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Dreams come true,be clever than dreams!
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Dreams come true,be clever than dreams!


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Views about human thinking and knowledge powers - for betterment of individuals first and of course for the organzation, family and society in the end. A deeper version will follow soon. See notes on …

Views about human thinking and knowledge powers - for betterment of individuals first and of course for the organzation, family and society in the end. A deeper version will follow soon. See notes on the blog with images

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. An Outlook
  • 2. Spirit and knowledge based ways and methods to capture realities for productive decisions and better results - with a different point of view and a perspective… towards a Learning Organization.
  • 3. Following glimpses are selected from drishti~cone’s Studies for Learning Organization. Compiled to help individuals & teams to rediscover themselves for better ways & results – Always.
  • 4. Competition Target Pricing Transaction Control Liquidity & Funds Management Delayed Book Keeping Material Accounting Purchase Order Management Slower Responses Production Scheduling Capacity Management Lax Maintenance Manpower Accounting Performance Monitoring Tax Planning Financial Planning Profit Planning Growth Planning Expansion Diversification Technology Bench marking Budgetary Controls Cost Control Poor MIS Challenges Marketing Brand Building Production Quality Management High Attrition Overheads Breakeven Exports Local Market ShortTerm Goals LongTerm Goals
  • 5. High Business Share Pricing Power Higher retentions Access to capital market Designed efficiencies Good Supply Chain Management Natural Sales Order Flow Faster responses Lean Practices Creative Maintenance Human Assets Finer Grip over Operations Tax Shields Financial Leverage Profit Planning Growth Planning Backward / Forward integration Dynamic Product Portfolio Innovations Access to cheaper finance Cost Control Sustained Competitive Advantage O pportunities Natural Growth Brand Power Product Diversity Quality edge Overheads dilution Lower Breakeven Exports led competencies Technological edge LongTerm Growth Business Longevity
  • 6. Put known and imaginable challenges / opportunities in separate scales. Who is going to deal with it all ? Money-Materials-Machines-Management? And what is management – the owner, partner,director shareholder or a manager ?
  • 7. Knowledge and information is the lifeblood of organizations, people are the key to the performance. They need to involve with their head, heart and hands. Attracting, developing and retaining company’s talent base has a critical role to ensure effective support to the team efforts.
  • 8. Any human endeavour requires a knowledge leverage to improve the performance in this dynamic world.
  • 9. Do we really know power of our knowledge ? Do we know our fullest knowledge potential? Do we really use the known powers fully ? Are we happy with our achievements ? Success demands art of being one with the target
  • 10. - the powerless human being is the amazing creation of nature.
  • 11. A superlative brain, memory, creative thinking and ability develop own tools - it makes great difference. Learn about it.
  • 12. Einstein is said to have used just 15% of it. Learning how to is just necessary – unless we are better than him. Brain is replica of infinite & self supporting universe .. full power and potential yet unknown and unutilized.
  • 13. Our brain has a trillion cells, including: 100 billion active nerve cells. 900 billion other cells that “glue”, nourish and insulate the active cells. One cell can grow up to 20000 branches for memory on every one of those 100 billion neurons.
  • 14. Each of us owns a world's most powerful computer. We all learn best and fastest when we link together many of our brain's great abilities.
  • 15. 1.  How we store & retrieve information - quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.  2. How we can use it to solve problems.  3. How we can use it to create new ideas.
  • 16. Memory Lanes Memories for the effective learning It is not enough to have good brain, the main thing is to use it well.
  • 17. Sensory Memory Short Term Memory Long Term Memory Attention Retrieval Transfer Rehearsal Trigger Computer is designed just like brain but for untiring and accurate operations
  • 18. Our brain keeps learning from birth till end. Learning is the acquisition and development of memories and behaviors, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values, and wisdom.
  • 19. The memory process starts with conception ends with a death. It really matters what we do with the invaluable capability that enriches the whole of the humanity. Memory and communications have enabled the humanity to build up knowledge, culture to pass it on to next generations.
  • 20. Sky is the limit to rediscover the self with these powers. The amazing brain, memory, thinking, learning, creativity, success and satisfaction are interrelated !!!
  • 21. Process and Power of Thought Think Tank What we are is the result of our thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.
