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The international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Coaching and Life

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April 2011 issue of Mastery Journal

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 4 April 2011Mastery JournalThe International Ezine on Mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts, and Life Body Awareness Lama Tantrapa Dancing with new Energies World Healing Day Julia Griffin Bill Douglas Three Minds Into One The Ins and Outs of John Weston Breathing Part II The Greatest Epidemic Gary Giamboi Known to Man Part III Paul Levy
  2. 2. April 2011 Volume 1 Issue 4 Dear Reader of Mastery Journal Letter from the Editor Articles This month we are very pleased to offer you a special Body Awareness issue dedicated to tai chi and qigong in honor of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day (WTCQD), which is happening Lama Tantrapa on Saturday, April 30, 2011. This day will be celebrated World Healing Day around the globe. For those of us dedicated to bringing you meaningful content on mastery in qigong, Bill Douglas internal arts, and life, we will be celebrating WTCQD at the World Qigong Congress in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe Ins and Outs of Breathing Part II on April 30 – May 2, 2011. For more information on Gary Giamboi the WQC go to www.eastwestqi.com or to find events in your area go to www.worldhealingday.org. Dancing with the New Engergies Julia Griffin WTCQD was founded by Bill Douglas, who just so Three Minds Into One happens to be our Master of the Month. In addition to John Weston our special guest, this issue offers articles on increasing your health and wellbeing through breathing exercises,The Greatest Epidemic Known to Man improving body awareness, addressing the three dan tiens or gateways of the body, and releasing the chains Part III of our egos. Paul Levy As we enter springtime, which is a time for renewal Click Here to Subscribe and Receive a Bonus and transformation, we hope this issue will help you boost your energy through the practice of greater awareness. Please join us in the celebration of hope and healing! Brought to You by Namaste, Kali Samaya Tara Publisher: Lama Tantrapa Production Designer: Thomas Pamelia The Cover Composite: Bill Douglas Copy Editor: Lucas Meyer Information is correct at press time. Mastery Journal is published monthly by the Academy of Qi Dao in Portland, Oregon. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the official company policy © 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.
  3. 3. The Mondays 6:00 pmSecrets of PST (9:00 pm EST)QigongMasters Email Us Your QuestionsTalk Show Call-in to Ask the Masters Listen by Phone on the Go, Stream to Your Computer Subscribe to the Podcast Download to Listen Later Share Our Show with Friends Volunteer to Transcribe As the host of this enlightening talk show, Lama Tantrapa interviews prominent experts in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Meditation, and Internal Arts. He also shares his unique perspectives on the principles and appli- cations of energy awareness. Join us every Monday at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) for a friendly and mindful exchange of ideas and “secrets of the trade.” Call in during the show with your most burning questions for our guests at 347-327-9635 or email us at qigongmasters@gmail.com.
  4. 4. Body Awareness displays a peculiar culture of movement revealing his or her body awareness, or rather lack thereof. Such culture of movement is what I refer to as disharmonious, becauseLama Tantr apa it isolates and compartmentalizes movements of different parts of the body, which makes it look comparatively In the English language, there are many metaphors robotic.reflecting the awareness of the human body-mind. For For the energy to flow freely between the headexample, one can be “nosy,” “spineless,” “gutless,” and the rest of the body, the neck and shoulders needor “heartless.” One may also be “straightforward” or to be free of excessive tension. When the head and“upfront.” One can either “face things,” “throw one’s neck are misaligned, the muscles of the neck have toweight around,” “pull away,” “turn one’s back” on a continuously hold tension in order to compensate for theproblem, or even “lose one’s face.” One may have a lack of support from the spine. When the vertebrae of“good head on his shoulders,” “gut feelings,” “butterflies the neck naturally rest one on top of the other, there is noin the stomach,” “balls of steel,” or “no leg to stand on.” need for any more tension than a regular muscular tone.Moreover, one may appear to have a “stiff upper lip,” a Since the cervical spine is a part of the whole spine, you“high brow,” or even a “stick up one’s ass.” cannot be in alignment if your head and neck are not These phrases hint on some degree of body aligned. Neck alignment requires some basic awarenessawareness people had in the olden days. One must of its bone structure. Despite a popular belief, the bodiespay at least some attention to one’s bodily sensations of the cervical vertebrae are not really close to the back ofand expressions in order to come up with such a body- the neck like many people think (confusing the vertebraecentered phraseology. Nowadays, fewer people pay for their spinous processes), but are connected to theattention to their bodies than to their cars or computers. center of the skull and continue down in the middle ofIt seems that the advancements in technology left our the neck.“civilized world” without the need to pay attention to the Head alignment also entails awareness of thesacred abode of our precious lives. Being in the flow of top of the head so that it actually is the highest point oflife within the temple you inhabit – the physical body and the head. The center of mass of the head correspondsits energy field – is the hallmark promise of Qi Dao to you. to the location of the atlas – the first cervical vertebra. The head can balance effortlessly on the bone structure Alignment of the Head of the neck when it is in a neutral position. It happens Alignments of the head and neck are obvious totally naturally as long as the top of your head (Bai Huiareas to start with. People in modern society often acupressure point) is literally on top.complain about pain and tension in the neck and the In order to experience the natural alignment ofbase of the skull. Such tension blocks the circulation of your head, you can gently pull your head straight up byblood and lymph and often leads to headaches, ringing the tips of the ears with your fingers. Notice the wayin the ears, TMJ dysfunction, eyesight disorders andother complaints. Observation suggests that energycannot flow freely through areas of the body holding alot of tension. Since communication requires free flowof energy, tension in the neck and shoulders restricts andeven disconnects communication between the head andthe rest of the body. The phrase “stuck in the head” generally denotessomeone who thinks or intellectualizes too much. Thisdescribes a person whose muscle tension has created anenergetic and emotional divide between the head and therest of the body. Someone who is stuck in the head often
  5. 5. your head naturally finds its alignment. Bear in mindthat tension is something you do to yourself. Keeping thehead out of its natural alignment requires a lot of doing.You cannot ease tension by doing more. Relaxation is Lama Somanandaa function of non-doing. By simply paying attention to Tantrapa is the 27ththe areas of tension in your body, you will begin to notice lineage holder of Qi Dao,changes happening moment by moment. also known as Tibetan Experiment with the following methods of Shamanic Qigong. He hasfocusing attention on tense neck muscles: been practicing Qigong, Dream Yoga, Meditation, 1) Physical touch – match tension with pressure and and Internal Martial Arts gradually ease pressure when the tension begins for over thirty five years, to subside; primarily trained by his Grandfather who was the paragon of the Russian Martial 2) Increasing and decreasing tension – prevent the Arts and Qi Dao Grand Master. His background is com- head from moving with the help of one or both plex enough to include serving in the Soviet Army’s Spe- hands while contracting and relaxing the tense cial Forces, being kidnapped in the Ukraine and surviving muscles; several near-death experiences. 3) Animation of the head – move your head with the Lama Tantrapa was ordained as a Buddhist monk in help of the hands in the direction it wants to go three different orders and initiated into Subud spiritual without tensing up the neck muscles; and brotherhood. In addition to being a Tibetan Bon Lama, he studied with a number of Qigong and kung-fu mas- 4) Breathing and visualization – imagine that you ters, great teachers of Yoga and meditation, as well as can breathe through your neck muscles while Native American, Hawaiian and Siberian Shamans. He observing the flow of energy being restored. is also trained in Cultural Anthropology, Meta-coaching, Hypnosis and NLP. When living for two years on a small tropical island in the Pacific, 7000 miles away from the majority of his students and clients, he pioneered a No need to force Qi to flow where you think it novel method of conducting Qi Dao sessions over theshould flow or to do anything to the muscles in attempt to Internet called Qigong Coaching. In the last decade, hemake them relax, unless you actually wish to experience has provided wellness, peak performance and life coach-more stress and frustration. Letting go of tension ing to thousands of people of all ages and from variousparallels letting go of expectations. walks of life. He is also a bestselling author of several Qi Dao books, executive producer of the film Qi Dao – Ti- betan Shamanic Qigong, creator of CD albums Qi Dao Initiation and The Art of Being in the Flow, publisher of the Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course and other multime- dia learning materials available at www.qidao.org. In addition to being the publisher of Mastery Journal, Lama Tantrapa is also the host of the Internet Radio talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters that you can enjoy at www.blogtalkradio.com/qigongmasters.
