Cultural beliefs affect property rental


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If your residents come from different cultures, their beliefs will affect the process of renting an apartment.

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Cultural beliefs affect property rental

  1. 1. How Cultural Beliefs Affect Property Rental
  2. 2. Just as business practices differ around the globe, so do property rental procedures.
  3. 3. Residents from other countries may not be familiar with the accepted practices and procedures in the United States.
  4. 4. People will behave based on their native cultural backgrounds and preferences, just as you would. These culturally based behaviors can have in impact on your leasing workplace.
  5. 5. Multicultural renters might want apartments oriented in a specific direction
  6. 6. People from certain cultures may desire only specific numbered units and certain floors
  7. 7. They may not want to have a stairway in front of the door
  8. 8. Renters may ask about an alternate appliance orientation, or request a gas stove.
  9. 9. They may wish to live near other families from the same culture.
  10. 10. Renters who make these sorts of requests are not doing so to be difficult: Desires and beliefs like these are deeply rooted in their cultural background.
  11. 11. For example, in China the number four is considered unlucky because when spoken, it sounds similar to the word for death. Hence, Chinese renters won’t want a unit that includes the number four.
  12. 12. If you think that’s odd, consider our own superstitions here in the United States: Most buildings don’t have a 13th floor.
  13. 13. Accommodating cultural differences does not have to consume a great deal of time as long as you are prepared.
  14. 14. Before showing units to any potential renters, it’s a good idea (and prudent legal practice) to ask if they have any special needs or requirements. By asking everyone, you will not stumble into issues of stereotyping or run afoul of the Fair Housing Act.
  15. 15. Whenever possible, show the exact apartment available or one just like it.
  16. 16. Have floor plans of the apartment available, with the geographic orientation marked on it. Here’s the perfect time to make use of the compass app on your smartphone!
  17. 17. If renters inquire about where other families of their culture live, explain that the law prevents you from disclosing information about other residents.
  18. 18. Review all policies and leasing procedures in detail, pointing out due dates for rent, late fee deadlines, and other points that we may take for granted.
  19. 19. Explain the importance and finality of signing the lease document.
  20. 20. Be mindful of the language you use in communicating with multicultural renters. Compound words and idioms that we use every day can be challenging for non- native English speakers.
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