  • 22. victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. People have nothing to offer but blood, toil, and sweat. - World War II The power of thought, that changed future of the world.
  • 23. People will over-achieve targets that they set themselves - the soundest principle behind success. You will exceed targets you set yourself. Sheppard boy with his treasure in “Alchemist”
  • 24. Jonathan Livingston Seagull … a story for people who follow their hearts and make their own rules.. People who get special pleasure out of doing something well..
  • 25. People who know there is more to this living than meets the eye : they will be right there with Jonathan, flying higher and faster than ever they dreamed.
  • 26. Fletcher faced students, eager for their first lesson. -to begin with you’ve got to understand that a seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom, an image of the Great Gull, and your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip, is nothing more than your thought itself.
  • 27. Thought is contagious Every thought that we have, creates it's own energy. Our thoughts are similar to a radio transmitter. The receiver of our thought transmissions can be the universe itself. When we clean the mind, the target becomes mirror reflecting the quality of our mind at the moment of release of arrow.
  • 28. NOTHING is more free than human imagination, it has unlimited power of mixing, compounding, separating, and dividing original stock of ideas, in all the varieties of fiction & vision. It can pretend a train of events, with all the appearance of reality, relate them to a particular time and place…paint them out with every circumstance.
  • 29. The mind has authority over all its ideas, it could voluntarily annex particular idea to any fiction, and consequently be able to believe whatever it pleases; contrary to what we find by daily experience.
  • 30. With these powers you can construct a dream of choice.
  • 31. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • 32. The Power of the Dream gives hope, strength, courage, empowerment, and brings about profound transformation in individuals, if one simple rule is followed – honor the dream by taking action.
  • 33. Success = Passion + Vision + Action Knowledge of your own power can open doors to the places you never thought possible.
  • 34. All achievers have a passion. All achievers have a dream. They have specific goals.
  • 35. All achievers combine mind, body and action. They have vision; they learn to visualize their goal .
  • 36. Each achiever has a coach, a mentor, a guide. They have a fantastically positive attitude toward mistakes. They all achieve by doing.
  • 37. When Sachin shoots balls into the net thousands of times, no teacher marks those shots as failures. They are all essential parts of learning – a practice.
  • 38. I never worked a day in my life. It was all fun. Thomas Edison
  • 39. Power of oneness Enjoy being a team member and be a part of ocean.
  • 40. Drop of water has never complained to be a part of river and ocean. It knows ocean has mighty powers, dancing waves, and it knows that it contributes to the beauty and power of ocean.
  • 41. Stretch your imagination and search what dream people had and how they achieved this.
  • 42. Problem Solving
  • 43. Problem Solving…… … usual approach is to identify and remove the cause of the problem. Some times cause cannot be found; or there are too many causes, or the cause is human nature and cannot be removed. In such cases we are paralyzed. There is a need to design a way – leaving the cause in the place, it may be a better way of delivering an existing value or a new value that has not been thought before..
  • 44. Lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from the darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality.   May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace.
  • 45. … every heartbeat is a new reality with two sides- opportunities and challenges, hope and struggle, new paths and new destinations, a web of the known solutions, or a search for new solutions, From time unknown. Life unfolds like this, will keep on unfolding, from unknown to known and to a new unknown again.
  • 46. A old prayer in India O almighty , help me to understand the situation in which I find myself. If I do not like the situation , give me strength to change it. If I am unable to change it to my satisfaction , give me courage to accept the situation with open mind.
  • 47. … the issue is changing the situation with our thought and action, may be by an individual or by a team of people. Thought alone can change a situation into better one. Beaten path is for the old and known alone.
  • 48. Critical Thinking A processes of inquiry, learning and thinking rather than in the accumulation of multiple skills and information
  • 49. A critical thinker has, a set of intellectual virtues, or habits of mind which naturally diverts him to think critically…habitually inquisitive, well-informed, trustful of reason, open-minded, flexible, fair-minded in evaluation, honest in facing personal biases, prudent in making judgments, willing to reconsider, clear about issues, orderly in complex matters, diligent in seeking relevant information, reasonable in the selection of criteria, focused in inquiry, and persistent in seeking precise as the subject and the circumstances of inquiry permit. Critical Thinking - Continuous Learning … a widely recognized liberating force in education and a powerful resource responsible for successes...