  6. 6. World Healing On World Healing Day people from many walks of life all around the world will cross racial, ethnic, religious and geo- political boundaries to come together . . . to breathe togetherDay . . . and to wrap our world in a wave of healing intention.Bill Douglas The World Healing Day family of events includes many events, all designed to focus human consciousness on the vision of global healing. These events include:World Healing Day - Needed Now More than Ever World Yoga Day, www.WorldYogaDay.orgOur lives are accelerating. Technological transformation ispart of it, population growth is part of it, and the strains of World Tai Chi Day, www.WorldTaiChiDay.orgboth of these accelerations are adding to it. Humanity isslapping the water of life in all directions trying desperately to World Qigong Day, www.WorldQigongDay.orgstay afloat. World Reiki Day, www.WorldReikiDay.org World Healing Meditation Day, www.When the world is spinning faster and faster, finding our WorldHealingMeditationDay.orgcenter becomes more and more important. Just like on a World Prayer Day, www.WorldPrayerDay.orgmerry-go-round, when you stand in the center of life, youdon’t get as disoriented and dizzy. All decisions in this world World Art Day, www.WorldArtDay.orgcome from the field of human consciousness. If it is in astate of fear and panic, then nothing good can come out of World Music Healing Day, www.WorldMusicHealingDay.orgit. If it is in a state of compassion and calm, then a world ofpossibilities becomes evident. and many other World Healing Day events such as World Sufi Dance Day and World Native & Aboriginal Sacred Dance Day.Years ago, the vision of a World Healing Day came into beingas yoga and meditation and even healing prayer groupscontacted World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, asking how they couldbe part of the global wave of Qi and healing intention that The goal -- to affect our world by sending a vibration throughWTCQD is. the field of human consciousness and our physical world -- a vibration of world healing. This is not just a symbolic act. There is scientific researchOn Saturday, April 30th, 2011, at 10 AM local time, that shows that cohesive human consciousness, such as isworldwide, tens of thousands of people will come together produced with mind-body meditative tools, can affect theto wrap our world in a wave of healing Qi, consciousness, and larger society positively, far beyond the number of peopleintention. This event is called World Healing Day, and is listed actually meditating. See this fascinating video by physicistin the Chase Calendar’s Calendar of Global Events. World John Hagelin: http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=yVFa6WtuHealing Day is comprised of a host of healing events. How did xu8&feature=player_embeddedthis begin? The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) caught our attentionOver a decade ago World Tai Chi Day gave birth to World Tai at World Healing Day and became part of our reason forChi & Qigong Day when Roger Jahnke of the National Qigong creating this global event. Born out of research at Princeton,Association contacted us and suggested that Qigong be added GCP discovered that when human consciousness was focusedto the day, and this global event has since evolved into the en masse, such as during the tragedies of 9/11 and Princessbirth of World Healing Day. Diana’s death, that it actually physically affected their computers worldwide. This realization that thought can not only affect others around us, but physically affect our planet, spurred World Healing Day to push on with the effort of
  7. 7. bringing as many humans as possible into our global circle ofhealing intent.By planting seeds of vision now, we may reap the benefits infuture months and years. Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius,wrote, “The world you see is the one created by your ownthoughts.”On the last Saturday of April each year, people around theplanet from Israel to Iran, from the United States to China,from Brazil to Russia, and in over 70 nations -- will cometogether -- breathe together -- a vision of global healing.In 2010, global media embraced World Healing Day:“What if human consciousness were focused en masse fora 24-hour period not on fear and desperation, but on anintention for personal and global healing,” [World HealingDay’s] founders asked. Further details may be found at www.worldhealingday.org. - Al-Ahram Weekly, Cairo, EgyptWorking together, World Healing Day seeks toaccomplish collectively the true power of a global humanconsciousness. - Pakistan-Asia News.comWorld Healing Day . . . addressing world healing - AgenceFrance PresseToday is World Healing Day . . . [it] seeks to unite healingintentions from a multitude of spiritual and medicalpractices. - The Huffington Post.com[The last Saturday of April] is World Healing Day, plus AdamYauch (Beastie Boys) and Yoko Ono are meditating twice dailyfor world health . . . - UK IndependentWorld Healing Day events are open to all. Attend an event ororganize one yourself. Visit www.WorldHealingDay.org tolearn more.
