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September 2011 issue of Mastery Journal, the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Coaching, and Life

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September 2011

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 8-9 August - September 2011Mastery JournalThe International Ezine on Mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts, and Life MASTER OF Energy Awareness -Lama Tantrapa- Qigong Questions to Ponder THE MONTH -Jeff Smoley- Standing Like a Tree -Timothy Booth- ERLE Kundalini Awakening -Ricardo B. Serrano- Linear Thinking MONTAIGUE -Jon Weston- The Science of Tai Chi 1949 - 2011 -Violet Li- Iodine and it’s Spiritually Pivital Role -Nonnie Chrystal-
  2. 2. August/September Mastery Journal Reader, 2011 Volume 1 Issue 8-9 Letter from the Editor An internationally recognized Tai Chi teacher, intrepid Dim-Mak enthusiast, and fine Articles musician, Erle Montaigue passed away earlier Energy Awareness this year. The Internal Martial Arts community remembers him once again this month by Lama Tantrapa featuring him as the Master of the Month in Qigong Questions to Ponder this issue of Mastery Journal. Jeff Smoley Erle was a remarkable man in every sense Standing Like a Tree of the word. He brought Tai Chi kicking and screaming into the new century with a greater Timothy Booth emphasis on the self-defensive aspects of Kundalini Awakening his art. Although he was viewed by many as a controversial figure, very few doubted his Ricardo B. Serrano abilities as a martial artist, Qigong expert, and Linear Thinking world-class teacher. Jon Weston His delightful nature shone brightly during his The Science of Tai Chi appearance on the talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters last year. Please listen to the Violet Li replay of that great interview atIodine and it’s Spiritually Pivital Role Nonnie ChrystalClick Here to Subscribe and Receive a Bonus Lama Tantrapa Brought to You by Publisher: Lama Tantrapa Production Designer: Thomas Pamelia The Cover Composite: Erle Montaigue by Thomas Pamelia Copy Editor: Lucas Meyer Information is correct at press time. Mastery Journal is published monthly by the Academy of Qi Dao in Portland, Oregon. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the official company policy © 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.
  3. 3. The Mondays 6:00 pmSecrets of PST (9:00 pm EST)QigongMasters Email Us Your QuestionsTalk Show Call-in to Ask the Masters Listen by Phone on the Go, Stream to Your Computer Subscribe to the Podcast Download to Listen Later Share Our Show with Friends Volunteer to Transcribe As the host of this enlightening talk show, Lama Tantrapa interviews prominent experts in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Meditation, and Internal Arts. He also shares his unique perspectives on the principles and appli- cations of energy awareness. Join us every Monday at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) for a friendly and mindful exchange of ideas and “secrets of the trade.” Call in during the show with your most burning questions for our guests at 347-327-9635 or email us at
  4. 4. CALENDAR OF EVENTS QI DAO PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Knowing how challenging it can be to try learning Qigong from books and DVDs, we created a program dedicated to helping you learn how to use your body and energy more efficiently by mastering Harmonious Culture of Movement of the top Qigong masters. During the three month long basic program starting in October, you will also discover for yourself how to enhance your physical and mental flexibility, how to send the waves of Qi through different parts of your body, as well as to release various chronic tensions that may be causing some energy blockages in the body. Not only will you find a greater sense of physical health and wellness, but also enjoy inner peace and explore several profound meditation practices based on the Tibetan Dream Yoga. The culmination of this program - the initiation into the practice of Empowerment given during the final weekend workshop - will also serve as the corner stone for a number of more advanced practices. And the best thing about this program is that you will not have to move to Portland, Oregon, because the weekend workshops at the end of the basic, intermediate and advanced programs are the only events you would need to attend in person. Just like the hundreds of people from all over the world have done by now, you will be able to study at Academy of Qi Dao by using the state-of-the-art methodology of Qigong Coaching and modern communication technology, which allows us to see each other in real time and explore the aspects of our practices associated with body awareness, alignments, movements, etc. If you are not a spring chicken, have any health challenges, or simply do not wish to spend years memorizing Chinese Qigong forms, you will especially love this opportunity to master Energy Arts through Qigong Coaching. By joining our upcoming program, you will be able to enjoy one of the best long-distance learning opportunities in the field of Qigong and receive the following benefits: • Improve your flexibility and range of motion; • Learn to send waves of Qi through your body; • Become more Centered, Grounded and Rooted; • Manage and prevent chronic stress and tension; • Develop the Harmonious Culture of Movement; • Enhance your balance through Kinesthetic awareness; • Embark on the path of self-realization and spiritual awakening. By participating in this Qi Dao program, you will be able to learn the quintessential principles of Energy Awareness, develop a new, more efficient culture of movement and discover ways to be in the flow, which can empower and improve every aspect of your life. You will also learn the most effective meditation practices, methods of self-healing and ways to improve your mental and physical flexibility and balance. Qi Dao practitioners are known for being really energetic, centered and spiritually awake as a result of doing the practices specifically dedicated to developing such qualities. If you want to gain these skills and abilities, you owe yourself an opportunity to become a Certified Qi Dao Practitioner. For more information about our programs and to request a free orientation session, please email Academy of Qi Dao at today.
  5. 5. FREE WORKSHOP ON QIGONG MEDITATIONAcademy of Qi Dao is offering a free introductory workshop on Qigong Meditation in the tradition of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong. Thismeditation system is based on the teachings of Tibetan Dream Yoga as taught by Lama Tantrapa. This event will introduce you to aseries of meditation practices that are also recorded on the meditation CD entitled Qi Dao Initiation. The workshop will be followedby a potluck lunch, during which you will be able to discuss any aspects of Qigong meditation you are interested in.Participating in this workshop will give you a number of important tools and skills for successful use of meditation in your daily life.You will also learn some of practices from the Intermediate and even Advanced Qi Dao programs, so this is your opportunity toboost your practice of meditation at a very accelerated rate.Please call 503-501-8116 or email to RSPV as soon as possible, since the space is limited to 12participants.Where: 3360 SW 100th Ave. Portland, OR 97225When: Sunday, October 9 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pmHow much: FREE!Bring your own water and snacks. Please bring comfortable indoor workout shoes, and dress in comfortable layers. You’re alsowelcome to bring a warm blanket to sit on, or keep yourself warm during meditation and breaks.QIGONG MEDITATION STUDY GROUPFollowing numerous requests, Academy of Qi Dao is presenting one more six week long Qigong Meditation Study Group that willbe starting on October 11 with a free introductory teleseminar. This program is based on the teachings of Tibetan Dream Yogaand Tibetan Shamanic Qigong meditation. As soon as you register, you will receive a Qi Dao Meditation ebook and meditation CDentitled Qi Dao Initiation presenting a unique approach to meditation found nowhere else, except the Qi Dao community. As weare working on filling this group on a rather short notice, we are offering you a huge, unadvertised discount. The regular tuition forthis program is $350, but as a subscriber to Mastery Journal, you can enroll for half the price - $175! If you have not subscribed toour publication yet, please do so at in this program will give you a number of important tools and skills for successful use of meditation in your daily life.You will also learn some of practices from the Intermediate and even Advanced Qi Dao programs, so this is your opportunity toboost your practice of meditation at a very accelerated rate.This program consists of self-guided meditation practices following the tracks of the Qi Dao Initiation CD and six weeklyteleseminars, during which you will be able to explore numerous aspects of Qigong meditation. These seminars can be attendedin person (if you live in or near Portland, Oregon) or by phone, as well as enjoyed as MP3 downloads. You will also receive a phonecoaching session with Lama Tantrapa to fine-tune your meditation practice and ask any questions (a $200 value). At the conclusionof this program, you will receive a complimentary ticket to the meditation workshop on Sunday, November 20 (another $200value).Please call 503-501-8116 or email to enroll into this unique program today. CONTRIBUTIONS ADVERTISINGOur publication accepts unsolicited contributions from professional and Mastery Journal reaches out to thousands of Qigong, Energy, and Martialamateur writers. We are looking for articles and interviews that fall under the Arts enthusiasts from around the globe. Our market research indicates thatbroad concept of mastery in Qigong, Kung fu and related disciplines. Please the prospect subscribers to Mastery Journal are 55% male and 45% female.send us your stories on the best practices, masters’ profiles, as well as product The average age of our readers is between 35 and 55; the majority havingand service reviews. a college degree or higher. Most are avid wellness enthusiasts and have primary interests in Qigong, Internal Martial Arts, eco-conscious living, holisticAdditionally, you are welcome to submit anecdotal stories about personal health, and nature-based spirituality.breakthroughs, discoveries, inventions, new approaches and applications. Wewill be glad to publish well written stories about Qigong, Kung fu and other Your ads can be placed in two locations: on the interior pages of the ezine,masters from any place in the world capable of boosting health, well-being, and on the webpages of our site. The first option is more prominent, as itand prosperity with specific approaches or methods that can be explained in allows for larger size display ads. The second option is more persistent, as itwriting. appears on all webpages of our site. If you would like to place your advertisingIf you who would like to contribute to our future issues, you may submit in the future issues of Mastery Journal please email us at: masteryjournal@articles, columns, profiles, stories and reviews electronically by emailing and we will be happy to help you choose the option that wouldus at Please provide your brief bio (a couple best suit your needs.of paragraphs) and color head shot along with your piece of writing. Onceyou have been accepted as a contributor, you will be able to submit furthercontributions online by using our content management system.
