Cause Of Causes
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Cause Of Causes



One of the basic causes of human struggles.

One of the basic causes of human struggles.



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Cause Of Causes Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cause of Causes
  • 2. Human needs pyramid displays unity of physical and psychological needs – the origin of human struggles.
  • 3. Each need has expressed or implied cost which one has to incur for the need to be fulfilled.
  • 4. The human struggles and conflicts are basically not related to needs as such.
  • 5. All struggles are invariably related to the cost which the needs call for.
  • 6. Determination of Such costs manifests through behavioral pattern that emerges out of the needs and inner views about surplus – consumer surplus.
  • 7. Suppose somebody is wandering through a farm having a mango tree full with tempting mangos. If he or she wants to eat one – what costs are involved.
  • 8. If one eats a mango without anybody knowing about it, his guilt is the cost.
  • 9. If he or she feels like asking for it, asking is the cost.
  • 10. If he or she is caught plucking it and is challenged the challenge is the cost.
  • 11. A young son working with his father and brothers on a family farm, the cost for the family is just whatever it provides to the fellow for sustenance and building of future.
  • 12. Costs are always intangible – within the mind, money is tangible expression.
  • 13. How, then, one determines the cost one is willing to pay? The price tags or something else? Ever asked yourself?
  • 14. Costs one is willing to pay is a matter of perception and not a matter of monetary affordability.
  • 15. What is the cost of money earned?
  • 16. Is it the time or is it energy or self esteem lost for it? The way the money is earned is also a cost.
  • 17.  
  • 18. One may earn it with less troubles, in less time and enjoying while working on it – the costs are less and surplus is more.
  • 19. Other may earn it toiling, making mistakes, correcting them, compromising the work life balance – the cost is high.
  • 20. This is where the human conflict starts and becomes and internal matter rather than its economics, demand, supply and elasticity.
  • 21. We know history of human needs, trade, exchange for at least 5000.
  • 22. Money has emerged as a strong denominator only in last 200+ years and for all of the past it was one form of storage of value.
  • 23. We need to go hunting for cause of the causes and not the symptom, if we really wish to look for the solutions to our peace of mind.
  • 24. Images –thanks to drishti~cone Knowing the self can be a good base for economics.