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Group verbs by tanbircox
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  • 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comআ঩নায ই”ফুক ফা pdf রযডারযয Menu Bar এয View অ঩঱নরি তত রিক করয Auto /Automatically Scroll অ঩঱নরি র঳ররক্টকরুন (অথফা ঳যা঳রয তমরত  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এফায ↑ up Arrow ফা ↓ down Arrow তত রিক করয আ঩নায ঩ড়ায ঳ুরফধাঅনু঳ারয স্ক্রর স্পীড রিক করয রনন।“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““Lila laughs. (রীরা ঴ার঳।)Lila laughed at the poor. (রীরা দরযদ্ররক রফদ্রূ঩ কযর।)প্রথভ ফাকয ‘laughs’ verb -রি ঳঴জ অথথ ‘঴ার঳’ ফজায় আরে। রকন্তু রদ্রৃতীয় ফারকয ‘laughed at’ রিয়ারি তমৌরগক রিয়া। এযঅথথ ঩রযফরতথত ঴রয় ঴ররা ’রফদ্রু঩ কযর’ এফং এইবারফ এরি একরি নূতন রফর঱ষ্টাথথক রিয়ায় রূ঩ান্তরযত ঴ররা।঳ুতযাং মখন একরি রিয়া একরি Preposition গ্র঴ণ করয’ একরি তমৌরগক রিয়ায় ঩রযণত ঴য় এফং একরি রফর঱ল অথথপ্রকা঱ করয তখন তারক Group Verb ফরর। Bear out (support, ঳ভথথন কযা)- His evidence does not bear out the charge. Bear with (঳঴য কযা): I cannot bear with such conduct. Bear up (sustain, ভরনয তজায ফজায় যাখা) -His patience bore him up in that crisis. Blow out (রনরবরয় তপরর): The child blew out the candle. Blow up (রফরফারযত ঴র): The engine blew up. Break away (তবরে তফয ঴র): The thief broke away from the jail. Break down (তবরে ঩ড়র): His health broke down through over-work. Break in (তজায঩ফথক ঢু কর): The robbers broke in at dead of night. Break into (তবরে ঢু কর): Last night a thief broke into (তবরে ঢু কর) my house. Break off (঴িাৎ ফন্ধ কযর ফা তথরভ তগর): The speaker broke off in the middle of his speech. Break out (প্রাদুবথাফ ঘরিরে): Small-pox broken out in the town. Break out (তবরে ঩ারর): The thief broke out of the prison. Break up (বে ঴র): The meeting broke up at 5 p.m. Break with (঳ম্পকথরেেদ করযরে): He has broken with me.
  • 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Break through (get through by force, তজায করয তঢাকা)- The soldier broke through theenemy’s line. Break with (quarrel, ঝগড়া কযা)- He has broken with his friend. Bring about (ঘিান ঴রয়রের): His ruin was brought about by his own folly. Bring down (হ্রা঳ কযরফ, কভারফ): This will bring down the prices of things. Bring out ( ): He has brought out a new edition of the book. Bring up (রাররত ঩াররত ঴র): The child has been brought up by his aunt. Bring in (yযফলপ, তদওয়া)- His propety brings him in Rs. 5,000 a year. Bring off (rescue, যক্ষা কযা)- He brought off the passengers on the wrecked ship. Burst into (express emotion, ঴িাৎ আরফগ প্রকা঱ কযা): She burst into tears at the sight of her son’smisery. Burst out (begin suddenly, পারিয়া ঩ড়া): He burst out weeping like a child. Call at (visit a place): I shall call at your house tomorrow. Call for (demanded, োইরাভ): I called for his explanation. Call in (তডরক আনা): Please call in a doctor. Call on (visit a person, তদখা কযা): I shall call on you tomorrow. Call Upon (visit): I shall call upon him tomorrow. Call Up (remember, স্মযণ কযা): I cannot call up his name. Call off (withdraw, উিাইয়া রওয়া)- The strike was called off. Carry On (continue, োরারনা): I shall carry on the work in your absence. Carry Out (execute ঩ারন কযা): I shall carry out your orders. Carry through: Only courage carried him through the crisis. Catch at (take the opportunity, ঳ুরমাগ গ্র঴ণ কযা)- A drowning man catches at a straw. Catch up (come up with, নাগার ধযা)-India is trying to catch up with the advanced countries. Come about (happen, ঘিা): How did it come about? Come by (get, ঩াওয়া): How did you come by this watch? Come down (করভ তগরে): The rent of house has come down now. Come of (is descended from, জন্মগ্র঴ণ কযা): He comes of a good family. Come off (takes place): The ceremony comes off tomorrow.
  • 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Come out (revealed, প্রকা঱ ত঩র): The secret came out. Come over: A change came over him after his son’s death. Come round ( recovered, আরযাগয রাব কযর): He came round very soon. Come to: We have not yet come to any conclusion. Come up to (is not equal to): Your essay does not come up to my expectation. Come up with (reached, নাগার ত঩রাভ): I gave the chase and soon came up with the thief. Cry to (begged): The beggars cried to the Zamindar for food. Cry up (extols, ফারড়রয় ফরা): A trader cries up his own goods. Cut down: He cut down the tree with an axe. Cut off (separated): He lives in a foreign country, cut off from his kith and kin. Cut off (died): He was cut off at an early age. Do away with (abolished, উরিরয় রদরয়রে): They have done away with that rule. Do for (save as): This plank will do for a table (তিরফররয কাজ কযরফ). Draw away (অনযরদরক তনয়া): My attention was drawn away by the noise. Fall in with (met by chance): I fell in with him on my way to Bombay. Fall off (হ্রা঳ ঩াওয়া): The quality of Dhaka muslin has much fallen off. Fall on (attacked): He fell on me without any reason. Fall upon: The tiger fell upon the prey. Fall on: The charge of the family fell on me after my father’s death. Fall through (fail, ফযথথ ঴ওয়া)– All his plans fell through. Get away (escaped): The prisoner got away from the jail. Get into: He got into a carriage Get off: He got off the car. Get over (overcame অরতμভ কযর): He got over the difficulties. Get at (reach, ঴ারতয নাগারর ঩াওয়া)– The books are locked up and I can’t get at them. Get through (succeed, ঳াপরয রাব কযা)– He got through the examination. Give away (দান করযরেন): He has given away his all in charity. Give off (emits, েড়ায়): The flower gives off a sweet smell. Give up (তেরড় তদওয়া): Give up this bad habit. Give over (make over, ঴স্তান্তরযত কযা)– He will give over charge tomorrow.
  • 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Go after (followed): The dog went after the hare. Go against: I cannot go against your will. Go off (passed, ঳ম্পনড়ফ ঴ওয়া): The party went off well. Go on (continue, োরররয় মাও): Go on with your work. Go out: Don’t go out in the sun. Go over (examine, ঩যীক্ষা কযা): Please go over the accounts. Go through (examined fully): I have gone through the book. Go up (ফৃরি ত঩রয়রে): The cost of living has gone up. Go with (agree with): I go with you in this matter Hand over (deliver, ঴ারত করয তনয়া): Hand over the thief to the people. Hang about (loiter near, তকান স্থারনয রনকরি ঘুরয তফড়ান): Why do you hang about the examination hall? Hang upon (listened attentively to): The crowd hung upon the speaker’s words. Hang up (suspend, ঝু রাও): Hang up this picture in my study. Hang for (put to death by hanging, পাাঁর঳ তদওয়া) – He was hanged for murder. Keep away or off (দতয যারখ): Fire keeps away or off wild animals. Keep down (তের঩ যাখা): He failed to keep down his anger. Keep on (continued): He kept on ringing the bell. Keep out (দতয যাখা ঴রয়রের): I was kept out of business. Keep up with (keep pace with ঳ভান থাকা): Try to keep up with the class. Lay aside (cast aside, ঳রযরয় যাখা): Lay aside your formality. Lay down (ররর঩ফি): No such rules are laid down in the book. Look after (take care of, তদখাশুনা কযা): He will look after my boy. Look down upon (deride, ঘৃণায তোরখ তদখা): Don’t look down upon the poor. Look for (search for, তখাাঁজ কযা): Look for the letter in the box. Look forward to (঳াগ্রর঴ প্রতীক্ষা কযা): We look forward to his visit. Look into (enquire into): I shall look into the matter. Look upon (regard, গণয করয): I look upon you as my best friend. Look over (examine, ঩যীক্ষা কযা): Please look over the applications. Look through (examined carefully): I have looked through the book. Look up (find out): Look up the word in the dictionary. Make after (pursued, ত঩েরন েুির): The dog made after the hare.
