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Know the Self within 004
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Know the Self within 004


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Individual - a most challanging entity - we failt to know ourselves , then what about others. Yet we take pleasure in doing so many things about us and others - how much of life we live in ignorance?

Individual - a most challanging entity - we failt to know ourselves , then what about others. Yet we take pleasure in doing so many things about us and others - how much of life we live in ignorance?

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  • 1. The Learning Mind - Know the Self within The Individual The individual is a building block of family, society, team and civilization. Each one's strengths and weaknesses do count – both for individual and the society as a whole. Each one of over 6.5 billion plus humans is a unique link – not just reproductive link- of past towards the better future where each individual has to play his or her role constructively. We all possess the power to make life meaningful, beautiful and fulfilled – for the self to begin with and then to contribute for the perpetual larger good. Let us not be the judge of this – but better we remember that without the legacies of our ancestors we could not have been what we are today. The wisdom,the faith, the heritage, the infrastructure and the insight of the human life and the entire universe is the legacy. There is no system which compels us to pay for these debts – yet it is just a connectedness to the past,present and future creates in the individual's mind an obligation to add the wealth of knowledge and happiness for greater good. Mere survival and adding to the material resources is not enough, for survival is not a problem to be solved, it is a compromise to be lived. Nobody knows the what conventional cost one would have required to pay for the advantages we enjoy which were provided to us by the past generations. The normal test of having discharged the obligation towards the legacies would be – what one does to help changing given situation and lives for better than they are today. Mother Nature and the universal mind together are better accountants – they simply let your conscience to feel the message – one feels selfish and unfulfilled - it is built within the system, where one is obliged to look back to find the reasons for the unfulfilment in the life. Recognizing such obligations are not commonplace as timeless values are relegated just as irrelevant phase in human history and incompatible to scientific development around us. But some minds which are uncomfortable despite the glaring scientific achievements, tell us that we need to rediscover many of these values in their true form to generate the Prakash Tanksale – / tanksons 1
  • 2. The Learning Mind - Know the Self within badly required relief for us. Like in case of space research – best of brains today more than appreciate the legacies about astrology, atomic energy, mathematics, medicine, chemistry, philosophy, literature and host of other disciplines – we do not have monetized records to value these contributions. It needs to be understood that in those days the people had similar reasons to balance the outer and inner life. The focus of these studies about 'maximizing the potentials' by knowing the self is not to remind us of achievements of past generations, but to understand the intrinsic ways and methods they used to inspire and empower themselves for those ways, thoughts and disciplines – first to survive with a good measure of self esteem and then to contribute for balancing the two forms of human life – inner and outer. Going deep into them we need to search whatever are relevant for us today. Fortunately, the recent research in areas like neurology, biology, psychology, behavioral science lends support to numbers of the timeless values. Human inqusitivenesss in future will also make many more timeless values relevant or generate similar and effective new ways. Human ingenuity will continue to bring out endless new discoveries, in time to come, in numerous disciplines. However, there will be one major, most remarkable and far reaching phenomenon - a rediscovery of timeless values synthesized with modern knowledge about the balanced life, true cosmic religion and true and maximum human potentials – as propagated, highlighted and advocated by Yogas, Meditation, faiths and thoughts. We need not confuse with superfluous religious values and faith, but these timeless values have biggest potential in connecting human beings with the individual higher self and pre existing cosmic harmony and thereby releasing tremendous individual intellect, compassion,relationships and knowledge to deal with ensuing individual and collective challenges very comfortably. This rediscovery will provide the biggest cost benefit advantage – the incremental satisfaction, happiness and comfort levels for that part of humanity which aspires to have a fulfilled life which will be available for whatever big material resources that have been deployed till now. The reason – these ways emerge from integration of human mind, body and spirits – in each individual feeling connected with the rest. The options before the humanity for this are very very limited -the way things are evolving are feared to be inadequate, so the choices is obvious - knowing the self – knowing the true potentials of the self and the connectedness. These ways and assimilations offer a substantial and unprecedented comparative and competitive advantage. Who does not want them today – for themselves and for their children? Prakash Tanksale – / tanksons 2