Trends update: connected apps/earth/creation


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Connected apps
Connected earth
Connected creation
Trends update November 2013 by
Tanguy De Lestré
This slidedeck shows in a funny way the current underlying trends in geo, mobile and open data; The viewmaster in red was exclusively produced in Belgium

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  • ViewmasterThis model K of the view master was buildexclusivelybetween 1975-1984 in Belgium.
  • (2007-2012)Smartphone 5xApps 30XApp downloads 100 XIn 2007 Apple sold its first Iphone. It came with an app store or application store. This applications store was open for third party developers with a simple revenue sharing model. Apple set this application store up in the beginning to boost its sale of the hardwaree.The result has been an immense number of apps, a huge revenue increase, What are the basic characteristics of this APP ecosystem in the mobile computing market?- A lower barrier to entry for app discovery with single function software (apps in the app store);a simple product available to many created; this means a competition with non consumption (opening use cases that were not existing before)-3rd party developers became a large group launching successful applications (a lot of bad apps, some good ones) ; however business model not predictable innovation risk shiftedeasy for app developers (an account, low barrier to entry)Lessons learned:Addressing more needs of more people in moreplaces and contexts. - Developersare the key ecosystem player, whose role is touncover those new use cases and contexts. - The next step is to connect users and developer by creating aplatform where these two groups can interactPlatform: create economicnetwork effects: a positive feedback loop in whichthe value of the ecosystem increases with the numberof stores in the firstplace serve the role of connectors, not profitgenerators.three key ecosystem control points for ecosystem owner: service creation,distribution and consumption. Each of these controlpoints needs to be designed : reduce friction andamplify network effects
  • Scanadu googleglass….
  • Value chain
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  • Trends update: connected apps/earth/creation

    1. 1. Connected apps Connected earth Connected creation Trends update November 2013 b Tanguy De Lestré
    2. 2. > APPS
    3. 3. Connected APP Ecosystem
    4. 4. Connected APP Ecosystem More needs of more users in more places and contexts adressed. Mobile developers uncover these new use cases and contexts and takes the innovation risk.
    5. 5. Connected APP Ecosystem User interacts on average with 6 apps The end? Overload of apps vs usage?r
    6. 6. Wearable devices linked to mothership smartphone Forecast smartwatches 5 million in 2014 (source canalys)
    7. 7. Wearable complex Ecosystem
    8. 8. Connected car
    9. 9. Connected creation Coderdojo, Campusparty, Slush, Hackaton… new formats open up Access to open streams of content creates new linked innovations the data DJ or data jazzmen)
    10. 10. Connected solutions