  • 5. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Make of (composed of, রনরভথত): This table is made of teak wood. Make out (understand): I cannot make out what you say. Make up (complete, ঩ণথ কযা): Two boys are still wanting to make up the required number. Make up (composed, রভরিরয় তপররাভ): We made up our quarrel. Pass away (died): He passed away at night. Pass through (ভধয রদরয় অরতμভ কযর): He passed through the crowd safely. Put down (write, তরখ): Put down your name on this paper. Put in (submitted, দারখর কযা): I have put in my claim. Put off (postpone): Don’t put off (postpone) your work. Put off(remove): Put off your shoes. Put on (wear): Put on your clothes. Put out (রনরবরয় দাও): Put out the lamp. Put up with (tolerate, ঳঴য কযা): I cannot put up with this rudeness. Run after (pursued): They all ran after the thief. Run away with (রনরয় ঩ারার): My servant ran away with my watch. Run out: Water ran out of the tank. Run over: The dog was run over by a truck. Run on (continue, েরররত থাকা)- The troubles will run on for a few days. Set aside (঳রযরয় যাখর): He set aside some money for me. Set in (began, শুরু ঴ওয়া): The rain set in. Set up (established, স্থা঩ন কযর): He set up a school there. Stand by (supported, ঳ভথথন কযর): The chief stood by the king. Stand for (represents, প্রতীকরূর঩ ফযফহৃত ঴য়): The letter ‚X‛ stands for ten. Stand to (stick to): I shall stand to my promise. Stand up for (support the cause of, ঩রক্ষ দাাঁড়ারনা)- The strong should stand up for the weak. Take after (withdraw, রপরযরয় তনয়া): The child takes after my word. Take down (record): Take down the notes. Take off (খুরর তপর): Take off your coat. Take over (গ্র঴ণ কযরফন): He will take over charge tomorrow. Take up (occupy, ফযপ্ত কযা)- This work will take up too much time.
  • 6. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Take up (undertake, গ্র঴ণ কযা)- He will take up the problem and try to solve it. Turn away (অনযরদরক ভুখ রপযারাভ): The sight pained me and I turned away Turn back (রপরযরয় তদয়া): Don’t turn back a beggar from your door. Turn down (rejected, অগ্রা঴য কযররন): He turned down my proposal. Turn off (ফন্ধ কয): Turn off the switch. Turn out (proved): Your report turned out to be true. Turn into (change into, ঩রযফতথন কযা)- Turn this passage into English. Talk over (discuss , আররাজেনা কযা)- They are talking over the matter. Tell upon (affects, ঴ারন করয): Over-exercise tells upon one’s health. Work on (continue working, কাজ োরাইয়া মাওয়া)- He worked on throughout the night. Work out (কামথকযী ঴য়রন): His plan did not work out well.Come off (take place, ঳ম্পনড়ফ ঴ওয়া) Our annual Sports came off yesterday.Come out (be known, প্রকার঱ত ঴ওয়া) The result will come out soon.Come round (recover, আরযাগয) The patient will come round soon.Come to (amount to, ঩রযণত ঴ওয়া) His income comes to Rs. 100/- a month.Come up to (be equal to, ঳ভান ঴ওয়া) His word did not come up to our expectationCry down (decry, রনন্দা কযা) Do not cry down anything without considering the prose and cons of it.Cry for (demand, দাফী কযা) They are crying for a master plan for the provention of flood.Cry but (Shout, রেৎকায কযা) He cried out for help.Cut down (reduce, কভারনা) Try to cut down your budget.Cut off (dislocate, রফরিনড়ফ কযা) The robbers cut off the telephone connection.Do away with (abolish, ফন্ধ ঴ওয়া ফা কযা) We should do away with our bad habits.Do for (serve the purpose of, কারজ রাগা) This cloth will do for a flag.Do up (put into order, গুোরনা) He had to do up many rooms everyday.Do without (deal with, ফযফ঴ায কযা) He has to do with all sorts of people.Do without (manage without, তকান রকেু োড়া োরারনা) I cannot do without the lamp of my assistant.Deal in (carry on business, ফযফ঳া কযা) He deals in rice.Deal with (behave, ফযফ঴ায কযা) He deals with me very well.Draw away (divert, অনযরদরক ঳যাইয়া রওয়া) His attention was drawn away by the noise.Draw back (retreat, র঩োইয়া আ঳া) The army is now drawing back.
  • 7. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comDraw in (reduce, ঳ংকু রেত কযা) Try to draw in you expenditure.Carry away (remove, স্থানাভত্মরযত কযা) The wounded man was carried away to the hospital.Carry away (cause death to, ভৃতুয ঘিারনা) The boy was carried away by the current.Carry off (caused death to, ভুতুয ঘিারনা) Cholera has carried off one hundred people this year in thevillage.Carry off (win, রজরতয়া রওয়া) He carried of the most coveted prize.Carry on (continue, োরাইয়া মাওয়া) He will carry on the business.Carry out (obey, ভানয কযা) You must carry out my order.Carry over (take forward, র঴঳ারফয তজয ঩য঩ৃষ্ঠায় রইয়া মাওয়া) This amount should be carried over to thenext page.Carry through (bring success, পরপ্র঳ূ ঴ওয়া) His hard labor will carry him through.Carry with (cause to agree, ঳ম্মত কযা) He carried the audience with him.Cast about (move about, তকান রকেুয ঳ন্ধারন তঘাযা) He is casting about for an opportunity.Cast aside (throw off, জুরড়য়া তপরা) He cast aside, cast away, or cast off his old shoes.Cast out (reject, ঩রযতযাগ কযা) As he is my friend, I shall not cast him out.Catch at (take the opportunity, ঳ুরমাগ গ্র঴ণ কযা) A drowning man catches at a straw.Catch up (come up with, নাগার ধযা) India is trying to catch up with the advanced countries.Come about (happen, ঘিা) How did the accident come about?Come across (meet, তদখরত ঩াওয়া) I came across the lame man on the way.Come at (come up within the reach of, নাগার ঩াওয়া) The fox tried to come at the grapes but failed.Come by (get, ঩াওয়া) How did you come by this picture?Come down (decrease, করভয়া মাওয়া) The price of rice has come down.Come of (to be born, জন্মগ্র঴ণ কযা) He comes of a respectable family.Hold on (passive, অনুরষ্ঠত ঴ওয়া) The meeting will be held on the 5th MayHold out (offer or promise, ফাড়াইয়া তদওয়া ফা প্ররতশ্রুরত তদওয়া) He held out a helping hand to me.Hold over (postpone, স্থরগত যাখা) This item has been held over till the next meetingHold up (delay,তদরয কযা) The train was held up for two hours.Keep at (stick to, রারগয়া থাকা) The girl kept at her mother in the kitchen.keep away (remain at a distance from, দূরয থাকা ফা যাখা) keep yourself away from evil company.keep down (control, ঳ংমত যাখা) He could not keep down his anger.Keep in (prevent form going out) The were kept in by rain.Keep with (keep good terms, ফন্ধু ত্ব ফজায় যারখয়া েরা) I can’t keep in with you any longer.Keep off (remain at a distance, দুরয থাকা) Keep off the fire.Keep off (continue, োরাইয়া মাওয়া) He kept on shouting.Keep up (maintain, ফজায় যাখা) He always tries to keep p his reputation is a good teacher.Keep up with (keep pace with, ঳ভান তারর েরা) Try to keep up with the changing world.Lay aside (keep apart, ঳যাইয়া যাখা) Try to lay aside something for your old age.
  • 8. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comLay before (place, ত঩঱ কযা) He laid the facts before the committee.Lay by (save, ঳ঞ্চয় কযা) You must lay by something for the future.Lay down (sacrifice, রফ঳জথন তদওয়া) he laid down his life for the sake of his country.Lay in (store, জভাইয়া যাখা) The potatoes were laid in for the off season.Lay off (dismiss temporarily, ঳াভরয়ক বারফ কভথেুযত কযা) The workers were laid off for two months.Lay on (apply, প্ররর঩ তদওয়া) He laid on paint on the doors.Get on (proceed, অগ্র঳য) How are you getting on with your studies?Get out (go out, ফর঴রয মাওয়া Get out the class.Get out (Come out, প্রকার঱ত ঴ওয়া) The secret got out at last.Get over (overcome, অরতμভ কযা) He will soon got over the difficulties.Get through (succeed, ঳াপরয রাব কযা) He got through the examination.Get up (rise, ঱মযা তযাগ কযা) He get up at 5 am every day.Give over (Stop, ফন্ধ ঴যয়া) The rain will soon give over.Give away (make over, রফতযণ) The president gave away the prizes.Give in (yield, ফ঱যতা স্বীকায কযা) The enemies gave in at last.Give off (send out, রনিঃ঳ৃত কযা) The cooking coal gives off a lot of smoke.Give out (make over, ঴঳ত্মাভত্ময কযা) He will give over charge tomorrow.Give up (abandon, ঩রযতযাগ কযা) Try to give up your bad habit.Go about (move about, ঘুরযয়া He goes about canvassing তফড়ারনা) his goods.Go away (leave the place, প্রস্থান কযা) He has gone away with all his belongings.Go against (oppose, রফযম্নরি মাওয়া) This goes against the interest of the people.Go back on (with draw, ঴রিয়া আ঳া) He won’t go back on his word.Go beyond (exceed, অরতμভ কযা) You have gone beyond your limit.Go by (act according to, অনু঳ারয েরা) I have to go by rules.Go forth (be issued, ফার঴য ঴ওয়া) The order went forth for the public yesterday.Go in for (sit for, প্ররতরমারগতা কযা) He is going in for the W.B.C.S Examination.ইন্টাযরনি ঴রত ঳ংগ্র঴ীত
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