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Mastery Journal is the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts and life.

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February 2011 Issue

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 2 February 2011Mastery JournalThe International Ezine on Mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts, and Life Introduction to a Life of Daoist Play Qigong and Reality Mark Johnson Gary Giamboi Does Mastery Lead to Enlightenment? The Great Epidemic Part I Lama Tantrapa Paul Levy Tai Chi and Snow Shoveling Qigong and Creativity Violet Li John Munro
  2. 2. February 2011Volume 1 Issue 2 Dear Mastery Journal Readers, Letter from the Editor Articles Can we enjoy our lives more fully Introduction to a Life of Daoist Play by learning to perceive reality more Mark Johnson objectively? The quest for a greater quality of life seems to motivate most of the masters in Does Mastery Lead to Enlightenment? most arts, be that Yoga, Qigong, or Martial Arts, which Lama Tantrapa may be a spiritual quest at the same time. Indeed, Tai Chi and Snow Shoveling knowing whether an objective reality exists outside of Violet Li our consciousness or we subjectively dream it up can affect every aspect of our lives. This knowledge can Qigong and Reality provide us with wisdom to think, act and respond to Gary Giamboi life in the most empowered way. The Great Epidemic Part I Paul Levy This issue of Mastery Journal presents two seemingly Qigong and Creativity opposing perspectives on reality. Do we dream John Munro up our reality moment by moment or does it exist independently of us? This is a test for resonance that How to Join the every one of our readers has to undertake in order to find out one’s personal truth. This relativity of truth isInternational Qigong Community another challenging topic to wrap our minds around. Academy of Qi Dao Website The Secrets of Qigong Masters When we focus on the real essence of our arts, Online Audio Broadcast which is the flow of energy, rather than on external Qigong Network Social appearances or forms, we become more masterful Networking Interface in our respective arts. Contemplating on the essence can inspire us to understand the true nature of Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn reality… But nobody, even the greatest of all masters, has the definitive answer whether there is such a The Flow Show thing as objective reality. We must arrive to our own conclusions not by following the logic of other people, but by testing, comparing side by side and recognizing which belief system allows us to live more fully and Brought to you By: powerfully. How would you like to live your life? Namaste, Publisher: Lama Tantrapa Production Designer: Thomas Pamelia The Cover Photo: Kali Tara Lama Tantrapa Copy Editor: Lucas Meyer Information is correct at press time. Mastery Journal is published monthly by the Academy of Qi Dao in Portland, Oregon. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the official company policy © 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.
  3. 3. Introduction to selflessness and any other quality listed above, there is no real Divinity or Divine Play. I chose those particular aspects of the Divine because they are most often absenta Life of Daoist in people who are trying to be spiritual or trying to appear spiritual to themselves and others. Are all those qualities present in your life? Why not?Play Play is also a perspective, and perspectives create ourMark Johnson world. Years ago, eclipses of the sun caused mass panic. Today, people go out of their way to view them. SameI was fortunate enough to have known many of the phenomena, different perspectives, different reactions.great spiritual teachers of the last half-century. They The way we respond to things largely determines therepresented almost every major religious tradition, but quality of our lives, so imagine how our lives would beI spent the majority of my time with Vedantists, Zen enhanced if we were in a constant state of Play. I haveteachers, and especially Daoist masters. My mentors are also observed that growth happens most easily whenthe treasures of my life, for it was they who showed me one is Playing. It seems to be a fundamental survivalhow to Play. My present identity as a low-to-middling instinct and my learned friends assure me that it is aincarnation of the Divine was nurtured by their endless necessary ingredient in maintaining the neuroplasticitypatience, attention and love over long periods of time. of our brains.Everything of value in my While life seems to flow effortlessly for people who canlife came through them truly Play, that does not mean there are no challengesand if there is a common in their lives. It is just that they are not as bothered bytheme to their divergent adverse circumstances because they are not so stronglyspiritual traditions, it is this: attached to their egos. The size of your ego doesn’tregardless of what you are matter. What’s important isdoing, life can be Play. Filling how strongly you are attachedout your income tax can be to it. It is often more difficult toa playful experience; you transcend a small, restricted lifecan relax and enjoy chaos than a more expansive one. A lackand confusion; and you can of attachment to ego is one ofeven accept suffering and the foundations of living a life ofdeath without losing your sense of lightness and being Play. Everyone has the potentialcentered. Play, in other words, is not so much about to transcend ego without denyingwhat you do; instead it arises from your perspective and it or trying to crush it. Only a fewyour sense of who and what you are. people in any era completely succeed, but they do exist.The kind of “Play” I refer to (Play with a capital “P”) iscertainly not the play of the idle rich, nor is it limited Play is also knowing the instant-by-instant delight ofto throwing a Frisbee around on a fine summer day. A pure being. A spontaneous person dances for the joy ofchild is incapable of this kind of Play for children know dancing and for no other reason. Joy is like a good winenothing of time or consequences. The kind of Play I am and as my often-inebriated uncle used to say, “Winetrying to encourage can only be manifested by a mature complements a good meal, and a bad meal demands it.”adult who reflects and embodies the playfulness of the If you don’t like your present life, then change it untiluniverse in its many expressions of spontaneity, novelty, every moment is Playful, joyous and sacred to you.mystery, miracles, paradox, synchronicities, humor and“being in the zone.” If there is an absence of love and
  4. 4. In its highest expression, Divine Play occurs when you How do I know these things? I was speaking with theparticipate in the co-creation of the universe. Similar to Divine just the other day and she verified everything Istates of lucid dreaming, where dreamers are aware they have written. Finding and living with people who manifestare dreaming and decide to have fun with the dream, playful qualities was always a priority for me and my booka person in a state of co-creation experiences every is filled with the lessons I learned from each of them.action as being an effortless, natural response to everycircumstance. Within that state, there eventually arisesthe realization that everyone and everything is oneself To read about the lives of the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Moses,and that everything one does is done to oneself. That Jesus, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Milarepa, the Holy Mother, Ramana Maharshi, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. is inspiring in itself, but to have lived with such people and cultivated oneself under their tutelage is quite another matter. How would you feel if you had lived in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and never met the guy? What a tragedy it would have been to have known the Buddha personally, but, due to religious prejudice or tunnel vision, that person would remain closed to his message of compassion. Seeking the counsel of those you deem wise and truly loving is a great way to live.all-encompassing state of identity with the Other is the It is even better to BE wise and truly loving yourself. Whatorigin and foundation of love and compassion. When that makes you think you are not one of thoserealization becomes an abiding state, you are expressing remarkable souls right now? I had no ideayourself from the depth of your being. of my inner spiritual potential when I was young. It is never too late to recognizeThe connection between Play and the Divine first your innate Divinity, so real-ize it (make itoccurred to me while I was reading Krishna Dharma’s real) by any means that is natural to you.retelling of the Hindu epic The Mahabharata. The poem Just be sure that your path is integrated—refers to the manifest world as the “Lila” or Play of the that your body is healthy, flexible, andLord and asserts that we in our essence are Divine. If energetic; your emotions are appropriate to the situation;the core of our being is Divine and everlasting, and if the your mind is alert, curious, and clear; and your spirit is all-Divine is constantly Playing, I wondered, then why aren’t embracing and tranquil. While these facets of your beingwe? are in the process of integrating with one another, use your mature ego to create benefit for all beings.This world is not a cosmic mistake, nor should it be aveil of tears to be endured and transcended as soon as I was fortunate to have 20 years of intense self-cultivationpossible. The Divine loves to manifest and Play. When we under a powerful Chinese Daoist Wizard in the seventieslive life as Play, the world becomes a Divine Playground. and eighties. That era with my teacher includes a year in Taiwan and the remarkable circumstances of bringing him to the United States. We then trained in the wild and dangerous hills of Malibu, California, in Tai Ji, acupuncture, Daoist exorcism, spiritual sexual practices and how to integrate our three energetic bodies: the physical, the bio-electrical and the Auric bodies. I studied Feng Shui and how different psyches are formed by the topography of their locale.
