Kindle Collection
Target Audience
Tools and Tactics
Tools and Tactics• Interaction• Information• Promotion•   Keywords•   Increased Traffic•   Increased Sales•   Increased Br...
Key Performance Indicators
Big Idea
Big Idea Implications
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  • The company that I chose for my project was Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, data driven, and prides itself on running lean.
  • For this project, I chose to focus on their Kindle collection. The Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader that allows users to transfer books, magazines, and newspapers to their own device, so that they can have all their reading material stored in a single location. Some of the Kindles also grant Internet access, where users can surf the web and blog. Amazon is about to head into their “busy season” (after Thanksgiving and up until Christmas) and a well thought out digital strategy could drastically increase their sales. My goal for this project was to increase the sales of Kindles. There are numerous variations of Kindles that Amazon sells. Depending upon what your needs are, Amazon has the Kindle for you. The main attraction to the Kindle is having all of your reading material on one, small, easy to carry device. With these features in mind, we can distinguish our target audience.
  • The target audience for Kindles is women, ranging in age from 25 to 45, who often travel. The convenience of having everything on one device is appealing to those who travel because space is limited. This demographic will not only purchase Kindles off Amazon but they will utilize social media to express their excitement and enjoyment of the product. This will create tremendous online publicity for the product and, therefore, increase demand for the product. Women- Women are much more likely to read for pleasure compared to men.25 to 45- An age where reading becomes much more of a hobby.Travelers- Long trips with limited space? The Kindle will provide as a time killer and a space saver.
  • I have ranked the importance of the social media platforms according to usefulness for my project. Twitter will be the most utilized, followed by Pinterest and so on. The Twitter account will be used very strategically. Those who follow the “Amazon Kindle” Twitter handle will have the ability to see live tweets about current discounts and fire sales that Amazon occasionally will offer. This provides incentive for potential customers to follow us on Twitter and gives them access to essential information.Pinterst will be used as a social media channel as well as a contest mechanism. The contest will entail candidates to “like” the Facebook page, “follow” the Twitter and Instagram accounts, and then finally “pin” about their favorite Kindle and give reasons as to why they adore their own e-book reader. This contest will increase awareness among Kindles, thus increasing demand.The Facebook page will include information, links to the website and other social media outlets, and pictures of all the available Kindles that Amazon offers. The goal of the Facebook page is to gain recognition and develop a larger customer base.Instagram is another social media outlet that will be utilized to help give more attention to the Kindle collection.
  • Another couple of methods that I will utilize is a blog and Google AdWords.The blog will allows users to interact and give feedback as to how they view the product. This will include positive and negative feedback that our engineers can use to improve the Kindle Collection. In addition, users who follow the blog will be able to gain useful information about the Kindle. Lastly, this blog will create publicity and promotion about the Kindle which will help it gain recognition. Google AdWords will be used by making use of keywords that are associated with the e-readers. These ads will increase traffic to Amazons website, which will also increase sales. The result of the increase in sales will lead to awareness among consumers about Amazon and their products.
  • Amazon is a data driven company and they need performance indicators that are measurable. The overall goal of this digital campaign is to increase awareness and sales among the Kindle Collection at Amazon. This increased awareness will, in turn, increase Amazon’s market recognition and market share. The KPI’s that this strategy will focus on are: number of “likes” of the Kindle Collection Facebook page, number of “followers” on both the Twitter and Instagram accounts, and finally the number of users that enter the contest on Pinterst. The number of “likes” on Amazon’s general Facebook page will be expected to increase as a result from this campaign, as well.
  • The overall initiative of this digital campaign is to increase the sales and recognition of the Kindle Collection. This will be done using various types of social media that will all be integrated and cohesive. The two primary social media channels that we will utilize are Twitter and Pinterest. These will allow the most user interaction and provide the greatest ROI
  • Implications of this big idea are: 1. Promoting Kindles with the use of digital media 2. Leads to an increase in the sales of the Kindles 3. This will lead to increased recognition of Kindles 4. Which will lead to an overall increase in recognition of the company that sells the Kindles (Amazon) 5. Amazon’s customer base will grow, which will increase their brand image and profitability.
  • Learned that the going rate for online marketing is around $250 per hour. Using this rate, we concluded that the total budget for this digital strategy would run Amazon roughly $150,000Amazon’s top-selling products are their Kindles. Therefore, they would be willing to spend some more money for a campaign to increase recognition among the collection. Factoring in roughly 400 hours for the complete production and integration of the social media outlets, and combining roughly 200 hours of updating and analyzing the sites will put the overall budget at $150,000.
  • The social media campaign will combine numerous outlets that will allow users to voice their opinion, obtain information, and participate in contests. The campaign will focus on women, ages 25 to 45, who are consistent travelers. The estimated budget is around $150,000. All of these factors will lead to an increase in Kindle sales and Amazon brand recognition.
  • NMDL Final

    1. 1. Kindle Collection
    2. 2. Target Audience
    3. 3. Tools and Tactics
    4. 4. Tools and Tactics• Interaction• Information• Promotion• Keywords• Increased Traffic• Increased Sales• Increased Brand Recognition
    5. 5. Key Performance Indicators
    6. 6. Big Idea
    7. 7. Big Idea Implications
    8. 8. Budget Hours Production/I ntegration 200 400 Updating/An alyzing
    9. 9. Summary