On The Edge


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The real and proven problem solving approach, ask for more details if interested.

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  • Please let me comment with the following quote:
    'The level of awareness seems to be the most important thing to raise and to maintain. Everything becomes much more clearer then. I see it as the mind is the tool we can use. And we can use it to the max! Improve it, train it, learn and apply. But what is using it, is the spirit. The Spirit is the master of the mind. Not the other way around, which would lead to egoic and unconscious behavior.'
    I believe strongly that the problems people can be solved by increasing the level of consciousness. Geta Lucia
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  • Let us pretend that this is a close knit family that we are talking about. When one of the members is in trouble, the parents will request members who are able to to help out. The family member who has been helped will always be reminded by the parents of his or her obligations towards those who have supported him or her in time of need. These obligations extend to members in supporters' family unit.

    Those who have helped should be rewarded. You do not want to develop a 'why bother to be careful' culture where people go about taking unnecessary risks knowing that they will be bailed out and they do not have to pay for their mistakes.
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  • Prakash: A deeply considered piece of work - I like your perspective!
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  • Hablar de dinero o economia siempre es estar al borde, excelente tema
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  • Truly you have an edge be in numbers, economics, socio-political, spiritual, emotional issues in life. so good to follow and learn from your works. Thank you for sharing, for opening our thinking. As you put it: a matter of choice, not chance.
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On The Edge

