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Mastery Journal is the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts and life.

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March 2011 Issue

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 3 March 2011Mastery JournalThe International Ezine on Mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts, and Life Harmonious Culture of Movement Lama Tantrapa Think With the Heart Healing Yourself....Healing the Planet John Weston Dr. Effie Chow Qi Dao and Mindfulness The Ins and Outs of Breathing Kali Tara Gary Giamboi The Greatest Epidemic Known to Man Emotional Liposuction Part II Gary Clyman Paul Levy
  2. 2. March 2011 Volume 1 Issue 3 Dear Mastery Journal Readers, Letter from the Editor Articles This month, a tragedy of biblical proportions has Harmonious Culture of Movement changed the way many of us value the lives of those living on the other side of the globe. The horrendous Lama Tantrapa earthquake in Japan followed by a tsunami shookHealing Yourself....Healing the Planet many of us out of slumber and awakened us to the realities of human suffering on a massive scale. As was Dr. Effie Chow the case after the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, a number of Qigong practitioners have The Ins and Outs of Breathing been inspired to volunteer their help with healing the Gary Giamboi wounded and shocked or to contribute money, clothes or blankets to the Red Cross and other disaster relief Emotional Liposuction funds. Gary Clyman For example, Dr. Effie Chow, the organizer of the 13th World Congress on Qigong (scheduled to convene in Think With the Heart San Francisco from April 29th to May 2nd), has decided John Weston to donate all the profits from this year’s congress to the relief of the disaster in Japan. As the proud co- Qi Dao and Mindfulness sponsor of the congress, Mastery Journal invites you, Kali Tara the reader, to make a modest contribution to this noble cause by attending the congress or by donatingThe Greatest Epidemic Known to Man to help the people affected by this disaster, who are struggling with malnutrition, cold and radiation from Part II the damaged nuclear plants, to successfully survive. Paul Levy In affiliate partnership with Dr. Roger Jahnke, we Click Here to Subscribe and Receive a Bonus are also dedicated to providing help to the survivors in Japan by donating to the relief fund 100% of our Brought to You by profits from the joint venture promoting his upcoming Tai Chi and Qigong teacher training programs. Please go to to register for a free teleseminar with Dr. Jahnke. So, you have the freedom of choice whether to go to the World Congress on Qigong in San Francisco or to spend that week learning from one of the most remarkable Qigong teachers in America. Namaste, Publisher: Lama Tantrapa Production Designer: Thomas Pamelia Lama Tantrapa The Cover Composite: Lama Tantrapa “Guam Sunsets” by Thomas Pamelia Copy Editor: Lucas Meyer Information is correct at press time. Mastery Journal is published monthly by the Academy of Qi Dao in Portland, Oregon. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the official company policy © 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.
  3. 3. The Mondays 6:00 pmSecrets of PST (9:00 pm EST)QigongMasters Email Us Your QuestionsTalk Show Call-in to Ask the Masters Listen by Phone on the Go, Stream to Your Computer Subscribe to the Podcast Download to Listen Later Share Our Show with Friends Volunteer to Transcribe As the host of this enlightening talk show, Lama Tantrapa interviews prominent experts in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Meditation, and Internal Arts. He also shares his unique perspectives on the principles and appli- cations of energy awareness. Join us every Monday at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) for a friendly and mindful exchange of ideas and “secrets of the trade.” Call in during the show with your most burning questions for our guests at 347-327-9635 or email us at
  4. 4. Harmonious I recommend finding a practice partner who shares your enthusiasm about venturing outside the box, as theyCulture of say. In other words, your prospective partner must be eager to explore things that are on the edge of his or herMovement comfort zone. On the other hand, this practice can be very beneficial to anyone looking for ways to improve the quality of life in general, or one’s mobility, flexibility, wellness, and attitude, in particular.Lama Tantr apa Hundreds of people from all walks of life went throughIf you live in a modern society, you are likely to be Qi Dao Coaching programs at Portland Qigong Clinic,exposed to so much stress and artificial stimulatin that which assisted them in self-healing and advice regardingyou may feel disconnected from your body, a condition healthier ways to deal with the challenges on their lifeoften referred to as “being stuck in the head.” This can journeys. One of the reasons why I recommend practicingrestrict the free flow of life force and limit your availability with a partner is a much greater efficacy of semi-privateto life. Being out of synch with the flow of things in your sessions attended by two of my students or a client andlife may manifest as depression, disease, or chronic pain. an apprentice that I empirically discovered throughoutThe more disconnected you are, the more discomfort you the years. This usually creates an atmosphere of mutualmay experience. This book will teach you to switch from empowerment and encouragement, which is often lackingliving through one misadventure after another, which are in a traditional clinical setting. The effectiveness of theusually perceived as problems causing suffering, to living Qi Dao approach to dealing with health, relationship,a dream life filled with genuine adventures that you start financial, environmental, and other issues has beenperceiving as awesome learning opportunities. proven time and time again.To reconnect with the flow of life, begin by taking small On a personal note, as the holder of the lineage of Qisteps, which are always easier to take than large leaps. Dao, I wish to congratulate you with taking the first stepsIt is like learning a foreign language. First, you learn the on this path of developing your Harmonious Culture ofalphabet; then, using the letters as building blocks, you Movement. Once you have mastered these skills throughlearn to form words. Subsequently, you learn grammar regular practice, you will be able to apply them in everythat will enable you to put words together to create aspect of your life. As pieces of a puzzle, they will comesentences. With practice, you will develop an ability to together to give you a vision of the greater picture of thecommunicate more eloquently with others who know this flow of energy in your world. I have no doubt that oncelanguage. The language you will learn with the help of this you have experienced the changes that Qi Dao can bringbook is the language of Harmonious Culture of Movement. into your life, you will want to explore more advanced applications of this art and join the international tribe ofOf course, you can and are encouraged to practice it on fellow spiritual adventurers. I welcome you to enjoy everyyour own whenever you have a chance. It is more fun and step on your journey along the path of living your dreams.challenging though to test rigorously all the practices youlearn, which is much easier to do with another person. If you spend some time observing people unaware ofNow, you may be wondering, “Do I have to have a partner their cultures of movement, you may notice that theyto practice Qi Dao with?” That does not have to be the often move with linear, start-stop and jerky motions thatsame person all the time although some continuity helps. require a lot of energy. Constantly stopping and restartingBesides, when a person gets to experience just a few your movements can certainly consume more energy thanapplications of even the most basic principles of Qi Dao, continuous circular motion, because it usually takes justhe or she will likely become curious to find out more. This as much energy to stop a movement as it takes to initiateis where you will be able to launch your coaching career it. Any formalized exercises that involve disharmoniousby encouraging that brave soul to become your regular movements can easily deplete your energy resources andadventure partner. leave you exhausted and sore. Just imagine trying to get to work constantly starting and stalling your car!Can anyone practice Qi Dao together with you? Ideally,