  6. 6. Energy To find out about the Orientation of the human body, ask your partner to push your shoulder from the side. MakeAwareness a mental note of the amount of effort it takes your partner to push you off balance. Next, repeat this while turning your face towards your partner at the moment of the push. Notice whether it takes any more effort to push you off balance inLama Tantrapa this case. Then repeat the test once again but turn your whole body, pointing your navel at your partner at the moment of the Qi Dao teaches that energy is the inner essence of all push. Once again, notice whether it takes any more effort tothings and events. For example, pushing forward isn’t just push you off balance now. The point of this test is to discoverprojecting energy forward – it is a flow of energy forward. the power that your body gains when you use Orientation –Therefore, exploration of Harmonious Culture of Movement awareness of your Centerline. It is not enough to just turn theis not something you do to prepare yourself for developing head to face a challenge; the whole body must be involved inEnergy Awareness – they are one and the same. The first the process. Since you are learning to not be in the head, thistwo principles of energy awareness involve alignment of the should give you another motivation to learn to use the whole body rather than just the head.body while acting energetically in one direction or another.As your practice progresses, you will also learn to apply these You can apply this principle of Orientation in differentprinciples to many aspects of life, for instance, dealing with spheres of your life. Some things, like your computer screenenergy projections from other people. and keyboard, the books you read, or the hand tools, can be used if they are in alignment with your Centerline. In most Orientation cases, you can find a way to Orient yourself towards the things The energy field of the human body projects a very you deal with.powerful beam of focused attention forward. This beam lies This principle applies to everything from lifting heavyin the central plane, the area directly in front of you. To find things to dealing with people on the energetic level. If youyour central plane, bring both hands together and draw a have a boss or any authority figure trying to exercise controlvertical line with your hands all the way up and down while in over you in certain situations, he or she will have less powerNatural Stance. Everything on that Centerline can receive your over you if you move away from his or her Centerline while stillmaximum attention (and you know by now that “energy flows keeping yourself Oriented towards that person. This will allowwhere awareness [or attention] goes”). Therefore, you can you to not be so easily manipulated or bossed around. On thehave the greatest degree of power and control over anything other hand, if you want to convey a message to people andyou deal with directly in front of you. ensure that they get it, make a point of orienting your central Compare using a heavy hammer with one hand on plane towards them as they face you. This applies not only toyour Centerline versus using it slightly off center on either external relationship issues, but also to inner processes suchside. The further off center your hand goes, the more difficult, as fears or phobias. Psychologically, you can deal with variousstrained, and stressful the job becomes. The more the hand issues effectively only when you face them aligned with the sagittal or central plane, the more preciseand effortless the movements will be. This applies not only tohammering things but also to everything else you deal with in Stabilizationlife. For example, just imagine what it would be like to drive Energetic empowerment associated with alignmenta car if the steering wheel was slightly to the side instead of with the Centerline applies to the legs as well. Some Tai Chibeing in front of you! enthusiasts develop a peculiar tendency to keep their weight on the back foot while facing forward. This inevitably makes them less stable than they could be if they followed the principle of Stabilization. This principle is defined as turning the Centerline in the direction of the kneecap and toes of the weight-bearing leg. Try squatting or lunging while shifting most of your weight on one leg or the other and notice the amount of effort required to support your body with and without aligning your Centerline with the weight-bearing leg. Notice the amount of strength the weight-bearing leg has with and without Stabilization. As you deepen your stance, this difference will become more obvious.
  7. 7. Lama Somananda Tantrapa is the 27th lineage holder of Qi Dao, also known as Ti- betan Shamanic Qigong. He has been practicing Qigong, Dream Yoga, Meditation, and Internal Martial Arts for over thirty five years, primarily trained by his Grandfather who was the paragon of the Russian Martial Arts and Qi Dao Grand Master. His background is complex enough to include serving in the Soviet Army’s Special Forces, being kidnapped in the Ukraine and surviving several near-death experiences. Lama Tantrapa was ordained as a Buddhist monk in three differ- ent orders and initiated into Subud spiritual brotherhood. In ad- To experience more benefits of Stabilization, ask your dition to being a Tibetan Bon Lama, he studied with a number ofpartner to test your stability with and without this alignment.First, shift your weight on one foot and turn your navel towards Qigong and kung-fu masters, great teachers of Yoga and medita-the same direction, with your partner pushing you from tion, as well as Native American, Hawaiian and Siberian Shamans.different sides. Second, turn your navel away from that foot He is also trained in Cultural Anthropology, Meta-coaching, Hyp-and test again. Notice your sense of stability in both cases. nosis and NLP. When living for two years on a small tropical islandThen shift your weight to the other foot and repeat the testing in the Pacific, 7000 miles away from the majority of his studentsto get the full picture. and clients, he pioneered a novel method of conducting Qi Dao You may even test this principle while standing on one sessions over the Internet called Qigong Coaching. In the last de-foot. For better balance, make sure that you also observe the cade, he has provided wellness, peak performance and life coach-principle of Grounding, which we will explore in our next issue. ing to thousands of people of all ages and from various walks of life. He is also a bestselling author of several Qi Dao books, executive producer of the film Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, creator of CD albums Qi Dao Initiation and The Art of Being in the Flow, publisher of the Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course and other multimedia learning materials. To learn more, please email: In addition to being the publisher of Mastery Journal, Lama Tan- trapa is also the host of the Internet Radio talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters that you can enjoy at
  8. 8. the quintessential Qigong method of movement andMaster of breath. Erle’s search from those early days took him all over the world in search of teachers of this illusive “superman” art.the Month Strangely, it was back in Australia where Erle metErle Montaigue his main teacher Chang Yiu-chun, who turned out to be one of only 3 special students of Yang Shou-hou. Chang taught Erle, after much badgering, what is now known as The Old Yang Style of Yang Lu-ch’an. Erle Montaigue preferred not to be called lofty names such as Sifu or Master as he believed that we are all equal and one’s “students” must also be one’s friends. With over 380 DVD titles covering every possible aspect of the Internal Arts of Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Qigong, Dim-Mak, and Wudang Arts, Erle taught thousands of students throughout his remarkable life. To explore more about the life and works of Erle Montaigue, please use the following link: this year, a world-renouned Qigong masterfrom Australia Erle Montaigue passed away. Theinternational community of Internal Martial Artssuffered a significant loss of the most prolific authoron such subjects as Dim Mak and martial applicationsof Tai Chi. To honor Erle, we are featuring him as theMaster of the Month in the next issue of MasteryJournal and replaying the interview with him I tooklast year.Erle Montaigue began his “internal” journey back in1967 when he met and trained with a Chinese teacher Check out the June issue ofat an electronics school that Erle was attending. The Combat & HealingChinese teacher would teach a strange slow moving featuring the life ofart that was virtually unheard of in Australia back Erle Montaiguethen. The teacher told Erle that he would become“superman,” which of course turned out to be notso true but at least it kept him learning. The systemturned out to be Taijiquan, which Erle believed was