  8. 8. Master of Excellence on Qigong Award from the World Congress on Qigong and the Leadership Award from the National Tai Chi Association. Please visit the official website of the the Month World Tai Chi & Qigong Day www.worldtaichiday.org for more information about this worldwide celebration of the Energy Arts. Bill Douglas He is the author of the best selling tai chi book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & Qigong (Penguin/Alpha Books, New York), which is published worldwide in several languages. Bill is the presenter/producer of the DVD titled, Anthology of T’ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future, which was called “an excellent introduction to this ancient art” by Booklist Magazine. He is also the author of a highly acclaimed mind-body spiritual thriller, 2012 The Awakening, which was chosen Best Fiction of 2010 by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine. Enlightenment Dudes Review gave it ten out of ten stars, calling it mind-blowing. Midwest Book Review called 2012 The Awakening “riveting metaphysical fiction . . .” Bill’s next novel, A Conspiracy of Spirits, an environmental- spiritual thriller, is slated to be released in 2011. Bill has been a media source on mind-body tools for the modern world and a host of other issues regarding humanity’s challenges for The New York Times, China’s Xinhua News Agency, BBC World Radio, The Wall StreetBill Douglas is the co-founder (together with Angela Wong) Journal, The South China Morning Post, The Vancouverof World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. Over a decade ago they Sun, and media worldwide.invested their life savings in a vision of bringing togetherthe global Tai Chi and Qigong family, so that we mighttogether spread Tai Chi and Qigong to the entire planet attime when it was most needed by a stressed out modernworld.Bill is the Tai Chi Expert for Dr. Andrew Weil’s DrWeil.com,and was one of a handful of national Tai Chi experts to helpformulate a National Council on the Aging national efficacyguide for aging professionals to begin Tai Chi programs forlocal aging populations.Bill has presented for the National Parkinson’s Foundation,the American Heart Association, and for some of theworld’s largest corporations and health institutions. He isthe 2009 Inductee to the Internal Arts Hall of Fame and therecipient of the Extraordinary Service in the Field of QigongAward from the National Qigong Association, the Media
  9. 9. World T’ai Chi &Qigong DayAn Unprecedentedglobal health and healingevent which will unfoldacross the planet onSaturday, April30th, 2011, 10amworldwide
  10. 10. The Ins and Outs easier with practice.of Breathing Because of all of the sequential actions involved in thisPart II form of breathing, it is the slowest method of breathing. The slowness of this breath does not short change our breathing. Because of the great amount of air it actuallyGary Giamboi gets into the lungs, it is actually the most efficient method of breathing. The Complete or Yogic BreathIn Part I of this article we discussed in detail three of the Perhaps because of the slow, even and rhythmicfour forms of chest breathing. We will now take a look nature of the Complete Breath, it does not cause anyat the fourth kind: The Complete Breath or the Yogic extraneous stress factors even though we are using ourbreath. mid and upper chest to breathe.The complete Breath is called Complete because it Speaking of slow, even breathing, the ancients believedentails utilizing all 3 of the previous methods of chest that when we were born, we were allotted a certainbreathing in two particular sequences: fixed number of breaths to take during our lifetime. When we use this number of breaths up, we die. By breathing slower, deeper and longer, we can decrease 1. The Inhalation consists of beginning with the number of breaths we need each minute, each day lower chest breathing initiated by lowering and thus prolong our life. If this seems a little farfetched the diaphragm. When this part of the breath to you, just consider that a good rule of thumb in the is complete (as full as it can comfortably get), animal kingdom is that generally speaking, the quicker the next phase begins with middle chest the respiration of an animal, the shorter its lifespan is. breathing. This is initiated by expanding An elephant lives longer than a mouse. A tortoise lives the rib cage as far as comfortably on all four even longer than that. sides. When this is complete, then upper chest breathing begins which is initiated by moving the upper chest and collarbones Another ancient yogic text says that the further upwards and slightly forward. outwards your exhalation can be felt, the shorter your lifespan will be. Or conversely, the shorter the distance 2. The exhalation proceeds in the exact your exhalation can be felt on your skin, the longer you opposite order. First, the collarbones drop, will live. This is actually the same concept because in pushing the air out of the upper part of the order for you to expel the same volume of air in each lungs. Then the rib cage relaxes, pushing the exhalation while using a shorter column of exhaled air, air out of the middle section of the lungs. one’s exhalation must be propelled by less air pressure Finally, the diaphragm relaxes, rising up and and thus it must take a longer amount of time to finish. expelling the air out of the lower lungs. If one is to breathe rhythmically, one’s inhalation must proportionally match one’s exhalation; and so, it must also be longer. Thus, this is just another way of sayingThis is the most complete, fullest method of exchanging that the slower we breathe, the longer we will live.gases between the lungs and our surroundings. Unless ithas been practiced regularly, this method requires a lotof concentration to perform correctly. It does become
  11. 11. The very act of breathing more slowly calms us down. Gary Giamboi foundedIf we are breathing slowly, the part of our brain that The Institute of Asianmonitors such things comes to the conclusion that all is Arts in 1994 in order towell and keeps the body working in calm, slow, relaxed continue the traditionmanner without a stress hormone in sight. of discovering, nurtur- ing and passing on the wisdom of the ancients.The ancients would attribute this calmness to the He began his Easternslowness of the breath. This is because as we inhale, journey in 1969 and hasour Prana or Qi rises up our body toward the top of our had the unbelievablehead. The more we inhale with greater pressure, the good fortune to havefaster and higher it will rise up. become a disciple and personal student of four World Class Masters He has achieved the Rank of Master Level Instructor inAs our energy rises, it energizes our heart center and Qigong, Taijiquan, Ninpo, Jujutsu, Asayama Ichiden Ryu,causes havoc with our emotions. It then proceeds to our Kenjutsu and Yoga in world recognized organizations. Hethroat center making it easier for us to speak things we is also certified as a Personal Trainer, as a Pilates instruc-wouldn’t have if we had taken the time to think about tor, in Ohashiatsu, in Thai Yoga and has several otherthem some more. Lastly, our energy makes its way up to lower rank Black Belts in various martial arts. He special-our brain and feeds whatever thoughts up there that the izes in finding the common thread of Truth in All of thesefeelings from our heart center inspired. It short-circuits Arts, because at the end of the day “Things Can Onlyour intellect, bypasses our reason and lets our emotions Work One Way.” Even though they use different systemsdictate our actions. of Internal Energy, Yoga works in China and Acupuncture works in India. Each contains a piece of The Truth or The Way Things Are. It is up to each of us to find as much of That Truth, That Way and live by it as closely as possible.This is not to say that breathing more quickly makesyou lose control of yourself. It just means that it makes Gary has taught and demonstrated Martial Arts, Qi-it more difficult for your intellect and reason to remain gong, Yoga and Fitness Training in the USA, Japan, China,in control of your actions, and that you will have to be Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, and Ireland. He has sev-more vigilant in watching over what you feel, think, say eral articles published a total of over 64 times on variousand do. web sites and blogs, produced 2 DVDs on Qigong, 1 on Taijiquan, 2 on Yoga, 1 on Balance and a Point by Point Relaxation CD. He also has two books nearing publicationIn other words, breathing more slowly, evenly, deeply and several new DVDs coming soon. His web sites arewill help keep our energy from rising unnecessarily. This www.Genbukan.biz and the newwill also keep our emotions and intellect from rising www.Secrets-of-Yoga-Qigong.comunnecessarily.
