions
    Print ads on premium fashion magazines
    In store marketing through sensory branding
  • 40. Thank you..