  5. 5. them into your new identity. You will learn to transcend the limitations imposed by pain and discomfort through shifting your attitude towards those edges – shifting from perceiving them as obstacles to perceiving it as learning opportunities. With practice, you will find yourself enjoying more and more freedom each time you view your edges as steps leading you to manifesting your dreams. Harmonious Culture of Movement is dedicated to creating new, more natural energy dynamics in your body empowering you to experience fluidity of movement and freedom of expression associated with being in the flow. When you are in the flow, you can be balanced and relaxed, all life challenges notwithstanding. Since this is not an exercise routine but a whole new culture, it systematically approaches every aspect of life, facilitating being in the flow not just once in a lifetime but daily: working, healing, fighting, making love, meditating, walking in the park, or sleeping and dreaming. Natural Stance, as the name implies, is the simplest way to standIn contrast to that, I would like to invite you to develop a naturally. A naturally balanced human body respondsculture of movement that integrates your entire organism. to the challenge of gravity by bringing itself to a stableThis is what I call Harmonious Culture of Movement; it is position using its bone structure to support its weight andbased on smooth, flowing, non-stop motions. Fluid and prevent falling. The vertical alignment of the spine allowsgraceful, these motions are free of rigidity. Instead of the body to spend the least amount of energy to maintainexercises using isolation of certain muscles or parts of a stable, upright stance.the body, it suggests to synergize the movements of thewhole system in order to animate any particular part of If you are one of the many people leading a sedentarythe body. On the basic level of practice, you can begin lifestyle you may not know how to keep your body naturallyby learning to send waves of energy throughout the body balanced and aligned. If you deviate from your naturalradiating from the center to the periphery of the system alignments, the weight of your body will not be supported– your limbs – in order to explore and enjoy your range of by its bone structure, and you will have to engage yourmotion. muscles to keep yourself from falling. Although muscular tension may prevent you from falling, muscles are neverBegin these explorations slowly and gently. First, find the as strong as bones; muscles spend energy while the bonescenter of your comfort zone, the most comfortable and do their work effortlessly. Not only will this make you tiredneutral state of alignment. Second, explore the extent but it will also restrict your mobility and cause discomfort.of the comfort zone by experimenting with your range of Eventually, chronically tense muscles will begin to achemotion, degrees of tension or amount of pressure. Third, from the effort required to keep the misaligned bodyexplore the edges of your comfort zone. There is no from falling.need to push yourself over the edge of the comfort zoneby forcing your body beyond what it is currently capable You can experience Natural Stance by jumping up in theof. Just being present at the edge of your comfort zone air and landing on both feet as softly as possible with yourfor a while will allow you to expand it. Finally, find your feet about shoulder-width apart. Notice that the easiestauthentic ways to manifest your dreams and aspirations way to do this is to land with you knees bent, letting yourthat are usually beyond the edges of your comfort zone. quadriceps (thigh muscles) absorb the shock of landing. They are, after all, the largest muscles in the human body,You can develop a tension-free culture of movement by which are most suitable for being shock absorbers. Naturalletting the flow of Qi guide you to the places formerly Stance allows you to maintain natural body alignment,beyond your old comfort zone and learning to integrate distributing most of your weight on the bone structure of
  6. 6. your body, rather than the muscles. Lama Somananda Tan-Notice how bent your knees are. Naturally, the deeper trapa is the 27th lineageyou squat, the further the toes tend to turn outwards holder of Qi Dao, alsoaway from your centerline with the knees following suit. known as Tibetan Sha-Experiment with bending your knees enough to cover manic Qigong. He hasyour feet when you look at them. been practicing Qigong, Dream Yoga, Meditation,If the body is misaligned, it may try various compensation and Internal Martial Artsstrategies (e.g., shifting the weight between the hips, for over thirty five years,tilting the pelvis, bending the spine, raising one shoulder primarily trained by hisor the other, etc.), all of which will eventually contribute Grandfather who was theto the muscular tension and pain. Learning Natural paragon of the Russian Martial Arts and Qi Dao GrandStance and addressing the issue of balance between the Master. His background is complex enough to includefeet can often help resolve such common conditions as serving in the Soviet Army’s Special Forces, being kid-headache, backache, shoulder pain, sciatica, and even napped in the Ukraine and surviving several near-deathscoliosis. experiences.In Natural Stance, the weight of the body is distributed Lama Tantrapa was ordained as a Buddhist monk inevenly between both legs while the torso and head are three different orders and initiated into Subud spiritualresting on the bone structure of the spine. The naturalcurve of the spine is neither exaggerated nor diminished. brotherhood. In addition to being a Tibetan Bon Lama,This allows the free flow of energy throughout the he studied with a number of Qigong and kung-fu mas-organism. If you could visualize the energy field of ters, great teachers of Yoga and meditation, as well assuch an aligned person, their energy field would appear Native American, Hawaiian and Siberian Shamans. Hesymmetrical and centered. Taking a Natural Stance is also trained in Cultural Anthropology, Meta-coaching,is an excellent way to begin exploring your culture of Hypnosis and NLP. When living for two years on a smallmovement and a test of body awareness. tropical island in the Pacific, 7000 miles away from the majority of his students and clients, he pioneered a novel method of conducting Qi Dao sessions over the Internet called Qigong Coaching. In the last decade, he has provided wellness, peak performance and life coaching to thousands of people of all ages and from various walks of life. He is also a bestselling author of several Qi Dao books, executive producer of the film Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, creator of CD albums Qi Dao Initiation and The Art of Being in the Flow, pub- lisher of the Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course and other multimedia learning materials available at In addition to being the publisher of Mastery Journal, Lama Tantrapa is also the host of the Internet Radio talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters that you can enjoy at