  1. 1. On the edge
  2. 2. The seamless time never has an edge. Situations have it for one who is able to see it. Human minds do have an ability to have an edge.
  3. 3. We know how to deal with some situations some times, but never all situations all the time. Eventually what matters is when we do not have edge over the situation…
  4. 4. Transformative thinking ways alone can take us beyond... Share some thoughts connected to this on the background of market melt down in USA & elsewhere. You will realize it applies to all human encounters – within and outside.
  5. 5. ea sy 's no re now ally t he k itic … y to ol a w at' sp No h w rec t. wa sim c or thi y o pl e s ut sit of ua tio n…
  6. 6. …what the split bailout vote really says...? Nearly 50% decision makers still have the doubts.. Unwilling to believe what the leaders say..about the urgency.
  7. 7. Proposal for capital market “bailout” , the economy “bailout” and life of average taxpayer not linked So many questions still not answered. Conscious citizens request their representatives ”Don't do anything that – even hints of a bailout for Wall Street executives.”
  8. 8. .. if learned congressmen have the doubts, how the common man must be looking at it? Some people with bags of money are waiting for distress sellout of mortgages by lenders. Not surprising at all in a free economy.
  9. 9. quot;Every The biggest irony of the situation is that American who has played it safe and smart to avoid debt is being asked to spend the rest of his or her life paying off the debts of Washington and Wall Street”
  10. 10. Mr. Market desperate for bail out, reacts with lost 777 index points, says more than the numbers- “We very badly want this bail out” Can “free market” sustain in such times?
  11. 11. Mr. Market devalued worth of floating securities by US $ 1.2 trillion…without any meaningful economic activity – just sentiments of not having the money that is badly needed to keep the bubble inflated. … and it recovered 400+ points without bailout coming… what it means? Lost some and regained on third day.. The real problem is funding for the basic economic activities.. The lenders & Banks who help businesses and household financially active in the market , but have lost the money. Unless they recover they just cannot think of capital markets for more equity.
  12. 12. Has any of the market men come out in open – clean before the people and promised to do something to boost the confidence? quot;Everyone knows something has to be done, but they don't want to take the hit if everything blows upquot;
  13. 13. As it is, the indexes showed higher Price Earning ratios. Too much money was chasing too few securities through derivative route. Now the losses are reflecting through lower index. A market correction? It is no secret that the S&P 500, measured by historical norms of price to earnings ratios, is still overpriced even after the carnage of the two year bear market.
  14. 14. lesser Real cause seems to be consumer spending & investing in near future. And why they will spend less ? they find their present and future income and credits insufficient to live the way they lived so far. They are unable to discount the uncertainty. So what’s the solution?
  15. 15. quot;This is something all of us will swallow hard and go forward with.“ ..unless corrected in right manner. But in the first place why it happens at all? “In an upturn, employees scheme to obtain extra resources and the biggest possible bonus. In a downturn, they desperately try to defend their empires and avoid the sack - for themselves or for valuable colleagues in their teams.”
  16. 16. ark ets “T h em cal ot al ogi a re n ing ir p lay or fa un d.” gro
  17. 17. winning despite being familiar with strategies, systems, and money management techniques, trading success depends on trader’s psychological state of mind.
  18. 18. e an cial rescu b illion fin fore jobs the $700 be culation ed gains igh of 6.1 ro se on spe US bonds extend h es in US s io n. at five-year Treasuri ert a reces e nt rate is plan m ay not av . The unemploym ent late in 2009. eptembe r rc e to 7 pe data for S is expected to ris ..fact tha nd t consum percent a loans to ers are n buy thei ot gettin the share r cars is g prices. affecting The concern over US bailout plan is now shifting to the greater one of recession.
  19. 19. How to deal w down ith the times diggi n withou g deep t ho le? e r into the e, h ow h ol ut? is in a wa yo If o ne fo r the ow o rk t
  20. 20. Clarity & sense of direction is the need of the time for lasting solution. A good thought model is desperately needed. It MUST evolve from the diagnosis & prognosis – with focus on causes & cause of causes. ..and how? A prognostic scenario.. 360 degree clarity out of confusion… Sense of direction… Multidirectional force deployment.. Ability to imagine, handle and see through the situation..
  21. 21. Is it possible for human mind? Given good intentions, why not? Every individual has, his or her, own causes, adding to the circumstantial causes.
  22. 22. ..how one looks at a transaction -logically or psychologically? should every trade stand on its own merits? Theoretically, yes, but in real life it doesn't always work that way. ..one is likely to manage a transaction differently depending on whether the previous trade was a winner or a loser. ..or some other compelling variable or risk or profit perception..
  23. 23. ..as the stress builds up, the immune system runs down, leaving the individual prone to physical, as well as mental illness. Regular bouts of sickness can be a clear indicator of the impact of stress.
  24. 24. The mental illnesses range from anxiety to depression, which seem to stop individuals continuing in an intolerable situation. It immobilizes them and compels a reassessment of goals. After the adjustment they are mentally much stronger than before………….
  25. 25. ….while confused perceptions change at much faster speed than the realities. ..in crises an abrupt transition free agent to being from being a answerable to others is profoundly shocking.
  26. 26. Traders should be able to make quick decisions and have quick reflexes. Their action plan is mostly predetermined, yet they must be ready to abort their mission at any stage….
  27. 27. ..changing perceptions create superfluous realities to swing the sentiments.
  28. 28. ….especially sentiments of who do not those, possess the insight about how values are created or they get lost.
  29. 29. evolving …endlessly complex forces and circumstance demand one to prove one’s worth and achieve what one wishes.
  30. 30. ..in such dynamic situation this perceptions fuel the situation with adrenaline leading to intense stress in one’s mind
  31. 31. ..then situation graduates emotional near to the explosion, which can be triggered by possibly any thing.
  32. 32. In such dynamics situations no single thought, idea or action is seems effective.
  33. 33. the inner feedback is either absent, subtle or unclear; one does not understand exactly what is necessary to be effective.
  34. 34. ..the time - every moment of it - is of great essence. The dynamics allows no liberty to absolutely deliberate over the situation.
  35. 35. …however, between the event and one's response there is always a inconceivably thin time space where lies freedom and power to choose and form a response.
  36. 36. one ..in this thin space meets inner challenge forcing to evaluate one's self and deservedness.
  37. 37. ..the positive feedback inspires to go beyond the superficialities and inadequacy of conscious strengths.
  38. 38. heart of ..entering the the storm and uncertainties, powered with subconscious, one confronts the deepest fears so that the knowledge of true self is revealed. The subconscious is much bigger storehouse of memories and thinking speed compared to the short term memory and thinking speed of conscious mind.
  39. 39. ..this may not deliver a perfect solution instantly, but always there is a realization that there are ways beyond the known as thought possible so far. This directs a search for new choices.
  40. 40. embraces .. one then the true, expanded self and destroys the old ways creatively.
  41. 41. ….proactive process gets generated by the use of self- new gift : awareness, conscience, imagination - a cohesive total way.
  42. 42. Self- This is expanded awareness which is crucial factor that allows one transcend the to known and one’s knowledge in totality. This totality naturally mobilizes one’s full force for acting on such decisions.
  43. 43. rediscovery of This is a the self - that propels one to venture beyond the convictions and to choose a response that is based on totality of vision focused on intentions/dreams. The uncertainties are reduced & knowledge based probabilities stand improved .
  44. 44. In this state of mind one leaves no adversity untouched, no fear unattended, no worry about rejection or isolation.
  45. 45. With such rediscovery, one emotional, gets into a rational & spiritual harmony which intensely carries one beyond analytical rationality & control by the worn-out values - a sheer ecstasy…
  46. 46. ..a trance - a flow that will break the boulders on the way. This is the unknown one's force - connectedness to his or her higher self.
  47. 47. creates ..a person problems, problems can create a person or they can break one as well… it is a matter of choice and not a chance. Forget the bailout and add any other situation here and think this way..
  48. 48. The last key to achieving mastery over the forces is believing that one can actually do it. Everyone is capable of being a successful and having an edge if they truly believe they can be – this way. Following URLs are worth referring for more insight http://www.slideshare.net/anny_b/a-prayer-presentation http://www.traderslog.com/Mental-Aspect-of-Trading.htm http://www.forbes.com/health/2008/09/24/neuroscience-psycology- money-forbeslife-health-cx_mh_0924brain.html