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GOTRIbal 2010 summary angel forum boulder
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GOTRIbal 2010 summary angel forum boulder


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GOTRIbal Business Short Summary - Open Angel Forum Boulder 2010 application

GOTRIbal Business Short Summary - Open Angel Forum Boulder 2010 application

Published in: Sports, Business

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  • GOTRIbal creates the same powerful, emotional connection of the Oprah network – With over 60+ million women who participate in endurance sports GOTRIbal will become the comprehensive resource for their connections, decision making and buying decisions. With its online resources and network of groups (called “TRIbes”), GOTRIbal creates an intimate and powerful connection for women seeking a resource that addresses their unique needs, desires and issues.
  • There are hundreds of stories from women around the world now who have joined GOTRIbal and are using the company as a resource for business networking, personal transformation and buying decisions.
  • GT serves women of all abilities/ages/locations.Women’s involvement in endurance sports will only continue to rise. This year’s LA Marathon: 46% were women, that’s up from 11% in 1989. of 25,000 racers, almost half were women this year.- Unlike its competitors, GT serves women of all abilities/ages/locations and gives them a space to frequently communicate and share ideas / resources for gear, nutrition, lifestyle, family, athletic and work support.
  • GOTRIbal monetizes users directly through three main channels: membership perks, coaching, events, and indirectly, through our partnerships with vendors (as advertisers).Millions of women are looking for their “TRIbe” and GOTRIbal will leverage current, and build new, partnerships with those local training clubs, vendors and other industry players, in order to reach & invite these women into the GOTRIbal network. The return to business advertisers and sponsors will be increased access allowing them to build their brand’s awareness and sales to this valued customer base.
  • GOTRIbal is looking for $500K in seed capitalExit Strategy: sell to strategic partner at 8x revenue.Potential Strategic Acquisitions: Competitor Group,, Hearst Interactive Media, Outdoor Channel, ESPN, Discovery Communications
  • Transcript

    • 1. GOTRIbal® empowers women in endurance sports.
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      Seeking round of angel seed capital to raise membership, brand awareness and sponsor sales.
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 2. 2
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      Women are social machinesWho have money to spend
      Women represent the largest growth segment on Facebook; 56.2% (up from 54%)*
      23-26 million mommy bloggers with “vlogging” the fastest growing trend amongst them
      Triathletes median HHI: $133,000
      Triathletes spend avg of $24,000 yr
      Triathletes spend avg of $11,000 yr/travel related to their sport*
      * (2009): Triathlete Magazine
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 3. “The support and camaraderie in GOTRIbal is top notch…there’s no other female organization like it!”
      Market Problem
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      There are 60+ million women endurance athletes who DO NOT HAVE ONE SAFE ONLINE and OFFLINE SOURCE only for them.
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 4. The Solution
      “I’ll be very disappointed if GOTRIbal ceases to exist!” - 70% of surveyed members
      “I would not use an alternative if GOTRIbal was no longer available” - 63% of surveyed members
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      “We’re with GoTRIbal for the long haul!”
      “I believe in this organization and I want all of us to be successful. So, whether the investment be passion, enjoyment, money, sweat, tears, et al. I'm here to help grow this organization! ”
      “I'm a very private person but here I don't censor how I feel in my run, I love the sincere honest comments the women make to each other to help encourage them to keep going”
    • 5. Market Size
      Number of Women in Endurance Sports*
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      38 M
      17.2 M
      *USAT, USA Cycling,, USA Swimming, Bikes Belong Coalition
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 6. Business Model
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      Social Networking
      Online TRIbes
      Information and media
      Training Camps
      Merchandise $100/yr
      Coaching $139/yr
      Event Fees $130/yr
      Total ~ $369
      $$ Advertisers
      License $
      Partners Stand to Gain:
      Sales, market share penetration, and brand development
      Members acquired through:
      Direct (Events, other members)
      Online (social media)
      Partnership (Event organizers, vendors)
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 7. 2010 © GOTRIbal®
      Revenues by Channel
      ($’s in 000’s)
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
    • 8. Current Supporters and Partners
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      Australia TRIATHLETE
      Women’s Running Magazine
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 9. Investment Opportunity2010-2013
      For women, by women, in endurance sport
      • Seeking $500,000in seed capital in Q2 2010
      2010 © GOTRIbal®
    • 10. For women, by women, in endurance sport
      Tanya Maslach, Founder; Decade of working in leadership behavior and organization development as an internal and external consultant for Fortune 500 companies like Fischer-Price/Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, Qualcomm, Sanofi Aventis, MacDermid, Nielsen-Media, Raytheon, Schering Plough, and Sycuan Casino; cited, appeared and published in Wall Street Journal, CBS Interactive’s BNET, and Chief Learning Officer.
      Advisory Committee
      Legal: Robin Sheedy, attorney; specialist in corporate law, contracts, M&A, start-ups
      CPA: Tim Austgen; specialist in start-ups
      Interactive Media/Online Sales: Mark Davis, SD Union Tribune/SignOnSanDiego
      Operations: Dan Squiller, CEO, PowerGenix
      Financial: David Sacks, former CFO, Zoot Sports, Inc.
      Industry: Judy Molnar, Irongirl Founder and VP; Vinu Malik, President; - FuelBelt
      Race Production: Bill Burke, Premier Event Management; John Korf, NYC Triathlon
      2010 © GOTRIbal®