  7. 7. Healing “Giving individuals the power to determine and manage their own health and destinies is the secret of trueYourself… healing.” Aligned with this purpose, The World Congress onHealing the Qigong/TCM is convened yearly in order to bring together masters, scientists, practitioners and educatePlanet the public about the powerful tools available to them through Qigong and TCM. As Chair of the World Congress, my aim is to provide access to an excitingDr. Effie Chow array of styles and practitioners so that people can decide for themselves what works for them. In 2011, the Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM will beThe Chow Integrated Healing System or Chow Medical held in San Francisco April 29-May 2.Qigong is a systematic approach that I developedthrough much experimentation. It is a pragmatic system During the past week (Oct 24, 2010), as usual, I havethat combines modern Western health practices, ancient received testimony from people I have never met whoTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qigong, and my have been helped by Chow Qigong. It is a powerfulown original concepts of a total integrated approach to reminder and very humbling revelation that each of ushealth of the body, mind, and spirit along with nature. touches and, in turn, is touched by countless people thatIn this integrated approach, a person’s body, mind, and we will never meet. Here is one email that showed up inspirit are one, interacting with people, the immediate my inbox:environment, and the Universe. Clients play a central Hi my name is George B. III, born with severe scoliosis.role in their therapy. Fitness and health are emphasized I found Dr. Chow’s book titled QI GONG, MIRACLEand stress and tension often are seen as common HEALING FROM CHINA. I began to read and practice precursors to disease. this, with really no understanding; however, I began Another concept is that all to benefit. My level of stress dropped. I could not true healing originates from only manage my discomfort but other areas of my a higher power, and that condition began to be corrected… posture spine effective healing occurs only pains I could breath better my emotional outlook on when a healer or practitioner myself improved. I brought vol. 1 of Dr Chow Qigong has facilitated the flow of Qi movements plus silver thread 5 elements meditation from this higher source. CD. i have found an answer to my condition. My eternal Throughout the years I gratitude will always be to/with grandmaster Dr Chow have had the privilege to and this Qi gong. Thank you. work with many clients and This gentleman used the book/DVDs to heal himself. It students who have been is reminiscent of another such instance in Honolulu. I helped with Chow Qigong was a speaker at a Rotary breakfast meeting and one when all else has failed. participant bought the book/DVDs for his wife who has The phenomenal results suffered with lifelong conditions. Within two weeks achieved with Chow Medical I received an ecstatic 3-page letter from the woman Qigong and requests from telling of her success using the Chow Qigong educational clients and students inspired package. me to create an educational package of book/DVD/CD in Another email received this week, same day in fact: order to put these tools into the hands of the individual If you remember in February 2000 I called you in crisis and carry out my mission: (at the time I was living in Spokane) and I was going through an unexpected eruption of kundalini. For
  8. 8. three weeks I went to chiropractors, environmental exposures, or any number of factors, looked to cranial sacral therapists a person becomes susceptible to disease. When this and others and no one could help disruption of energy is rebalanced, health is restored. me… I had never met you but had been practicing your qigong having The Concepts of the Chow Integrated Healing System learned it from Dr. Linda a few years is comprised of many important components, theories, earlier. By some amazing Divine and principles. As a summary, ten of the most important guidance I thought to call you. I basic concepts for initial practice are: was astonished when you yourself 1) Get at least eight hugs a day, and be “in touch” picked up the phone. I explained my situation and you said that you 2) Get at least three Belly-Aching-Laughs-A-Day would be having a healing meditation at 8:00pm on Thursday not to worry 3) Maintain a positive mental attitude and your group would send me a 4) Maintain proper posture and breathe with the healing blessing. At 8:00 pm that diaphragm (not the chest) next night my kundalini turned off like water turning off by a faucet. 5) Meditate daily It was incredible. That whole experience changed my life forever. 6) Good nutrition, supplements, and perhaps herbs I have never been able to thank youin person over all these years but some day I hope to. I 7) Practice the right type of exercise – Chow Qigonghope you receive a 1,000 blessings back in your life of exercisesequal measure. 8) Be at peace with yourself and othersJust last weekend, I was introduced to a young man who 9) Live the Qi energy concepttold me this: 10) Give and receive lots of loveDr. Effie Chow, I’m so happy to meet you. I have a friendwho says you accelerated his miraculous recovery from To learn more about Dr. Chow’s teachings and hera terrible car accident while he was at the New York comprehensive educational package, please go toMt. Sinai Hospital and you were teaching a Qigong class www. eastwestqi. com.there. He never met you but he felt the strong healingenergy and is sure that it was you that immediatelyhelped him out of his crisis condition, which was in adubious state. I can’t wait to tell him that I met you.The above examples are typical of the hundreds of casesI have in a year including conditions of heart, cancer,respiratory, arthritis, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, theeye, hearing and ringing in the ears, bursitis, “frozenshoulders,” pain of all sorts, symptoms manifested bystress, and more.Qigong in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is thebasic underlying component of The Chow System basedon the classic Chinese theory that a powerful energysystem exists in the body, and that energy (Qi) flowsthrough known energy pathways. The pathways arereferred to as channels, or meridians. The Qi systemis as direct as the respiratory and nervous systems.If Qi patterns are disrupted by emotional distress,
  9. 9. Master of As an internationally renowned expert in Qigong and Taoist arts with over 30 years of experience in teaching subtle energy methods internationally, shethe Month is one of the most recognized leaders in the field of Qigong in America today. Dr. Effie Chow Recipient of the “Visionary of the Year 1997,” “The Humanitarian of the Year 1999” and “The Visionary of the Decade 2000” Awards, Dr. Effie Chow has for over 40 years been working to integrate Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine with WesternMedicine. Toward this goal, she founded the EastWest Academy of Healing Arts in 1973 in SanFrancisco.In 1988 an arm of that organization wasestablished within the Academy to promoteresearch and clinical work in medical Qigong.In 2003 she was appointed by the Museum ofScience and Industry, Chicago to their NationalTask Force on The 21st Century Initiative onLife and Health. In 2004 she was invited to jointhe 15 member international Advisory Boardof the CAM Health Expo, and in 2005 - the 20member Advisory Board of the National Libraryof Medicine - Asian American Health WebsiteUsers Group. In 2006, Dr. Chow became anAssociate of AHA! Ventures Int’l. In 2007, theEditorial Board of the Boardroom Inc., BottomLine Women’s Health Publications, and EditorialBoard of the prestigious new “super peer-reviewedpublication, “The Journal of the Science ofHealing Outcomes”.In October of the same year, AmericanAssociation of Acupuncture and OrientalMedicine honored her as one of the “Pioneersand Leaders of Oriental Medicine in the USA”.
