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  • C-Servicesis an ICT Companylocated in Capellen in the Grand Duchy of LuxembourgC-Services launched a new productwith an original concept last year
  • People likeKwizz but needsomething more « Dynamic »Peoplelike to move everywhere to discover the word but needsomething to interactwithit in a fun wayThat iswhywegatheredtheseinterests in one mobile application..….calledSmartKwiz
  • The concept isbased on a main content calledKwizzA Kwizzis a set of geolocalizedStepsEachstep proposes an activity to interactwith the environementThe activities are of different types such as:« Question »: The player has to answer a question related to the nearby area« Survey »: Similar to the question but will not be taken into account in the score. Also allows the player to give his opinion « Information »: Give informations on the points of interest of the area« Validate the position »: Ensures that the player went to the specified place. Validation can be made thanks to the GPS information or the scan of a QR Code.Multimedia can be used in each of the activiesA reward could be obtained at the end of a Kwizz at certain conditions
  • SmartKwizz is a Platform offeringdynamic contentEvery SmartKwizz user canProduce or Consume Kwizzthanks to the Official applicationsNew content are thenavailable to the SmartKwizz communityeverydayKwizzcreatorscanvisualizestatistics about theirKwizz
  • AKwizzallows to:Force people to go whereyouwantthem to goGeneratetraffic to real location (store, museum, etc.) or virtual location (website, etc.)Interactwith the environement (cf: finding information in the area to be able to answer the question, scan a QR Code, etc.)Gather information about the player’s opinion on specificsubjectsPromote Brand, City, Area, Theme, etc.Sharewith social media
  • The concept canbeused for:Personal Use: Share passion, interest, etc.Business: Promote, etc.On different application domains (tourism, education, etc.)
  • By default SmartKwizzprovides applications to Produce and consume Kwizz. The SmartKwizz communitycanthusshare new content everyday.SmartKwizalsoprovides an API Allowingcompanies to takebenefit of the concept in isownecosystem. In this case, the companycanthustakes all the benefits of the plateformthanks to the API whilekeeping the Companyidentitythrought custom applications and user community (Cf. Company’scustomers). The companycancreate business orientedKwizzthatwillonlybepublished on its applications and consumed by its set of users.
  • Smart kwizz appsmarathon

    1. 1. Be smart – Go SmartKwizz! Rénald Nollet Twitter @smartkwizz
    2. 2. TourismBrand promotionEducationEventRetailCultureExhibition/Expo
    3. 3. Cloud & Webbased Service
    4. 4. How to create my own kwizz? Register on Create your kwizz Publish to devices!
    5. 5. The kwizz editor
    6. 6. How to play to a kwizz?Download the app. (iPhone, Android, WP7) Create an account Select a kwizz and start playing!
    7. 7. The mobile applications
    8. 8. Facebook client
    9. 9. References
    10. 10. Conclusion
    11. 11. Contact and download details