  9. 9. Qigong Questions I often see articles about Qigong and Taijiquan (usuallyto Ponder, Facts misspelled as Tai Chi) in medical research. I think a lot of critical information is missing. When Taijiquan is the subject, there is rarely any information about the exactto Figure Taijiquan form, or even more importantly, about the teacher and his or her qualifications and skill level. The same can be said for the Qigong articles. I see phrases like “several well known Qigong masters,” or “a famousJeff Smoley Qigong master.” Who are these “masters”? Who made them masters and how long did they study?Before your read further, I will tell you this article will I also take issue with almost anyone using “certified” inbe controversial and may go against some of your most their title. Who certified them? What were the criteria?cherished beliefs. My primary vocation over the years Unfortunately, there are people that will “certify”was engineering. I don’t take anything at face value, anyone who takes a couple of hours or more of trainingespecially if it claims to break the laws of physics. For and pays them money. In several cases the personexample, there is no real “Law of Attraction”; there isn’t “certifying” has no legitimate qualifications. I see peopleeven a “Theory of Attraction,” except in the writings of who claim to have studied with 7 or 10 or 15 masters,a couple of authors. There is neither scientific proof nor in 4 years or less! You can also buy certifications on thescientific evidence for this “law.” Internet. Send me $250 and I will certify you as a master of Fang Pi Gong and mail you a certificate that you canSo, what is my background to write this article? I frame and display.started my martial arts training at 12, in 1960, withJudo at a private dojo in the basement of a New York This is a joke for those of you with a limited sense ofCity apartment. Two years later my family moved humor.and I entered a Jujutsu school, the Long Island Jujutsu I won’t name any names, but you may have seenAcademy in Queens. I studied Jujutsu as my primary art advertising, articles or books by some of these people. Ifuntil I was in my forties, earning 3rd & you are one of them, prepare to be upset. :-)4th dan belts in two ryu (schools). The third dan is Here are some facts for you to ponder:Furuya Ryu where there are only five dan ranks. One ofmy Jujutsu teachers, who introduced me to Qigong, also Taijiquan and Qigong are not the same thing. Taijiquantaught me Hop Gar Gong Fu. is a martial art, period. The martial aspects of Taijiquan have no intrinsic health benefits, other than physicalIn my late forties I studied with several Taijiquan exercise. This is not just my opinion, but that of a fairteachers (Yang and Wu styles), until I found one (Chen number of the highest-level practitioners. Some of themstyle) with real martial skills who also could teach. I met are listed in the next wife because of Taijiquan. However, her father wasa Bagua Zhang practitioner, Qigong master, Western Taijiquan practitioners, who are taught properly, alsoMD, AP and OMD. He became my teacher for the next practice Qigong. Chen QuanZhong, Chen ZhengLei, Chen12 years, until he died because of a medical error in a XiaoWang, Feng ZhiQiang (all Chen Taiji masters), Duanhospital. When I turned 60, he and his eldest son gave ZhiLiang, Dr. Zhou PeiGen (Bagua Zhang masters andme the title of master and lineage holder in their family Yang Taijiquan practitioners and many other high levelsystem. Over the next two years we integrated the Neijiaquan practitioners) basically all state the sameQigong system of another Qigong master who taught thing: “Taijiquan has three parts (legs), forms, pushDr. Zhou and Zhou Yifei and created YuLi Qigong or, in hands (sparring) and Qigong. Without all three you areEnglish, Jade Power Qigong. not doing Taijiquan.” I have studied directly with these
  10. 10. teachers except for Duan ZhiLiang, who was one of my a number of well-known martial arts masters, he wasfather-in-law’s teachers. given the nickname of Yang the Invincible. The emperor heard about him and commanded him to teach theI have also heard this from other Yang and Wu style military. He taught Chen Taijiquan. The emperor thenteachers. This is also true of Bagua Zhang and XingYi commanded Yang to teach him and his family. YangQuan / XinYi Quan practitioners. The health benefits of knew that these people were the definition of couchTaijiquan come from the Qigong taught with the martial potatoes and knew that if he taught them the physicallyart. Qigong is also taught with many external Chinese demanding Chen forms, they would get injured and hemartial arts, including XiaoLin GongFu. No one claims could lose his life. Yang took out the physically difficultthe XiaoLin GongFu is healing, but the health benefits of parts and substituted easier forms. This easy form is thethe associated Qigong are undisputed. publicly taught “original Yang form.” The actual (high“Tai Chi for health” is quackery, mostly taught by people level) members of the Yang family practice the Chenwho can’t do real, martial Taijiquan. If you take so Laojia forms. Some live in the Vancouver, Canada regionmuch out of the forms, to the point that they no longer and have publicly confirmed this. The original Yang formhave a martial benefit, you are not doing Taijiquan. is the “108” form. Many of the shorter Yang forms wereChenQuanZhong frequently stated, “It’s not Taijiquan, created by the government.better you do slow dancing, more fun.” Taijiquan is not The “Six Healing Sounds” actually have nine sounds andjust slow forms. There are faster sections, especially in they are apparently tied to the Eight Section Brocade. Ifthe second form (Pao Chui) or cannon fist. This is also your teacher only taught you six sounds, your teacherknown as the “secret Yang form.” was holding back or was clueless. Zhan Zhuang is not aTaijiquan is not a form of Qigong. It is a martial art that Qigong system. It is a physical exercise or form used inincludes separate Qigong; however the forms do include many Qigong systems and martial arts.some Qigong type movements. Qigong forms also If you don’t have Peng jing and ChanSi jing skills that youcontain martial-type movements. There is actually more can demonstrate at any time, you don’t have TaijiquanQigong taught with Bagua Zhang than with Taijiquan. (or Qigong, Bagua Zhang or Xing/XinYi Quan) skills. IfSome XingYiquan styles are also heavily connected to someone tells you that her ChanSi circles are “inside,”Qigong. she should be able to make them visible and obvious ifQigong is approximately 7000 years old. This has been she has any real skills. If you hear someone pronounceconfirmed by dating a turtle shell found with Qigong Peng jing and it rhymes with “penguin,” they have onlypostures carved on it (some of which are in the currently read it in a book and are clueless as to what it reallytaught Eight Section Brocade). Cave drawings of the is. The Y in Yin is silent. Yin - Yang is pronounced “Insame forms are dated to the same period. The bad news Yang,” and Yang is pronounced “yahng,” not as in that there are 18 separate drawings, so it appears we These are Mandarin pronunciations.have lost 10 brocade sections. Peng jing is the core skill in all the internal martial artsTaijiquan is not “thousands of years old,” or created by and internal Qigong. Without Peng jing you don’tZhang Sanfeng, a legendary, fictional character; it was have high-level skills. Peng jing and ChanSi jing arecreated by a Chinese general, Chen WangTing (1600- interrelated. Peng jing is more than the Ward Off form in1680). In his old age, Chen WangTing retired from public Taijiquan. It is your immune system, your mental abilitylife and created a martial arts system based on his family to protect yourself from the impact of stress, and yourmartial arts inheritance, his own war experiences, and ability to protect yourself from psychic or energy attack.his knowledge of various contemporary martial arts Internal Qigong (Neigong) or martial arts (Neijia Quan)styles. 2010 – 1670 = 340 years old. can and do incorporate external skills; external arts andYang LuChan, the founder of Yang style Taijiquan, was a Qigong do not have internal skills, by definition. You canservant in Chen village and was taught Chen Taijiquan. get results from 8 weeks of (proper) Qigong training; youWhen he went to Beijing and challenged and fought can’t get anything from 8 weeks of Taijiquan other than a rudimentary grasp of a form. This could be why many
