King And The God


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Old time indian fable with a message for all of us.

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King And The God

  1. 1. King and the God
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was king. With all the well in his kingdom, he loved to hunt in nearby forests. One day he goes for hunt. Following the prey goes deep in the forest and his companions loose his track. The forest was thick with wild animals and the companions had lots of reasons to worry.
  3. 3. Time was tilting towards the west, getting bit darker every moment with shadows. In his pursuit the King looses sense of time. He senses a Lion – big – a prize hunt for anybody on earth. He goes for his bow and arrows. The tiger senses the danger and attacks the King in defense. Without power of bow and arrow the King is helpless and cries in desperation for help. Fortunately few shepherd boys listen and rush to the scene. Seeing the King fighting for his life, with all the courage they try hard. Despite fierce fight back from the tiger together they save the King. Obliged, the King asks the shepherd boys to come to the palace for rewards.
  4. 4. Happy for the King, safe and secure, his companions suggest King for generous gifts for the shepherd boys. Next morning the boys, in their best outfits come to palace. King asks his servants to provide all that was desired by the boys, while he was attending his routines. Eventually he calls for his Prime Minister and the boys in his Chamber. Calls each of the boys near him, asks whether they are happy in the palace and then asks them their desire as a reward for saving his life.
  5. 5. First boy tell him He has lost his mother and his stepmother wishes bad for him so that she can keep all that her family has for her own kids. Kings asks the prime minister to enquire and provide more than what his family possesses and ensure that he becomes independent. The boy is happy beyond imagination.
  6. 6. Second boy says His family is so poor that they find to difficult to survive in these days – father, mother, brothers and sisters all no hope for something just to survive through out the seasons. Kings asks the prime minister to provide more than what his family aspires and ensure that they remain happy forever.
  7. 7. The third boy says He is all alone in this world, stays in hut in a gauzing field. Requests the King just to come to his place once. Being so young and unlearned needs nothing more. The King smiles for such a simple request and asks the Prime Minister to arrange a visit to boys hut at appropriate time. The King feels happy having discharged his duty towards the boys.
  8. 8. Prime Minister dutifully ensures the first two get what they desired, it was easy what the King had in abundance. The King can perform the promise to the boy.
  9. 9. Third boy’s wishes needed some work. King cannot visit somebody living in a hut, so there was big mansion for the boy. Big mansion requires wealth to command a respect. Nobody can predict for how many days the King will stay there, so the mansion gets amenities worthy for the king. King cannot visit a commoner, so the boy gets a status and honors. Big mansion cannot be run by men, so the boy gets a girl from a respectable family as a wife.
  10. 10. Kings visit the boy’s place stays there for a while. Each of the boys feel fulfilled and praise the King for his generosity.Everybody lived happily forever.
  11. 11. But the third one asks himself a question “ If such a change needs to happen when King is just to be a visitor to his place, what he needs to change if tomorrow the God decides to come to stay in his life?”
  12. 12. Good Changes always precedes small changes and one needs to desire earnestly with deeds to deserve the good change. Understand and live the change. Images – thanks to and its contributors. drishti~cone