Digipack: Research


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Digipack: Research

  1. 1. DIGIPACK r e s e a r c h
  2. 2. What is a digipack? <ul><li>Offers the audience more in terms of content </li></ul><ul><li>A marketing tool intended to offer the buyer an incentive for purchasing the hard copy from a high street or online retailer </li></ul><ul><li>Important as sales of albums have dwindled as buyers often prefer to download their favourite track(s) rather than pay out for the full album </li></ul>
  3. 3. r e s e a r c h . We visited HMV, one of the largest high street music retailers to gather information on how music today is sold. As we walked towards the shop, we saw a large poster on the window advertising great offers on CDs from £2.99 by artists that interests us e.g Alicia Keys. This automatically convinced us to walk inside the shop and see if there are any other CDs that we may like. As soon as we walked in, we saw the top selling singles in the charts as well as the present best selling albums. These were arranged in rank order with the number one starting from the top left. On the opposite side we saw the newly released albums by artists that we enjoy listening to such as Chase & Status, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Tinie Tempah. We decided to look for digipacks which wasn’t as easy to find as the CD’s. We asked the sales assistant however when we saw the digipacks, we found that we didn’t know any of the artists. The only artists we recognised were Take That, Santana, The Jackson 5 and others. After having a look at the digipacks we realised that HMV had more to offer such as DVDs, video games, books, headphones, even clothes! After discussing with each other the variety of different products that are sold we came to the conclusion that maybe the use of downloading and streaming music has made it difficult for high street retailers such as HMV to keep sales up that they had to result in expanding the types of products they sell High Street Retailer Experience
  4. 4. We looked into the website ‘Spotify’. This allowed you to download their program which we thought was similar to apples ‘iTunes’. The website allowed you to download Spotify for free which gave you instant and legal access to over 10 million tracks. We looked into the features that it had and found that you can create playlist’s of your favourite tracks online which will be saved to your account and accessible from wherever you use Spotify, as well as the ability to share music with your friends. You could also introduce Spotify to your phoine and listen to music on the go. Looking for music is easier to find as you only need to type down the song or artist and searching will be much quicker than in a shop. We found that the music was also cheaper than the shops. Furthermore, Spotify allows you to read into the biography’s of the artists, look into related artists, listen to the radio and connect to social networks such as facebook. Online Retailer Experience r e s e a r c h .
  5. 5. NICKI MINAJ PINK FRIDAY a n a l y s i s
  6. 6. Front Cover Parental advisory sticker: the industry regulates itself. This gives a warning that there may be language and content that could cause offence. The theme of the album is pink and this is emphasised through the consistent use of pink e.g pink hair, word pink standing out. This also gives it a girly image. Image of artist is placed on the centre of the album, dominating most of the space. Nicki is the unique selling point and one of the reasons fans will buy this CD. This is eye catching to the audience as she poses with her legs and her extravagant costume. Pink hair is unusual giving the artist a unique image. Nicki’s ever changing hair colours gives her individuality allowing her to stand out from other artists. The word ‘Pink’ is in a different font and colour creating emphasis as well as capturing the consumers attention. It suggests the importance of pink as well as a girly image Fashionable costume not only captures attention but is a reflection of her style and personality, giving Nicki her own identity a n a l y s i s .
  7. 7. Back Cover & Spine The font style is block capitals with the featuring artists in a smaller size Another image of Nicki not only capturing the consumers attention but reminding us of her fashionable style and looks. The Spine: Name of the artist and album. Again, the word pink is emphasised suggesting its significance. Record Label Record Label: Cash Money, Young Money. The production details in small print as this isn’t as important to the fans. It contains necessary details and legal information such as copyright, production team, record labels etc. Privacy warning The theme colour of pink continues on to the back cover Simple background allowing the consumer to read the text more easily and comfortably a n a l y s i s .
  8. 8. CD Image of the artist capturing the consumers attention and a reminder of who they are about to listen to Artists name and name of album. The word ‘Pink’ is emphasised again as it is in both the front and back covers of the CD Privacy and copyright warning Record Label: Cash Money, Young Money a n a l y s i s .
  9. 9. Inside Cover Image of artist again which is eye catching to the consumers. This time her hair is a different colour suggesting her style and individuality. However, her lips are pink reminding us of the theme colour. Record label and information a n a l y s i s .
  10. 10. a n a l y s i s . Inlay cover Image of the artist capturing attention, and a reminder of the unique selling point Song titles and the credits on who produced the song and who was involved in the making of the song The consistent use of the colour pink throughout the whole CD suggests its significance and stays true to the theme.