  12. 12. Dancing with the discovers an odd conundrum – now the mind argues with the form with the strange talk to self that is calledNew Energies the monkey mind or inner dialogue. Strange situations and upsets follow which cause disturbing emotions and often shut-down with a desire to do nothing butJulia Griffin experience this state.The time of the turning ages, the ending of the Mayan Through meditation, it is possible to discover that ourcalendar and the positions of the stars hint that it is reactions and upsets are caused by deep childhood ortime to leave behind the undesirable parts of “our past life beliefs. Ultimately, life responds to our innerreality” to create a new life or reality that is a more being. What we refuse to see, the Universe mustfulfilling expression of our higher nature. (Think of it mirror. Many of us are passing through this fire of inneras an opportunity to use the skills that you have gained discovery. As Frankl said, “That which is to give lightthrough the summer and past year, like graduating must endure burning.” As we move into enlightenmentfrom skiing on two skis and now learning to slalom.) as a group, we surrender and sacrifice the old patternsIt is the nature of the Universe to allow opportunity that cause discomfort and pain – the odd part is that ourfor expression of mastery. What is mastery? It is the patterns form the experience of opposition and squaresunderstanding that our conflicts allow for insight, greater as reflected by the heavens.compassion and inner love for self while moving into the In an opposition, two planets or forces face one anotherauspices of greater co-creation. at 180 degree angles, and the two forces are not inGrasping our ability for co-creation is only possible by agreement. For the sake of expression, they could bewitnessing the dance between the shadow and soul. said to be in disagreement. In squares with 90 degreeThe soul longs for greater opportunity and dreams of angles, there is an element of force. Two energies mustfrontiers for experience. The un-integrated ego finds come together in an expression of matter. We could saythe sofa and television appealing with a sigh of “Oh, I’ll that the soul’s desire for expression in the material anddo that later.” The dreams of the soul are elusive until the ego with its karmic patterns of self-protection andwe learn how to put the two voices together. The soul neediness are in opposition. By learning to combinespeaks through intuition, a repetitive voice that sings in two opposing forces, we step into the operation of thethe heart, while the ego speaks of past pain, hurt and marriage of opposites – the only known formula ofprotection with patterns of victim, perpetrator and hero. creating consciously in matter. As the two opposites (imagine 2 circles overlying one another as in the FlowerWhile the dreams of the past ages are being of Life) merge, a third thing or child is formed. Rightsurrendered, new dreams of love, compassion and angles of a square are formed as the offspring of the twoenlightenment are being born, but alchemical birth only opposing forces takes shape in matter.comes through the marriage of opposites. Oppositesare light and darkness, soft and hard, yin and yang. The The “Hastened Path” is the name given by Robertopposite sides of our nature are the shadow and soul. Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) to the path of theEvery desire is born of both, the hidden vulnerability enlightenment or light seekers. The Hastened Pathof gifts that lie beneath the shadow and the brave means that the commitment to awakening begins acourageous inspiration of the forward-moving soul. journey of experiencing karma, gifts and wisdom more quickly. It is said that astrological aspects that we findThe Alchemical Process so challenging are but the heavens beckoning this group into the awakening of mastery. The planets and stars areA dream or desire is born from the heart and is amplifying the alchemical process that must take placeilluminated by the fire of the soul. It forms an intention, within those who are awakening so that the co-creationa blazing star that our heart follows with sharp visual of reality is better understood throughout this process ofimages and is shaped by emotion. The body follows, for attaining higher frequency.it must follow it with action for it to take form in matter.In the moment that the image is formed, the aspirant
  13. 13. Patterns resonance with illusion or lower vibration. Also, we accumulate karma or a particular vibratory rate throughPatterns begin usually in childhood, adolescence or early the energy of the repetitive experience. We can beginadulthood. They are based on a belief that involves with the admission that it is our pattern – not someoneacceptance, approval and love from others. We measure else – that causes the frequency. By accepting theour value by the gift of these qualities as children as they frequency, pattern and situation, we immediatelyare necessities for survival. Imagine a child who only begin to observe it. And everything changes when anknows how to give love and encounters a parent who is observer is added to an equation. When we move intoangry or upset. The parent may tell the child that they acceptance of a pattern, then compassion is gained forare too social or solitary or that reading or playing with the characters in our play of life that are mirroring ourfriends is inappropriate. The parent may say that the deepest pain. It is helpful to entertain the idea that ourchild is too loud or quiet, too different or a conformist. experience eventually frees us from our pain body.At this point, damage is incurred. The child begins tochange his or her behavior for approval, acceptance and Listed below are a few of the steps that I use inlove – it seems responsible to reflect that these episodes counseling. They can be applied by anyone who is willinglikely occur because of accumulated karma brought into to practice. The application of the alchemical elements isthis existence. also useful.Regardless, a pattern is formed. Whenever the child Exercise:experiences the same situation, a false behavior isexhibited so that the pain from the initial situation is not Begin with the feeling and stay with the negative feelingagain caused. This behavior is known as the protective or state for a few minutes. Initially it will deepen, butpart of the ego – the false behavior hides the true in a few minutes or hours it will lessen. Notice thatself. The odd part of the pattern is that the protection you have always felt this way (or at least for years)eventually causes pain because it hides the gift of true and remind yourself that observation changes it. Onlyexpression and causes our being to move out of balance. the “inner you” or “real you” can observe. When the feeling lessens, visualize the opposite state, meditate, orThis protection from the ego is the device that causes so exercise. Any of these three acts builds the frequencytrauma in life itself. It is the software in the computer for the desired change, and the three acts differ from theof the self that brings about harsh words, unkindness usual response, thus changing the pattern. When yourand repetitive situations in life. The truth is that if a energy changes, notice that everyone involved is simplysituation is repetitive then it is “us” who is causing it, not acting as a mirror. Try to feel compassion for theiran outer force or difficult universe. In fact, the universe involvement and extend forgiveness. Now ask, “Whatis presently delivering perfect aspects to see our internal would I do if I were free of reaction?” Simply imaginingmirrors and the beliefs that lie behind them. it or asking the question changes the pattern.When I work with students, I find that our darkest 1) Meditation – Devotion to spiritual life is alwaysfeelings and thoughts travel back almost as long as we helpful when moving through difficulty. Wecan remember. For example, the topic may be love, find new insights and learn to apply them.money or health but our feelings and thoughts tend to The connection with spirituality is comfortingstay the same whenever faced with difficult situations. and provides love and nurturing. (Akasha –One person may feel overwhelming anxiety about career connection to the Field)or money; another person feels tragically abandonedor abused in relationships. Through intuitive probing 2) Spirituality – Inspiration is the expression ofand gentle conversation, I usually find that the same spirituality in physical form. Ask what thecircumstances have followed the person throughout Universe wants from you and act on it. Noticehis or her life. Their dream is often the exact or polar the actions that cause fear and visualize that youopposite of the situation. begin them. (Fire – inspiration)The experience of patterns occurs because of our 3) Images – Create new images of life that move in
  14. 14. the opposite direction. Whatever you are not of a desire by staying fixed on its course like the North receiving, imagine it in abundance. Whatever Star. We do this not because of the end result, but you needed as a child, imagine that life now because Spirit leads us. imparts it. Observe any negative images or projections. Remember how often you have Our desire becomes more profound as we move into been successful with similar situations even the path prepared by Spirit or the creative forces of the when they seemed overwhelming. (Air – mental Universe. Now our desire is more than “us”; it is the image) path of sharing our light with many in whatever way that the Universe offers. No longer do we suffer through the 4) Feelings – Notice that feelings change sometimes creations of our patterns – we shed them to follow the hourly. Stay with negative feelings until they light. Our lives begin to follow a new pattern, one that lessen. When the change comes, breathe is based on the new person that we are becoming. We through the heart and feel love flow through find new ways of action, new forms of expression, and as the heart chakra. Express gratitude for all that is we do this, the light comes to meet us. good. (Water – emotions) The presence of the light comes with its illuminating 5) Body – Notice that tension or contraction occurs power – its love and majesty for every fiber of our being. in the body when working with a pattern. The Now we feel only that – and not the darkness through same energy is in the body as well as outside of which we traveled. We express our gifts and talents. it. Breathe through tight points, practice yoga This is part of the path of the journey of the soul, and it or walk. Whenever possible, eat well and drink is one of the paths of awakening. plenty of water. Remember too that your home, body and life are expressions of your being in the There are many paths on the journey, as well as physical realm. Love every molecule whenever many different roads for travel. It may be that soon possible. (Earth – physical surroundings, a transcendental leap will be made as we choose to sensations and body) learn from simple expansion and growth, as opposed to patterns. In the meanwhile, each time that one ofThe Light us surrenders a pattern and transmutes the energy to create a higher vibration, all of us experience a greaterThe real reason for hesitancy is that movement forward opportunity for change and to see the light withinin the light brings change and chaos. Sometimes, we ourselves. At this moment, humanity is moving awaylose the sense of our identity. People react differently to from patterns of hiding the self into self-love, awarenessus, and their reactions may cause feelings of instability and discovery. By bringing together the opposing partsor negative emotions. But like two people in a dance, if of our nature, we move away from judgment and lossone steps away, then the other will step forward or find toward compassion, love and expansion – the gift ofanother dancer. The people in our lives will either step illumination.up to match our frequency or fall away, as will the eventsin our lives.The illumination of the light is known to bring change, For more information, sign up for Julia’s newsletter orinitially chaos. But we survive it and create again. The visit her website at onetrueself.comgarden is plowed before it is brought to life; the house ismost disorderly as it is cleaned. We also learn balanceby bringing the forces of the self together. We learnto rephrase words, to alter reactions or to exerciseand meditate first instead of last. We understand thateveryone acts in a certain way because of our underlyingbeliefs – not the people themselves. As we understandour involvement, we eventually surrender and let go.We end our movement between the low and high point
  15. 15. Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer who has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of people through her manifestation and meditativetechniques. She teaches these techniques in hergroup classes, one-on-one sessions, and nowe-courses.Julia has a deep understanding of energetics basedon extensive studies and her own successful practice.She is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist and Reikimaster, and is able to communicate with plants andanimals. She lived with wolves for nine years, whiledeveloping her intuitive abilities. Julia has been acontributing writer for Spirit of Ma’at and Aquarius,and she publishes a bi-weekly newsletter called OneTrue Self.
  16. 16. Three Minds into of the actual picture on the screen. Literally on your forehead is a picture screen where you can visualize and observe what needs to be observed, like a movie picture on your forehead.One The conscious or middle mind is where we are actually doing the thinking, which is in the heart center. The Taoists say you have three minds, but we use the three minds at the sameJon Weston time. In other words, three minds into one mind. They call this one mind the “Yi” (one). Now Taoists have an interesting concept and we have So, the abdominal, Lower Dan Tien or the loweralready mentioned the first two minds, the upper mind or mind is the awareness and that is really as the West callsmonkey mind that you can transform to the observatory it “our gut feeling.” When we are aware of whatever ittower or the feeling mind. The second mind that we is through this awareness we start to feel a sensationtalked about was the second brain, which is called the in the gut or abdominal area, which is the third mind.heart center or heart mind and the conscious mind. The And the interesting thing about this is, again throughfirst mind is the observing mind, Western science, that if we utilize ourthe second mind is your upper mind to think we utilize eightyconsciousness or your conscious percent of the energy in the body justmind and we have a third mind in this thinking process. When thethe Taoists talk about, which monkey mind is activated, the rest ofis the lower mind. It is in the the body uses twenty percent of theabdominal area and it is the energy.awareness mind. We put far too much of our energy So, I think we have a clear idea in the upper mind, when in reality itof what we mean by the first mind, does not really think for us anyway.the upper mind, and a clear idea It is really crippling us because weof what the middle mind is, the conscious mind. Now, what do not have the awareness if weis the third mind? Again, going back to Western science, do not activate the lower mind and we do not have ait has been proven that the abdominal area has the same consciousness if we do not activate the middle mind.nerve endings or nerve connections as the upper mind. It So, as the Taoists explained, what we need to do is tohas the same reaction and thinking process with the neural activate all three minds at the same time, and when wetransmitters and connections in the lower abdominal area activate all three minds we form one big mind which thethat the brain (upper mind) has. Now what do we mean by Taoists call