  • 50. Human Mind & Nature God proposes and man disposes.
  • 51. There is only mind-Universal Mind. Individual mind is the use we make of this universal mind.
  • 52. Biggest enemy of human being stays in his mind only, so also his God !
  • 53. Innovative Organization A simple question whether to be a leader or a fellow traveler in the business
  • 54. Innovation – the successful exploitation of new ideas. Finding the ways which none thought of before to stay ahead of others and the time.
  • 55. The well-beaten track is not necessarily the right road. Neither is the solution that seems most obvious always best. It takes courage to go against the steam – to stand out. But if you believe that rules must some times be broken, then new ideas conquer obsolete traditions…
  • 56.
      • ..every organization is different. One might have similar circumstances but the objectives are different. With similar goals the culture or experience is different. The stories of Disney, Microsoft, Intel, GE make great reading, but you can't reproduce their results.
      • Creating an innovative organization is hard work because it impacts the whole organization.. But it's worth it.
  • 57. A design may deliver a new value that has not been thought before. A design may be a better way of delivering an existing value…. lateral thinking: the ability to open-mindedly search for new ideas, look in new directions.
  • 58. Money Matters The important things in the business & life.
  • 59. Money is most important but it is not the only important thing in life. .. growth in business .. longevity of the business .. brand image .. good will ..and a social status. Business owes all these to owners, employees, customers, suppliers and others who are dependent, associated & involved in it. For time unknown money continues to be yardstick for business performance.
  • 60. It is not uncommon to come across entrepreneurs who are unsure of their business's profitability. They "think" they're making money because they have money in their bank account. But this is not how you should be running your business! Cash Flow
  • 61. When you are within a system, when that system serves you well, when everybody around you in the same system then it is very hard to imagine any alternatives. We have got so used to our existing mental software that we see no limitation within it. We cannot see why it should ever need changing. And yet, we know that different thinking habits are much more powerful.
  • 62. Organizations are products of the ways that people in them think. To change for the better, people should get the opportunity to change the ways they think. People can learn to alter their attitudes, beliefs, skills, capabilities, perceptions, conduct their work or level of commitment.
  • 63. How many people are writing software for human brain? Is that we know that our existing thinking habits are perfect that they are beyond improvement? Is it that we cannot imagine any different or better thinking habits? Is it that we are so very complacent? Is it that it would be so immensely difficult to introduce any new thinking?
  • 64. Which way you would like to go ? Role of the leader The leaders have their task clearly cut out. They must be endowed with the ability to see what lies ahead and to create a passion for advantage and growth within each and every individual in the organization.
  • 65. Rarely people, who handle considerable resources, possess full value consciousness. First we will enable them in acquiring capabilities about the values, then the methods; so that can go on thinking critically by themselves. We do have ability to link and apply these capabilities for self motivated continuous development and learning.
  • 66. We Japanese are obsessed with survival. Our islands provide us with almost no raw materials except water, less than a quarter of our land is livable. Therefore, what we have is precious to us. That is why we learned to respect nature, to conserve, to miniaturize and to look toward knowledge and technology as a means of helping us survive. Akio Morita Made in Japan
  • 67. Fifth discipline .. Where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning how to learn. Peter Senge
  • 68. Human Powers Memory Management Think Tank Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Positive Thinking Problem Solving Power of oneness Innovative Organization Money Matters The Learning Organization Case Studies Problem based Learning – Real Life Project Functional Knowledge – Problem based learning Related to Accounts Banking & Finance Statutory Compliances Costing MIS & Systems Optional Customized as per client requirements Complex matters made simple and enjoyable to learn .
  • 69. We view errors as opportunities for learning. Rather than blaming individuals, the organization takes corrective actions and distributes knowledge about each experience broadly. Learning is a continuous company wide process as superiors train subordinates ; as predecessors do for successors; and as team members at all levels share knowledge with one another. The Toyota Way Document 2001 Toyota Motor Corporation
  • 70. The Learning Organization We can sing & dance together , why we cannot think together?
  • 71. Changing the way we look at ourselves.
  • 72. Come, let us start making small changes for better tomorrow. Ask us for nature and range of learning exercise based on this philosophy.
  • 73. Kolhapur 416002 [email_address] 0231- 2662539 Prakash Tanksale 9371512648