  10. 10. The Ins and Outs shoulders. This can result in chronic tension in the neck and shoulder muscles which can produce stiffness andof Breathing soreness in those areas; as well as, headaches. It may also cause your Lumbar spine (lower back) to make aPart I small arch every time your shoulders rise. This could lead to fatigue in that area and eventual chronic low back pain.Gary Giamboi 2. It is the least efficient method and results in the least amount of gaseous exchange between the lungsThe Three Forms of Chest Breathing and the outside. Thus, one needs to breathe more rapidly to maintain the proper ratio of gases in our bloodBreathing is perhaps the most important physical action supply. It can also signal the brain that you are anxiouswe do in order to stay alive. Most of us can do without (even if there is no other reason to be) and the brain willfood for a month or longer (depending on how much our respond to it as it would to any other cause of anxiety.body has already stored), water for about a week, sleepfor about 4 days and breathing for about 4 minutes. 3. It involves the least smooth physical action and is the mostly likely to result in gaps between one’sYet, of these four items, breathing is the one most taken inhalations and exhalations.for granted. Perhaps that is because it is the only onewe do not have to consciously set out to do. It is so 4. It is associated with Fear.important to our immediate survival that we are wiredto perform it automatically. Well, that is not completely Middle chest breathing is what most people do. Thistrue. Although we are hardwired to perform the method uses the intercostal muscles (those locatedfunction of breathing automatically, the circuit we use is between the ribs) to expand and contract the rib cage. Itnot fixed in stone. It is adaptable. is also a shallow way of breathing and not very efficient. This method has the following effects:The problem with this is that since our circuits werewired correctly to begin with, the only changes to it that 1. Middle chest breathing is associated with thecan be made easily are the ones which will make it less fight or flight syndrome. Our body’s defenses work likecorrect than the original pattern. a two-way street. Psychological changes will produce physiological changes and physiological changes willBabies (all the time) and all people when they are produce psychological changes. In other words, whetherasleep breathe correctly. Somehow, as we mature into your body changes your mind or your mind changes yourchildhood from infancy our breathing pattern changes body, you will end up in the same state of being: Stressedfrom diaphragmatic breathing to chest breathing as Out (even if it is only low level stress). Chest breathingadults. This then poses a problem for all of us who are keeps us in a chronic state of low level stress. As welucky enough to learn of this change: we must learn how know, higher levels of stress are associated with higherto return to diaphragmatic breathing. levels of mortality from many causes. I do not think anyone knows all of the effects of chronic low levels ofThere are three kinds of chest breathing. Let’s call them stress. But what they do know and what they surmise isupper chest breathing, middle chest breathing and lower definitely not good.chest breathing. 2. The intercostal muscles become fatigued andThe following is a list of all the negative responses upper eventually lose their elasticity which then makes the ribchest breathing produces in our bodies: cage less elastic. This makes our upper body less flexible and our breathing even less efficient.1. Upper chest breathing requires the greatestexpenditure of energy to perform since it involves 3. This brings us to the last form of chest breathing:raising the height of the upper chest and moving the low chest breathing. This form of chest breathing utilizes
  11. 11. the lower portion of the chest to breath. This method Gary Giamboi foundedoccurs when the lower abdomen expands with the The Institute of Asianinhalations and contracts on the exhalations. Arts in 1994 in order to continue the traditionMost breath work instructors say that this is of discovering, nurtur-diaphragmatic breathing. I say that this way may or ing and passing on themay not be fully diaphragmatic breathing. This is wisdom of the ancients.because most “experts” say that belly breathing and He began his Easterndiaphragmatic breathing are one and the same. I say journey in 1969 and hasthey are definitely not the same. had the unbelievable good fortune to haveInhalation using Belly Breathing is accomplished by become a disciple and personal student of four Worldmoving the belly outward using the abdominal muscles. Class MastersThis expansion of the abdomen causes a vacuum todevelop which causes the diaphragm to drop and the He has achieved the Rank of Master Level Instructor inlungs to expand. On the other hand, true diaphragmatic Qigong, Taijiquan, Ninpo, Jujutsu, Asayama Ichiden Ryu,breathing is initiated by contracting the diaphragmatic Kenjutsu and Yoga in world recognized organizations. Hemuscle to which pushes this dome shaped sheet of is also certified as a Personal Trainer, as a Pilates instruc-muscle downwards. This downward motion of the tor, in Ohashiatsu, in Thai Yoga and has several otherdiaphragm pushes the wall of the abdomen outwards lower rank Black Belts in various martial arts. He special-and creates the vacuum which causes the lungs to izes in finding the common thread of Truth in All of theseexpand. To fill this void the lungs expand. Then air Arts, because at the end of the day “Things Can Onlyrushes into the lungs to fill the void which that creates in Work One Way.” Even though they use different systemsthe lungs themselves. of Internal Energy, Yoga works in China and Acupuncture works in India. Each contains a piece of The Truth or TheExhalation is activated in both cases by relaxing Way Things Are. It is up to each of us to find as much ofdiaphragm which causes it to rise back up to its original That Truth, That Way and live by it as closely as possible.position. Gary has taught and demonstrated Martial Arts, Qi-Although this sounds simple, there was really a lot gong, Yoga and Fitness Training in the USA, Japan, China,of “thought” that went into making it happen. For Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, and Ireland. He has sev-example, the diaphragm actually has two sections: the eral articles published a total of over 64 times on variousouter muscle section and a central section composed of web sites and blogs, produced 2 DVDs on Qigong, 1 ona thick central tendon. The outer section actually has Taijiquan, 2 on Yoga, 1 on Balance and a Point by Pointcutouts in it for the aorta, inferior vena cava and the Relaxation CD. He also has two books nearing publicationesophagus, as well as many other smaller ones. These and several new DVDs coming soon. His web sites arecutouts enable the up and down action of this tough and the newsheet of muscle not to interfere with other important www.Secrets-of-Yoga-Qigong.comphysiological functions such as eating, drinking and theflow of blood to and from the lungs.To repeat this important point:True Diaphragmatic Breathing only occurs when theDiaphragm itself initiates the action of inhalation andexhalation.There is another form of breathing which is actuallycomposed of all three kinds of chest breathing which areperformed in a specific order and which will be discussedin part II of this article.
  12. 12. Emotional Before he met Clyman, Chicago developer Terry Harb was suffering from sciatic pain so intense that threeLiposuction different doctors recommended surgery. “I had a back brace when I came into his office,” Harb,Gary Clyman 42, recalls. ” Gary touched a bunch of points on my body. Each one of those points he touched where I felt severeThe scream, Gary J. Clyman recalls, sent a chill through pain, he said it was an issue point. The points held anger,everyone in the room. Clyman was holding a personal rage, abandonment. He told me it was all related topower training workshop in Portland, Oregon, in the stress. The stress was related to my developing businesslate 1980s, when a Vietnam veteran volunteered going under. Each point that he touched that wasfor a treatment Clyman would later dub “emotional painful, he would jab at it and I would make a differentliposuction.” Lying on a table, the veteran allowed type of scream or yell until the pain went away. ” AndClyman to touch various spots on his body. Using the result?his energy, or jing, to reach out to the man’s storedemotions, Clyman touched an area right by the hip, even “I kid you not, when I stood up, I was able to kick overwith his pubic bone. my head, which I was not able to do in more than a year and a half,” Harb says. “I put the back brace in the back“I put pressure. It wasn’t a lot of pressure. But he was of the car and never used it again. I asked him about aable to pop,” Clyman recalls. “He was a captain who lost follow-up and he laughed at me. He said I did not havehis entire platoon and blamed himself for their deaths. to come back. ”He let out one guilt screech. It shot a chill througheverybody in the room. He felt different on the spot. ” While Clyman discovered his own brand of “emotional liposuction” on his own, energy healing and touchDuring the past 20 years, Clyman has perfected this art therapy have been around for centuries, if not millennia.of “emotional liposuction” out of his Chicago offices, “It has its roots in Chinese Shamanism, as well. Youextracting emotions of rage, anger, bitterness, grief, can read old books where they suck emotions out ofsorrow and others from thousands of patients from people and they put it into rocks,” says William Goit, aall walks of life. His clients have included children, licensed acupuncturist in Laguna Hills, California, whograndmothers, stock brokers, geniuses, rape victims and learned emotional liposuction from Clyman. “To be abledrug smugglers. Some have come from as far away as to change or affect the emotions is common in ChineseEurope for his help. medicine. Internal organs are thought to store emotions. The liver is anger. The heart is joy. Abandonment is right“The most common treatment is anger or rage. One over the heart, in the sternum. Bitterness is in the pit ofhundred percent of our population has anger or rage,” the gut. People talk about feeling bitterness in the gutClyman says. “Next is abandonment at 50 percent. all the time. But on the other hand, nobody else is doingNext is bitterness at 25 percent. Guilt and sorrow is 10 this but Gary. He’s repackaged it and made it accessiblepercent.” Clyman’s “emotional liposuction” technique to Western minds. Emotional liposuction is his baby. ”uses chi kung combined with a knowledge of severalspots in our body that store emotional pain. At first, Goit admits, he could not envision himself performing emotional liposuction. “It’s a seeminglyUsing his jing, or internal power, to create healing brutal procedure,” he says. “The release of this internalvibrations, Clyman says he can suck out the emotional emotional turmoil, it hurts. They are hanging onto theircause of illness, disease, pain, depression and other pain. You’re overpowering the patient’s will to hold ontoailments into his arms, which he then washes off with the past, their negative emotions, and free them to gocold water. “My chi kung practice creates an internal into the present. You project your jing or vitality into thevacuum,” Clyman says. “When I touch somebody, the body, activating and exciting that latent emotion, andemotional point is activated and then I suck it out until sucking it out. ”it’s empty and does not hurt anymore.” “It’s not the most comfortable procedure,” agrees
  13. 13. Stephanie, 39, of Orange County, California, who forever.” Then she laughs and adds, “It’s not likereceived emotional liposuction from Goit for depression, chiropractic work. ”insomnia and grief over the loss of her mother. “It’spainful. It’s like someone giving you a super deep tissue Gary Clyman began hispressure in your abdomen and ribs. My eyes were Tai Chi career in 1974tearing. ” in Chicago. He studied Temple Style Tai ChiDespite the pain, Stephanie says she felt “a sense of Ch’uan as taughtrelief or letting go” during her emotional liposuction. by Master WaysunCombined with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, the Liao. Gary took histreatment allowed her to stop taking antidepressants studies very seriouslyand sleeping pills. “It’s not like I walked out and I was a from the person,” she says. “But I think it helped.” In 1977, his Tai Chi practice developed“It’s like having a truck rolling off of them,” Goit says. into a full time job, requiring between 6-10 hours“It’s an amazing treatment.” Although Goit has only per day of personal practice. Temple Style Tai Chitreated some 200 patients with emotional liposuction, Ch’uan as passed from master to disciple is a realcompared to the thousands treated by Clyman, he has Tai Chi system. It includes all aspects of the highlyseem some amazing changes, including a visit from a revered and famous art. It includes forms, standingmale nurse from El Salvador who was gay. and sitting meditations, martial art applications and fighting, two person sensitivity training and high“I was removing his sorrow, located just to the left of performance endurance training. Rarely will you findthe nipple, below the armpit,” Goit recalls. “I asked if he a Tai Chi system like this. A number of other mastershad a tough relationship with his father. He really broke have come to study with Gary Clyman on an ongoingdown. He got real quiet and he suddenly was in the basis. As he explains, “Chi Kung was originallyplace where he told his parents he was gay. His parents taught as “the icing on the cake” to augment hisreacted badly. But he’s way more comfortable with Tai Chi training.” His techniques, Tidal Wave(tm) Chibeing gay now. That was very gratifying.” Kung, Mind Light(tm) Nei Kung and most of Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan, are available on video and inWhile Goit says emotional liposuction is potentially for special workshops to those interested in learningevery one who can handle the pain, he is careful not these powerful, internal techniques to quickly andto call it a permanent solution. “It’s like getting your permanently change their lives for the better.teeth cleaned. It’s not like you never have to brush your Gary’s website can be found at:teeth again,” Goit says. “In many ways it’s a starting www.chikung.compoint, not an ending point. Then they learn how to bewithout those feelings from the past. Not to bring themback. I can tell you people whose lives have changeddramatically. On the other hand, I’ve treated people whodid not change at all.It’s like that with every therapy.” Goit also notes thathe does not have as much experience in emotionalliposuction as Clyman, who touts single treatments ofemotional liposuction. “They feel better and it lasts along, long, long, long time,”Clyman says.For her part, one dose of emotional liposuction wasenough, Stephanie says. “I think you only have to doit once,” she says. “It’s not like you’re going to suffer
  14. 14. Think With The heart is this consciousness and when you start to open up the heart, you connect with your true self. This inner voice within will start to direct you and actually function as your thinkingHeart process. This is universal consciousness or the compassionate heart because you really cannot think with your upper mind.Jon Weston The upper mind thinks like you read, which is point to point in a sentence. You start the sentence and you finish theAs your consciousness or your monkey mind enters the void sentence with a period. It reads from left to right in English,it connects with nothingness, which is infinity, which is the and right to left in Hebrew. This is how we think and that isTao or what the Taoists call the Wu Chi. It then starts to called linear thinking, which is fine except that the universe iscommunicate back and forth ever so subtly and eventually not only linear or horizontal but also vertical and omniscient.the inner voice will start to direct you. Now, it does not talk The upper mind can only thinkto you verbally; it is a feeling that the mind picks up as the of one point at a time andinner voice directs you. When you are in a situation where it really cannot give you theyou are asked to make a decision and you have no idea what correct answer because thereto do, then suddenly you get a feeling: I have got to do it this are too many points involved.way. For some reason you are prone to do it this way and it So, your superior or supremeturns out to be right. Then someone asks you why you did it consciousness in the heartthat way, and you just say it felt right. Well, that feeling is the center which is the all-knowingdirection from the inner voice. consciousness of the universe can think for you. You have all Now you are probably asking yourself how the physical the different angles, not onlyheart can actually think. Why? We go back to western science horizontal, but vertical andand explain how the physical heart does have consciousness. horizontal to consider, so youBecause doctors have worked with heart transplants, are going to get the correctthey have actually transplanted someone else’s heart into answer to your question orsomebody else’s body. There have been various situations situation. All you have to dowhere somebody else’s heart has carried their consciousness is learn how to connect or tune in to that compassionate heart, the sacred heart or that heart center in the universal consciousness. In other words, we can learn to think with the heart. Use the upper mind just to