Launch of product in rural market
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Launch of product in rural market



Launch of Product in Rural Market

Launch of Product in Rural Market
Product : Paint, Rang De Lets Colour



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  • A set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve
  • Promotion ad
  • Offer the product that suites the rural market

Launch of product in rural market Launch of product in rural market Presentation Transcript

  • Angad TanveerSingh Singh A-34 A-40 Rang De Lets Colour Karan Thapar A-56 Under the Guidance of: Prof. Navneet kaur
  • Rang De Lets Colour Introduction Paint usage in rural areas is generally in the distemper segment, hence dominated by the unorganized players & local brands. Also, with the modernization of agriculture and accompanying development of rural India, consumer preferences are expected to improve. Consumers expect better and more relevant functional benefits from the product.
  • Rang De Lets Colour Product Having Anti- Fungal properties available in all desired colors shades Single pack ready to use no mixing of water/ primer. In monsoon, Rang De protects interior from leakage & subsequent damage. In summer, Rang De keeps interior cool. THREE-in-One effect ( Waterproof + Spill Proof + Heat Resistant ) is achieved with advanced polymeric formulations with speciality additives & fillers The effect is achieved on both Interior & Exterior walls in all desired colour shades.
  • Rang De Lets Colour ComparisonParameters Others Lal BahadurBase Water/Solvent SolventApplication Solvent / Water to be mixed Ready to use. No need of in specified proportion mixingAdulteration possibilities Possible with water/ solvent Not PossibleComplete Drying 6-12 hours 1 hourWater Repellence Fair ExcellentFinish Retention Becomes dull with time No deterioration in brightness & finishOther Features Fungus, moss formation No fungus, No moss formation & Heat resistant
  • Rang De Lets Colour SegmentationThe concept of behavioural segmentation wasused, dividing the market into group based onthe variables such as:  Occasions: Diwali Festivals, Oman Festivals, Poli, Baisakhi, etc  User Status: First time, Ex-user
  • Rang De Lets Colour Targeting The target audience for the promotion of the product will be the user who wants some utility from a paint to be used for decoration the walls and also protection from the leakages and heat of the sun. Local promoters and users.
  • Rang De Lets Colour PositioningTo create the market position for the product, thepromotion strategies will be categorized on thebasis of: Form: Rural sectors are not heavy consumption people, also rural people follows the age old tradition of coloring the horns of their bullocks so for this purpose the company decided to introduce the small pack size ranging from 100 ml for small consumption to 10 liters packs for painting the whole house.
  • Rang De Lets Colour Features Through promotion the company will differentiate the product from the competitor on the basis of:  Utility(Leakages +Heat)  Color Shades(Bright colors)  Durability(Long Lasting)  Extra features(No fungus & moss formation)
  • Rang De Lets Colour Affordability 100 ml pack @ Rs6 500ml pack @ Rs30 250 ml pack @ Rs15 1 litre pack @ Rs50 3 litres pack @ Rs135 5 litres pack @ Rs225 10 litres pack @ Rs420
  • Rang De Lets Colour Acceptability High utility with Three-in-One effect ( Waterproof + Spill Proof + Heat Resistant ) Available in all ranges of packs
  • Rang De Lets Colour Awareness  Promotion during the festival seasons Availability Available at its own outlet
  • Rang DeLets Colour