  5. 5. I have taught Tai Ji to famous contemporary actorsand actresses. and my most recent attemptsat transcendence have comethrough ultralight flying. I wanteveryone to know why nature andenlightenment are both overratedand, conversely, why reincarnationis underrated and how it is animportant factor to a life of Play. If an ordinary person like myself can Play in everyinstant, then surely you can too. I am hoping you willrecognize this place within yourself and allow it toexpand. To the extent my life has gone beyond thenorm, I hope it inspires you to take the plunge intothe unknown in your own life. Think of my story asa spontaneous tour and initiation into a life of Play.So now, join the cosmic court jester and universaltrickster as I meander my way to and through a lifeof Play. Let the mystery, magic and miracles begin!Please download my book Life as Play for free byclicking the image below to learn more about myteachings.
  6. 6. While with them, his Qigong healing abilities were Master of recognized so he was asked to return to do healing for the cast and crew of “Rumble Fish”. Mark’s students included Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Patrick the Month Swayze, Mickey Rourke, Ralph Macchio and many others. Since 1983, Mark has founded Integral Tao Centers in New Mexico, New York, and California where he now resides. He is a certified Tai Chi Mark Johnson tournament judge and has officiated nearly 50 tournaments in the past 12 years. He has produced three videos/DVDs: Tai Chi for Healing,Tai Chi for Women and Tai Chi for Seniors which is the highestThere is only a handful selling Tai Chi video in the country (almost a millionof Westerners with copies sold and counting).Mark Johnson’s trainingin so many Chinesedisciplines. In addition toTai Chi instruction, Markspecializes in Qigong(which is self healingthrough movement), FengShui (which is the study ofthe energies of an area),the I Ching (which is China’s ancient classic on howthings change) and Chinese calligraphy. Mark hasintegrated these disciplines in creative ways for over40 years.He started his Chinese studies in 1970 when hejoined the I Ching scholar, Khigh Dhiegh at theTaoist Sanctuary in Los Angeles. During his 4 yearstay at the Sanctuary, he studied the I Ching,Taoism, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and the Chineselanguage. In 1974 Mark relocated to Taiwan to studyacupuncture. While in residence there, he studiedwith several highly respected Taoist Masters. After ayear in Taiwan, Mark moved to Malibu, CA where hecontinued his Taoist training for 8 more years. Duringthat time, he learned 3 Taoist styles of Qigong TaiChi and the 8 Treasures. He also studied advancedI Ching, Feng Shui, Calligraphy and enhanced hisnatural healing abilities.In 1982, Mark taught Tai Chi to Francis Ford Coppolaand the cast and crew of the movie “The Outsiders”.
  7. 7. Listen Live Podcast Stream on the Go Save for Later Share with Friends Help us TranscriptSecrets ofQigong Masters Radio ShowMondays 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) As the host of this enlightening talk show, Lama Tantrapa interviews prominent experts in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Meditation, and Internal Arts. He also shares his unique perspectives on the principles and applications of energy awareness. Join us every Monday at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) for a friendly and mindful exchange of ideas and “secrets of the trade.” Call in during the show with your most burning questions for our guests at 347-327-9635 or email us at qigongmasters@gmail.com.
  8. 8. Does Mastery difficult to tell apart from showing off or bragging. However, a really clear distinction can be drawn between expressing mastery and showing off: the former requiresLead to no desire to impress anyone or impose your power onto others, while the latter is often fueled by exactly those desires. How else can you tell them apart? In the art ofEnlightenment? Qi Dao that I practice and teach, we learn to distinguish between the modes of “having” and “being,” which can be applied to many different arts, sports and aspects ofLama Tantrapa life in general.Do you want to know how to become truly happy and For example, on the most basic level of Qi Dao studies,spiritually awake in this lifetime? Believe it or not, I am you learn to experience the shift from the mode ofnot talking about achieving fame or fortune (although “having attention” to the mode of “being attentive.” Ithey may turn out to be nice side effects of you mastering am sure that you have encountered many people in yourthis knowledge), but something much simpler – life, who were stuck in the mode of “having attention.”improvement. If you are like most people, it is not even Was it fun to hang out with such friends or be inimportant for you to be better than others or have a long intimate relationships with those constantly seeking yourlist of achievements that would prove that you are a attention? I am sure that you felt drained and frustratedmaster. Just feeling that you are better off today than you after spending time in the company of such people. Thiswere yesterday is the simplest thing that can bring forth is because they actually used you as one of their energylasting happiness and fulfillment. Obviously, different sources. There is a well-known Chinese expressionpeople have different levels of ambition and drive to Yi Dao Qi Dao, which can be loosely translated intosucceed. English as Where awareness or attention goes – energy flows. Simply put, many people have no idea about the tremendous energy resources within themselves, so they unwittingly act as “energy vampires” sucking the vitalHowever, if you happen to have one of those really force from other people by attracting their attention (anddriven, type-A personalities, I have another, even more thus energy) with their behaviors, attires, cars, etc.intriguing solution for you. If you have a passion for anyparticular art, learn how to do your personal best eachtime you are at it. I am not talking about merely polishingyour skills but developing a real mastery of the art. Without being attentive, there is no way to learnRemember, I am not asking you to compete with anyone anything, since you cannot even remember any of thoseor even compare yourself to others involved in your art things you did not pay attention to. Becoming moreform. Competition may be used as a fun motivational attentive clears the way to more advanced levels of Qitool that can keep you excited to do your best on a more Dao studies, because being attentive is a prerequisite forconsistent basis. Without comparing yourself to others, learning at a much greater speed. You can quickly gatheryou may feel as though there is nothing to strive for and a significant amount of knowledge and may eventuallyno role models to follow; however, mastery is something arrive to the point of being able to see the possibility ofmuch more subjective and internally motivated, requiring shifting from the mode of “having knowledge” to theno comparison to anyone, except to yourself and the way mode of “being knowledgeable.” Having learned howyou performed in the past. to experience the initial transition from the mode of “having” to the mode of “being” in regard to attention is the key to the next level of transformation. This is how you can become capable of knowing many things withoutOf course, if you wish to be recognized as a master by relying on the past experiences or accumulated data,others in your area of expertise, you would need to be which is usually referred to as being intuitive. Considerable to demonstrate your mastery, which is sometimes that our art can train you to act and think as though you
  9. 9. are highly intuitive, or even psychic, while being also able dreams. In fact, at that point, there is another transitionto explain the origins of your intuitive knowledge and associated with the highest level of mastery associatedteach it to others. with shifting from the mode of “having dreams” that you can manifest easily and elegantly to the mode of “dream being,” which means becoming the one, whoSince knowledge is power, as it were, this step in your knows that, just like in your night dreams, the dreamerpersonal development may enable you to step up to and the dream are inseparable. You can eventually arrivethe next level of mastery, where you learn how to shift to the level of self-realization, where you no longer try tofrom the mode of “having power” to the mode of “being manifest your dreams, as you recognize that you cannotpowerful.” This transition has apparently proved to be “have dreams” by remembering that, whenever you arequite challenging for numerous gurus and so-called dreaming, you are one with the whole dream world. Andmasters of various disciplines. It is mesmerizing and this realization applies not only to those dreams thatoutright addictive to have a lot of power over others or you have at night, but also to your daydreams, as wellto be able to manipulate the events in your life, or even as to the big dream called your daily life. This is wherethe flow of human history, at will. One of the reasons things become