observe whatever is going on throughout your whole body, especially in the heart center. This is how you pick up this internal or inner voice. It does not talk to you verbally, but the upper mind, as an observatory, picks up the feeling. The sensation it gives directs you and motivates you to do a certain (what the Taoists call) correct action. Now, it can get a little confusing because this heart center is also your emotional center. Many people pick up an emotional imbalance in the body and mistake that for their true feeling, true sense, the compassionateinto the receiver of the heart after the transplant. Thereare documented experiences about people who had a heart heart or their consciousness. Basically, the emotions aretransplant and picked up energies and situations of the an imbalance or an expression of one of the individualother person that actually affected their lives. There have organs. The heart itself gives you cruelty and hatred andbeen some criminal cases where a person was killed and his joy and happiness (negative and positive). Those areor her heart was transplanted in another person, who then the emotions, and in the West the emotions have beenhad consciousness of who actually killed the donor. These separated from the organs. In the Taoist understanding,have been documented. Thus, the physical heart does haveconsciousness in that respect. Various religions or religious emotion is a word explaining an expression of a particularsystems have always talked about the sacred heart or the organ, either positive or negative. When you have ancompassionate heart. This compassionate heart or sacred extreme positive or negative condition, this is what
  15. 15. will come as an not the true feeling or the inner voice speaking out to them.emotion through So you have to be very careful. By using the Taoist Formulasthe body from as a magnifying glass you begin to start to focus and transform this energy by balancing the energy in the organs of the body.the organ. In the West the Now you are probably asking yourself, “How can I pickfocus is primarilyon the emotions, up this inner voice with all these emotions speakingseparating them out?” With all the activities infrom the organs your life you probably say, “Well,and the body. with emotions and everythingWhat Taoists do else, how can I really pick upis focus with a this inner voice?” This brings inTaoist formula tobalance the organ, another aspect you must try towhich will balance consider, because you have toothe emotion or much attachment and unfulfilledthe expression desire. You are searching outsideof the organ – not too negative or not too positive. For yourself to fulfill these desires or things that you thinkthe kidneys it is fear. “I was so afraid I wet my pants”is an expression in the West because it deals with the you need. This clogs your ability to focus within to pickkidneys’ feeling of fear and their positive emotion of gentleness. up this inner voice or this feeling inside. As you becomeIf somebody is afraid, you transform the fear by calming the detached from your desires, they will not draw out yourperson, as when a child becomes afraid you calm the child, emotions or create imbalances in the organs, which clogrebalancing the kidney energy. For the liver it is anger and the heart center and prevent the pickup of this inneraggressiveness and the positive aspect is kindness, forgiveness voice.and generosity. So, when somebody comes at you with greatanger, just use kindness and it completely neutralizesor balances the anger that the other person is sendingyou or that you have within yourself. Now with thelungs it is sadness, depression and grief and the positiveemotion is courage and righteousness. Again, ifsomebody has an imbalanced lung he or she is expressingsadness, so use courage to balance that energy, giving somepositive energy to the lungs. For the spleen and pancreasworry and anxiety are the negative emotions and fairness,openness and balance are the positive emotions. Jon Weston is the true “international man of mystery,” who contributed to the massive success of master Mantak Chia and his organization. In addition to W. U. Wei, Jon Weston wrote under the pen name Wei Tzu and co-authored Living in the Tao, the twelve Taoist poetry books of over 1,200 poems Emerald River expressing the feeling, essence and stillness of the Tao. He also co-created with Mantak Chia the Universal Tao formula cards, “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) under the pen name These are the five vital organs of the body. The The Professor – Master of Nothingness.reason they are called vital is because if you do not www.the-professor-mon.comhave one you are dead. This explains why many timesmany people confuse the inner voice with an emotionalimbalance. There is too much emotional energy in oneof the organs and it comes through the heart center, but it is
  16. 16. CALENDAR OF EVENTS MEDITATION WORKSHOP AT ACADEMY OF TEACHER TRAINING WITH AN AMERICAN QI DAO QIGONG MASTER You are welcome to join us for the Open House and attend the free meditation workshop dedicated to getting familiarAcademy of Qi Dao is proud to co-promote the program with with an original type of meditation practiced by Tibetana renowned Qigong expert Dr. Roger Jahnke, who is among Lamas in the tradition of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong basedthe most credible voices for Qigong, Energy Medicine, Mind- on the tradition of Tibetan Dream Yoga. The quintessentialBody Energetics, and Integrative Medicine in the Western principle of Dream Yoga is that you can awaken in yourworld. Please join us for a complimentary invitation-only dreams, while continuing to dream. This is what we call lucidteleseminar this Tuesdays, March 22, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm dreaming, which most people experience from time to timePST (9:00 to 10:00 pm EST). To register, go to spontaneously. By attending this workshop, you will right away, as your journey of becoming more awake not only in yourthis free event is limited to the first 100 registrants. night dreams, but also in the big dream called daily life.At this highly informative and thought-provoking Where: 3516 NW Skyline Blvd, Portland, OR 97229teleseminar, you will be inspired to: When: Sunday, April 20 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm with a-Understand that the most profound medicine is produced potluck lunch afterwardswithin the human body for free and can heal virtually anypain, stress or disease; How much: Donation, bring food for the potluck lunch following the workshop.-Reverse aging, re-program your DNA and harmonize yourenergy field, and then spread the message about this toothers;-Hear about the successes of nearly one thousand Qigong BASIC QI DAO CERTIFICATION PROGRAMteachers and practice leaders that graduated from IIQTC STARTS ON APRIL 20, 2011over the last ten years; Basic Practitioner program offers a unique training-Find out that you live in 13 dimensions, even though youmay only be conscious of four; that will help you develop greater physical and mental fitness, wellness and self-healing, as well as the first-Realize how your aspiration to become a Teacher or Practice level of Qi Dao Initiation.Leader can be realized credibly after a relatively brief periodof training;-Discover that mastery is not about mastering any forms, Skills:rather it is all about the capacity to pay attention andpenetrate to the true nature of things. ~ Basic body, energy and kinesthetic awarenessIf you can learn Qigong, you can teach it, too! Should you ~ Exploration of flexibility and range of motionhave any questions or requests, please call 503-501-8116 oremail ~ Six Directional Movements with elbows ~ Basic Element of Earth kicks ~ Foundational principles of Qi Dao ~ Identification of Holding Patterns. Benefits: ~ Developing a reasonable level of energy and body awareness ~ Learning the alphabet of Harmonious Culture of Movement ~ Gaining a basic knowledge of Qigong and Internal
  17. 17. Martial Arts~ Receiving the first Qi Dao initiation~ Discovering the sense of being in the flow.Please contact for more informationor to register. The deadline for early bird $150.00 discounthas been extended through March 31, 2011. CONTRIBUTIONS ADVERSTISINGOur publication accepts unsolicited contributions from Mastery Journal reaches out to thousands of Qigong,professional and amateur writers. We are looking Energy, and Martial Arts enthusiasts from around thefor articles and interviews that fall under the broad globe. Our market research indicates that the prospectconcept of mastery in Qigong, Kung fu and related subscribers to Mastery Journal are 55% male and 45%disciplines. Please send us your stories on the best female. The average age of our readers is between 35practices, masters’ profiles, as well as product and and 55; the majority having a college degree or higher.service reviews. Most are avid wellness enthusiasts and have primaryAdditionally, you are welcome to submit anecdotal interests in Qigong, Internal Martial Arts, eco-consciousstories about personal breakthroughs, discoveries, living, holistic health, and nature-based spirituality. You ads can be placed in two locations: on the interiorinventions, new approaches and applications. We will pages of the ezine, and on the webpages of ourbe glad to publish well written stories about Qigong, site. The first option is more prominent, as it allowsKung fu and other masters from any place in the world for larger size display ads. The second option is morecapable of boosting health, well-being, and prosperity persistent, as it appears on all webpages of our site.with specific approaches or methods that can be If you would like to place your advertising in theexplained in writing. future issues of Mastery Journal please email us at:If you who would like to contribute to our future issues, and we will be happy toyou may submit articles, columns, profiles, stories and help you choose the option that would best suit yourreviews electronically by emailing us at Please provide yourbrief bio (a couple of paragraphs) and color head shotalong with your piece of writing. Once you have beenaccepted as a contributor, you will be able to submitfurther contributions online by using our contentmanagement system.
