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Badass'D portfolio


Published on

Copywriting portfolio of words from Badass'D Biz+Ink that have made a difference + the people who loved them.

Copywriting portfolio of words from Badass'D Biz+Ink that have made a difference + the people who loved them.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Badass’D Copy Words that have made a difference + the people who loved them
  • 2. ! “Art speaks to you”! ! Cliche. But true. And while it does speak to you, it doesn’t use a smartphone. Surprise!! ! It uses me. Really. I make art – about you. ! ! Art is about the struggles we internalize. It’s about our victories. Our entangled emotions become our badges of honor proudly hung upon our walls. ! ! And it’s something your life should NOT be without. Kind of like…you know…oxygen. Maybe I’m biased. But maybe you are too since you’re here. ! ! You’re on a journey and the art you choose from my gallery are the representations of you at your best or at your worst. On the inside. ! ! Only without the blood and guts. Because that…would just be gross. (Although, it is an option if you’d like to see your innards hanging above your fireplace, co me, we’ll talk.)! ! Pour yourself a glass of your favorite Chardonnay and take a look around. ! ! You’ve come to my virtual gallery, a place to peruse and purchase (always encouraged) while you sip wine and laugh until you snort it all over your keyboard ( worry, no one’s judging!). ! ! Welcome to the most not-so artsy-fartsy artsy-fartsy virtual gallery you’ve visited!! ! Want to look around? Feel free! Want to buy something? That’s easy. Want to drop me a line and tell me what you think? (Warning: I write back, so please be Do that here. ! ! Thanks again for dropping by! I hope you have as much fun as I do!! ! ! Amantha literally screamed when she first read her new copy - not the Jason Vorhees-is-after-me! kind of scream, but an OMG!-I adore it! scream :) Home Page Copy
  • 3. “Thank you so much for the killer copy. I was amazed when I read it - it is effective and clever and most of all it sounded just like me. How did you get in my head and brand so quickly? I love it.” ! ~ Amantha Tsaros, Not-so-artsy-fartsy Artiste at
  • 4. You want your site to be perfect. ! Out of 9,987,273 blogs posts on Google about how to do it, exactly 0.956 of them helped you figure out how to do it. ! Your eyes are crossed and your brain hurts. ! ! And you still have no site up. ! The idea for your business has been floating around in your head for months. You can’t even sleep at night because you KNOW you’ve got a killer idea, but you’re just lost and can’t bare to bring it to fruition because you’re worried you’ll get it all wrong. ! So lying in bed, you stay. Staring at the ceiling, wishing you could bring your Grumpy Cat Beats the Crap Out of Happy Dog Business to life. But every post has a different opinion. Every blogger and business owner is giving you different advice. ! Paralyzed from all the decisions you have to make, you refused to put anything out. And that’s costing you more than money. It’s costing you self-confidence, time, and the experience you need to start perfecting your business model. ! It’s time to put your fears to bed. ! Ze Technical Gypsy has ze answers you seek, my precious (said in the most glorious Romanian accent you can conjure, of course)! With my Crystal Ball, in 5 days, you'll FINALLY know what you need on your site, so you can get it up and ready to make money! ! My Crystal Ball is at your service. And with it, you’ll: ! Kiss that lost-child-in-the-Enchanted-Forest feeling goodbye End the constant searching and studying of what’s worked for OTHER people to figure out what might not work for you Clear up the debate on Wordpress vs. Squarespace and the other 3418 tools you read about Know exactly what you should be asking when you talk to a web designer to make sure you get that polished look you want gain the confidence you need to start making an impact ! The curse is broken, my pretty! And you are now FREE to be your own boss and lead the circus that will become your world! Lead in Copy for Landing Page
  • 5. She liked it! The Technical Gypsy, Dani Magestro of
  • 6. You’re not broken! You’re not lost! Your GPS just needs a tweak! ! ! Everyone pulls you in different directions. ! Your tears have ruined your make-up one too many times. ! You know you’re not in the right place, mentally or physically. ! But you don’t know how to change or what will happen if you do, and you’re scared. ! It’s okay. ! So what if life threw you a few curveballs? ! It’s not too late to right your trajectory again. Find your home again. Move through your life on your terms, not through your tears. ! Imagine setting a new course for yourself and living a beautiful life again. ! I’ll help you do it. ! With my [GPS Trajectory Coaching], you’ll get clear on what’s actually causing your tears and walk away from our sessions with a [GPS Action Sequence] to help you get back on track, whatever track that is. ! You need a change. ! Your body, your mind, and your spirit are telling you that. ! Laser through the BS with honest feedback and straightforward ACTION to find your path to change. ! Don’t shed another unnecessary tear. Service Copy
  • 7. “Tania delivered what she promised and on time! ! Before I stared working with Tania I was nervous about writing my own sales page because English is not my first language. I also wasn’t completely sure about my costumers profile. Tania’s question made me think more about what I really wanted and with that she delivered the best sales page !” ! ! ~Nayvary Soeterboek-Angila