particularly interesting, since you maywhy so many masters get stuck in the mode of “having see that “being one with everything” and “being totallypower” is exactly due the fact that it is very difficult to in the flow” are exact same metaphors that are used tofigure out how to become powerful without mastering describe enlightenment. That is why it is also known asthe previous steps. There also may be little external spiritual awakening.motivation to simply enjoy your power without feeling aneed for confirmation or even admiration of others. Youmight be familiar with some examples of power-hungry Now you can see how the seemingly simple suggestionindividuals, who possessed some formidable influence, to be attentive may actually lead you on the path ofauthority and power, but turned out to be miserable and enlightenment. Notice that I don’t call it the “path todestructive. enlightenment,” because spiritual awakening is not a one-off event, but rather a continuous process with its own ups and downs. As they say, even after the mostIn Qi Dao, there is a wonderful tradition of receiving an profound awakenings, we usually tend to fall asleepinitiation into the practice of Empowerment that enables again, so we continue learning how to be more and moreyou to feel the flow of Qi in your body and around it, awake in this awesome dream called life.as well as to be in the flow. This unique practice is soprofound that it serves as the cornerstone of the majorityof the advanced practices and applications of our art. Italso teaches you to surrender to the flow of Qi, ratherthan trying to control or direct it according to your ideasabout where and how it should flow. Once you knowhow to use the infinite power of this flow instead of yourindividual force, you get close to transforming yourselfinto a powerful master who is no longer concerned aboutshowing off or even proving his power. This is when youbegin to feel the power that requires no confirmation,validation from others, or comparison to anyone else’spower, because it is not really your own power, but thepower of the whole universe that flows through you.The most advanced and sophisticated level of Qi Daopractice empowers you to learn how to live your
  10. 10. Lama Somananda Tantrapais the 27th lineage holderof Qi Dao, also known as Ti-betan Shamanic Qigong. Hehas been practicing Qigong,Dream Yoga, Meditation,and Internal Martial Arts forover thirty five years, pri-marily trained by his Grand-father who was the paragonof the Russian Martial Artsand Qi Dao Grand Master.His background is complex enough to include serving inthe Soviet Army’s Special Forces, being kidnapped in theUkraine and surviving several near-death experiences.Lama Tantrapa was ordained as a Buddhist monk in threedifferent orders and initiated into Subud spiritual brother-hood. In addition to being a Tibetan Bon Lama, he stud-ied with a number of Qigong and kung-fu masters, greatteachers of Yoga and meditation, as well as Native Ameri-can, Hawaiian and Siberian Shamans. He is also trained inCultural Anthropology, Meta-coaching, Hypnosis and NLP.When living for two years on a small tropical island in thePacific, 7000 miles away from the majority of his studentsand clients, he pioneered a novel method of conductingQi Dao sessions over the Internet called Qigong Coach-ing. In the last decade, he has provided wellness, peakperformance and life coaching to thousands of people ofall ages and from various walks of life. He is also a bestsell-ing author of several Qi Dao books, executive producerof the film Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, creator ofCD albums Qi Dao Initiation and The Art of Being in theFlow, publisher of the Basic Qi Dao Home Study Courseand other multimedia learning materials available at www.qidao.org.In addition to being the publisher of Mastery Journal,Lama Tantrapa is also the host of the Internet Radio talkshow The Secrets of Qigong Masters that you can enjoy atwww.blogtalkradio.com/qigongmasters.
  11. 11. Tai Chi and Chen Style Lao Jia (Old Frame) Er Lu (Second Routine). Remember to alternate the process on the other side to keep it even.Snow Shoveling Chen Style lineage holder Grandmaster Chen XiaowangViolet Li was born into an impoverished family. Furthermore, his family was blacklisted during the Chinese CulturalWhen I rolled out of bed, looking out the window, I saw Revolution. He started to work in factories at the age ofthere were another three inches of fresh snow on top of 13 to help support his family. He utilized the work as athe two inches of old snow, which had at least one inch of way to train himself. It was said that he maneuvered andice underneath it. The regular snow shovels are useless accumulated Qi while sawing wood. He used the Tai Chito deal with the situation. The snow shoveling service method to step the mud to mix the clay for brickmaking.cannot come soon enough -- not to mention that they are Doing this type of hard work, he built up his leg muscles.expensive and couldn’t even get rid of the ice last timewe called. If this is your situation, what are your options:do nothing and wait for everything to melt or shovel ityourself? In Tai Chi in Your Life, Dale Napier encourages people to incorporate Tai Chi fundamentalsWell, take a deep breath. Do a few reps of the Tai Chi into daily life. Tai Chiwarm-up routine, especially including the shoulder definitely helps me withrotation, waist turning, and knee circling. Practice a few snow shoveling.simple silk reeling routines for 5 to 10 minutes. Maybedo a Wuji standing and meditate 5 to 10 minutes so yourmind is calm, your body is relaxed, and your hands andfeet are warm. Layer yourself well with long johns, sweats, Bend the knees (Qu Qi),and a coat. Put on a knit cap and a scarf if needed. Get relax the hip joints (Songout a garden shovel with a straight blade. Step into the Kao), turn the waist (Zuansnow with a pair of boots with good traction. Yao), root, and move Qi. Voila! The snow is done. The shoveling went quickly; I was energized after this Tai Chi exercise. The best part was that I was neither boredThe left hand holds the handle while the right hand nor tired.grabs the middle section of the shovel staff. Bend yourknees. Sit your Kuas (Hip Joint or groin muscle). Shovelunderneath the pile of ice and snow while shifting yourweight from the left side to the right. Slightly turn your Wait, we are not done yet. You need to warm down afterbody and shift your weight to the left, then sink your Qi the shoveling. Do the following once you get inside thewhile the shovel is still underneath the pile. As you lift house.the shovel up with snow and ice on it, let the internalenergy (or Qi) raise from the feet, transport throughthe legs, hips, waist, back, shoulders, arms, and each of 1. Rub your hands together for at least 30 times. Useyour hands. Throw the snow up. Make sure you shift your hands to massage your knees. Do it slowlyyour weight from left to right. Use your waist/core to and gently. Circle one direction first then reverseturn your body to the right side. With these combined the process.motions synchronized, the snow will be thrown sideway.Sometimes the snow and ice can stick to the shovel. To 2. Stand on the left leg, pick up the right foot andget rid of them, twist your wrists at the very end of the bend the knee backwards and up. You can stretchthrowing motion. That is when your Qi reaches the out the ligament on your right knee, and holdextremity. This will cause a jerking motion which forces for a few seconds. Change side. You can do thisthe snow and ice out. The entire lifting movement is multiple times until your knees do not feel sore.very similar to “Cannons in a Series” (Quan Pao Chui) in
  12. 12. 3. Take a big step with the right foot forward. Bend the right knee so it is directly above the right ankle -- make sure the right knee does not pass the right toes. Keep the left leg straight. Make sure your upper body is in an upright position. Hold for a few seconds and make sure that your left groin muscles stretched out. Then change sides. Again, you can do this multiple times so your lower back feels relaxed. You may not have sore lower back if you sit Kuas properly during the snow shoveling. 4. Change your clothes if they are wet from sweating. 5. Brew your favorite tea in your favorite teapot or pour a glass of red wine in my case. 6. Sit in front of the window and marvel at the snowdrift. 7. Say softly to yourself, “That’s my trophy for the day” and smile!!!Violet Li, MBA is an award-winning journalist, certifiedTai Chi instructor, andcertified Heart Zone Trainer.She has studied Tai Chi andQigong with many mastersand teachers, including MingBusalaki, Jesse Tsao, ChenZhenglei, Yang Zhenduo, WuWenhan, Ma Hailong, andSun Yongtian. She has taughtTai Chi, Qigong and cardio fitness programs to differentdemographic groups.Her passion for these disciplines motivated her towrite articles on the related events, people, theories,techniques, practices, and health benefits. Violet writeslocally as the St. Louis Tai Chi Examiner and is the authorof over 170 articles on Tai Chi, Qigong and Fitness forwith tens of thousands of readership from more than 20countries.