  18. 18. Mindfulness: A you would like to achieve. How would you need to be in order to manifest that goal? If you feel like you are constantly playing catchup with your schedule andPath to Taking think there are many things in your day that are just not under your control, try this simple step. Rather than rushing around, you may want to have more timeCharge of Your to accomplish things and feel more in charge of your day. Simply imagine yourself doing all of the things youLife want to do and focus on how you would need to be in order to live this dream. You may be amazed how this subtle shift in perspective can greatly change the outcome of your day.Kali Samaya Tara 3. Recognize that the energy is within you. If youMany people in today’s modern world operate under have a vision of how you want to be, then some partthe constant pressure of deadlines, demanding clients of you must already have the energy it takes to beor customers, ridiculous schedules, family pressures, that way. If you didn’t, you simply would not haveand seemingly never a moment to themselves. that vision. Imagine yourself being in charge of yourPerhaps you don’t eat right, grabbing fast food because day. What do you see when your day goes accordingof the convenience. Maybe you even forgo some much to plan? By simply paying attention to and focusingneeded sleep in an effort to keep up, and what about on what you want, you already knows what needs toexercise, hobbies, or a little time for yourself? If you be done to have more control over your day. You justfeel helpless, a slave to your obligations, your bills, need to start doing it.and maybe even the lifestyle to which you and yourfamily have become accustomed, then the followingtips should help get you started on the path to taking 4. Tap into that state of consciousness and focus oncharge of your life. your dream. Now that you know what you want, you know how you need to be in order to achieve it, and you know that the energy is within you, all you have The Path to Mindfulness to do is focus on that dream and allow it to manifest naturally. After all, focusing on what you do not want (your nightmares) has seemed to manifest just that1. Recognize where you are in relation to where you quite often, so why not try focusing on what you dowant to be. Where do you focus your attention? Is it want for a change? Take some time to prioritize youron the past, or maybe on worries about the future? projects and plan your schedule each day. Get up early,Do you ever find yourself imagining the possibilities practice qigong, enjoy your breakfast or time with theand often the worst case scenarios before the event family before heading off to tackle your day. Block outeven actually happens? If we spend our lives focusing time for getting projects done.on what we do not want to happen, we may findourselves fighting against our own dreams. Anytimeyou think about the future, it is a pure dream. Why not 5. Let whatever happens be okay. Finally, we will likelyrecognize the possibilities, and then spend your energy experience some disappointments even when we focuson manifesting what you want to happen, rather than on what we want. Just remember, that life is aboutstruggling with your own nightmare? the journey, not about the destination. While focusing on our dreams, we can remain detached from the outcome, and appreciate the joy of living and learning2. Ask yourself how you would need to be in order to along the way. No one is perfect, and no one gets whatlive your dreams. Now that you are focusing on what they want all of the time. Besides, if we did life wouldyou want, imagine yourself manifesting the outcome
  19. 19. likely be rather boring. So let whatever happens beokay, get creative with your dreams, and enjoy the ride! ConclusionBy simply practicing mindfulness and changing yourpoint of focus, you can dramatically change yourexperience of life. Whenever you find yourself feelinglike a victim to circumstance, remember to ask yourselfhow your life would go without any barriers to your Kali Samaya Tara is a Mindfulness Coach and Founder ofsuccess. Act as if you are in charge and take steps Center for Conscious Living in Portland, Oregon, and atoward what you want to manifest. Eventually, focusing graduate of the Qi Dao Coach program at the Academyon what you want will become easier with practice. of Qi Dao. She can be reached via email at kali@The more you practice, the more you will find yourself Also, you may learn more about thechanging not only your day, but your life. Academy of Qi Dao and their Coach training programs at
  20. 20. The Greatest virus. The global financial system is one of the most rapid vectors and pathways through which the virus of wetiko is going pandemic in our world.Epidemic Known The economy as an entity is a projection of the collectiveto Man Part II human psyche, but particularly of the “Big Wetikos,” who hold a disproportionate power in crafting its operating system and in running its day-to-day operations in the world. In the wetikonomy, money has become indispensable forVAMPIRE SQUID our biological survival, as well as our psychological wellECONOMICS: being and need for social prestige. This results in the drive for acquiring money becoming hardwired into the most primal centers of our lower, animal nature. This canA CASE STUDY IN FULL- generate a dependency that can easily lead to a treadmill that spirals downwards towards degeneracy, a true “ratBLOWN WETIKO DISEASE race” in which we become addicted to chasing after “the buck,” as we increasingly worship Mammon (the God of the love of money; interestingly, the esteemed economist John Maynard Keynes considered the love of money a form ofBy Paul Levy mental illness). Our need for money becomes the “hook” by which the Big Wetikos, who control the supply and value of money, can “yank our leash” and manipulate humanity. To say it differently, the economy is engineered by a few, theIn part one of this article, I contemplate a psycho-spiritual “Big Wetikos,” who then utilize their creation to manipulatedisease of the soul that I call malignant egophrenia and the collective human psyche and in so doing influence andindigenous people call wetiko which is undermining warp it in a wetiko-like way.the evolutionary development of our species. Wetiko/malignant egophrenia (heretofore referred to as wetiko)is nonlocal, in that it is an inner disease of the spirit, souland psyche that explicates itself through the canvas of Using the global financial and monetary system as our casethe outside world. Certain people, groups of people, study, we can see and understand how the wetiko viruscorporate bodies, or nation-states embody and act out this operates in the psyche and in the world, which are bothpsychological malady in the world. Specific situations in the interactive and co-creative reflections of each other. Theworld, such as the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by invention of money was a breakthrough in human affairs, anmyriad multinational corporations, or Monsanto instituting innovation in which real wealth is allowed to be symbolicallyterminator seeds as it tries to gain control of the production represented by something else. Money is a construct,of the food supply, are real-life enactments, both literally something made up, which adds convenience in the tradingand symbolically, of this self-destructive, inner process. of goods and services that have value. The wetiko-createdCertain potent symbols in our shared waking dream fiat money system, however, is the doorway through which aare literally showing us this