  11. 11. of the experiments on Taijiquan and health have limited major dialects.or no positive results.Traditionally, Qigong (or more precisely Medical Qigong) Jeff Smoley has beenfollowed the methodology of Chinese Traditional studying martial artsMedicine: you don’t treat the disease or symptoms, you since 1960 and Qigongtreat the person. Different people may present the same since 1976. He is rankedsymptoms, but will have different diagnosis and different as a black belt in twotreatments, unlike in Western medicine. Jujutsu styles and has studied Chen Taijiquan“Traditional Chinese Medicine” or TCM is a construction and Yin Bagua Zhang.of the Chinese government and it (the government) has He is a lineage holderleft out a lot of Chinese Traditional Medicine, including and master of Zhoua lot of regional herbalism and pharmacology. Until Family Qigong sincerecently, Qigong was not part of the government’s TCM. 2008 and a co-founder of YuLi (Jade Power) QigongModern Qigong and TCM seem to be leaning towards with his brother-in-law, Zhou Yifei. Jeff worked severalthe western way of thinking, where the disease is odd jobs after returning from Army in 1971. In 1976,treated. he started working for medical services company and then began working in computer field in 1981.“Sifu” is pronounced shrfu in Mandarin and refers to a After being laid off in 2006, when his job as supportmartial arts teacher. Laosi (laoshr) is teacher in general. engineer was outsourced, he started studying massageThere are no black belts or belt ranks in traditional and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Now heChinese martial arts. teaches Qigong and Martial Arts, as well as practicesDon’t take my word or your teacher’s for any of Medical Qigong, Tuina (Chinese Medical massage) andthis. Check it out on the Internet. Check out www. Reflexology in Hollywood, Jarek has the rare ability to speakand read perfect Chinese (Mandarin) and English (as wellas his native Polish). He is also a martial artist and is veryinterested in martial arts history. Beware of translationsof martial arts documents by a non-martial artist. Itseems every field of expertise has its own jargon andunless you know the jargon, your translations will suffer.I have many martial arts and Qigong videos from Chinawith English and Chinese subtitles. Even with my verylimited Mandarin skills, I often find the English subtitlesto be incorrect. My wife even has trouble with theChinese subtitles. Yes, almost all Chinese movies and TVshows have subtitles in written Chinese. This is becauseof the number of language groups and dialects in China.See formore information on this. Often the person creatingthe subtitles isn’t familiar with the martial arts andsometimes has problems with the particular dialectof the teacher in the video. We have even watchedmovies where one actor is speaking Mandarin, anotheris speaking Shanghainese and a third is speakingCantonese and all are acting as if they understood eachother. Written Chinese is basically the same for all the
  12. 12. Standing Like jewel in the crown of all qigong practice. We are allowed to bring back wholeness and rediscover lost parts of the body-mind continuum, joining body, mind, and soul. InA Tree! What Is standing we learn to get rid of energetic blockages to our potential to be human.This Standing Most ancient cultures had a type of standing practice. It is believed to have developed out of the need forPractice? hunters to remain perfectly still for long periods of time in the search for prey which led to an awareness of being in tune with natureTimothy Booth and the ability to self heal. They discovered a science and psychology of posture. A lot of this has been documentedRecently I’ve been doing a lot of standing practice and and researched by Felicitasit came to mind to write an article on what exactly Goodman, PhD, a retiredstanding practice is (Zhan Zhuang). This is definitely one professor of anthropology andof the greatest gifts from the internal practices. It’s so linguistics at Dennison University.simple and yet so powerful. It is a way of developingbetter balance and alignment, stronger legs and waist,deeper respiration, accurate body mindfulness, andtranquility. In “Standing Post” (Zhan Zhuang), onemeditates while standing, holding certain prescribedpostures and observing the natural flow of the breath.What could be simpler? There are several advantages tothis over seated meditation in that the mind will remain She has extensively testedmore alert and one is likely to lose balance if one is not some of these posturesalert. The feet and legs are naturally open and extended, depicted on cave wallspromoting free blood circulation and actually improving in Lascaux and in Africanblood circulation. petroglyphs on thousands of students, noting their experiences. She states,In standing meditation the body is always part of the “We found that eachexperience and may promote natural body awareness. posture predictablyIt may be the ultimate joining of the body and mind in a mediated not just anynatural practice that can be as simple or profound as one kind of vision, but a characteristic, distinctly differentwishes. The student does not try to do anything with qi; experience.”we simply become aware of the quality of the qi, whereit is blocked, and whether it is clear, turbid, smooth, orcoarse. Internally, the qi and breath are moving of their Moshe Feldenkrais, in hisown accord. It could be that we are really learning some system Awareness Throughthe four virtues of being human that are the foundation Movement, has also recognizedof any qigong practice: how to sit, stand, lie down, and consciousness-related aspectswalk -- unifying the body and mind, and savoring what it of posture. In most of theis to be human. great religions of the world, from Buddhism to Jewish davening to Christianity andStanding Meditation has been called “The Million Hinduism through the YogaDollar Secret” by some. It is as hidden as the air, deeply asanas, postures of prayer are ainfused with beauty. It is mysterious and tranquil, a common aspect. These postures
  13. 13. are said to have powerful spiritual benefits. Timothy Booth is a Freelance Musician and Composer inIn China, standing has almost been made into an exact Toronto Healing aspects and martial applications Timothy Booth hashave been handed down from teacher to student for been practicingmillennia. In any discussion of Standing Practice one Qigong for over 15must always mention the established Master Wang yrs., is a member ofXiang-zhai (1885-1963), who was a Master at all three the National Qigongaspects of Qigong: healing, martial application, and Association and is themeditation. He believed that standing cured anemia, Director of Integralnormalized blood pressure, and made the heartbeat Qigong.calm and regular. He said, “In movement, be like the He currently instructsdragon and tiger. In stillness, have the mind of the private and group Qigong classes in Toronto.Buddha.” To him the secret of standing was “emptiness”(kong). Emptiness leads to awareness where one can He has studied with some of the greatest westernsense blockages and the flow of qi and also realize the Masters of Qigong such as Ken Cohen, and Eric Reynolds,nature of the cosmos. He also said, “After forty years of direct student of Dr. John Painter.experience, I have learned that all true strength arises 1998 Certificate of Attainment- Senior Level infrom a primordial, selfless void, and that this void can Baguazhang-from Emerge Internal Arts Tai Chi andbe gradually comprehended by paying attention to the Meditation Centresmall, subtle movements of the body.” Student of Jiulong Baguazhang (Martial Art related to Tai Chi) 1999-2011 with Eric Reynolds and Jan Carstoniu MD, FRCPC – Instructors of Jiulong BaguazhangMost students pass through several stages in theirpractice of standing. Usually the first is a stage He can be reached through his blog atof discomfort where everything seems to ache, http://integral96.wordpress.comaccompanied by trembling or shaking in the joints.This usually results from weakness in the muscles andtendons, perhaps from atrophy. The body is definitelyadapting to a greater charge of internal energy. Weshould just feel this, and after a few minutes, returnto the posture of rest, Wuji. The second level couldbe called the “Test of Fire.” Energetic knots have beenreleased and breath becomes automatic; formerlydepleted places are now full of energy. The hands andfeet may become warm, the forehead may sweat, andthe abdomen feels hot. This is a transitory state andcan last from a few days to months. The most difficultlevel is the level of patient growth. This is the levelwhere most people become bored and do not persevereand the stage where most benefit is gained if one canpersevere. As Wang has told his students, “The ordinaryis the extraordinary.” We can now focus on the positive:breathing, feeling and awareness.