  13. 13. Qigong and think of it as a set of breathing exercises coupled with some form(s) of movement that is designed to improve our health.RealityGary Giamboi It is actually much more complicated than that.Most of us want to believe we have the, or at least a Let’s take a minute to examine why Qigong is associatedcorrect view of Reality. For the purposes of this article, with breathing.let’s assume Reality is very simple.The Way Things Truly Are. Thousands of years ago people did not know oxygen existed. They could not see it or what it did. However, they could see and experience the act of inhalingNow before some of you who understand quantum something in and exhaling something out.physics (much better than I do) say that we have no wayof knowing certain things, I say so what? No matter whatthe probabilities are, they are what they are regardless This something appeared to be intimately associatedof whether or not we understand what they are or what with living because when you stopped inhaling it, youthey truly mean. died. Therefore, the ancients surmised we were inhaling energy we needed to continue living. It was called Qi (Chi).In my humble opinion, something has to understand TheWay Things Truly Are. There is no way to get certaintyfrom uncertainty unless the uncertainty is only uncertain We were seen as exhaling used or bad Qi (Fei Qi).to those entities that call it uncertainty. However, this was generally not given as much importance as the Yang (Cosmic) Qi we inhale.Luckily for us, those unknowing entities are not the oneswho make things happen! Later, after the existence of oxygen and its importance became accepted, the word Qi came to mean breath or air, while still meaning Cosmic and/or Life Force Energy.Another way of looking at this is to say that quantumphysics is not our Personal Reality. It may affect howour Reality works, but the rules that govern our Personal Qi is seen as having two aspects: Yin and Yang. They areReality are not quantum in nature. the two complementary poles of the same thing.The end result of what I have just said is that if Things can Yin is feminine, cooling, solid, condensing. Yang isonly be One Way, then what is true for Qigong must also masculine, warming, fluid and expanding. When energybe true for every other modality which claims to do or manifests as matter, it has more Yin characteristics.accomplish the same things. When energy manifests as heat, it has more Yang characteristics.Most people who are familiar with Qigong (Chi Gong)
  14. 14. Gong is translated as skill. Therefore, Qigong is EnergySkill. Sometimes we call this living in a different time or space Day Dreaming. However, any time we put our consciousness anywhere except in our here and now, weSince the Universe is always working to balance its Qi, are not living our present moment in Reality.and the highest goal of humanity is seen as harmonizingwith Nature, the less impact your energy has upon theUniverse, the higher your level of Qigong. Did you notice that I did not just say …we are not living in our Reality.This ideal becomes complicated when we may have thechoice to try to correct imbalances in the Universe’sharmony created by other people’s imbalances. This is because I believe it is literally almost Impossible not to live in Your Own Personal Reality. However, where should we draw the line between what is an acceptable amount of deviation between The Way Things Truly AreHowever, the purpose of this article is not to discuss and the way we perceive things to be?the moral or ethical implications of Qigong. It is only todiscuss its basis in Reality. Almost everyone believes there should be as little deviation as possible. Yet most people get around this byQigong employs various Physical, Mental and Spiritual refusing to acknowledge how much they color The Waymeans to balance our Qi or Internal Energy. Physical Things Truly Are just to suit their own personal agendas.movement, breathing, mental manipulation, spiritualpurification and/or any combination of these four actionsare employed in most forms of Qigong. This brings us to the second grouping of Qigong exercises: Inner Cultivation.These four actions can be grouped into twoclassifications: Active Exercise and Inner HealthCultivation. Inner Cultivation can be described as regulating and purifying your Heart, which governs your Consciousness, Thinking and Spirit.Active Exercise is best described as a Mind-Body Exercise.This means that aspects of every action are consciouslycontrolled. In order to do this, you must consciously The more you can purify your Heart, the less you willdetermine and constantly adjust your posture, your color Reality.breathing, your thoughts, your emotions and youractions. Active Exercise gives us the strength of body and mind to accomplish the more difficult tasks of Inner Cultivation.By the way, I cannot fathom performing any action that isnot a Mind-Body Action. Our lives in this Reality are shortenough without giving up any of our finite number ofmoments which are based in this Reality to live in some In Yoga, the equivalent of Qigong is some combinationother reality based in a different space and/or time frame of Asana and Pranayama. However, in the eight limbedinvented by our minds. (or steps of) Raja Yoga the first two limbs are the Yamas and Niyamas or, loosely translated, Restraints and
  15. 15. Observances. Which means Yoga starts with the process Therefore, Qigong and Pranayama must work the sameof purifying one’s Heart. way regardless of how they describe their own processes. The principles upon which they are both based must be the same.Like Qigong, Pranayama is also an energy skill and can betranslated from the Sanskrit as “Energy Restraint.” LikeQi, Prana also means “Energy, Breath or Life Force. And the bottom line is: They do!Asana or the stretching poses which most people often They have the same goal: to balance the oppositeassociate with Hatha Yoga is the third limb of Raja Yoga. polarities in our Internal Energy system, to come toPranayama is the fourth limb of the eight limbs of Raja Balance and Harmony.Yoga. One of the confusing points one will notice when tryingAs in Qigong, the physical practice of Yoga normally to compare the two systems is that the Chinese describeprecedes the energy practice. This rule is followed to energy using only two terms: Yin and Yang. Whereasmake sure that: the Yogis describe energy as has having three Gunas or qualities: Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. 1) There is enough energy in your internal system to accomplish what needs to be done without taking The confusion, in my opinion, is not warranted. All energy from the more mundane life processes. one has to realize is that Tamas corresponds to Yin. It is cooling and more stationary. Rajas corresponds 2) The energy system is prepared to handle the to Yang and is warming and more fluid. Sattva is the additional demands placed on it by the new Sanskrit name for the state of balance between the two practices. opposites. The Chinese do not make this condition called 3) The Will Power is strong enough to regulate the Sattva or energy balance between Yin and Yang a third stronger flow of the additional energy. unique property or characteristic of energy. 4) The Will Power is strong enough not to let our emotions and desires run wild due to the increase For example, the Yogis’ view of our energetic body has in energy, especially sexual energy. three nadiis or meridians running up the center of our back: the Ida, the Pingala and the Sushumna.Now let’s get back to Reality. The Ida is our Moon channel and is cooling or Yin. The Pingala is our Sun channel and is warming andSince I do not think Reality changes when one crosses the Yang. The Sushumna is the channel where only pureHimalayas, Things must be the Same Way in both China balanced energy flows. It is neither warming nor cooling.and India. Indeed, they must be the same everywhere, Therefore, this energy does not change what it comesbut let’s stick with these two ancient and seemingly into contact with. However, it can be changed by whatdifferent cultures and modalities. comes into contact with it.