  • 8. For the breeders & fanciers! For the farmers! For those who adore animals! ! ! Because you know no outfit is complete without a little cat fur. ! And that YOUR cows produce the best milk on the market. ! ! Because you put your sweat and tears into caring for them, I put my sweat and tears into creating graphics that showcase that. ! ! Canyonlandz Graphic Design isn’t about pixels on a screen. It’s about displaying and conveying the love you have for your four-legged clients whether it’s through your blog, website, or other graphics.! ! Call me today for your free consultation and show the world how important your clients really are.! ! ! ! ! ! Home Page Copy
  • 9. “Tania is amazing! She literally hit my copy out of the ballpark! She took my ideas and what I WANTED to say and turned them into ACTUAL words on the page. It was like she was reading the minds of my clients before I even had my client's nailed down. So completely impressive :)” ! ! ~Shae Holgate at
  • 10. Minute Man Slam (Aka Elevator Pitch)! ! There’s a key so powerful the industry doesn’t want you to have it. It’s the key that opens doors when nothing else will. It’s called funding. ! ! Even if you think you can’t get money for your business, no matter what stage you’re in, Finance-Ability’s Assessment Tool will teach you: a) why, yes, YOU can, b) how you can, and c) from where you can. ! ! Open the door. Your future is waiting.! Promo Copy ! ! Your crazy best friend is always begging you to drop everything and go on wild adventures with her. Her name is Finance. And scares the hell out of you. ! ! But without her, you’re lost. ! ! Finance-Ability takes the fear out of your relationship with Finance. And opens you up to a whole new world of adventure. Finally, no more panic attacks when you read about finance. No more I’m-going-to-hurl-if-I-have-to-think-about-money-anymore queasiness when you try to figure out how to get funding for your business. ! ! Finance-Ability makes finance foolproof and opens the doors for life-changing adventures. Opt-in Copy! ! YES! You can get money to start, grow, and even transition your business. Grab your easy-to-understand (read: NO MORE FINANCE HEADACHES!! YAY!) Assessment Tool to find out why, how, and where even you can get funding A taste of Social Swagger
  • 11. “I love what you've done, and I'm looking forward to integrating it into my new, sexy social!! ! I really like the personality that you've given to Finance-Ability, and how you've made it easy to relate to. And I also love the notion of adVenture - that is super smart ;-)”! ! ~Stephanie Sims,
  • 12. About HairXHub! ! At 211º water is hot. At 212º, the scene shifts. The water comes alive with energy – boiling, bubbling, steam rising to the top. That’s what HairXHub helps you do: Go from hot to generating steam. ! ! You can and SHOULD finally feel like a goddess with the long, luxe locks flowing down over your shoulders you’ve always wanted to help you make that steam. Because luxurious hair is sexy. ! ! And you have the right to feel sexy. You have the right to feel powerful. You have the right to gorgeous hair. The “how” is no longer a secret. This once under-lock- and-key solution to hot is now yours and you owe it to yourself to dive headlong into it – into this feeling that you’re a sultry, sexy woman who deserves to have all life has to offer her...because you do. ! ! HairXHub is here to help you reach 212º. ! ! What you’ll find here is not just hair extensions, but a community of women in the HairXHub forums just like you, who long to be more. Connect with women like you, exchange ideas, discuss new products and techniques and more. Most importantly, you’ll make friends and connections. ! ! At HairXHub, you’ll get access to deals and discount codes for your hair extension purchases, so you can keep more money in your pocket instead of weaving it into the locks on your head. And you won’t have to call around to salons in your area to find out who installs them, our HairXHub guest maps will lay out that info for you.! ! Your goal is to enjoy life with luscious locks caressing your shoulders making you feel like a hot Hollywood star and HairXHub makes it easy for you to do that.! ! With HairXHub you can be you, at 212º. About Copy
  • 13. Making you feel luxurious is my passion and is the center of all my businesses. ! ! As Co-Owner of our parent company QuantX, LLC, I help run the enterprise that’s focused on making women feel sexy, powerful, and sensational, whether it’s through our subsidiaries: HairExtensions by Monica, HairXHub, Desality, or even through our new JV Hair Extensions Worldwide.! ! How you feel comes from the inside, but how you look, the success of your business, and your surroundings all contribute to that inner you. ! ! Hair Extensions by Monica, HairXHub and Hair Extensions Worldwide are dedicated to bringing you allure that you can’t deny when you have a full, healthy-looking head of hair. ! ! And just like your hair is an extension of you, your website is an extension of your business and should reflect the same luxuriousness you offer your customers. That’s what we do at Desality. We bring your magnetism to your online presence through our graphic design business. ! ! But I haven’t always been an E-commerce entrepreneur. Working in real estate helped me to grasp the ins and outs of how businesses run. And my recent move back to Tallahassee, Florida has brought me full circle, leading me back into the career that lit the fire I have for entrepreneurship in the first place. 