  14. 14. Kundalini gave birth to the great souls and spiritual teachers such as Lao Tzu, the author of Tao Te Ching (The Way of the Tao), and the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, a worldAwakening religion that has a deeper understanding of the human electromagnetic energy fields and higher consciousness. The key, I believe, based on the experience andRicardo B. Serrano accomplishment of the great spiritual teachers from Tibet and India who thrived from the enlightening “The kundalini energy of sacred sites is a portal to energy of the serpent of light for spiritual presence.” transformation, is to develop our energy bubble (electromagnetic field) by practicing meditation andThe following revelations, presented by Drunvalo Qigong in the sacred sites, strengthening and connectingMelchizedek from his book Serpent of Light: Beyond our energy bubble with the strong electromagnetic fields2012, made me realize the blissful spiritual awakening of the sacred areas, which are dependent on the earth’sprocess – the rising of Earth’s Kundalini (Serpent Of rising kundalini energy in the sacred site.Light) that happens within and through me connectingwith the Unity Consciousness Grid – every time I practice What this means is that the end of the Mayan calendarbreathing with postures, meditation and Qigong, has a positive benefit in the spiritual transformation forespecially the Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong with the planet Earth, with its masses of people, because of aintegrated Enlightenment Qigong forms. stronger flow of earth’s kundalini energy in the sacred sites such as the pyramids and other areas on the earth’sFrom what I understand from my studies in sacred surface that are easily accessible for power journeys bygeometry and Merkaba with my late teacher (Merkaba spiritual seekers.master Alton Kamadon, a Flower of Life student ofDrunvalo Melchizedek), the earth’s kundalini or serpent Despite the doom and gloom scenarios depicted byof light has now shifted its position on the surface of unawakened people regarding the end of the Mayanthe earth to the Andes Mountains in Chile and Peru. To calendar, I believe the opposite is true, that it is vitallyverify this shift, I meditated etherically in that area and important for our survival (with the help of mother earthI felt a stronger connection with the electromagnetic and her serpent of light) – an important sacred eventfield in the Andes Mountains photos as a result of the that starts the spiritual transformation of planet Earthrising kundalini energy there. Based on my experience, and her people at the beginning of 2013 – the end of theI believe that what was told by Drunvalo Melchizedek reign of the little self (ego mind) and the recognition ofregarding the vibrational energy shift of the serpent the formless being that we truly are.of light in the Andes Mountains in his book Serpent of Because the Truth can only be known by experience,Light: Beyond 2012 is true. not by beliefs or thoughts as Master Jesus said (“AndThe earth kundalini energy is called the Serpent of Light you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”),or the Great White Snake in other Oriental traditions. and in light of what was revealed here – the kundaliniNot only is the earth’s kundalini energy very similar energy of sacred sites being a portal to presence – theto a human being’s, but also to that of such massive most important question is “What are you going to do toenergy fields as the Merkaba field of the planet and the experience the Truth, now?”human Merkaba field (light body); they are exactly the “Nothing Changes Until You Get Moving towardssame except for proportional size. The earth’s kundalini Unconditional Love!”energy, connected to the center of the earth, behaveslike a snake as it moves, similar to the way kundalini Linking your heart to the source of Father God and toenergy moves in the human body; this is the secret the heart center of Mother Earth allows you to draw theenergy, the inner Shakti, which gives rise to the kundalini spiritual energies of God source and Earth together toawakening of spiritual seekers everywhere on earth. manifest a high frequency unconditional love-healing energy that uplifts the human body and etheric bodiesBecause the vast influence of the earth’s kundalini into a state of receptivity for spiritual ascension, healingenergy or Serpent of Light in the sacred sites in Tibet and rejuvenation.and India inevitably affected greatly the bodies, mindsand hearts of people who lived around its vicinity, it
  15. 15. According to Drunvalo, “You ask what you can do. Easy –leave your mind and your constant thoughts and return Ricardo B. Serrano,to your heart. Inside your heart is a tiny place where all R.Ac., is a registeredknowledge and wisdom resides. Whatever you need on acupuncturist, Qigong teacher andall levels of your existence is there for you. healer from NorthAnd, in the human and earthly changes that we are Vancouver, BC, founder of Maitreyasurrounded by, and the incredible changes that are Shen Gong andabout to permeate our everyday lives, if you are living in integrative wholeyour heart, Mother Earth will take care of you with her body Enlightenmentsoft magical love, the same magical love that created Qigong. He has beenthis entire physical planet in the first place. trained by Pan Gu Shengong MasterRemember who you really are, trust yourself, and open Ou Wen Wei, Wujiyour eyes to the new beauty of a new Earth unfolding Qigong Master Michael Winn, Sheng Zhen Qigongbefore you as we breathe. Peer past the darkness and Master Li Jun Feng, Master Pranic Healer Choa Kok Sui,destruction of the ending of this old male cycle. Do Zhan Zhuang Qigong Master Richard Mooney, Merkabanot look into Kali’s eyes. But put your attention on the Master Alton Kamadon, Qi Dao Master Lama Somanandabudding life and light in the center of the vortex. Tantrapa, and Siddha Guru Baba Muktananda.Like a seed, your future is only beginning to emerge outof the darkness, but someday you will look back and Ricardo Serrano founded Maitreya Shen Gong based onrealize that all the fear and distress was only a dream his knowledge of Qi Dao, Pan Gu Shengong, Sheng Zhencreated from the confusion of the ending of one cycle Qigong, Primordial Wuji Qigong, Crystal Pranic Healing,and the beginning of another. Death and life are part of Holographic Sound Healing, and Qigong Omkabahthe same cycle. Lightbody Activation Method (QOLAM). He has been practicing Chinese Herbology and Qi-healing (combiningNow, look into the Light and breathe deeply the joy of Qigong with acupuncture) for over 30 Eternal Life without suffering was yours all along.Never were you ever separated from the Source. Liveyour life without fear. Live your life with open eyes andan open heart from the jewel within your heart, and youwill extend yourself into the next 13,000 years here onEarth and far, far beyond.” OM MANI PADME HUM OM MANI PADME HUM OM MANI PADME HUM Behold! The Jewel in the Lotus!With thanks and acknowledgement to DrunvaloMelchizedek for his mission, and also mine – which issimply to guide and assist in the spiritual development ofthe planet Earth and her people.For more information on the rising of earth’s kundalini(serpent of light), please visit:
  16. 16. Linear Thinking one. We breathe into the upper mind and as we exhale we lower all the energy of the upper mind down into the(Point to Point)Jon Weston There is another reason why the mind thinks ratherthan observes. We think in the same manner as we read.In English, we learn to read from left to right, from pointto point. Therefore, we are trained to think from point topoint. That is called linear thinking, which is fine, but it isnot the universe that we live in. The universe is not onlyhorizontal, which is left to right, but also vertical, which isup and down, and omniscient, which is all around. There isno way for the mind to conceive what the universe is. It isbeyond the thinking process of lower mind, the abdominal area. As we breathe in wethe mind. It is beyond words. expand the abdominal area, emptying the upper mind (allIt is beyond everything we can thoughts, projections, images and desires) into the lowerutilize with the function of this mind and as we exhale we draw that smiling energy upupper mind. There are too the spine back into the upper mind. As we breathe in andmany variables to consider for breathe out we activate the upper mind, using it as anthe upper mind. observatory tower. It is as though we are As we expand the abdominal area, we expand theliving in a two-dimensional awareness way out to the universe, activating the lowerworld but trying to imagine mind. As we breathe in and out, we feel a softening ina three-dimensional reality. the heart center, whichThis reality is beyond the activates our consciousmind’s comprehension. There mind by breathing in andis no way in the world we can breathing out, smilingactually think with the upper in and smiling out,mind and obtain the correct answers or action in the activating three mindsuniverse from all directions at the same time. into one: Observation, Consciousness and We cannot Awareness. So instead make enough of using one mind evaluations to incorrectly, we can use make the correct three minds and form conclusion to a three minds into one, situation. The which is the “Yi.” very apparatus, the mind itself, We are going towe use to try to make sense out of reality is structurally change the activity of the upper mind – not to think butinadequate. It is because we insist on thinking with our to observe. Utilizing the middle mind, consciousness, toupper mind that we are in such a terrible mess in theWest. We are functionally disoriented. That is why the think, activating the universal knowledge, then the thirdTaoist approach does not use the upper mind to think mind of awareness. To become aware of everything thatwith, but uses it just to observe. We have two other we can, as we expand our consciousness way out to theminds to utilize: the lower mind, abdominal mind, Tan universe and utilize our awareness, the three minds formTien mind or the awareness, then our middle brain, Heart into one.Mind, for consciousness. When we use the upper mind to think with we are That is how we activate the mind, three minds into limiting our perspective and scope. As we work with and experience the world with Linear Thinking, we are
  17. 17. Jon Weston is the true “international man of mystery,” who contributed to the massive success of master Mantak Chia and his organization. In addi-living in a two-dimensional world. It is very hard to tion to W. U.explain and understand it when we limit ourselves to our Wei, Jon Westonexpression in a two-dimensional world because we are wrote under theactually living in a three-dimensional world. This creates pen name Wei Tzu and co-authored Living in thea lot of havoc, misunderstandings, and misinterpretation. Tao, the twelve Taoist poetry books of over 1,200 This limits our scope and understanding of the poems Emerald River expressing the feeling, es-universe, which is also vertical and omniscient. So when sence and stillness of the Tao. He also co-createdthe monkey mind utilizes this, our ego gives the wrong with Mantak Chia the Universal Tao formula cards,impression and answers. Here is an example of this works: “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) underHow much is 150 and 50? Well, a two-dimensional mind the pen name The Professor – Master of Nothingness.would say, using pure logic, 200. Wrong. The answer isnot 200, it is 250. Why? Well, you assumed we started www.the-professor-mon.comwith zero. When you assume something, if you separate the “s”from the “u’ and the “u” from the “m,” you make an assout of you and me. So, we did not start with zero, westarted with 50, and the answer is 250. Now, because youhave a two-dimensional view you do not see that we didnot always start with zero, sometimes we started with 50or any numberdepending onthe changingcircumstances. That iswhat happenswhen wedo not havecompletevision orcompleteunderstanding. We incorrectly limit ourselves withthinking with one mind when we have three minds toutilize: one to observe, one to be aware, and one to haveconsciousness. Three minds work as one to feel, thinkand perceive. So, why limit ourselves incorrectly whenwe can expand ourselves, our true reality, utilizing andcomprehending the whole universe with three minds.This is what the Taoists do. This is the way of the Tao,three minds into one.
  18. 18. The Science of In the DVD, Rosenfeld first visits Ge Wu, Ph.D., professorTai Chi of the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at the University of Vermont. Dr. Wu’s research focuses on the biomechanics of the human postal control system, with special interests in fall preventionViolet Li and improving balance in the elderly. Rosenfeld explains how Dr. Wu conducts the research by showing her lab and the computer equipment tracking and depictingTai Chi is a form of an ancient Chinese martial art as well postal alignment. The research quantifies the muscleas a healing art. There are thousands of scientific studies movements during Tai Chi practice. Her studies stronglyconducted to validate the health benefits of practicing suggest that Tai Chi can strengthen muscles and is goodTai Chi. Harmony in Motion: The Science of Tai Chi, a for endurance training as well as motor control training.DVD produced and hosted by Master Arthur Rosenfeld,is quite fascinating. It provides a clear picture of why TaiChi works from a scientific medical perspective. At his next stop, Rosenfeld stops in to see Ruth Taylor- Pillliae, Ph.D., professor of cardio rehab at the University of Arizona. In the cardio rehab program, heart patientsHarmony in Motion: The Science of Tai Chi is funded are taking Tai Chi classes as part of a recovery Purdue Pharma LP, a leading manufacturer of pain It is very impressive to hear the patients talking aboutmanagement medicines, and produced by Information the benefits that they have obtained. Dr. Taylor-PilliaeTelevision Network of Boca Raton, Florida. It is part of a says that in general, they have seen patients with betterDVD series developed to inform healthcare professionals blood pressure, improved cholesterol values and higherabout the health benefits of integrative therapies. glucose tolerance. Edna Silva, who is an RN and Tai ChiMedical practitioners can order a free copy of this DVD instructor for the program, says that other physiciansfrom Purdue’s website (http://www.partnersagainstpain. also send patients to Tai Chi classes to reduce pain orcom/hcp/pain-management-resources/alternative- lower stress levels.treatments.aspx) to enhance their knowledge and helptheir patients for better pain management. Tai Chi is a Qigong regimen. Practicing Tai Chi can increase the quality and quantity of Qi (vital life energy).The physical health benefits of Tai Chi have been evident But what is Qi? It is not an organ and it is almostfor centuries. Master Rosenfeld of Florida has been intangible. At the University of California at Irvine, Dr.practicing Tai Chi and other martial arts for over 30 Shin Lin shows the audience what Qi is and how toyears. He was fortunate and had the opportunity to measure the change of Qi after Tai Chi practice. Masterstudy the secrets of Tai Chi from a few grandmasters. Rosenfeld volunteers himself to be hooked up withHe possesses a profound understanding of Tai Chi. monitors to measure his brain waves, blood circulation,Rosenfeld is also a famous writer. His book, The Truth breathing pattern and heart rate pattern. It shows thatabout Chronic Pain, has been used in medical, pharmacy, Tai Chi has an incredible effect on relaxation, whichand nursing schools. Walter Anderson, Chairman and cannot be obtained through conventional exercise, i.e.CEO of Parade Magazine, praised Arthur’s novel, The running or playing tennis, according to Dr. Lin. Some inCutting Season, as a gripping story and a page-turning the world of western medicine consider Qi as energy.mystery, which he attributed partially to Arthur’s in- Dr. Lin’s lab shows that with Tai Chi practice, the photondepth medical knowledge. Combining his knowledge of value, the heat and temperature of a practitioner’sTai Chi and medicine, Master Rosenfeld’s Harmony in hand, and electric conductance all increase substantially.Motion: The Science of Tai Chi is interesting to watch and Again, common exercise cannot achieve these types ofeasy to understand. results.