inner, vampiric dynamic, a deviant distortion in this cooperative process of exchangingstupefying process in which we get bled dry of what really value amongst ourselves emerges. The wetikonomy’s fiatcounts. currency is not backed by real value, but rather, is a system in which, as if by magic, money is created out of thin air. Having fallen through the rabbit hole, we now live in a world where money materializes simply by decree (fiat) of an eliteSeen as a symbolic entity, the global financial system, for cabal of Big Wetikos, who can exchange the tokens of valueexample, is the revelation of wetiko disease displayed they have conjured up for the time and natural resources ofgraphically and schematically in its architecture, operations everyone else. The wetiko-economy is basically a legitimizedand overall design, so that anyone with a trained eye can counterfeiting operation. The Big Wetikos use their militarydiscern the telltale signs and spore prints of this maleficent and police state “enforcement” resources to ensure thatpsychopathology getting down to business. The global others cannot accumulate and circulate capital outsideeconomy (which can appropriately be referred to as the of their system. As if that isn’t bad enough, in a further“wetikonomy”), displays the fear-based, linear logic of diabolic sleight of hand, this virtual fiat currency, backedwetiko disease as it reduces everything to the bottom line by nothing real and having no intrinsic value in and ofof dollars and cents. We are living inside of a horrifying, itself, is then equated with debt, thus making it worse thanabstract economic structure that itself is a living symbol and nothing. This total inversion of our concept of value itself isrepresentation of the out-of-control insanity of the wetiko a glaring symbol in our midst primal screaming that there is
  21. 21. something terribly amiss with our financial system. There planetwide Madoff-like ripoff done with smoke and mirrors,is indeed something wrong with a virtual, bubble economy the wetikonomy is like a massive optical illusion that isthat is decoupled from the real economy and is dictated and projected by the Big Wetikos, a cadre of master spellcastingmanipulated by the few at the expense of the many. wizards who have nearly infinite resources at their disposal to make their illusion seem real. The wetikonomy, like apparitions of majestic castles in the sky, is a magical display that captivates and holds spellbound the credulous, semi-The over-leveraged wetiko economy is a “phantom menace,” conscious masses, who are more than willing, based on theirin that there is hardly any real substantial value changing childlike need to hope and believe in an authority outsidehands except in appearance. Unlike a real economy that of themselves, to give away their power so as to quell theiris based on, backed by and generates genuine wealth, fear. This is a regressed form of magical thinking writ largethe wetikonomy, because it has no conventional solid, on the world stage.objective, substantial reality, has only a phantom-like,apparent existence. It is as if authors of a fantasy novel or afairy tale are trying to “market” and “sell” their creation asnonfiction, and we, as consumers, are “buying” it, believing At first glance, an optical illusion looks one way, butit to be true. Collectively pretending the fiction is real, we when we investigate further, we can see the illusion forhave forgotten that we are playing a mass game of “make what it really is. If this grand financial illusion were to bebelieve.” The bubble economy of wetiko is a con-fidence unmasked and collectively seen through, the underlyinggame (a “con” game), a con-struct of our mind maintained and pervasive “fraud as a business model” approach toin each moment by the belief that the system is real, solvent running the global economy would reveal itself to be theand legitimate. spectral phantasm that it is. Once the seemingly rock- solid, concrete skyscrapers of the wetikonomy reveal themselves to be a stage set with nothing behind it, built on ever-shifting sand, it is not enough just to realize thisA virtual, synthetic economy such as ours is a product and do nothing. It is then our responsibility to re-createcooked up by the fevered imagination of the wetiko and re-dream a different set of agreements regarding howfinanciers. Like a collective dream, or a mass spell, it is a to be in relationship with each other. This sets the stage toconcoction based upon mutually shared agreements among re-engineer the system of wetiko-ized control mechanismsits participating members. The wetikonomy in which we live, that, through locked-in contractual relationships, freezesunlike a free market economy, is subject to the intervention the economy in a corporate, and wetiko-ized trajectory. Theof and manipulation by the central bank, an entity which has power structure in a wetiko-ized society is inherently fiscalinterposed itself between us and the market. The agency of instead of political, which is why political change doesn’tthe central bank, in its attempts to interfere with and control result in economic change. It is the banks that control thea natural, self-regulating marketplace, is a living symbol of government, not the other way around. As our collectivethe wetiko pathogen and how it disrupts a living system. realization gathers momentum, however, such a process of waking up en masse could dissolve the wetikonomy to its empty core, bursting the bubble economy and collapsingJust as a vampire can’t stand to be seen and thus avoids the whole artificial edifice – the artifice – of fake finance,the light of day at all costs, as it is only able to operate like the house of cards that it is. This realization lays theby the deceptive cover of darkness, so the very nature groundwork for a more enlightened financial and investmentof the institutions and operations by which the phantom system grounded in real economics, a healthy environmentwetikonomy functions must be kept hidden from the light and the cultivation of a humane human civilization.of public awareness. The financial instruments of thewetikonomy are purposely crafted to be incredibly complexand hard to understand so as to hide and obfuscate the The unsustainable illusion that is the wetikonomy, however,theft that is happening. Hiding the reality of what they is based on and supported by violence or the threat ofare doing is one of the “chief features” of wetiko finance. violence, from a personal level up to the capacity toReplacing transparency with opacity, it has become standard collectively wage war, both visible and invisible. The abilityaccounting practice in the wetikonomy to “cook the books” and willingness to kill is not an illusion. This is why manyso as to avoid being held accountable. If clearly illuminated people collude in supporting and perpetuating the illusion,and exposed to the light of collective disclosure and for to not do so inevitably leads to some form of coercion,transparency, the shell game and Ponzi scheme that IS the which is a subtle (or not so subtle) form of violence. In theglobal financial system will be revealed to be the staggering highly uncivilized world of the wetikonomy, “might makesand unlawful deception that it is. In a vast computerized right. “ The nature of the beast that we are dealing withweb of electronic transfers and accounting shenanigans, the needs to be factored into the equation of how we creativelyglobal economic system has become an insanely desperate and strategically respond.pyramid scheme, a high-tech casino-like scam. A monstrous,