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From Mobile to Wearable (Mediaparade 2014)
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From Mobile to Wearable (Mediaparade 2014)


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Function with style - what wearables are called at. In this overview of May 2014, I present the technogical side of the move to a 'screenless' world, and provide cases and videolinks to practicasl …

Function with style - what wearables are called at. In this overview of May 2014, I present the technogical side of the move to a 'screenless' world, and provide cases and videolinks to practicasl cases of wearables like jewelry, fitness trackers,... This presentaiton was made in French for an audience of Marketeers during the Sanoma Media Days.

Que ferons-nous quand bientôt, la technologie intelligente sera portable ?
La technologie mobile est devenue intelligente parce qu’avec notre téléphone mobile, nous avons accès à toutes sortes d’applis. Maintenant, elle devient également « portable ». Lunettes, bracelets et montres ouvrent pour celui qui les portent un nouveau monde de possibilités tout en le maintenant connecté via son smartphone à l’internet. Qu’apporte cette technologie portable et adaptée au contexte ? Comment la manie-t-on ? Et pourquoi devrait-on porter ces lunettes, montres ou bracelets fitness ? Tanguy observe la hype de plus près.

De mobiele technologie werd slim, omdat je met je mobiele telefoon toegang kreeg tot een waaier van applicaties. Nu wordt ze ook 'draagbaar'. Brillen, fitnessmeters en uurwerken openen voor de drager een nieuwe wereld vol mogelijkheden, en houden hem via zijn smartphone nog altijd verbonden met het internet. Wat biedt die draagbare en contextrelevante technologie? Hoe wordt ermee omgegaan? En waarom zou je die brillen, uurwerken en fitness trackers willen dragen? Tanguy houdt de hype tegen het licht

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  • 1. Mediaparade: when mobile technology becomes wearable 1
  • 2. Let me introduce you to…
  • 3. Y a des gens qui n'ont pas réussi parce qu'ils ne sont pas aware, ils ne sont pas "au courant". ... J.C. VanDamme
  • 4. 5
  • 5. Step 1 Standalone info apps: no use Step 2 Second generation apps: use of the phone sensors Step 3 Third generation apps: context driven external profile…
  • 6. Timeline wearables advice/tech-and- design/201403/wearable-tech- history-smart-watch-google- glasses?mbid=facebook#/intro
  • 7. 1266 Eyeglasses: Corrective lenses Associated to reading and monks: prestige
  • 8. 1946 Dick Tracy Two way wrist chat radio
  • 9. 1975: calculator watch Watch and stylus nerd calculator watch
  • 10. 1992: L.A. Gear light up shoes: walking and lights First tech driven clothing
  • 11. 2000: Mobile Bluetooth Earpiece People talking to themselves Crazy look
  • 12. 2001: Timex Internet Messenger Watch Check mail, take notes, receive stock quotes,…
  • 13. 2004: Oakley MP3 Sunglass and built in MP3 player
  • 14. 2009: Fitbit and fitness trackers Starting of the “quantified self”movement
  • 15. 2013: Pebble smartwatch Pairs with phone + apps
  • 16. 2013: Google glass explorer + companion to Android smartphone
  • 17. 2014 : LG lifeband Fitness tracker Altitude Steps Calories Link to smartphone
  • 18. Mid 2014 META Pro Holographic 3D Interface Glasses Bye bye phone
  • 19. Wearable category? Glasses Clothing Smart bands Jewelry Smart headgear Watches
  • 20. 1. Glasses
  • 21. 1. Glasses (Video) 1Oc
  • 22. 2. Clothing – Sensoree mood
  • 23. Clothing Smart PJ (video)
  • 24. 3. Smart bands – Nike fuelband
  • 25. 3. Smart bands – Jawbone (video) KA-A&
  • 26. 4. Jewelry :Sense 6 emergency jewelry
  • 27. 4. Jewelry :Zazzi (video)
  • 28. 5. Smart headgear Oculus rift
  • 29. 5. Smart headgearSkully helmet (video)
  • 30. 6. Watches
  • 31. 6. Watch: samsung gear (video)
  • 32. 6. Watches: eating all previous categories?
  • 33. To finish…
  • 34. Amazon launches wearable store
  • 35. Wearable: SXSW 2014 moving the screen as a destraction pvg&
  • 36. Thank you!
  • 37. Contact Tanguy Tanguy De Lestré Business Development Manager AGORIA Diamant Building Bd A. Reyers Ln 80 B-1030 Brussel / Bruxelles T: +32 2 7067992 (coordinator 8126) M: +32 486384618 BE 0406.605.390
  • 38. Backup slides
  • 39. Wearable complex Ecosystem