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  • 1. “Lucky”
    González García Cynthia B.
    Mazón López Ana Karen
    Romero Peralta Luisa Mariela
    Sánchez Rodríguez Sara Carla
  • 2. Mraz's stylistic influences include reggae, pop, rock, folk, jazz, bossa nova and hip hop.
    He´san American singer. He was born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia.
    Influences and Inspirations
    “When I think about everything and everyone I’ve ever listened to, I´d have to say your mom has had the biggest influence on me. Give her a high five, will you? She’s amazing. “
    He moved to New York to attend the American Musical and DramaticAcademy
    Mraz training as a vocalistwouldlater show itselfon his debut album.
  • 3. Jason Thomas Mraz
    In 2008, Mraz released his third studio album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
    His debut album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come
    His international breakthrough came with the release of the his first single from the album, "I'm Yours".
    His second album, Mr. A-Z that Mraz achieved success. The album peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 200 and sold over one hundred thousand copies in the US
  • 4. When they are togethereverything is amazing and wonderful
    This song is about love and supportbetweentwopeople
    This love inspires to makegreatthings, likecrossing the oceans or sailingthrough the sea.
    Main Idea
    Theyfeellucky to haveeachother. Itdoesn´t matter the obstacles, hardships or problems
    It was writtenondecember 2008, when the U.S.A was gettingthroughanEconomical crisis
    Onnovember 4th 2008, Obama won historic U.S.A election
  • 5. “This album I´m so exciting to share it with the people”
    “I want to go to the grocerystoreagain. I want to do my ownlaundry. I want to tend a garden I want to raise a cat”
    “I suddenlywoke up and real songsstartedcomingout of me”
    “I got word that she was a fan and wanted to worktogether, so I immediatlydemandedherphonenumber”
    “Bythesemoments of selfrealization, selfempowerment and selfimprovement. I was happy to be abble to writeanalbum at the same time I was coming back to earth”
    “Songs I didn´t plan to writing, but that justbecame a reflection of how I feel and the mood that I was in and theseawakenings that I was having”
  • 6.
  • 7. ----LUCKY----
    Do you hear me?,I´m talking to youacross the water across the deep blue oceanunder the open sky, oh my, baby I´m tryingBoy I hear you in my dreamsI feel your whisper across the seaI keep you with me in my heartyou make it easier when life gets hardlucky I´m in love with my best friendlucky to have been where I have beenlucky to be coming home againooohhoooohooohoooh ooh oohoohoohThey don´t know how long it takeswaiting for a love like thisevery time we say goodbyeI wish we had one more kissI´ll wait for you I promise you, I will
    lucky I´m in love with my best friendlucky to have been where I have been
  • 8. lucky to be coming home againlucky were in love every waylucky to have stayed where we have stayedlucky to be coming home somedayand so I´m sailing through the seato an island where we´ll meetyou´ll hear the music fill the airI´ll put a flower in your hairthough the breezes through treesmove so pretty you´re all I seeas the world keeps spinning roundyou hold me right here right nowlucky I´m in love with my best friendlucky to have been where I have beenlucky to be coming home againlucky were in love every waylucky to have stayed where we have stayedlucky to be coming home somedayooohhoooohooohoooh ooh oohoohoohoooohoooohooohoooh ooh oohoohooh
  • 9. ACTIVITY:
    Unscramble the sentencesaboutsong:
    1.- hear/ you/ Do/me/?
    2.- deep/across/blue/the/ocean/wather/across
    3.- here/my/in/boy/dreams/you/I
    4.- best/I´m/love/with/friend/love/lucky/in/my
    5.- to be/coming/lucky/again/home
    6.- more/wish/I/we/had/one/kiss
  • 10. 7.- fill/air/the music/hear/you´ll/the
    8.- so pretty/all/see/move/you´re/I
    9.- right here/hold me/you/right now
    10.- in love/lucky/were/we/everyway
  • 11. References
    Liga Video: