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Preposition and conjunction by tanbircox

  1. 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comআ঩নায ই−ফুক ফা pdf রযডারযয Menu Bar এয View অ঩঱নরি তে রিক করয Auto /Automatically Scroll অ঩঱নরি র঳ররক্টকরুন (অথফা ঳যা঳রয তমরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এফায ↑ up Arrow ফা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করয আ঩নায ঩ড়ায ঳ুরফধাঅনু঳ারয স্ক্রর স্পীড রিক করয রনন।Preposition And ConjunctionA Preposition is a connecting word used before a noun or a pronoun or a phrase and makesrelationship with other words.* To distinguish between preposition and conjunction always remember one thing, Preposition connectsa word or phrase but conjunction connects a clause.I arrived at the office after him.[Here after is preposition]I arrived at the office after he did.[Here after is conjunction]But very few Conjunctions are used as prepositions. It is not very much frequent in English.A conjunction connects two clauses and makes relationships with other words.For Example:He looks like me [Like is preposition]It was done, as you wanted [As is conjunction]He did as I instructed.He instructed like my father.একইযকভবারফ unless (conjunction) এফং without(preposition) এয ফযফ঴ায তেখা মায়।For Example:I would have failed unless you helped.I would have failed without your help.
  2. 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: -* Like Tarek, Masud was caught by mistake.(C Unit 2005-2006)@A. Like Tarek B. Like Tarek’s captureC. Just as Tarek was caught D. Similar to TarekE. As did TarekA. because B. since@C. although D. whichA. except B. nor@C. without D. before@A. Many embarrassing situations occur formisunderstandingB. Many embarrassing situations occur of amisunderstandingC. Much embarrassing situations occur because of amisunderstandingD. Many embarrassing situations occur because amisunderstandingA. to resembleB. which resemblesC. despite its resemblance@D. although it resembles@A. The flower is red like bloodB. The flower is blood like redC. The Flower is as red as bloodD. The flower is bloody
  3. 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. all B. no one@C. none D. nothing(B Unit 2000 - 01)A. eventually B. thus@C. therefore D. therebyFor Example:He is both a footballer as well as a cricketer. (Inc)He is both a footballer and a cricketer. (Cor)For Example:I went there and found him.I went there but did not find him.* I had two eggs for breakfast and ---- of them wasfresh. (D Unit 2002 - 2003)A. neither @B. eitherC. both D. not oneFor Example:You should take an umbrella in case it rains.You should not go outside if it rains.* Choose the right option for the gap.(B Unit 2003 - 2004)Give her a telephone number to ring she getslost.A. unless B. whetherC. perhaps @D. in case.
  4. 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comFor Example:Stephen is as sharp as a tack.Grammar এয তফরায় আভযা Sentence-এয Meaning এয চাইরে Rule গুররারকই প্রাধানয রেরয় থারক। রকন্তু রফরবনড়ফPreposition ফযফ঴ারযয ঳ভয় আভযা Rule এয ঩া঱া঩ার঱ Meaning তকও রফরফচনা কযফ। এরে করয Preposition রনফবাচনকযািা অরনক ঳঴জ ঴রয় মারফ। আভযা মখন Appropriate Preposition রনরয় আররাচনা কযফকখন তোভযা Preposition এয ফযা঩ারয ঳াভরিক একিা ধাযণা ঩ারফ। রকন্তু োয঩যও এই তরকচারয আভযা করয়করিPreposition এয ফযফ঴ারযয ফযা঩ারয তোভারেযরক একিু ধাযণা রেরি।Between এফং Among উবয়ই Preposition র঴র঳রফ ফযফহৃে ঴য়। েুইরয়য ভরধয রনফবাচন কযায তেরে Between ফযফহৃে঴য় আয েুইরয়য অরধক Noun ঴রর রকংফা Plural Noun ঴রর ত঳রেরে among ফর঳।For Example:In a federal form of government, power is dividedamong the legislative, executive and judicialbranches.Although both teams were from the samecountry, there was cut throat competitionbetween them.The work is distributed between the secretary andthe receptionist.Divide the money among the players.Besides ও একরি Preposition র঴র঳রফ কাজ করয অথবাৎ Word রকংফা Phrase তক মুক্ত করয। ‘঩া঱া঩ার঱’ রকংফা ‘ছাড়াও’অরথব Besides এয ফযফ঴ায ঳ফ঳ভয় রেয কযা মায়। ভরন যাখরে ঴রফ তম, Beside ঱ব্দরিয অথব ঴রি ‘রনকিফেবী’। ঳ুেযাংBesides এয ঩রযফরেব কখরনাই beside ফযফ঴ায কযা মারফ না।For Example:Besides studies, Students should be involved insocial activities.6(অথবাৎ ঩ড়াশুনায ঩া঱া঩ার঱ র঱োথবীরেয ঳াভারজক কারজ ঳ম্পৃক্ত঴ওয়া উরচে।)(রকংফা, তরখা঩ড়া ছাড়াও র঱োথবীরেয ঳াভারজক কারজ ঳ম্পৃক্ত঴ওয়া উরচে।)Besides our dog, we have two cats.We sat beside the teacher.