the “Yi” – Three Minds into One (it is just an“awareness”? Awareness is expansion, like radar. It expands expression or word for three minds into one, the “Yi”).way out to the universe and you can pick up different aspects Now, you are probably asking yourself,of the universe. So it is like radar. We can use an illustration “OK, I understand what to observe is, I mean justfrom the time people were in the desert war several years ago. witnessing and feeling and sensing like a TVThey lived buried in the ground because of the bombing and picture, but what is the difference betweenhad TV screens with radar. the awareness of the lower mind and the consciousnessThey sent out a signal and of middle mind?” Well, again as I explained before, thethey picked up a picture of awareness is like radar. You just send out your energyan aircraft from way out field way out and your energy center is in your Lower Danin space and transmitted Tien. You send that energy, expanding it way out and it just becomes aware. You start to pick up radar or sensitivity waythat picture, the awareness out to certain points so the upper mind or observatory mindfrom the radar, onto that can pick it up. It is like radar sending out and picking up whatTV screen. it can pick up and then you utilize the upper mind to observe The TV screen buried what you actually picked up. That is the awareness.in the desert cave wherethey lived buried inside So it is a conscious effort on your part just to sendthe earth was the actual that focal point out into space, make that connectionobserver. Then the and then start to pick up the information or whatever isconscious mind was the out there. Now, once you pick up the information, youperson determining what have to make a conscious understanding and this is thethe actual picture was conscious mind, the middle mind or heart center. Thatexplaining. So you have the awareness, which is like sending conscious understanding is when you recognize whatout radar, way out to the universe. You have your observation it is and you can make comparisons and then make a conscious decision, have a conscious thought or take a
  17. 17. Jon Weston is the true “international man of mystery,” who con- tributed to the mas- sive success of master Mantak Chia and his organization. In addi- tion to W. U. Wei, Jon Weston wrote under the pen name Wei Tzu and co-authored Living in the Tao, the twelve Taoist poetry books of over 1,200 poems Emerald River expressing the feeling, essence and stillness of the Tao. He also co-created with Mantak Chia the Universal Tao formula cards, “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) under the pen name The Professor – Master of Nothingness. www.the-professor-mon.comconscious direction. This is where the direction and theconsciousness are manifested in the heart center. Thisis the complete knowing. In other words it is deductive;you compare it with various aspects and come out witha conclusion from the source of all knowledge of the WuChi, the Nothingness. This is the actual thinking process because the middlemind picks up everything, using all the information andutilizing the awareness within itself to make a consciousdecision. This is where you make the thought process,so one’s awareness is like radar, which is the lower mind,and the other is consciousness, making a conscious,deductive reasoning based on all the information ofthe universe to complete the thinking process itself.One is thinking and the other is radar: Awareness andConsciousness. And the third, upper mind, you utilize itnot as awareness or consciousness, but just to observe,just to witness .
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  20. 20. The Greatest we pay attention to it, or it will kill us. Its cure is the most pressing and fundamental issue facing us today. Author and environmental activist Derrick JensenEpidemic Known writes in his foreword to Jack D. Forbes book about wetiko psychosis, “Columbus and other Cannibals is, I think, the most important book ever written on oneto Man Part III of the most important topics ever faced by human beings: why is the dominant culture so excruciatingly, relentlessly, insanely, genocidally, ecocidally, suicidallyLets Spread the Word: Wetiko destructive?” Historian Arnold Toynbee points out that a civilization doesn’t die from being invaded from theBy Paul Levy outside, but unless it creates culture that nourishes the evolution of the creative spirit, a civilization invariably commits suicide. As if possessed, our civilization is,In the first part of this series, we contemplated the trance-like, sleepwalking in a death-march towards ouridea of a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that has own demise. The most pressing and inevitable questionbeen wreaking havoc throughout human history that of our time is not just “why?” but more urgently,Native Americans call wetiko. In part two, we inquired how can we stop this seemingly out-of-control, self-into how the wetiko bug disrupts and deranges a living destructive, hell-bent part of ourselves?system, using the world financial system as our casestudy. The wetiko virus is like a parasite that literallyfeeds off, takes over and aberrates the “curren(t)cy”of the infected system. The wetiko pathogen originallymanifests as a disturbance in the field of the collectiveunconscious of humanity itself, creating the psychicley lines upon which world events are erected andenergized. The origin of this virulent disease is to bediscovered within the psyche. Because of the psychicnature of wetiko, it serves us to understand the “PSYCHO-ANALYSIS”psychological underpinnings of the virus, which is tosay, how it affects our day-to-day relationships and The origin of wetiko is the human psyche.lives. We begin to ‘see’ the bug when we are able to Psychologically speaking, shadow projection is at theget in focus and recognize its psychological signature very root of wetiko disease. Shadow projection is ain both ourselves and others. The fact that the source process in which we split-off from and project outof the wetiko germ is within the psyche means that the our own darkness onto others. It is our misguidedcure for this disease lies hidden within the psyche as attempt at a final solution to the problem of the evilwell. within ourselves, which actually deprives us of the capacity to deal with evil. Projecting the shadow opens up the door and invites in the vampiric entity of wetiko to make itself at home in the most intimateWetiko psychosis is at the very root of humanity’s spaces of our own psyche. It is through the dynamicinhumanity to itself in all its various forms. As a species, of shadow projection that the wetiko bug digs in andwe need to step into and participate with our own entrenches itself within our psyches, where it is thenspiritual and psychological evolution, which means able to commandeer the executive function of thethat we must focus our attention on and contemplate psyche to its own ends. When we project the shadow,this topic of topics before this virulent madness we unwittingly become a conduit for evil to possess usdestroys us. Up until this point in our history we have from behind, beneath our conscious awareness, and tobeen too easily distracted by the ruses of the wetiko act itself out through us. When there is mutual shadowbug itself. The disease itself is now demanding that projection between individuals, groups or nations,