  19. 19. Violet Li, MBA isWhat make this DVD more compelling are the an award-winningtestimonials from a few medical physicians. journalist, certifiedGastroenterologist Dr. Rodney Cohen says that Tai Tai Chi instructor,Chi slows down the aging process for him. Clinical and certified Heartpsychologist Dr. Cary Schwimmer integrates Tai Chi Zone Trainer. She hasprinciples into his practice. Anesthesiologist Ron studied Tai Chi andWeisberg mentions that practicing Tai Chi helps him pay Qigong with manymore attention to body alignment, and now he does not masters and teachers,have lower back pain from the surgery room. He further including Mingemphasizes that a Tai Chi workout does not result in Busalaki, Jesse Tsao, Chen Zhenglei, Yang Zhenduo,mental exhaustion as other sports have. Wu Wenhan, Ma Hailong, and Sun Yongtian. She has taught Tai Chi, Qigong and cardio fitness programs to different demographic groups.Dr. Shin Lin is a Tai Chi practitioner and disciple of Her passion for these disciplines motivated herGrandmaster Chen Zhenglei. It is fun to watch Arthur to write articles on the related events, people, theories, techniques, practices, and healthpush hands with him. Although this DVD is intended benefits. Violet writes locally as the St. Louisfor healthcare professionals, there is also a bonus of a Tai Chi Examiner and is the author of over 17020-minute basic Tai Chi instruction by Master Rosenfeld articles on Tai Chi, Qigong and Fitness for with tensthat makes it of value to anyone interested in the art of thousands of readership from more than 20 countries.Dr. Roth Taylor-Pilliae thinks that Tai Chi is on the vergeof exploding. She thinks physicians should acknowledgethat Tai Chi is valuable and recommend it to theirpatients as an adjunct physical activity. You may wish toask your doctor for a copy, and if he doesn’t have one,suggest he request one from Purdue.
  20. 20. Iodine & It’s the Greek word for “shield.” Small yet so powerful in its design to protect us from radiation, infection, acidosis, unhealthy fats, atherosclerosis, and all types of badSpiritually Pivotol free radicals (Chrystal, 2011), its butterfly shape is a symbol of transformation. We must come to realize the gross, rampant, and severe iodine deficiency epidemicRole documented worldwide that somehow routinely goes undetected even though iodine deficiency has already been proven to lower IQ (Chrystal, 2010) (Chrystal,Nonnie Chrystal 2011) to the point of mental retardation known as cretinism. Conversely, iodine sufficiency increases IQ (Chrystal, 2011). With this epidemic’s impact on lowered consciousness manifesting as war andIodine is the most spiritually profound substance enslavement of mankind, what becomes more obviouson earth in conjunction with oxygen. The life-giving is our intense need for iodine—not just for occasionalelement iodine is used abundantly, if given the chance, supplementation, but for iodine the most vascularized, oxygen-rich gland in the bodyknown as the thyroid. It has been written that the “life In Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. citesof the soul is in the blood.” Live blood cell analysis using Dr. Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus at UCLA and Dr.dark-field microscopy at a high magnification (~28,000 Hiroshi Motoyama of Japan using electromagnetictimes) shows that healthy red blood cells carrying equipment readings amongst other methods to showoxygen emanate a mysterious light (Young, 2001). Nikola the actual existence, location and colors of the sevenTesla, Father of Scalar Energy, stated that oxygen is the major spinning vortices of energy in the physical bodyonly gas that will pick up and carry electrical energy (Gerber, 1988) (Hunt, 1978) (Motoyama, 1978) known(Pressman, 1994). as chakras, meaning wheels in Sanskrit. These subtle energy chakras correspond with the seven colors ofUnless you have highly bioavailable, true colloidal, the rainbow known as the Visible Light Spectrum. Justnegatively charged, free, singlet iodine atom (I-) tincture, as quartz crystal bends sunlight into a rainbow, thethe thyroid must catalyze its precious oxygen into biocrystalline structures in our bodies (Gerber, 1988)hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). H2O2 is generated by this subtly do the same. These seven colors range from redkey endocrine gland to break down iodide bound to to violet—red with the lowest frequency in trillions ofcompounds into usable free iodine atoms which can Hertz (cycles per second), or terahertz (THz), and thethen be synthesized into T3 and T4 thyroid hormones longest wavelength in nanometers (nm), all the way up(Nakamura, 1989). If excess H2O2 is produced, iodine is to violet with the highest frequency and the shortestneeded to neutralize it in a two-step process, converting wavelength. Interestingly, iodine means violet, theit first to hypoiodous acid (HIO) and then to water (H2O), highest frequency below; iodine obtained its namethereby preventing it from becoming a harmful hydroxyl from its violet hue when it is in vapor form. The seven(OH) free radical (Miller, 2006). By nourishing with churches described in the Book of Revelation 1-3singlet active iodine (I-), a powerful antioxidant, it frees metaphorically relates to the seven chakras within thesinglet active oxygen (O-), another powerful antioxidant, body, and the thyroid, the 5th chakra, is referred to asboth of which are good free radicals equally paramount Sardis, meaning “church of remnants” or “dead church”in the mitochondrial production of adenosine (Bible, post 325 AD). This is no surprise given thetriphosphate (ATP), or energy. In spiritual terms, ATP can extreme iodine deficiency globally today. The thyroidbe described as: Holy Spirit by Christianity, Great Spirit not coincidentally connects to the solar system’s 5thby the Native Americans, ki by the Japanese, Qi by the chakra known as the Asteroid Belt between Mars andChinese, prana by the East Indians, or simply life force. Jupiter. The Sumerians’ clay tablets from 4000 B.C. described how the 5th planet, Tiamat, was obliteratedWeighing just an ounce, the thyroid gets its name from into the Asteroid Belt by orbiting planet, Marduk, as
  21. 21. translated by a cuneiform scholar (Sitchin, 1976), and in to visibly repair breaks in the DNA and lengthen the1778, Bode’s Law scientifically confirmed existence of a telomeres (Michael, S.R., 1999) — without iodine or5th planet here. The Book of Matthew 6:10 (Bible, post oxygen supplementation. EESystem’s generated bio-325 AD) connects mankind’s deteriorated 5th chakra scalar field (characterized in quantum physics by wireless(thyroid) with the solar system’s obliterated 5th chakra energy transfer, feedback of the receiver, proof of free(Asteroid Belt) in its message of “As above, so below,” energy, superluminal velocity and no containment of thea message also found in holographic science (Gerber, Faraday cage) helps activate one’s own scalar vortex (see1999). right diagram) and subsequent scalar field. A researcher in Applied Integrative Bio-Physics, Dr. Michael hasScientific evidence in 1953 discovered the thyroid, not taught holistic health globally for over 35 years, and thisthe pituitary, to be the true master gland because the teaching includes the importance of how the 5th chakrathyroid actually regulates the function of the pituitary bridge between heaven and earth in its weakness has(Eartly, 1953). Aside from this, the thyroid symbolically created the illusion of separation of mind and body, therepresents the bridge between heaven and earth in both struggle of head versus heart and thinking versus feeling,Revelation Chapters 1-3 (Bible, post 325 AD) and Edgar and the resultant breakdown of our expression of truth.Cayce Reading 281-29 (Cayce, 1936). Pleomorphism And it is the power of truth spoken with love from ourand true bio-scalar technology, reported since the throat chakra that melts away the illusion of feeling cut1800s on successful disease and age reversal, albeit off from our Creator’s love.repressed or mocked, does give plausibility to the ideaof immortality—and not just immortality in that our The metaphysical science of astrology was almostspirit will live on, but immortality in that we do not have unrecognizably interwoven into the