  16. 16. The goal of balancing our Internal Energy can be two effects will work to counteract our contractionreduced to balancing the forces of contraction and and cooling.expansion which are always at work in our Body, Mindand Spirit. If we are determined to contract or cool down in spite of our rising internal pressure and temperature, weWhen we are neither expanding nor contracting must apply more and more energy and/or force toPhysically, Mentally or Spiritually, we are in harmony continue to do so.with our surroundings. We will have no effect on it. As you can see, both of these possible scenarios haveWhen we are expanding or warming, our a high probability of being damaging to our reserve ofsurroundings must contract and withdraw from the Internal Energy.new space we are occupying and/or it must cooldown to offset our warming up. It must also give upwhatever we are absorbing in order for us to expand. Qigong is meant to help us keep these forces in Balance. So is Yoga.Of course, if we are expanding without absorbinganything, we will weaken ourselves by lowering our For the rest of this article, I will focus on the part ofinternal pressure and temperature, or we will weaken Qigong which is concerned with Active Exercise.ourselves by using too much Internal Energy just tokeep our Internal Pressure and temperature constantand/or high enough to sustain our expansion. For example, most of us associate Yoga with stretching. However, not even most would-be yogis realize that in order to safely stretch one part of theirBoth of these conditions will necessitate using more body, another part must contract. Forcing one part ofenergy to keep our internal pressure and temperature your body to expand more that its opposite part canhigh enough to sustain our expansion. contract is a prescription for injury.Both of these conditions are deleterious to our health Even if no injury results from stretching in thisand well being. manner, you will still be subjecting yourself to an imbalanced energy flow for at least the duration that you hold the stretch or asana.If we are contracting or cooling, our surrounding mustexpand to fill up the void we are creating or heat upto counteract our cooling. Likewise, our surroundings The proper and safe way to stretch is to balance bothmust absorb anything we maybe be giving off as we sides of your body. When doing a forward bend, thecontract. proper way to expand forward and down is to pull yourself down using your abdominal muscles and hip flexors while letting the back naturally expandIf we do not give up anything as we contract, our upwards.internal pressure will rise and this can cause damagefrom within. If our internal pressure rises, this in turnwill cause our internal temperature to rise also. These
  17. 17. Contracting your abdominal muscles can make your Have you noticed that no one gets tennis fingers, tennisback expand if you project the energy you received hand or tennis wrist. They get tennis elbow. It is nofrom contracting your abdominal muscles into your coincidence that the fingers, hand and wrist all line upback via your Ming Men, which is the area directly with the racket and the direction of the returning force.behind your naval center. The Ming Men area It is at the elbow where the force must make a 90° turncorresponds to the Manipuri or Third Chakra. up the arm that the problem occurs. This is because the tendons at the elbow must stabilize the elbow from a 90° shear force.Another example of these Universal Principles at workcan be seen in something as seemingly unrelated toQigong and Yoga as Weight Lifting. Tennis elbow is a classic case of developing a problem because we can project more force than we can absorb.We have all at least seen weight lifters using externalsupports to help them lift heavier weights than they For me, the truest test of a modality and its principlescan lift without the supports. These supports can be a is its Universality. Qigong’s concept of Harmonizing Yinweight lifting belt, a bench, wrist straps, etc. and Yang is truly Universal. Everything we may need to be or do can be accomplished using this Principle.If these weight lifters try to move the same amountof weight in any context other than these or similarlysupported ones, they may have a real problem.They have made certain parts of themselves capableof producing more expansion or absorption, whicheveris the lifting part of the action, than they can safelyproject or absorb into the other parts of their structure.Therefore, if they try to lift a heavy piece of furniture orpush a heavy truck without the structural supports theyare use to, their now unsupported parts may fail due tothe unaccustomed stresses.Let’s move further a field and look at tennis elbow. Thisoccurs when a tennis player is able to project moreforce into the tennis racket than his elbow can absorbback. This may sound silly, but you can’t get tenniselbow by just by swinging the racket in the air even ifyou use the same amount of force used in a game.You can only get it when you hit the ball. This is becausethe act of projecting force into the ball also sends anequal amount of force back into the racket and you.
  18. 18. Gary Giamboi founded The Institute of Asian Arts in 1994in order to continue the tradition of discovering, nurtur-ing and passing on the wisdom of the ancients. He beganhis Eastern journey in 1969 and has had the unbelievablegood fortune to have become a disciple and personalstudent of four World Class MastersHe has achieved the Rank of Master Level Instructor inQigong, Taijiquan, Ninpo, Jujutsu, Asayama Ichiden Ryu,Kenjutsu and Yoga in world recognized organizations. Heis also certified as a Personal Trainer, as a Pilates instruc-tor, in Ohashiatsu, in Thai Yoga and has several otherlower rank Black Belts in various martial arts. He special-izes in finding the common thread of Truth in All of theseArts, because at the end of the day “Things Can OnlyWork One Way.” Even though they use different systemsof Internal Energy, Yoga works in China and Acupunctureworks in India. Each contains a piece of The Truth or TheWay Things Are. It is up to each of us to find as much ofThat Truth, That Way and live by it as closely as possible.Gary has taught and demonstrated Martial Arts, Qi-gong, Yoga and Fitness Training in the USA, Japan, China,Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, and Ireland. He has sev-eral articles published a total of over 64 times on variousweb sites and blogs, produced 2 DVDs on Qigong, 1 onTaijiquan, 2 on Yoga, 1 on Balance and a Point by PointRelaxation CD. He also has two books nearing publicationand several new DVDs coming soon. His web sites arewww.Genbukan.biz and the newWWwww.Secrets-of-Yoga-Qigong.com
  19. 19. THE As if performing a magic ritual, in exploring wetiko, we first have to invoke its spirit and enter into a relationship with it. We must contemplate and engageGREATEST wetiko as objectively as we are able, as if it exists outside of ourselves, lest we get too mixed up withEPIDEMIC the object of our contemplation. Due to its unique psychic origin, the epidemiology of wetiko is different than any other disease. An intrinsic challenge to ourKNOWN TO investigation of wetiko is that it is incarnating in the very psyche that is the means of our investigation.HUMANITY: Aware of this conundrum, Forbes explains that he is attempting to examine the disease, “from a perspective as free as possible from assumptions created by thePART 1 very disease being studied.” If we are not aware of the frame of reference through which we are examining wetiko, our investigation will be tainted by the disease,Paul Levy obscuring the clear vision needed to start the healing process. Studying how wetiko disease manifests in others, as well as takes over a certain part of ourIn the book Columbus and other Cannibals, indigenous consciousness, will help us to see it more objectively.author Jack D. Forbes lucidly explores a psychological Seeing this psychological malady manifesting in thedisease that has been informing human self-destructive world is the looking glass, through which we canbehavior that Native American people have known potentially recognize this illness arising within our ownabout for years. After reading his book, it was clear to minds.me that he was describing the same psycho-spiritualdisease of the soul that I wrote about in my book,The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our After evoking wetiko, in order to study it as objectivelyCollective Psychosis. I introduce the idea that from the as possible, we have to hermetically seal it within andawn of human history our species has fallen prey to a alchemical container. This ensures that its mercurialcollective psychosis, which I call malignant egophrenia. spirit doesn’t seep back into the invisibility of theSpeaking about this very same psychic epidemic, unconscious, where it would act itself out throughForbes writes, “For several thousands of years human us. Jung continually emphasized the importance ofbeings have suffered from a plague, a disease worse developing a container or vessel, in which to catchthan leprosy, a sickness worse than malaria, a malady troublesome spirits like wetiko. He writes, “Therefore,much more terrible than smallpox.” Indigenous people if anything is wrong, take it out of its place and puthave been tracking the same psychic virus that I call it in the vessel that is between your neighbor andmalignant egophrenia for many centuries and calling yourself… For love of mankind, create a vessel, intoit “wetiko,” a Cree term referring to a wicked person which you can catch all that damned poison. For itor spirit terrorizing others. Professor Forbes, who was must be somewhere – it is always somewhere – andone of the founders of the Native American movement not to catch it, to say it doesn’t exist, gives the bestduring the early sixties, says, “Tragically, the history chance to any germ.” Wetiko is an elusive spirit thatof the world for the past 2,000 years is, in great part, is tough to pin down. At the same time, it is criticalthe story of the epidemiology of the wetiko disease.” that we attempt to delineate its properties. Unlike aWetiko/malignant egophrenia is a psychosis in the true physical virus, wetiko cannot be isolated materially, butsense of the word as being a “sickness of the soul or its characteristic signature can be detected and seenspirit.” Though calling it by different names, Forbes and in the peculiar operations of a psyche that is under itsI are both pointing at the same illness of the psyche, spell. Failing to recognize the existence of this maladysoul and spirit that has been at the root of humanity’s – saying it doesn’t exist – allows this psychic infectioninhumanity. to act unrestrained. Being always somewhere is to be nonlocal, which means that it is always around, even
