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The Role of Agile Marketing in Creating a World-Class Marketing Team
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The Role of Agile Marketing in Creating a World-Class Marketing Team


Published on

Here are the slides from the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup on January, 29, 2014 featuring Jim Ewel.

Here are the slides from the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup on January, 29, 2014 featuring Jim Ewel.

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Agile Marketing: Creating a World Class Marketing Team   WELCOME   Jim Ewel @jimewel  
  • 2. My  Background ! •  •  •  •  •  1989-­‐2001  -­‐  Microso6  in  Sales  &  Marke;ng   2002-­‐2009  -­‐  CEO  GoAhead  So6ware   2009-­‐2011  -­‐  CEO  Adometry   2011-­‐2012  -­‐  Consultant,  agile  mktg  blogger   2013  -­‐  present  -­‐  CEO  InDemand  Interpre;ng ! 2  
  • 3. SprintZero  June,  2012   4  
  • 4. The  Inspira;on ! h"p://­‐how-­‐do-­‐you-­‐create-­‐a-­‐ marke=ng-­‐func=on-­‐fit-­‐for-­‐the-­‐future   5  
  • 5. So6ware  Capability  Maturity  Model ! 6  
  • 6. Marke;ng  Maturity  Model   A  Proposal! 7  
  • 7. Level  1  –  Heroic  Efforts !   Ini=al   Summary   Heroic  Efforts   Organiza;onal  strategy   determined  elsewhere,   marke;ng  supports;  even  tac1cs   are  dictated   Vision  &   Strategy   Working   Silo  structures,  waterfall  project   prac=ces,   management,  infrequent   processes,   updates,  hierarchial  decision   tools   making   People,   Teams,   Isolated  knowledge,  ver;cal   skillsets,  poor  training   Culture   Vanity  metrics,  siloed  data   sources,  technology  restricts,   Data  and   legacy  plaorms,  li]le  marke;ng   automa;on   Technology   8  
  • 8. •  •  •  •  Vanity Metrics ! Make you feel good! Not clear what caused change! Different groups attribute increase to different things, no one wants to own decreases! Example: Hits or page views! •  •  •  •  •  Actionable Metrics ! Offer guidance on what to do! Usually impact revenue! Focus on percustomer metrics, cohorts! Split-test! Example: conversions !
  • 9. Level  2  –  Agile  as  Project  Mgmt !   Managed   Summary   Agile  as  Project  Mgmt   Vision  &   Strategy   Working   prac=ces,   processes,   tools   People,   Teams,   Culture   Organiza;onal  strategy  s;ll   determined  elsewhere,  but   marke;ng  determines  priori1es   Sprints,  Kanban  and/or  Scrum   Culture  of  execu;on,   accountability  for  deliverables   Data  and   Spreadsheet  metrics,  marke;ng   Technology   automa;on  
  • 10. Ma"  Heinz  
  • 11. Level  3  –  Op;mizing !   Op=mizing   Summary   Con=nuous  Improvement   Strategy  may  arise  or  at  the  very   Vision  &   least  is  tempered  and  adjusted   Strategy   by  results  and  data   Working   prac=ces,   processes,   Experiments,  KPIs,  rapid  itera;on   tools   and  prototyping  tools   People,   Accountability  for  results,  T-­‐ Teams,   shaped  people,  sta;s;cally   Culture   literate   Technical  infrastructure  to   support  rapid  itera;ons,   Data  and   prototyping  and  measurement,   dashboards   Technology  
  • 12. 19  
  • 13. 20  
  • 14. Coca-­‐Cola  Content  2020  Part  Two   27  
  • 15. 22  
  • 16. Brad Terrell, VP & General Manager, Digital Media, Netezza as quoted in Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist Blog
  • 17. Level  4  –  Agility  and  Speed !   Agile   Summary   Agility  and  Speed   Organiza;onal  strategy  provides   framework;  marke;ng  executes   Vision  &   quickly,    responds  to  change  and   can  make  real-­‐1me  decisions   Strategy   Working   prac=ces,   processes,   Small,  cross-­‐func;onal  teams,   tools   permission  to  fail   People,   Teams,   Collabora;ve,  open  to  change,   accepts  "good  enough"   Culture   Data  and   Technology   Technical  infrastructure  to   support  real-­‐;me  decision-­‐ making  and  execu;on    
  • 18. 15  
  • 19. The  Oreo  graphic  was  "designed,  cap;oned  and  approved  within   minutes,"  according  to  Sarah  Hofste]er,  president  of  the  cookie  brand's   digital  agency  of  record,  Dentsu-­‐owned  360i.  All  the  decisions  were   made  in  real  ;me  quickly  because  marketers  and  agency  members   were  sifng  together  at  a  "mission  control"  center,  or  a  social-­‐media   war  room  of  sorts  ...   32  
  • 20. .344  
  • 21. Level  5  –  Remarkable  Customer  Experiences !   Summary   Holis=c   Remarkable  Customer   Experiences   Marke;ng  drives  the   organiza;on  in  crea;ng   remarkable  customer   experiences  and  outcomes   Vision  &   Strategy   Working   prac=ces,   Customer  Experience  Owner,   entrepreneurial,  Minimum   processes,   tools   Viable  Products   People,   Teams,   Pi-­‐shaped  people,  fluid  structure,   agile  culture   Culture   Data  and   Technology   Marke;ng  technologists,   prototype  factories,  data  as   compe;;ve  advantage,   technology  usage  innovators  
  • 22. 35  
  • 23. Focus  on  Outcomes !
  • 24. Pi-­‐Shaped  People ! Right  brained,  crea=ve   Le-­‐Brained,  Analy=cal   Generalist/Broad  Knowledge  
  • 25. 49  
  • 26. Marketing Management! Remarkable Customer Experiences! Brand & Buzz! Lead Generation! Care & Feeding Sales Force ! Marketing Technologists!
  • 27. Summary  Eye  Chart !
  • 28. Summary  Thoughts ! •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Focus on remarkable customer experiences! Select a few core, actionable metrics! Invest in experimentation (70/20/10)! Figure out how to turn the crank faster (MVPs)! Hire T-shaped and Pi-shaped people! Create small, cross-functional teams! Push down decision making! Give teams permission to fail! Automate what you can! Turn data into competitive advantage! Adopt new technology for competitive advantage!
  • 29. Q&A   52  
  • 30. THANK YOU   Jim Ewel @jimewel