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Art of Being - English

  1. 1. Art of Being ready for the life one wants to live. Many people like to climb the peak, but very few realize that flying over the peak in itself gives more joy and the fulfilment A painting by my son Salil Tanksale
  2. 2. Peaks are not made in day – it takes years and years to be what they are- weathering the snow, storms, rains and Sun chisels the peaks – which invite the adventurers.
  3. 3. Such people get more joy when peak is looking at them with its head high. .
  4. 4. Such people do it differently – with different perspective towards the life – willing to weather the snow, storms, rains and Sun. They do it with inner resolve.
  5. 5. People who use the inner resolve are not necessarily born with the God’s Gift. Whatever they wish needs to be achieved with struggles. Studies highlight that the inner resolves can be strengthened wilfully to make struggles enjoyable . The studies can teach us what to do and how to do.
  6. 6. When one feels convinced, one can accept the newer ways. Such conviction synchronizes will, wish, thoughts and the inner energies into a resolve. Synchronized willpower always helps the transformation. Evolving from the unknown into a resolve is a discipline where pathfinder is always helpful. This ’Point of View’ ( dRiYTkaona ) helps transforming a personality. Let us call it as ‘Art of Being’
  7. 7. We always feel that we do possess virtues leading us to a resolve. Yet, they fail to lead us towards our aspirations. Our illusion about the virtues does not power what we aspire. This is why we ‘fail’. Each of us needs to have an ‘educated awareness’ in nurturing these virtues. It needs to be a part of our common sense to make them work for our desires.
  8. 8. Self, youngsters at home, students, employees, managers and so on need to gather the confidence to discharge their functions to achieve many things which their life demands.
  9. 9. One’s own Life and that of family, financial and other resources worth millions, intentions larger than one’s own and the organizations larger than our own- depend on each of us for the transformation towards the Good.
  10. 10. Everybody aspires a life that is better than the past – not only the present but the distant future as well. Each depends on the way each of chooses to live and create moments to come.
  11. 11. Each of the intentions demands better competencies and strong will. Whatever uncertainties are perceived demand a transformation into a more certainty, clarity and creativity.
  12. 12. At such times one’s mind must be alertly prepared and present. To know ‘how to’ one needs to be self motivated and self driven and learn something relevant – to be ready to create moments one aspires.
  13. 13. Kalpataru “A Wiash Tree” Evergreen, rich to the core able to give whatever one wishes , as much as one wishes – your own. Learn what to ask and how to get from it. We feel that we have the virtues we need, but they do not lead us to our aspirations
  14. 14. “Wish Tree” is a study for Human being with a vibrant mind. Mind’s role will be fulfilled when it builds a balanced universe around it. Accept whatever you feel necessary for your present and future from these studies. Create your own ‘Wish Tree’. Share your experience with other aspirants. The ‘Point of View’ can be different but the Vision remains the same – ‘May each of us be happy and fulfilled’
  15. 15. Aspirants can get valuable insight from these studies. ‘drishti~cone’ will be a community of aspirants and achievers. Aspirants can express their anguish and worries with free mind. They can learn from the experiences and guidance from achievers. Never feel lonely when
  16. 16. You can always think differently and make your own ways to deal with the ‘impossible’. It’s essential to be a ‘self made personality’ None can wish a better solution when on the cross roads. Remember your own aspirations and dreams, the people who affectionately wish you to succeed. Start a mindful journey for a better life.
  17. 17. Today wealth of knowledge about such discipline is getting accumulated. Honest insight about these virtues can make our struggles enjoyable. This can help us to be wiser than our dreams. Dreams come true only with such ways.
  18. 18. Today no one can feel alone for want of heartfelt dialogue. Problems & Worries drishti~cone can be your friend when you need it.
  19. 19. “Art of Being ready for the life one wants to live.” Its a social obligation which got generated in past 60 years. It is a study compiled with a deeper awareness. Your sigh with a deeper satisfaction will release me from this obligation. Please Visit us at Dedicated to each of us to enhance the awareness and the self respect.. For being more ‘Human’ with every breath. Understand it for yourself and help others for whom you have a concern.
  20. 20. Visit us at Initially it will in my mother tong Marathi. Pictures are sourced from Web. A study by But it will also be available in English by end of Drishticone April ’09. and supported by Salute to the Web.2 citizens Tanksons Tanksons International Tanksons Consultants And other like minded people.