The Bulls


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The ongoing and unchecked turmoils on the Wall Street.

  • Dear Prakash, good collection, excellent presentation. Thanks.
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  • I thought initially, that aims, at presenting the financial market from an economic perspective.
    After I watched the slideshow, I understand it is about values.
    Values and attitudes of people are the most difficult to change.But in the end, only that can change the world!
    Deeply, as usual.Thanks! Geta Lucia
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  • Dear Prakash, excellent presentation. Ane B Words ' In this process of disenchantment education plays a paradoxical role as both a cause of the problem and a source of the solution. Education is one of the social processes that disenchants us, but it also has the capacity to help re-enchant our world. '. I think that tru. Hugs for you, Celeste
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  • I would like to read follow up presentations packed with solutions. I am sure you have a bagful of them, Prakash.
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  • I have suggested Anny_b to post additional slides, if you also wish to do it please let me know.
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The Bulls

  1. 2. Always playing a bull ride
  2. 3. Always playing bull
  3. 4. “Every day is a battle: think about the firm, do the right thing, protect your client, protect the firm, be in it, be a good team member.” Preliminary Second Quarter Financial Results Adjusted net loss of $6.3 billion, reported net loss of $15.5 billion.Results impacted by $9.1 billion of predominantly non-cash special items Along the way, he made his staff both wealthy and happy: until yesterday, morale at … was high He tough-talked his way to the top and turned a $102 million loss in 1993, the year before he took over as chief executive, into a $4.2 billion profit last year. he was confident that …sound even as the bank posted a second-quarter loss of $2.8 billion, caused by bad mortgage investments. But on Sept. 16, … filed for bankruptcy and began sliding toward an eventual liquidation. excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance…… is broken and shell-shocked. He has lost a fortune, but for such an ambitious man, the biggest loss is to his pride
  4. 5. Who is the bigger killer ?
  5. 6. In God We Trust – Through men of pride and arrogance.. And rest in cash
  6. 7. What will take faith to go so high again?
  7. 8. Walls of greed and unchecked liberty belittle common people
  8. 9. The display near Wall Street – by a Church
  9. 10. No body has real count and a real answer
  10. 11. Those who loose stand like this – dead displays
  11. 12. The values
  12. 13. World is getting flat or hollow?
  13. 14. the unchecked follies of some individuals the unfounded ambitions The man made tremors and hurricanes What’s the solutions for a man who gets ground? How will those poor fellows get the security and comforts they planned for years?