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  1. 1. Introducing XingCloudUltimate global delivery in the Fastest & Easiest way
  2. 2. WHYA game should do global delivery
  3. 3. Publish your game in globally unified way [Harbo Hotel] [Travian] [Zynga] [Yahoo Twitter Facebook Google] [ELEX] VS.Divide your game into different market with different publisher It works in China but not in the world
  4. 4. Fragmented Markets beyond your expectations Non-Facebook markets + Non-English marketsMany localmarkets require optimization + Asian markets vast but different
  5. 5. Tap into non-English market +70% revenue increase + Tap into non-Facebook market First-mover advantage into potential platforms +20% revenue increase + Add new countrybut no more cost & no more delay
  6. 6. 250200150100 rev 50 cost 0 250 200 150 100 rev 50 cost 02011-11-11
  7. 7. It is importantto increase your app wordwide coverage BUT at least cost
  8. 8. ChallengesGlobalization is more than just translating
  9. 9. Even the translation effort is beyond your expectations Static Dynamic Resources Website Image Frequency of Resources (Mail, Information, W Resources Resources iteration (Front- ebsite notice, Game End, Backend, D notice, Feed) atabase, Flash) Software × Every 6 months Website × × × Every month Game × × × × Every week First Step to Your Global Success:Managing resource files in the most speedy and cost efficient way
  10. 10. 1. Different technical 8. Translation team staff (Front-End, will adopt print screen 9. The technical team Back-End, Flash) to methods to point out will change according collate language the visual and to issues highlighted packs language errors 2. Send the relevant 7. Testing begins for 10. language packs to each language versions, Compile, translate the Business with the translation team and test every Development (BD) proof reading at the module Team same time 11. Deploy to 3. The BD staff will 6. The technical team different global send to different will insert the packs servers (Front- agents and into the game End, Back- translation teams End, Flash) 4. Translation teams 5. BD staff will tidy will send the the files and send to translated packs back different technical at time intervals staff11 steps just to accomplish only one translation iteration is impossible for your daily app update
  11. 11. Many hidden & unknown traps Manage 100+ different sns & portals Manage customer support in different languages OS & Browser compatibility issues Global speed differences Domain name strategies Font differences 200+ local payment channels tuning & optimization Global payments unable to satify BRICs and virtual goods
  12. 12. HOWTo globally deliver your game at lowest cost
  13. 13. 1-Stop solution to GlobalizationAggregate the difference , Keep the integrity Global Delivery API for 100+ platforms + Transparent Multilingualization Solution + Integrated Ad Management platform6 in 1 + Global Hosting in 50+ countries + Integrated Payment for 200+ channels + Social Metrics for Games
  14. 14. Global Delivery API Connects 100+ platforms with 1 API Takes just 30 minutes to integrate
  15. 15. Multilingualization Leading translation management platform + Manual translation at lowest cost + Native Translation at the highest quality Code level translation API + No need to change code structure + No need to manage dynamic textRegions CoveredEast Asia: China, Japan, Korean, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, IndiaLatin America: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, VenezuelaEurope: Portland, Netherland, Turkey, Germany, Russia, HungaryArabic World
  16. 16. Integrated Ad Management Platform Manage 40+ ad channels on 1 dashboard Publish ad campaigns in 12+ languages in just 1 minute Automatically tunes your ads with different combinations Takes care of all the media buying at fixed ROI
  17. 17. Total Solution for Game Operation Socially Oriented Operation Metrics Measurement Acquisition > Retention > Monetization + Dedicated customer support outsourcing + Dedicated community support + Email Marketing managment + Social media management Facebook + Twitter account management
  18. 18. Payment Integration 1 Interface = 200+ Payment Channels + 50+ Countries
  19. 19. Cloud HostingEnsure highest service quality in every country Handle tremendous increase in DAU Extremely low cost Dedicated Cloud servers around the world East Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe
  20. 20. Choose XingCloud To say goodbye to publisher & Manage your game at all your will
  21. 21. Services Offered With XingCloud Global Delivery 1 API to 50+ Platforms Multilingualization API level support, High Quality & Low Cost Integrated Ad Management Aggregate 40+ Ad Channels, Focus on ROI & Intelligent TrackingTotal Solution for Game Operation ARM metrics & Service Outsourcing Payment Integration Integrated Channels Cloud Hosting Robust, Stable & Fast