  20. 20. potentially, or especially, within us. In calling forth the Forbes continues, “this disease, this wetiko (cannibal)spirit of wetiko, we create the container, in which we can psychosis, is the greatest epidemic sickness known tostudy this disease, so as to understand what in fact we man.” We, as a species, are in the midst of a massiveare dealing with, see how it operates out in the world, in psychic epidemic, a virulent collective psychosis that hasothers, and within ourselves. In order to come full circle been brewing in the cauldron of humanity’s psyche fromin our contemplative exercise/exorcise, we have to turn the dawn of human history. Like a fractal, wetiko operatesour contemplation inwardly. As if in a dream, where the on multiple dimensions simultaneously – intra-personallyinner field appears to be without, we can recognize that (within individuals), inter-personally (between ourselves),wetiko that we have been tracking out there, outside as well as collectively (as a species). “Cannibalism,” inof ourselves, is a reflection related to the same process Forbes words, “is consuming another’s life for one’s ownwithin ourselves. Encoded in the symptomology of wetiko private purpose or profit.” Those afflicted with wetiko,is a revelation, something that is most important for us to like a cannibal, consume the life force of others – humansknow. and nonhumans – for private purpose or profit, and do so without giving anything back. One example that symbolizes our self-destructive, collective madness is theA DISEASE OF CIVILIZATION oil companies’ destruction of the Amazonian rainforest, the lungs of our planet. This is literally a full-fledged revelation showing us what we are doing to ourselves. Another example symbolically illustrating wetiko in actionWetiko/malignant egophrenia is a disease of civilization, is Monsanto genetically engineering terminator seedsor lack thereof. To quote Forbes, “To a considerable that do not reproduce a second generation, thus forcingdegree, the development of the wetiko disease farmers to buy new seeds from Monsanto for each year’scorresponds to the rise of what Europeans choose new crop. This makes survival for many poor farmersto call civilization. This is no mere coincidence.” The impossible, which has triggered a wave of suicides amongunsustainable nature of industrial civilization is based farmers, as Monsanto grows richer in the process.on, and increasingly requires violence to maintain itself.Genuine civilization, in essence, means not killing people.Referring to the lack of civility in modern society, whenasked what he thought of Western civilization, Gandhi “The overriding characteristic of wetiko is that itis known to respond by saying, “I think it would be a consumes other human beings, that is, he is a predatorgood idea.” It makes sense that native people would and a cannibal;” as Forbes puts it, “This is the centralknow about malignant egophrenia, as they were both essence of the disease.” Those infected by wetiko turnoppressed by modern civilization although weren’t, at into predators out of touch with their own humanity,least initially, under its curse. Being under the sway of unable to see humanity in others. Instead, they relatemodern civilization can feel like something foreign to to others either as potential prey or as a threat to theirour nature is being imposed upon us, as if we are living dominance. As if a different breed of people that is moreunder occupation. Modern civilization suffers from the like a predatory animal than a human being, someoneone-sided dominance of the rational, intellectual mind, fully taken over by the wetiko psychosis consumes othersa one-sidedness that seemingly disconnects us from lives, physically, emotionally, psychically and meta-nature, from empathy, and from ourselves. Due to its physically, beyond just the material body and physicaldisassociation from the whole, wetiko is a disturber of possessions to the level of meaning itself. Wetikos arethe peace of humanity and the natural world, a sickness the anti-artists of our culture, embodying the oppositespawning aggression and inciting violence toward living of what creative artists do. Unlike an artist, whobeings. Wetiko promotes humanity’s inhumanity. This creates life-enhancing meaning and enriches the worldpsychic virus informs and feeds the madness of so-called without robbing others, a wetiko takes and consumescivilization stirring up madness within each and every one without giving anything back, continually draining andof us. impoverishing the planet of resources. We are currently in the midst of the greatest epidemic
  21. 21. sickness known to man. Many of us don’t even realize itself throughout the field, it must let the host live longthis, as our collective insanity is so pervasive that enough to spread the virus. If the host dies too soon, theit has become the norm. Our collective madness bug would be prematurely evicted and would suffer thehas become our filter of perception, as we see and inconvenience of having to find a new residence.interpret the world through it, rendering our madnessinvisible, thereby unwittingly colluding with thecollective psychosis that is wreaking incredible death Like a cancer of the mind that metastasizes, in wetikoand destruction on our planet. Being transparent, our disease, a pathological part of the psyche co-opts andmadness is not apparent, i.e., not visible. Our collective subsumes all of the healthy parts of the psyche sopsychosis is invisible to us, as it expresses itself both in as to serve the pathology. The personality then self-the very way we are looking, as well as in the ways we organizes an outer display of coherence around thishave been conditioned not to perceive. Due to such a pathogenic core, which masks the inner dysfunction,cloak of invisibility, we don’t see our madness, a psychic making it hard to recognize. In a psychic coup d’etat,blindness which makes us complicit in the creation of our the wetiko infection can usurp and displace themadness. person, who becomes its puppet and marionette. Like a parasite, the wetiko virus can take over the will of being more evolved than itself, getting it enlisted intoMany of us can’t fathom the level of evil, to which full- serving its nefarious agenda. Once the parasite becomesblown wetikos have fallen prey, and which they are sufficiently entrenched within the psyche, the primecapable of. Our lack of imagination of the evil existing directive coordinating a person’s behavior comes fromin potential in humanity is a direct reflection of a lack the disease, as it is now the one calling the shots. Justof intimacy with our own potential evil, which enables as someone infected with the rabies virus will resistthe malevolence of wetiko to have nearly free rein in drinking water, which would flush out the infection,our world. In our psychic blindness we are complicit someone taken over by wetiko will not do anything thatin the spreading of the wetiko psychosis, whose depth might help them get rid of the disease. Wetikos areis beyond the capacity of words to fully describe. Evil phobic towards the light of truth, which they avoid likeparalyzes the ability to language our experience, creating the plague. In advanced stages, this process takes overa seemingly unbridgeable gap between language and the the person so completely that we could rightfully say theevent it is supposed to describe. Rendered speachless, person is no longer there; they are just an empty shellwe create a new language that is universal and carrying the disease. In a sense, there is just the disease,transcends itself, a language known as art. operating through what appears to be a human being. The person becomes fully identified with their mask, their persona, as if there is no one behind the mask.A PARASITE OF A DIFFERENT ORDER ALIEN INTRUSIONWhen people are infected by wetiko, Forbes writes,they are “the host for the wetiko parasites.” The wetikogerm is a psychic tapeworm, a virus of the mind. Just like Speaking in his own language about the predation ofcertain computer viruses or malware infect and program the wetiko virus, the spiritual teacher Don Juan, thea computer to self-destruct, mind-viruses like wetiko can hero of Carlos Castaneda’s books, mentions that theprogram the human bio-computer to think, believe and ancient shamans called this “the topic of topics.” Donbehave in ways resulting in our self-destruction. Wetiko Juan explains, “We have a companion for life… We haveis a virulent, psychic pathogen that insinuates thought- a predator that came from the depths of the cosmosforms into our mind that, when unconsciously enacted, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings arefeed off of and ultimately kill its host (us). It doesn’t its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master.” Thiswant to kill us too quickly, however, for to successfully sounds just like the state of affairs being pointed at inimplement its agenda of reproducing and propagating the Bible when, for example, The Gospel of John refers
