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Poljoprivredno hemijska skola Obrenovac
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Poljoprivredno hemijska skola Obrenovac


Secondary school of agriculture and chemistry

Secondary school of agriculture and chemistry

Published in Education
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  • 1. Secondary School of Agriculture and Chemistry
  • 2. Our position
    Obrenovac, Belgrade
    ACH school
    School estate
  • 3. Welcome to ACH School !
    Head teacher's Welcome
    • Choosing the right secondary school for your children is a vitally important decision.
    • 4. You want them to be happy and successful so you need to feel confident that we will provide the environment where this will happen.
    • 5. Our school provides an ideal place for students with a range of special teaching facilities.
  • School building
    • The place wherearound 700 students and
    70 teachers meet to build up the future.
  • 6. A new part of school building
    • Construction completed in 2006
    • 7. The other part of building including the
    classrooms is being planned
  • 8. School Profile
    • SCHOOL: Secondary vocational school founded in 1990
    • 9. STAFF:
    • 10. Principal– Dragoljub Zlatanović
    • 11. Vice principal– Slobodan Živanović
    • 12. General Administrator -Snežana Stanojević
    • 13. ACCREDITATION: The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia
    • 14. STUDENT BODY:
    • 15. four-year courses
    • 16. three - year courses
  • School Profile
    • CALENDAR: 36 weeks; 2 semesters, 45 minute class periods
    • 17. TEACHING STAFF: 40 full-time teachers; all highly skilled and qualified.
  • Vocational Education and training reform programme
    curriculum development
    various seminars, training and study visits
    rehabilitation of school included IT equipment
    teacher training
    development of social partnership
    The VET Reform Programme has been implemented in our school since 2003. It is an European programme administrated by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia in collaboration with European Union.
    This status was introduced to encourage schools to be innovative in the way they teach and organise themselves and its main goal was development of vocational education based on the needs of labour market and industry.
  • 18. School Values
    • we trust and respect each individual
    • 19. students develop responsibility for themselves
    • 20. learning experiences fully meet the learning needs
    • 21. there is a positive attitude to progress, change and improvement
  • The realisation of educational work in :
    • 20 classrooms
    • 22. 4 laboratories for chemical- technological group of subjects
    • 23. equipped classrooms for agricultural group of subjects
    • 24. equipped classrooms for computer science and informatics
    • 25. veterinary surgery
    • 26. bakery
    • 27. gymnasium
    • 28. library
    • 29. sports fields
    • 30. experimental school estate in Grabovac
  • Classrooms
    • Every class has its own classroom with basic teaching equipment.
  • Classrooms
    • Equipped classrooms for agricultural group of
  • 31. Classrooms
    • Equipped classrooms for computer science
    and informatics
  • 32. Laboratories
    • Laboratories for chemical- technological
    group of subjects
  • 33. Veterinary surgery
    • The veterinary profession in our community has a great responsibility to ensure the production of food of animal origin for human consumption, to preserve the veterinary public health and animal welfare.
  • Bakery
    • Get your recipe for success at bakery course!
    • 34. Education, healthy eating and baking
  • Gymnasium
    • Physicaleducational gym
  • Library
    • The school library contains more than 5,000 books
  • Sports fields
    • Active students - a healthier lifestyle and more energy!
  • Experimental school estate in Grabovac
  • 35. Fields of work
  • 36. Agriculture, food productionandprocessing
  • 37. Chemistry - non-metals
  • 38. Activities & Clubs
    All students are encouraged to participate in the wide range of activities, which take place outside the normal timetable.
    • drama club & poetry reciting
    • 39. choir
    • 40. „young ploughmen“
    • 41. „young pharmacists“
    • 42. ecological club
    • 43. kennel club
    • 44. apiculture
    • 45. flower arranging
    • 46. photo&video-audio production
    • 47. numerous sports teamssoccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, athletics, etc…
  • Flower arranging
  • 48. Admission
    • The School of Agriculture and Chemistry in Obrenovac admits both regular and non-regular students
    • 49. We also admit non-regular students who want to retrain and qualify for a higher position in all vocational profiles present at school
  • Expectations
    • We expect our students to work hard and they will be awarded for work and effort both inside and outside the classroom.
    • 50. We treat our students as young adults and individuals and they respond positively to this approach.
    • 51. We firmly believe that
    education is about far more
    than what goes on in the
    classroom and we offer the
    wide range of trips, visits
    and other activities.
  • 52. Teachers
    Youth and experience united in the common goal
    The repute of the school is equal to the repute of its employees!
  • 53. Teaching staff
  • 54. Awards
    • We have a policy of continuous improvement and it is particularly pleasing that our achievements have been recognised for years with many accreditations and numerous awards.
  • Awards
    Awards on National Competitions
  • 55. Contact
    Address:90 Milosa ObrenovicaStreet11 500 Obrenovac
    Telephone:+381 118721375
    Fax:+381 1187215 32