science of public andto drop the physical body at all. The Book of Mark 9:23 governmental astronomy dating back many millenniapoints out that all things are possible, the Book of John ago well before the Sumerian civilization even began14:12 reveals the potential for mankind to do greater (Sitchin, 1978) until the two sciences were distinctlyworks than Jesus, and the Book of Genesis 3:19 shows disentangled just a few centuries ago during The Age ofman was committed to death in “dust you are and Reason between 1600-1700 AD. This was the same eradust you shall return” only after Adam and Eve ate the during which King James I of England commissioned hisforbidden fruit (Bible, post 325 AD). Folklore has it that version of the Bible (1611 AD) to delete aspects fromthe forbidden fruit offered by Eve got stuck in Adam’s the earlier Geneva Bible published in English in 1560throat, and became known as the Adam’s apple (found AD. Roman Emperor Constantine, a man who beganin both men and women located above the thyroid). the policy of suppressing all people and doctrine notThis fruit was not specifically identified in the Book of in conformity to official dogma, conducted a similarGenesis (Bible, post 325 AD), the Torah, or the Qur’an exercise to create his version of the Bible even earlier(Qur’an, 610-632 CE) but is traditionally portrayed as in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea (Tompkins, 1981). Inan apple. The reason is that it was from the tree of the Ancient Hebrew commentary on the Torah’s Writtenknowledge of good and evil and the Latin word for evil, Tradition (otherwise known as the Old Testamentmalus, also means apple (the scientific classification for to Christians), a compilation referred to as the Oralthe apple tree is genus Malus, a Latin root also found in Tradition, the Oral Law, or the Mishnah, Abraham, Isaac,such words as malice, malady and malignancy). Here is Jacob and Jacob’s 12 sons, the patriarchs of the 12 Tribesyet another metaphor of a blocked 5th chakra in much of Israel, are all documented as expert astrologers.need of repair. The early Christian church leader and astrotheologian, Clement of Alexandria (150-215 AD), equated the 12Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Nikola Tesla’s counterpart as Disciples in the Bible with the 12 zodiac signs and JesusMother of Scalar Energy, is the sole inventor of the true with the central sun. The term Son of God would seembio-scalar technology, EESystem©TM, clinically proven to originate at least as far back as the Aryan Gothicto significantly increase oxygen levels (Marcial-Vega, kings of Cilicia, who took the title of “Son of the Sun2002), to quadruple mitochondrial function in a United God,” a tradition adopted by the Pharaohs of EgyptKingdom study using Electro Interstitial Scanning, and (Icke, 1999). In the Germanic language, the word “Sun”
  22. 22. is spelled “Sonne.” Hippocrates (460-337 BC) of Kos, and true bio-scalar technology, contact EESystem atthe ancient Greek physician regarded as the Father of 863.471.6820 or go to Medicine, whose medical achievements weredocumented by Plato and Aristotle, required his students References: Cayce, E. (1936, October 26). Edgar Cayceto study medical astrology (Corpus Hippocraticum, 430 Readings, 281-29. Chrystal, N. (2010, March 13). TheBC-200 AD) and was reported as saying, “He who does thyroid: the true master gland behind immortality.not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.” Consumer Health, audio and video. Chrystal, N. (2011, March 1). Iodine and Mood Disorders. WholenessGiven the distorted astrological blueprint of the Solar Healing Today, 8(2): 1,3,7. Eartly, H. (1954, March).System as documented by the Sumerians’ history of the Identification of the effects of thyroxine mediated byAsteroid Belt, discernment should be used in astrology the hypophysis. Endocrinology 54(3): 249-271. Corpuscoupled with the knowledge that the power of intention, Hippocraticum (430 BC – 200AD). (Collection of treatises,prayer and meditation can override negative aspects which included the Hippocratic Oath), cf. CSH, n. 57.or augment positive aspects. The Book of Luke 21:36 Gerber, R. (1988). Vibrational Medicine, 48, 60, 132-encourages us not to throw the baby out with the 134, 251, 253-254, 327, 344. Santa Fe: Bear & Co. Holybathwater and to “study to be approved to be deemed Bible (post 325 AD Council of Nicaea). Leviticus 17:11,worthy to escape all these things.” This idea is also Revelation 1-3, Matthew 6:10, Mark 9:23, John 14:12,found in the 2nd Book of Timothy 2:15: “study to show Genesis 2:17, 3:6, 3:19, Luke 21:36, 2nd Timothy 2:15,thyself approved,” as well as the Book of Hosea 4:6: “my Hosea 4:6. Holy Qur’an (610-630 CE). Chapters 2:34-35,people will perish from lack of knowledge” (Bible, post 7:22. Hunt, V. V. (1978, March 20). Electronic Evidence325 AD). In other words, do not dismiss out of fear, but of Auras, Chakras in UCLA Study. Brain/Mind Bulletin,rather study to increase awareness and empowerment 3(9). Icke, D. (1999). The Biggest Secret. Ryde:Bridge ofto make better choices with purpose and wisdom. Love Publications. Marcial-Vega, V. A. (2002, May). ScalarAlthough religion serves as a hospital for the spiritually Wave Technology: The Metamatrix Healing Chamber.ill, it also serves as a university for study in search for Consumer Health, 25(5). Michael, S. R. (1999). Testimonythe truth—and in this search comes the necessity of Dr. Sandra Rose Michael recounting Baylor University’sto question authority, especially regarding original female Genetic Researcher’s findings of the EESystemmanuscripts’ use of etymology and motivation behind visibly repairing breaks in the DNA and lengthening thetheir inception, let alone their myriad translations. telomeres. Miller, D. W. (2006, Winter). Extrathyroidal Benefits of Iodine. Journal of American Physicians andWith that being said, it is interesting to note that in Surgeons, 11(4):106. Motoyama, H. (1978). Scienceastrology the zodiac constellation of Taurus rules the and the Evolution of Consciousness: Chakras, Ki andthyroid, money and the vocal chords. Enslavement of Psi, 93-98. Brookline: Autumn Press, Inc. Nakamura,mankind over the centuries through control of the global Y. (1989). Superoxide anion is the initial product infiat money system as well as the fear of persecution the hydrogen peroxide formation catalyzed by NADPHand prosecution to speak our truth is becoming more oxidase in porcine thyroid plasma membrane. J Biolevident, and large numbers of people are beginning Chem 264:4759-4761. Pressman, S. (1994). The Storyto stand up for themselves around the world. But it of Ozone, 9. Langley: Plasmafire Intl. Sitchin, Z. (1978).is Pisces, the end of the astrological wheel that rules The 12th Planet, 187, 197, 226-227, 230. New York City:both the highest form of spiritual love— and iodine. HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. Tompkins, P. (1981). TheAt this time in our evolution, iodine, especially scalar Magic ofObelisks, 55. New York City: Harper & Rowenhanced iodine, is the missing mineral so necessary to Publishers, Inc. Young, R. O. (2001). Sick and Tired, 30,fuel the 5th chakra gateway to superconsciousness— 32. Pleasant Grove: Woodland Publishing.the thyroid—in its critical, pivotal role of spiritualempowerment.For more information on scalar enhanced, true colloidal,highly bioavailable, singlet iodine (I-) atom tincture
  23. 23. Nonnie Chrystal is Co-Builder of “The Greenest House In The World” according to FOX News. This building phenomenon called Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome™ ( has also received global coveragein USA Today. Nonnie has decades of researchand experience in holistic, complementary andconventional medicine, and her passion for thetruth resulting in her research into creationmechanics and scalar waves in the field ofquantum or “zero point” physics. Nonnie is thePresident of Health Gems™ (, a business offering unique, high-frequency,healthcare products. She is also an accomplishedclassical pianist, a Sound Frequency Therapist™,and trained in Healing Touch. Nonnie’s backgroundgives her green building project, FSGE, the edge inthe next unstoppable megatrend—“green living”.
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