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1. i web workflow overview en

  1. 1. iWEB s iWEB workflow overview trainingFP Jan2013
  2. 2. iWEBworkflowoverview 1. consumer frontend – product catalogue – online editor – shopping cart – checkout process 2. management backoffice – IWEB front-end configuration • business settings • product and prices • promotions – order management • orders view • Reports 3. production backoffice – order download – production workflow • production rules creation • order management
  3. 3. Workflow components Product catalogue Shopping cart checkouteditor Publish catalogue Products & prices Iweb setup Manage orders Download jobs Manage jobs Send to output Format files iWeb storefront Management backoffice Production backofice 1 2 3
  4. 4. iWEB storefront Product catalogue Shopping cart checkouteditor iWeb storefront 1
  5. 5. Consumer frontend • web based photocommerce platform (not a portal) • offer photo-customisation services such as photobooks, gifts, cards, calendards • can be integrated into an any existing web
  6. 6. 4 steps workflow select a product and select images edit and design the product add jobs to the shopping cart Checkout the order iWEB frontend order creation workflow
  7. 7. product selecction  Products are created and published via backoffice.  Product design, icon and brochure is created and integrated in the template.  Catalogue is built assigning products to families and categories  No limit in the number of products, families or categories.  Each product includes a detail description, pictures and characteristics  Consumer browses until finds the product they want to order  multilingual interface in +12 languages.
  8. 8. image selecction and smart upload  Consumer images can be selected and uploaded from :  their computer  a web cam attached to the computer  an external gallery or social network like Flicker  Images are filtered so images over the maximum size are not uploaded to avoid technical issues in the server  Smart upload in 2 steps: first thumbnails and later the printable size an image can be used in edition as soon as its thumbnail is uploaded without having to wait for the rest  More images can be upload and added to an ongoing job any point in time, without exiting the current job
  9. 9. product edition and design  Consumer drag and drops images to the product template.  Images can be edited: rotated, enlarged  Images can be placed as photos or backgrounds  Texts can be added and edited into the specified areas  Page layouts can be changed
  10. 10. “what you see is what you get”  images can be enlarged only up to a certain limit and a warning appears on the screen if the resolution is below a level. Consumer can still force to use low resolution images.  WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)  Album pages can be reviewed any point in time  program flow forces any job to be reviewed, page by page, to be confirmed before being sent to the shopping cart so mistakes can be directly corrected by consumer and no returns can be claimed.
  11. 11. shopping cart  consumer can finish their first product and go back to continue adding more.  shopping cart support an unlimited number of products (later become jobs).  job quantities can be modified and job can be deleted form the shopping cart  consumer can edit a finished job to go back to modify their design
  12. 12. Checkout  required personal data must be filled  delivery methods and payment methods need to be selected. The options offered are chosen in the configuration of the back office. Several methods can be available at the same time.  Paypal and some PSP and credit cards are supported. Others could be integrated.  program flow forces to check summary before confirmation  consumer can print a copy of the order.  an automatic confirmation email will be sent to the consumer email address from the backoffice.
  13. 13. Management backoffice Publish catalogue Products & prices Iweb setup Manage orders Management backoffice 2 Publish catalogue Products & prices Iweb setup Manage orders
  14. 14. Production backoffice Download jobs Manage jobs Send to output Format files Production backofice 3 Download jobs Manage jobs Send to output Format files
  15. 15. Workflow components Download jobs Manage jobs Send to output Format files Production backofice • Automatic order download to merchant facilities • Include production workflow automatization to handle large volumes at the print center