  21. 21. each side has an unconscious investment in the other and dream up others to experience what it is like toplaying out the projected evil so as to prove their own be the part of themselves which they have split offself-righteous innocence, a dynamic which becomes from and denied, and are thus not able to consciouslyself-reinforcing and continually feeds the polarization in experience – the part of themselves that has beenthe field. Shadow projection, as it collectively plays out abused and vampirized. In playing this out, wetikos areen masse on the world stage is an outer reflection of transmitting and transferring their own depraved statethe initial process within ourselves of our “be-night-ed” of inner deadness to others in a perverse form of tryingeffort to exterminate our own darkness. When shadow to deal with their own suffering. Paradoxically, wetikosprojection happens en masse, it is as if the archetype of both try to destroy others’ light, as it reminds them ofevil emits its toxic radioactivity underground, through what they’ve killed in themselves, while simultaneouslythe shared unconscious of the collective, and manifests trying to appropriate the light for themselves.collectively as destructive psychic epidemics.In shadow projection, we attempt to master andexperience power over the internal condition thatoriginally proclaimed our powerlessness to ourselvesnot by becoming conscious, but by unconsciouslyidentifying with, becoming, and then acting out thepower to externally destroy. Unconsciously actingout unbound power without restraint is our perverse Wetiko disease is an expression of the convincingway of defending against the internal breakthrough illusion of the separate self gone wild. Bewitched byof feelings of helplessness. Evacuating and relocating the intrinsic projective tendencies of their own mind,our inner darkness outside of ourselves by demonizing full-blown wetikos are unconsciously doing the verythe ‘other’ seemingly protects us from feeling our thing they are reacting to and accusing other peoplevulnerability and pain. Our inner anxiety about our of doing. Projecting the shadow onto others, they willexistential ‘power to be’ attempts to resolve itself in accuse others of projecting the shadow onto them.the power to act free from restraint. In an unmediated To use an extreme, but prototypical example, it is likeexpression of our disempowered inner condition, our someone screaming that you’re killing them as theyunconscious acting out does not surmount the need for kill you. If their insanity is reflected back to them,compulsive repetition, however, but rather, assures it. they think it is the mirror that is insane. SufferingWetikos’ modus operandi, their MO, becomes to root from a form of psychic blindness that believes itself toout and kill everything that feels tender, vulnerable and be sightedness, full-blown wetikos project out theiralive within themselves, thus systematically murdering own unconscious blindness and imagine that others,anything and everything within them that could instead of themselves, are the ones who are not seeing.possibly melt or produce a crack in the ice that encases Governed by the insane, self-perpetuating logic of feartheir heart. and paranoia, those taken over by the disease fear that if they don’t attack and rule over others, they are in danger of being attacked and ruled over themselves.Because full-blown wetikos are soul murderers who In their convoluted, upside-down, flawless illogic,continually recreate the on-going process of killing their wetikos re-act to their own projections in the world asown soul, they are reflexively compelled to do this to if they objectively exist and are other than themselves,others; for what the soul does to itself, it can’t help but thinking that they themselves have nothing to do withto do to others. In a perverse inversion of the golden creating that to which they are reacting. Someone fullyrule, instead of treating others how they would like to taken over by the wetiko bug is like a kitten endlesslybe treated, wetikos do unto others what was done unto reacting to her reflection in a mirror as if it is anotherthem. The wetiko is simply a living link in a timeless, kitten separate from and other than herself. The evil wevampiric lineage of abuse. Full-blown wetikos induce see in the full-blown wetikos is a reflection of our own
  22. 22. evil; if we don’t recognize this, we will just be projectingour shadow onto them. We are then guilty of the verysame thing (shadow projecting) we are essentially A FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER COME TO LIFEreacting to and of which we are accusing them. Wetikos suffer from what is called “pseudologia phantastica,” a form of hysteria characterized by a talent for believing their own lies. “Lying,” ForbesThe term wetiko is a Cree term (windigo in Ojibway, writes, “in fact may represent a key strand in the entirewintiko in Powhatan) which, to quote Forbes, refers to epidemiology of wetokoism.” Ultimately deceiving“an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures themselves as they believe in the propaganda of theirby means of terrible evil acts.” Wetikos are the human own lies, full-blown wetikos become strangers toinstruments for the transpersonal spirit of evil to themselves. Wetikos continually have to invest theirterrorize the world. In wetiko disease, we unwittingly life force in lying to themselves, while at the samebecome drafted into being foot soldiers in the war not time fooling themselves into believing that they areon, but of and for terror. The wetiko parasite feeds on not doing so, a version of what George Orwell referredand harvests the emotions of fear and terror. Terror to as doublethink. Suffering from amnesia, they haveis the essence of its insidious “ill-logical ill-usion.” forgotten what it is to remember, and to seal the deal,In wetiko disease, the psyche takes the terror that they have forgotten that they have forgotten. Thehaunts it from within, and in its attempt to master it, result is that they split their mind in two. Falling intounwittingly becomes taken over by it, thus becoming denial, and yet denying they are in the state of denial,an instrument of terror in the world. We have then becomes a process that they are invested in at all costs,become the thing we most feared, creatures of the or it would blow their denial. Anything that threatens their perverse state of affairs has to be destroyed. Hiding from their lie, they are in essence hiding from themselves, which is pure madness. Instead of living from and out of an awareness of the psyche, full-blown wetikos continually avoid awareness of the psyche, a habitual pattern which becomes their internal compass and continual default, their M.O. Taking refuge not in, but from, themselves, wetikos are continually fleeing from themselves, endlessly circling around in the hamster wheel of samsara. All of their energy gets invested in fueling their own, and others, deception. Their will becomes dedicated to hiding from the truth of what they are doing, a truth, which endlessly pursues them, as they continually avoid relationship with themselves. Wetikos become wedded to the full-time occupation of keeping one step ahead of themselves, a process that, once it gains a certain momentum, attains a seeming autonomy that is self- generating. As this inner process progresses, it gainsEuropean nightmare world, as we psychologically a sovereignty over their psyche, as if a self-createdterrorize ourselves, as well as terrorizing the world at Frankenstein monster has come to life in the flesh. Thelarge. Wetiko is the bug that feeds the experience of wetikos have then created their own sci-fi nightmare,terror within our minds and out in the world, fueling with themselves in the starring role. Once created,one of its more prominent manifestations in our world a mind-virus like wetiko, just like the Frankensteintoday: the Global War on Terror. monster, gains a seeming life of its own, independent
