My Slides for the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup Oct 2012
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My Slides for the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup Oct 2012

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John Cass and Scott Brinker invited me to speak at the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup. You can learn about the meetup at

John Cass and Scott Brinker invited me to speak at the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup. You can learn about the meetup at

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  • 1. your marketing plan sucks: nine flaws in modern marketing workflows and ways that agile can help
  • 2. Agile marketing is a high-communication, low documentation, rapid iteration process designed to provide more frequent, more relevant and highly measurable marketing programs - IDC, Agile Principles and Practices, 2010
  • 3. Applying ideas of Agile development to marketing
  • 4. The dominant design is emerging for agile marketing Small “a”: Marketing faster Big “A”: Applying Agile to marketing • Real-time • Lean marketing • Forrester’s custom flavor • From development • More responsive • More effective
  • 5. Isn’t Agile Marketing just marketers using agile?
  • 6. Why I care about Agile? A career in small, fast growing companies •Need to be responsive and adaptive •Never liked marketing plans •Short shelf life for marketing plans
  • 7. Results matter more than anything so I need a lightweight approach…
  • 8. Nine Flaws in the ways marketers work today that make Agile a challenge…
  • 9. Flaw #1 Marketers think they know a lot… when they really don’t …
  • 10. Flaw #2 Old school overhead slows things down
  • 11. Flaw #3 Marketing is a hero based profession…
  • 12. Flaw #4: Your agencies are probably waterfall… • Statements of work • Creative briefs • Risk reward balance
  • 13. Flaw #5 Disconnect between planning and doing in new social channels
  • 14. Flaw #6: Marketers are storytellers
  • 15. Flaw #7: Planning is cultural “We do it this way…” “We need to build consensus…” “The CMO wants to see a plan…”
  • 16. Flaw #8: Marketers like to talk… Question: Are you looking too far back or too far into the future?
  • 17. Flaw #9: We still have budgeting cycles • Quarterly reporting • Annual budgets • Semi annual updates
  • 18. How my team does Agile in Marketing…
  • 19. One Month SPRINTS Image: Wikipedia
  • 20. PERSONAS for our core customers
  • 21. Three monthly THEMES
  • 23. SCRUM three times a week – sometimes more…
  • 24. BACKLOG captured in a shares google spreadsheet
  • 25. What have you done for me lately? What did you just finish? What are you doing next? What is the problem?
  • 26. Worst practices in Agile • Things we could do better – No use cases – No post it notes – Planning poker – accurate sizing – Burndown charts – Science fair
  • 27. What is working for us • • • • • Clear objectives/priorities Adaptive attitude/responsiveness Low overhead Team cohesion Making it happen
  • 28. “How do I sell Agile Marketing to my boss?”
  • 29. Advice* • If you are not in charge – Start small – a single project – Things that look like development – Areas with rapid change – Something with strongly measurable ROI – Talk with a developer who knows agile
  • 30. Shameless Plug • Find us – iTunes – • • • • • Listen Tweet Question Insult Spread the word
  • 31. Connect with me… Frank Days @tangyslice Agile Marketing Group on Facebook
  • 32. What questions do you have?