  22. 22. to the devil as “the ruler of this world” (14:30; 16:11), and a brute compulsion born out of terror, as it continuallyPaul speaks of Satan as “the god of this world” (Cor. 4:4). has to feed itself so as to postpone its ever-approachingThe Gnostic Gospel of Phillip, talking about the root of death. Don Juan continues, “Through the mind, which,evil that lies within all of us, makes the similar point that after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the livesunless this evil is recognized, “It masters us. We are its of human beings whatever is convenient for them [theslaves. It takes us captive.” (II, 3, 83.5-30) Speaking about predators].” Cloaking itself in our form, this predator getsthe predator, Don Juan continues, “It has rendered us under our skin and “puts us on” as a disguise, fooling usdocile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our to buy into its false version of who we are. (This is why theprotest. If we want to act independently, it demands that shortened name of Malignant Egophrenia is ME disease,we don’t do so.” It is striking how Don Juan’s description referring to a distortion of our identity). Instead of beingof the effects of these predators is being enacted in in our power and serving ourselves, we unwittinglyour increasingly militarized society, as our freedoms (literally being out of our wits) become the servant ofand liberties get taken away step by step. It is as if an the predator. Instead of being a sovereign being who isinner, invisible state of affairs existing as a yet unrealized creating with our own thoughts, we will then be createdarchetypal pattern deep within the soul of humanity is by them, as the predator literally thinks in our stead.revealing itself through the outside world. Speaking of the predator’s scheme, Don Juan says, “itTo quote Don Juan, “Indeed we are held prisoner! This proposes something, it agrees with its own proposition,was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.” and it makes you believe that you’ve done something ofDon Juan is referring to an energetic fact that I imagine worth.” It is as if there is an alien other, a metaphysicalmost of us can relate to; i.e., there is something within entity which is subliminally intruding its mind into oursus that stops us from expressing our true creative genius in such a way that we identify with its point of view andand attaining our full potential. These predators are “time forget about our own. Don Juan refers to this situationbandits,” robbing us of the precious hours of our lives, as a “foreign installation,” as if some alien race has setas if we are wage-slaves on a prison-planet “doing time.” up a space station inside of our minds. This is exactlyDeepening his description of these predators, Don Juan what the Gnostics – the ones who know – are pointingelaborates, “They took over because we are food for at, when they talk about alien predators called “Archons”them…we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens infiltrating and subverting the workings of our mind. Toin chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in the extent that we are not conscious of this alien takehuman coops, humaneros.” The wetiko virus particularly over of our psyche, we become drafted into the predator’sflourishes in overpopulated cities, where people are sinister agenda, unwittingly becoming its slaves. This state“coop-ed up.” When we buy into group-think and are of psychological warfare within is mirrored by the sinisterindoctrinated into the herd mentality, we become like psy ops (psychological operations) being instituted by thesheep that are being led over the edge of a cliff, or cattle powers-that-be in the outside world.that are being raised to be slaughtered. VAMPIRESDon Juan continues, “The predators give us their mind,which becomes our mind.” It is as if these predators arein competition with us for a share of our own mind. The Forbes writes, “The wetiko psychosis is a sickness ofpredator shape-shifts and assumes our form, and if we the spirit that takes people down an ugly path with noare unaware of its masquerade, we will identify with its heart… After all, the wetiko disease turns such peopleinvasive thought-forms as if they are our own, and act into werewolves and vampires, creatures of the Europeanthem out. We will mistakenly believe that we are acting nightmare world, and creatures of wetiko’s reality.”on our own impulses, with our best interests in mind. This Werewolves and vampires are shape-shifting creatures,predator, Don Juan continues, “fears that any moment its symbolic representations of the horrific potential withinmaneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to all of us to be taken over by and act out the archetypalbe denied.” The wetiko predator has an inner necessity,
  23. 23. shadow, regressing to an archaic level of the psycheand become like a predatory animal, an inhumancreature. When these psychic energies break through Lacking a sense of soul, wetikos are efficientinto consciousness without being mediated through machines, dedicated to preserving and serving theconsciousness, Jung writes, “they sweep everything state, which, to quote Forbes, “is itself a creaturebefore them like a torrent and turn men into of the wetikos who have seized control of its powercreatures, for whom the word ‘beast’ is still too good apparatus.” A full-fledged wetiko has become aa name.” robotic automaton, conditioned to react to certain stimuli like a reflex. They have become part of the machine, with neither spontaneity, creativity, originality, nor free thinking programmed in. De-Vampires, considered to be the darkest creature of humanized, wetikos have lost touch with any senseevil’s arsenal, have haunted our imagination for ages, of aesthetics, of appreciating the inherent beauty ofas they are representatives of a living process that life, and have become an-aesthetic, i.e., anesthetizedexists deep within the human psyche. A vampire and numb to what it is to be a human being. Theis not a human figure, but rather a being, who has emissary of an authoritarian, militarized, patriarchallost its soul. Or if it hasn’t lost its soul, its soul has culture, the wetiko disease breeds fascism, and terror.been damned, which is a soul that is lost. Either way, To quote the great healer Wilhelm Reich, “Fascismthere’s something missing. Isolated from the world, is the vampire leeched to the body of the living, theit has lost any connection with the part of itself that impulse to murder given free rein.” Fascism is theis related to everything else; from its point of view, outer, collective political expression of an individual’sthe world exists simply for its use. Although it has ravaged inner landscape that has been crippled andlost connection with its heart and soul, a vampire suppressed by the authoritarian civilization.hasn’t totally lost its mind (although the original mindis gone), as vampires often have clever and incisiveintellects that cloak their pathology, making theirdisease hard to see. This is similar to how a crazy Like in a vampire, in full-blown wetikos, there isperson may have a brilliant mind as well, a genius that nobody home, which is one of the reasons why,can hide the extent of the illness, making the malady symbolically speaking, vampires have no reflection inhard to recognize. The sharpness of vampire’s mind, a mirror (which, mythologically speaking, is supposedinstead of being devoted to gaining insight into their to reflect back the image of the soul). Full-blownmalady and healing from it, however, is used for the wetikos are empty to the core, so there is nothing topropagation of the virus. reflect. Inwardly there is just a void, a devouring black hole that is feeding on the universe. Their atrophied soul has been emptied out like a piece of wood hollowed out by psychic termites. Full-blown wetikosAs in the case of a vampire, in which death takes are so compulsively possessed by the consciousness-living human’s form, wetiko is ultimately not a living negating form of the unconscious, that they have lostorganism, but rather, a living manifestation of death. the ability to self-reflect, which philosopher HannahWetiko, like a virus, is dead matter; it is only in a Arendt claims is one of the primary characteristicsliving creature that the virus acquires a quasi life. of evil. Unable to self-reflect, they can no longerMembers of the living dead, vampires are neither access within themselves the faculty of the psychetruly alive, nor truly dead. Like vampires, full-fledged the negativity derives from. One of the reasons wewetikos have forfeited their humanity, becoming can’t see vampire’s reflection in a mirror, however,conduits for the impersonal and depersonalizing is because our own inner, unconscious vampirewetiko virus to incarnate through them. They are obscures the reflection, which is to say that theliving portals, openings in the third-dimensional fabric unacknowledged specter of our own shadow gets inof time/space, through which this contagious, higher- the way.dimensional virus can spread itself in this plane, bothlocally and non-locally.
