An introduction to agile for marketing
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An introduction to agile for marketing



A presentation that outlines some of the basics of using agile in marketing.

A presentation that outlines some of the basics of using agile in marketing.



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An introduction to agile for marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. AnIntroduction to Agile Marketing
  • 2. #agilemktg
  • 3. Dominant design hasn’t emerged: Term being used by two campsMarketing faster Applying Agile to marketing• Real-time • From development• Lean marketing • More responsive• Forrester’s custom flavor • More effective• PPC guys• Social media
  • 4. Agile marketing is a high-communication, low documentation, rapid iteration process designed to provide more frequent, more relevant and highly measurable marketing programs - IDC, Agile Principles and Practices, 2010
  • 5. Why I care about Agile? •Need to be responsive and adaptive •Never liked marketing plans •Short shelf life for marketing plans
  • 6. Results matter more than documentationso I needed a lightweight approach
  • 7. Applying ideas ofAgile development to marketing
  • 8. What is Agile Development? “Software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolvethrough collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams” - Wikipedia *** Also, see The Agile Manifesto[1]
  • 9. Agile vs. Waterfall Image: Wikipedia
  • 10. Why should you careabout Agile Marketing?
  • 11. Reason #1Marketers don’t really know much
  • 12. Just 32% of marketers know howcustomers behave across channels
  • 13. Reason #2Speed and flexibility arecompetitive advantages
  • 14. Reason #3Communications overheadslows things down
  • 15. Reason #4Truly empowering individualsmeans things get done Reason #5 The best work comes from self-organizing teams
  • 16. “Decisions made bygroups are often better than could have been made by any singlemember of the group” - James Surowiecki Wisdom of Crowds, 2004
  • 17. Reason #6Fast moving media and marketsmeans frequent adjustments
  • 18. Reason #7Results matter more than processes
  • 19. How Agile Marketing works…
  • 20. Plan in short windows or SPRINTS Image: Wikipedia
  • 21. USE CASESdescribe howcustomers use your product
  • 22. PRODUCT OWNER speaks for the market
  • 23. Meet or SCRUMfrequently to discuss issues
  • 24. SCRUM MASTER leads the way
  • 25. BACKLOG captures everything in that SPRINT
  • 26. What have you done for me lately?What have you completed?What are you doing next?What barriers are you facing?
  • 27. SCRUMS are open/transparent
  • 28. BURNDOWN CHARTSmeasure progress during a SPRINT Image: Wikipedia
  • 29. Common excuses for not using Agile Marketing?
  • 30. We have a planning culture…“We do it this way…”“We need to build consensus…”“The CMO wants to see a marketing…”
  • 31. Talent level…“Waterfall protects the weak”Smarter people can adapt and adjustNeed people who can handle uncertainty Image: Wikipedia
  • 32. Too many meetings already…Are you look too farback or too far intothe future?
  • 33. Many inherently waterfall programs• Direct mail• Old school advertising (print, TV, radio)• Tradeshows/events
  • 34. Mandated budgeting cycles• Quarterly reporting• Annual budgets• Semi annual updates
  • 35. Your agencies are waterfall…• Statements of work• Creative briefs• Risk reward balance
  • 36. Marketers are storytellers
  • 37. Open Discussions
  • 38. HowmuchAgile?
  • 39. Do we need amanifesto?
  • 40. Real-time, agile, or lean?
  • 41. Shameless Plug • Find us – iTunes – • Listen • Tweet • Question • Insult • Spread the word
  • 42. Connect with me…Frank Days@tangyslicefmdays@tangyslice.comwww.agilemarketingblog.comAgile Marketing Group on Facebook
  • 43. Whatquestions do you have?