  23. 23. of its creator. It then holds its creator in thralls, unable of anger, frustration, numbness and rage. Sufferingto escape from the out-of-control hell of their own from a deep disorder of feeling in which they cannotmaking. allow themselves to consciously feel, they typically swing between numbness and rage. Fixed in their own limited and myopic point of view, they have no capacitySpeaking of someone possessed by the wetiko virus, to see themselves as others see them. ProclamationsForbes writes, “such a person cannot be authentic. to the contrary, they have neither empathy norSuch a person is not merely a pimp, he is also a ghost, compassion. They can’t see the world through othersas it were, a mere imitation of a person. His life is point of view, only through their own, which in Hannahan imitation of life…their life is less than that of a Arendt’s opinion is a primary characteristic of whatwild (free) animal who is, after all always authentic.” she calls the “banality of evil.” Wetikos don’t relateWetikos become unreal to themselves, a simulation to others as autonomous, independent beings, butof themselves. Split in two, they become schizoid, rather, as pawns to be used as means to their owndissociated from themselves, duality having seemingly selfish ends, objects to be manipulated for their ownestablished itself as the reigning logic at the core of narcissistic benefit, rather than as ends in themselves,their being. Different parts of the person taken over by subjects with their own intrinsic value and validwetiko become compartmentalized, neither connected viewpoints. Because they have lost connection to theirto each other nor to the whole. This process of inner soul, they cannot hear the pleas of nor see the soulfragmentation serves to hide from the wetikos what in others. They refuse to see the harm their actionsthey are doing to themselves, as they become their are doing to others, as this would injure their overlyown never-ending cover-up. This psychological dynamic positive, inflated narcissistic self-image, which protectsis kept in place by how painful it is to behold and them from consciously feeling their shame and guilt.contemplate the modes of avoidance they construct Seemingly unable to consciously experience their guiltto protect themselves from what they do not want to animates more shadow projection, which fuels theknow. And yet, as painful as it is, it is only in the seeing wetiko pathogen in a continually self-regeneratingof what they are doing (to themselves) that there is feedback loop. Unwilling to experience their guilt,any possibility of becoming free from this malignant wetikos are afraid of being exposed, of being foundmalady. out, which is an outer reflection of the terror that the wetiko parasite within us feels at potentially being illumined.Wetikos can psychopathically (and thus toxically)mimic the human personality perfectly. If it servestheir agenda, they can be convincing beyond belief,making themselves out to be normal, caring, politicallycorrect human beings. They are unable, however, tograsp emotionally the meaning implicit in the thoughtsand feelings they are exhibiting. They lack insight intohow they differ from others, for they do not differfrom others as they see others. They are skillful at We secretly feel a sense of guilt when we shadowpretending love and devotion, as if they are imitating a project, because we inwardly know we are not in ourperson. Impersonating themselves, their existence is a integrity. This sense of guilt itself is the very feelingtrue parody of life. They can’t distinguish between their from which we split-off. Our guilt does not allow us tomimicked (pseudo) responses of love, remorse, etc., feel our guilt, which is what we secretly feel guilty over.and the genuinely felt responses of a healthy person. To the extent that we don’t consciously experience our guilt, we become caught in an infinitely perpetuating double bind, in which we project out our guilt and darkness perpetuating the very thing we feel guiltyFull-blown wetikos are emotionally stunted, as their about, ad infinitum.feelings are confined to the primitive, archaic emotions
  24. 24. rape. Etymologically, the meaning of the word evil has to do with excess as well as to transgress boundaries.Big wetikos may neither know nor be forced to come to Full-fledged wetikos are rapists of the human soul.terms with the harm they have caused, as oftentimes The word ‘rape,’ etymologically speaking, is derivedthey find themselves in the privileged position of the from words that mean to overwhelm, to enrapture, tovictors who rewrite history on their own terms. Many invade, to usurp, to pillage, and to steal, which are allof our society’s historians, themselves infected by the characteristics of someone who is taken over by thewetiko virus, exalt aggressive and exploitative behavior, wetiko virus.categorizing as primitive and backwards those, whodon’t forcibly conquer others, thereby subtly andsubliminally brainwashing the young into the ways ofthe world of wetiko. Wetiko disease is a self-devouring operating system that leaves nothing unmolested. It is a living death sentence that, if left unchecked, destroys everything within its dominion, including itself. Wetiko psychosisTHE SELF-DESTRUCTIVE EMPIRE ensures that everything is sacrificed on its altar ofBeing a field phenomenon, wetiko psychosis doesn’t death and destruction. From a galactic perspective, ourjust express itself individually, but its nonlocal tentacles planetary so-called “civilization” is a living, spreadingare continually manifesting collectively throughout outbreak of wetiko psychosis that is threateningthe underlying field of consciousness. The multi- to destroy not only its human host, but the entireheaded hydra that is the wetiko collective psychosis planetary biosphere which makes life on earth possiblematerializes itself in families, groups, nations, and in as well. Speaking of wetikos’ ravenous hunger, Forbeswhole species such as ours. Wetiko’s body politic has an points out, “It’s voracious, rapacious, appetite willintrinsic and insistent need for centralizing power and cause it to literally eat itself.” Forbes continues, “Thecontrol, fueled by the bottom line of corporate-driven rape of a woman, the rape of a land, and the rape ofprofits. Speaking about the monster of ever-expanding a people, they are all the same…Brutality knows noempire, Forbes writes, “imperialism and exploitation boundaries. Greed knows no limits. Perversion knowsare forms of cannibalism and, in fact, are precisely no borders. Arrogance knows no frontiers. Desirethose forms of cannibalism which are most diabolical knows no edges. These characteristics all tend to pushor evil” A front for the underlying wetiko virus, the towards an extreme, always moving forward oncemilitary-industrial-criminal-complex, with its ultimately the initial infection sets in.” Untreated, this psychicself-destructive, built-in need for endless expansion infection gradually takes hold of the wetikos’ being,is like a systematic runaway in cybernetic theory. The corrupting their heart, poisoning their psychic bodyFrankenstein monster of ever-enlarging empire is like politic from within. Like the virus of evil insinuatinga runaway locomotive gaining speed, approaching itself into the soul in incremental, un-noticed steps,the event horizon of its inevitable crash, all under the at a certain point this leukemia of the soul becomesdeceptive banner of progress. Meanwhile, this progress irreversible, inevitably leading to its host’s destruction.destroys people, families, communities, and potentially, The wetiko virus’s pathogenic effects within anthe biosphere itself upon which human life depends. individual are a microcosmic fractal iteration of the“Wetikos,” Forbes writes, “have taken their Satan to collective, macrocosmic dynamics of the disease; howthe four-corners of the world, and they have made him wetiko works within each of us is synchronisticallytheir God.” mirrored with stunning perfection in how it is playing out throughout the greater body politic.Evil is like a pathogen that enters a system, be it anindividual, nation-state, or world-system, and exploits Unchecked by a psychic vaccine, the disease, like anthe system, knocking it off balance. Such disturbances addiction running rampant, is progressive and is thuscan transform something wholesome, such as the getting worse over time. Forbes writes, “The wetikosdrive to reproduce, into something evil – the drive to destroyed Egypt and Babylon and Athens and Rome