Open data bsuiness economics in geo-world


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Open data bsuiness economics in geo-world

  1. 1. EUROGI Lisbon Track: the future of the data economy Tanguy De Lestré AGORIA
  2. 2. Icebreaker (courtesy
  3. 3. Fit for purpose? Discovery
  4. 4. Different data model for different target groups on a geoportal> Citizen Apps and applications through generic viewers > meta-register, meta-search,…> Public authorities data services: > maps, orthophoto series, thematic data services, routing , POI services> Profesional raw data: > orthophoto, buildings, road system, thematic cadastral information,…
  5. 5. How does the professional user prefer to discover the existingdatasets?> Key issue before this one is availability itself of datasets ; and for commercial use> Ideal format is one with easy interoperability and that the dataset can be useful
  6. 6. Example> Flemish region makes available CRAB adresses since June 2012 > Answer from business: so what? We need this info also from other regions in order to be useful. > Internationalization of user requests in business also here> INSPIRE directive aims to create metadata catalogue; > we see per region different dialects of metadata appearing ; > would be good to be consistent across borders.
  7. 7. How does the professional user prefer to discover the existingdatasets?> Prefered Formats: > Raw data (target for the geo company or new intermediary between public authority and ICT developers) > Or APIs (target the coding and development community)
  8. 8. A world of APIs also in GEO> Over 1 million websites are using Google Maps API. > 218,129 websites within the most visited sites on the internet and an additional 875,441 websites on the rest of the web. (9/11/2012) > Source:
  9. 9. Is there enough knowledge/awareness regarding the existence ofdatasets/data services? > There remains a huge gap between public data holders and potential users; a real question of relevance also > This discovery and use can be increased by organising geo tpe of hackations (apps 4Amsterdam, Apps 4Flanders, Apps 4GEO May 2013 ,…)
  10. 10. To which extent are the right data being collected?> Different resolutions of images: > images are captured by private for a certain purpose and provided to government > however different resolutions exist; also not too difficult to add another sensor flying over at the same time. >Example: thermographic data : usage in APIformat and details can provide a new market for isolation market and at same time reach Kyoto goals> Some datasets that are not available for commercial use: business thinking about own collection.
  11. 11. Fitness for profit?> Geotagging of all Europe: nice but need to know the purpose forthe users> Bar is raised: > End-user is used to Google maps, Bing maps,… is now asking the question of ‘up-to-date’ of the geoinformation for his relevance like , in order to buy a house, check a restaurant, plan holidays,… > Up-to date traffic information et… > Insurance companies want also up-to-date information of disaster areas
  12. 12. Fit for profit> Missing for stable business model: a clear definition of public service, so as to avoid unfair competition of public sector itself> Need of new business models and quick turnarounds like usage of lean-innovation models> Education needed to the administraiton so that this data economy becomes clear and that one is not sitting on the data
  13. 13. And ahead of us: big (unstructured) data from social mediaunstructured data = 80% of data Many PBs 25+ TBs 12+ TBs 30 billion 4.6 billion 100s of 2+ billion 76 million of data every of log data of tweet data RFID tags camera millions of people on the smart meters day every day every day today (1.3B in phones world GPS enabled Web by end in 2009… 2005) wide devices sold 2011 200m by annually 2014 Source: Capgemini
  14. 14. And aheadof us:mobile
  15. 15. AGORIA GEO-ICT> Tanguy De Lestré AGORIA mob: +32 486 384618 tel: +32 2 7068126 (secretariat) e-mail: Diamant Building, BD A. Reyers LN 80 B-1030 Bruxelles/Brussel>>>