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In all probaility grestest rediscovery of 21st Century.

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  • The new brain and mind studies and its integration with the timeless disciplines like yogas is going to deliver much of all of us desire. Mind map is visible step in that direction, the classic example of the mind power is the ways Albert Einsten vizualized his theories. All these are going to be rediscoveries of the first decade of this century. Thanks for a referring it to the relevant studies. Slide show viewers have small time frame to view and assimilate with the new concepts. Pictures are very powerful - its the reality. Thanks again. This refers to the comment guest6431b8 made on this show. I would like to know his or her name for more dialog.
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Create Moments

  1. Create Moments
  2. Moments - not hours, days or years -make a life. So let's create Moments.
  3. This is all about our life – this knowledge will add wings to our powers to go beyond what we know….
  4. Moments, like drops of water, come together to form our life stream.
  5. Usually we can not select or reject Moments in our life by our likes or dislikes.
  6. Incoming moments can not be filtered for desired values. They are just given to us by the life, that is why such moments are called a ‘ Present ’.
  7. Like a raindrops up from the sky, the moments are generated by a complex natural phenomenon.
  8. Let’s create a matrix. Let M0 be the preceding past moment Let M1 be the present and Let M2 be a following moment – the future.
  9. M0 - the Past moment capsules seeds and direction of the following moment in which the force was generated while living that moment.
  10. M1 - Unless the substance and the direction the present moment carries, is in agreement with M0, we end up with confusion – like arrows flying in difference directions.
  11. M2 - The cross currents from M0 + M1 , if not neutralized, gets transferred to the following moment having its own complex directions.
  12. The Rain drops are part of the Universal flow but the moments we receive are seamlessly connected to our mind and life. Evolved and meant alone for us. .. some harmony!
  13. Part of M0 comes filled with the obligations -Sanchit karma – accumulated consequences generating obligation in M1 for actions, our unfulfilled wishes, desires and dreams.
  14. Some obligations inherited from M0 are to be performed along with real time M1 obligations , others are further carried forward. M1 will also have obligations for M2. Balance of M1 will hold smouldering consequences out of M0 and M1. Just like this diverse life substance is impregnated into moments that consume us.
  15. A water stream is made up of numerous drops of water coming from various sources, with different purity, impurity, colors and shades, minerals, sediments, taste, smells, cold and warmth.
  16. The moments contain nano particles of numerous different substances, different directions, force and a lengthy agenda representing many unfilled or half filled desires and needs.
  17. If each moment joins with dissimilar, useful, useless, harmful, harmless, substances and forces moving in from different sources, how will our life form be? Surely, for every moment we consume, we will live just a fraction of it. Such stream needs purification if we want life somewhere near to the fullness.
  18. How this stream can be purified? We should be sensitive enough to understand past and present substances minutely with their positives and negatives and our short term and long term agendas.
  19. It’s a race between whatever best knowledge we have and the time which flies away with its own speed.
  20. It always enticing to look at colorful lives around, but not simple to ingrain our own.
  21. We cannot change our past, we cannot change the way people live and interact, we cannot change the circumstances which emerge around us, the only thing we can do is to change our ways we know ourselves.
  22. We cannot change the direction of the wind, we cannot change its force, only thing we can do is to adjust our Sails focused on direction and destination.
  23. Knowing the self within will be the most cost effective discovery of the 21 st Century.
  24. In the rush of life and multiplicity of needs - their satisfaction or lack of it – we are rarely aware what drives our actions – intelligence, emotions or obsessions? Why things go right many a times? We are unable to anticipate the nature of consequences – positive or negative - our thoughts and actions may generate. Uncertainties in the life appear as a constant factor and we stray away from the realities that make our life as we live it.
  25. We are not trying to be experts in all these fields – but as the wise have said we are trying to develop an 'educated acquaintance' with branches of knowledge which concern each of us. Today more such knowledge is evolving – be with it. Know the Self within and know the true potentials – to create moment, to create happiness. Dreams do come true – by being clever than the dreams. Know it.
  26. The Learning Mind -Know the self within “ it is a search for better ways to interact with the self for enlightenment to achieve seemingly difficult things in life. I am sharing the studies to re form whatever knowledge rests within our minds, to empower the struggle for our dreams with infinite within the finite. It is always better to be enlightened to be clever than the dreams .” Images – thanks to and its contributors. drishti~cone
  27. Come on, start thinking, let’s create moments we desire and make our lives beautiful and happy. Will You?