 As the New Homes Sales Marketing/Marketing Sales Professional for Foundation Homes, I’m able to live the work I love online with our parent company,QuantX, LLC, and offline with Foundation Homes. ! ! Love your life. Have fun. Be stylish – personally and professionally!! Pro Bio
  • 14. YOU Fricken ROCK! I (heart) it! You described me and nailed it! Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. You helped me figure out how to say who I am!! ! ~ Monica Nielsen,
  • 15. Stuck ideas! Stalled projects! Evil blank screen ! ! Sign up below to jolt your creative habits and get your heart back into the game – because when your heart’s in it, nothing stands in your way. ! ! 21 days of emails! 5-10 minutes/day! ! New fuel. Bigger fires. Dreams realized. ! ! Sign up and I’ll see you in your inbox. And you’ll see your projects start moving again. ! ! PS! For extra oomph, make daily habits of the tips that work best for you and you’ll get results. Opt-in Copy
  • 16. Your success is a mighty aphrodisiac! But you don’t have your soulmate to share it with! Success – Soulmate = SUCKSVILLE! ! ! It’s not that you haven’t looked. ! Or that your best friends haven’t tried to set you up. ! And it’s not your fault online dating sites are loaded with low-down creeps. ! ! You’re a successful woman who works hard for what she has, but your personal life shouldn’t be harder than your business life. Stop digging through the shitstorm of losers to find “The One”.! ! Believe it or not, he’s out there – love is out there. You just have to up open to him – to it. ! ! That’s where I come in. ! ! Hi! I’m Sophia. And I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt in that relationship blackhole. I’ve been in relationships where I gave and gave and gave – a gotten so little in return. And I know what it feels like to feel hollow and empty inside. ! ! ! I’ve been through the whole friends playing match-maker drama, the online dating site date bombs, and even tried getting back with ex’s (only to find they’re still assholes!). ! ! But then I discovered I was the problem. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted or what I thought I deserved. I was blocking myself.! ! Why was I getting it wrong? And wrong really isn’t the right word. My relationships were disasters! ! ! How much of a wreck, you ask? As a child, I was abused – sexually, mentally, and emotionally – and it spilled over into my adult life. And my parents loveless marriage didn’t help shape a healthy view of or belief about relationships.! ! I’ve been punched in the face by one of my three husbands when I asked for a divorce, blamed for one guy’s inability to stop bussing tables at the golf course to turn golf pro (and I was crazy enough to beg this guy not to leave me! Crazy pants, right??), divorced 3 times - my second husband stole thousand and had a criminal record I didn’t know about! - and engaged twice (a serial monogamist who just couldn’t get it right). And these were just the highlights…yeah, did I say my relationships were disasters?! ! My quest to find out why I kept finding these male figures who would help me play out my childhood traumas, to find out why I couldn’t find that one amazing relationship that aligned with my inner goddess and her needs took me on a 5-6 month inner transformationaI journey that taught me the keys to finding that one enriching relationship. I finally opened myself up to ask for my soulmate. ! ! And 3 days later, he showed up. ! ! I finally met The One. And my life’s been deliciously fabulous ever since. No more eating shit for the wrong man. No more falling for the potential that I saw in them – a potential they never grow into, anyway. No more denying my inner goddess of her needs and dealing with less-than-worthy assholes who didn’t deserve me or my gifts.! ! Now that I’ve found my Life Purpose, my soulmate and I live and love, complimenting each other’s gifts and lives. No more co-dependency. No more looking for someone to complete me because I’m already complete. ! ! Since finding my purpose, I’ve amassed a number of fancy shmancy certifications like Life Coach Certified, I See Your SoulMate Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Metatromia Therapy Master, and I’m working on becoming a Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach. ! ! But all of that means zilch. Yep. Zilch. What matters is the women I’ve worked with have gotten results beyond what they dreamed was possible with me by their side. ! ! I’ve helped women just like you open up to that one vibrant and fulfilling relationship that the Universe has waiting and get what they want. ! ! The techniques I use will break down those walls you’ve built around your heart. They’ll help you focus and gain clarity on yourself and on what you need most so you can receive the love that you’re looking for. So you can succeed at love, they way you succeed at business. ! ! What are you waiting for? He’s out there. Let’s break down those heart walls and let your soulmate in – together. Landing Page Copy
  • 17. Current: ! About Sound Science Recording - Offering quality digital audio recording at reasonable rates. For booking or any other information call 843-687-5173.
 Description Rap/Hip Hop, Solo Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Rock/Metal, Country, Gospel...whether you're a rapper with a beat looking to record vocals, or a full band with guitars, bass, drums, and keys...we've got you covered. General Information For appointments, rates, or any other information...please call 843-687-5173. ! ! Badass’d:): ! About Catapult your band from garage sound to platinum sound with Sound Science ! Description Your sound is your trademark, don’t trust it to just any digital audio recording studio. Sound Science Recording has the expertise and excellence to help you transform your sound from the garage into high quality recordings that will earn you the attention you’re after. ! Any genre, just vocals or a full band, Sound Science will help you make that lasting impression you need to make. ! General Information Call us today at 843-687-5173 for more information or to book your session today. Facebook Description Before/After
  • 18. ReloAcademy: You have arrived. Tagline
  • 19. When you’re ready for copy people drink up and ask for more: Visit