  5. 5. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comSuch as ও একরি Preposition র঴র঳রফ কাজ করয অথবাৎ Word রকংফা Phrase তক ঳ংমুক্ত করয। আভযা তকান েৃষ্টাভত্মিানরে রকংফা ফাংরা ‘তমভন’ অথব তফাঝারে Such as ফযফ঴ায করয।For Example:There are different kinds of newspapers such asdailies, weeklies and monthliesSome birds, such as robins and cardinals, spendthe winter in the North.Instead of একরি Preposition র঴র঳রফ ফযফহৃে ঴য় অথবাৎ মথাযীরে এরি একরি Word ফা Phrase তক ঳ংমুক্ত করয। ফাংরা‘঩রযফরেব’ অথব তফাঝারেই এয ফযফ঴ায রেযণীয়।For Example:We went to Kuakata instead of abroad.You can take physics instead of biologyএ েুরিাই Preposition র঴র঳রফ কাজ করয অথবাৎ তকান Word রকংফা Phrase তক ঳ংমুক্ত করয। আরযকিা রেযণীয় ফযা঩াযdespite এয ঳ারথ কখনই of ফযফ঴ায কযা মারফ না।For Example:Despite his denial, we know that he was guilty.In spite of his denial, we know that he wasguilty.Despite his physical handicap, he has become asuccessful businessman.In spite of his physical handicap, he has becomea successful businessman.Jane will be admitted to the university despiteher bad grades.অরনক Adjective এয ঩রয From ফর঳ কাযণ তফাঝারে। এরেরে তকান পরাপররয কাযণ তফকাঝারে আভযা from ফযফ঴াযকরয।For Example:The chairs are wet form the rain.He got sick from studying too much.তকান রকছুয উরে঱য তফাঝারে for ফযফহৃে ঴য়।
  6. 6. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comFor Example:This is a good book for research.He designed the telescope for studying thestructure of universe.Because একরি Conjunction র঴র঳রফ কাজ করয অথবাৎ আরযকরি Clause তক ঳ংমুক্ত করয। রকন্তু because of একরিpreposition র঴র঳রফ কাজ করয অথবাৎ একরি word ফা phrase তক ঳ংমুক্ত করয।For Example:He was absent because her cold was worse.He was absent because of her cold.So that একরি Conjunction র঴র঳রফ কাজ করয অথবাৎ একরি Clause তক Join করয। উরে঱য তফাঝারেই আভযা ঳াধাযণে Sothat ফযফ঴ায করয।For Example:We work hard so that we can get chance.He is studying hard so that he can pass hisexams.A. not any B. neitherC. nor D. nor withoutA. either B. butC. instead D. orA. moreover B. but alsoC. as well D. andA. but it B. so it
  7. 7. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. it D. however it.A. and B. toC. also D. whichA. such B. bothC. either D. neitherA. so B. whileC. and D. norA. or B. otherwiseC. and D. norA. not only the substanceB. the substance which is not onlyC. not only a substance which isD. not the only substance.A. or B. soC. but D. which
  8. 8. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comAn Interjection is a word, which expresses some suddenfeeling or emotion.(i) Hurrah! We have won the game. (Avb›`)(ii) Alas! I am undone. (welv`)(iii) What a beautiful scenery it is ! (রফষ্ময়) Ah ! Oh! Ha !(রফষ্ময়)(iv) Bravo! You have done well. (অনুরভােন)(v) Fie! Fie! (রেযষ্কায ফা ঘৃণা)(vi) Hi! Hello! আ঴ফান(vii) Humph! Hess (঳রে঴)(viii) Hark! Hush! (ভরনারমাগ আকলবণ)(ix) Tut! tut! (রফযক্ত ফা ঘৃণা)ইন্টাযরনি ঴রে ঳ংি঴ীে
  9. 9. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: -