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One of the favorite hobbies of kolhapur people. Generally the animals fight by their instinct but when people make them fight or race it is a different thing. I have seen in some cases the animals are made to drink liqure and run or fight. It is human obssession - people play games this way also.

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  1. 1. An obsession for fights Some enjoy pigeons, some bulls – but we Kolhapuris enjoy this. Bokad – a male goat - heads on fights. Normally male & females goats are aggressive and use fighting abilities to protect their off springs; but when men instigate the fights for their pleasure…. Zunj –Takkar
  2. 2. Unwilling getting dragged
  3. 4. Looking for other one?
  4. 5. Scapegoat ?
  5. 6. The other one
  6. 7. No invitations are required.
  7. 8. Its time to rejoice.
  8. 9. Games people play
  9. 10. The Honors are at stake
  10. 11. The instincts exploited
  11. 12. No language required to inspire
  12. 13. Pause for judge each other
  13. 14. The Game must go on !
  14. 15. Identifying with each other
  15. 16. The cheerleaders
  16. 17. Some satisfaction
  17. 19. A proxy challenge
  18. 20. We Kolhapuris are fond of these fights and enjoy them. Some times people also fight like these goats. Sathmari – Men fighting with the elephants ( a forgotten discipline and only few witnesses alive) Chatrapati Shahu Maidaan ( Arena) for men’s wrestling. The last two were favorites of erstwhile Rulers of Kolhapur. The wrestling is still a popular and Kolhapur houses number of Talims ( practice arenas), people from all over country come to groom themselves in Kolhapuri style – which it self is now changing.
  19. 21. Reda Takkar BullsHeadsOn
  20. 22. Shri Shahu Chatrapati Wrestling Stadium. Behind it Palace Theatre ( Now Keshavrao Bhosale Natyagriha)
  21. 23. Arena Door for the fighter men Image on entrance gate of arena Hiding well for the fighter men
  22. 24. Elephants run wildly and infuriated on the ground and fighter men use to hide for saving themselves on the stone wells. Now the arena houses four tennis courts .
  23. 25. Raja Shiva Chatrapati The eternal pride of Marathas Shivaji understood the nerve of the Marathi people to inspire them to raise and fight against the Mughals in 17 th Century and constituted Shivashahi – pride of Maratha’s . Present Maharaja Bhosale’s of Kolhapur are ancestors of raja Shiva Chatrapati. A ground photo of full scale Shivaji Statue in hear of Kolhapur
  24. 26. Pictures by Charudutta Tanksale 2008 Kolhapur is one of the most affluent districts in India. Fertile soil, hard working people, foresighted developments carried out by Raja Shahu Chatrapati and his followers. Commodity trade and now diverse industries honour we Kolhapuris.