  24. 24. A vampire is also supposed to cast no shadow, as and are able to skillfully navigate our way through,it cannot stand sunlight. Not being a living being, a can serve to further strengthen our connectionvampire has no substance. Only a thing of substantial with the light of lucidity, hone our skill of creativelyexistence can cast a shadow. Vampires can’t cast transmitting our realizations, and cultivate morea shadow, however, because they are the living open-hearted compassion. It is as if these psychic,embodiment of and identical with the archetypal nonlocal vampires are guardians of the threshold ofshadow. A shadow casts no shadow of itself, as the evolution.shadow itself has no substance. There are benefitsthat accrue to the vampire because of its ability tonot cast a shadow – it is then easier for the vampire Just like vampires, full-blown wetikos have a thirstto hide its true identity, move in the hidden shadows, for the very thing they lack – the mystical essence ofbecome invisible, and be able to prey on people. life – i.e., the blood of our soul. In consuming otherNot casting a shadow, the vampire, a shape-shifter human beings, wetiko disease is a psychic eatingwho is a master of camouflage and disguise, is able disorder, in which the stricken psyche consumesto easily seduce and entice the unaware, entrapping other psyches and, ultimately, itself. Wetiko is thus athem using their mental shadows and blind spots. soul-eating disease. Savaged by the ferocity of theirThis is to say that disowning of our shadows can unending hunger, full-blown wetikos have becomelead to vampirism. The vampire archetype gets possessed by an insatiable craving that can never beactivated within us when we turn our backs on our filled. This vampiric feeding is an unholy parody onown darkness, rendering our shadow invisible to the self-renewal of life. This perverse inner process isourselves. We can’t see vampires because we have manifested collectively by the consumer society thatchosen not to see those aspects of ourselves that are we live in, a culture that continually fans the flamesmost like the vampire. of never-ending desires, conditioning us to always want more. As if starving, we are in an endless feeding frenzy, trying to fill a bottomless void. ThisIn addition to the weak and defenseless, vampires process of rabid, obsessive-compulsive consumptionseek out people who are on the verge of a quantum, is a reflection of a shared inner sense of spiritualevolutionary leap in consciousness, but have not yet starvation. The entity of the global economic systemfully integrated their realizations. These individuals itself is a symbol of out-of-control wetiko diseaseare in an energetically sensitive and charged doing its business.condition, and their openness and vulnerabilityinvites the vampiric entities to help themselves andgorge on the light of their expanding awareness. Viruses like wetiko are all about copying themselves.The strategy of these predators is to distract us so A virus can’t just replicate itself, however, it has toas to keep our attention directed outwards, thereby use some other vehicle as its means of reproducingstopping us from finding the light within ourselves, itself. They need us to be their birthing chamber.which would kill the vampires. If we hold up a mirror To the extent we are not aware of their ploy, theseand reflect back the insanity being exhibited by those higher-dimensional spirit parasites put us on,stricken by the wetiko psychosis, we run the very wearing us like their third-dimensional space suits.real risk of being accused of being the ones who These psychic vampires are compelled to replicateare crazy. If we do manage to connect with the light themselves through us so that we can then pass onwithin ourselves and try to share it with others, these and transmit the infection to others. This processnonlocal vampiric entities (what I have in previous is analogous to when someone is infected with thearticles called “nonlocal demons,” or NLD), not rabies virus. In advanced stages of the disease, abound by the third-dimensional laws of space and rabid animal will be taken over by the irresistibletime, will try, via their connections to the nonlocal urge to bite other creatures so as to pass on thefield, to stop us by influencing other people to turn virus. People taken over by the rabies virus are aagainst us. This process can destroy us, or, if we living, frothing symbol of what the wetiko virus doeshave the meta-awareness to see what is happening in its full-blown virulent stage.
  25. 25. People taken over by the wetiko virus usually don’t suspect a thing about how they have been conned.In a vampiric lineage, the wetiko virus’s self-propagation The wetiko culture offers no incentive for themis accomplished through the medium of the family to self-reflectively speculate upon their depravedsystem, as the legacy of abuse (be it physical, sexual, circumstance; on the contrary, the non-local fieldpolitical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual) gets configures itself to conspire, enable and furtherpassed down, both individually and collectively, cultivate their psychosis. When someone is a full-and transmitted over generations. It is through the blown wetiko, the field around them torques so as totraumatic shattering of our wholeness that wetiko protect, collude with, and feed into their psychosis inpasses its distorted code into the body-mind of another a way that entrances others around them. Once undergeneration. As if under a curse, our species has been the wetiko spell, people lose the capacity to recognizesuffering from an inherited, collective form of PTSD the wetiko pathology in others. In a situation of group(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Remaking their narcissism, wetikos at different stages of the diseasevictims in their own image, the wetikos’ victims join the assume particular postures and roles relative to eachlegion of the damned, themselves becoming holders other so as to protect and shield themselves from theirof an unholy lineage. This curse will continue until own insanity and darkness. They feed and reinforcewe intervene in the spreading of this vampiric mind- each others’ narcissism because it enhances their own.parasite, and the chain of never-ending abuse is broken. Speaking about the type of person who is typically susceptible to fall prey to the wetiko virus, Forbes writes that it is usually those “whose strings are pulledHIGHLY CONTAGIOUS by others or who follow a life-path dictated by others. Thus they are ripe for the wetiko infection.” Not in touch with their inner guidance, they project authority outside of themselves and become very suggestible toSpeaking about wetikos, Forbes says, “they are insane the consensus opinion of the dominant pack. Losingin the true sense of the word. They are mentally touch with their own discernment and ability for criticalill and tragically, the form of soul-sickness that thinking, the afflicted join the mindless herd, whosethey carry is catching.” Wetiko psychosis is highly members co-dependently enable each other to upholdcontagious, spreading through the channel of our their shared version of the wetiko world. Their groupshared unconsciousness. Its vectors of infection and consensus about the nature of reality gets increasinglypropagation do not travel like a physical pathogen. harder to sustain as time passes, however, as, like aThis fluidly moving epidemic reinforces, feeds off of house of cards ready to collapse at any moment, theirand into each of our unconscious blind spots, which vision of the world is fundamentally illusory. Strangelyis how it non-locally propagates itself throughout the enough, people under the collective enchantmenthumankind. In wetiko, there is a code or logic which of wetiko become fanatically attached to supportingaffects/infects awareness in an analogous way to how an agenda that oftentimes is diametrically opposedthe DNA in a virus passes into and infects a cell. People to serving their own best interests. This is an outerwho are channeling the vibratory frequency of wetiko reflection of the inner state of being under the sway ofalign with each other through psychic resonance to the self-destructive wetiko parasite.reinforce their shared agreement so as to uphold theirderanged view of reality. Collaboratively supportingtheir mutual psychosis, groups of people drawntogether by the unconscious can potentially become a It is as if there is an evil spirit that has taken upsocio-political force to be reckoned with. When a group residence in those taken over by wetiko. They areof people are in agreement about anything, whether it unwittingly being used as instruments, as covertis true or not, their alignment with each other exerts a operatives of this darker spirit to proliferate itself in thecontagious, magnetic force field that attracts and sways wider field. Wetikos’ secret agents are not even privythe unaware. to their secret mission themselves. As is true for any of us, when we are taken over by something other than ourselves, carriers of wetiko don’t know how possessed