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English to bangla definition & synonyms

  1. 1. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com আপনার ই−বুক বা pdf ররডাররর Menu Bar এর View অপশনরি তে রিক করর Auto /Automatically Scroll অপশনরি রিরেক্ট করুন (অথবা িরািরর তেরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এবার ↑ up Arrow বা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করর আপনার পরার িু রব া অনু িারর স্ক্রে স্পীড রিক করর রনন। আপনার ই−বুক বা pdf ররডাররর Options বা View তে রিক করর Go To অপশনরি রিরেক্ট করুন (অথবা িরািরর তেরে Adobe Reader Shift + Ctrl+N এবং Foxit Reader  Ctrl+G), আপনার প্ররয়াজনীয় পৃ ষ্ঠার Page number রি রেখুন ; এবং OK তপ্রি করুন । WORD অথথ Aback পশ্চারিরক Accelerate ত্বরারিে করা Expedite Acclaim স্বাগে জানারনা Celebrate, Welcome Accord িম্মরে Achievement অজথন Agreement Deed, Feat, Work, Exploit স্বীকার করা, Acknowledge িেযো, প্রারি স্বীকার করা SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Backwards To make sth happen faster Welcome or applaud enthusiastically. Be in harmony, Act of achieving. Admit, Cite, Know, Mention, Notice, Receipt, Recognize Recognize, accept the truth Thing acquired Acquisition অজথন Obtaining Acquisition গ্রহণ, অজথন Accomplishmen, Acquiring or being acquired Acquirement, Attainment, Acrobat কিরেবীদ Add তোগ করা, িংেু ক্ত করা আিরক্ত, Gymnast One who can do clever things with his body Attach, Combine, Join, Integrate, Unite To put sth along with sth to increase in size or number. মাদকািরক্ত Compulsion, Dependence, The condition of being addicted Habit, Fixation, Obsession Adequate পেথাি Sufficient Enough in quantity Adequate পেথাি, েরথষ্ট Decent, Enough, Fair To Middling, Passable Sufficient, satisfactory High Regard, Praise To regard with wonder and pleasure Addiction Admiration মুগ্ধভারব প্রিংশা করা Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  2. 2. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com তপাষ্য গ্রহণ Adopt করা, দত্তক Acquire, Assume, Take In, Borrow, Take Over Legally take (a person) into a relationship বয়ষ্ক Grown-Up, Mature, A grown-up person িু রব া, িু রোগ Benefit, Service, Beneficial feature Impact, Impress, Involve Attack, move emotionally তনওয়া, অবেম্বন করা Adult Advantage Affect Affected Àfflict Affluent Afford প্রভারবে করা, ক্ষরেগ্রস্থ করা ক্ষরেগ্রস্থ, আক্রান্ত Harmed, Infected কষ্ট তদওয়া নী, স্বচ্ছে িামথথয থাকা বা হওয়া আক্রমনাত্নক, Aggressive ঝগরারি, আগ্রািী Agitate Ahead Ails Alarm Alarming Altering Amenable উরত্তরজে বা ু রবক্ষব্ধ করা িামরন, আরগ কষ্ট তদওয়া, অিু স্থা
হওয়া িেকথ িংরেে ভয়াবহ আেেজনক আংরশক পররবেথন শীে রনয়রিে হরে আগ্রহী Not natural or sincere Agonies, Distress, Exercise Distress physically or mentally Moneyed, Rich, Wealthy Wealthy, rich. Provide Be able to Antagonistic, Assertive, Destructive Ready to attack Excite To create excitement In Advance, In Front, Forward Further forward in space or time. Troubles, Afflicts, Pains To cause problem for somebody. Signal, Warning A device that warns people of a particular danger Disturbing, Shocking, Causing worry and fear Varying, Changing, Shifting To become different Agreeable, Willing Answerable to law Goods, Facilities Pleasant or useful feature or facility. Amenities রজরনিপত্র Among মারঝ, পরররবরষ্টে Amuse আনন্দ তদয়া Please, Delight In the middle of sb/sth, surrounded by sb/sth. Cause to laugh or smile Ancient প্রাচীন Obsolete, Of long ago Anger রাগ Furry, Ragé, Temper Ankle তগারােী A Place In A Foot In The Midst Of Want more Updates  Old, Extreme or passionate displeasure Joint connecting the foot with the leg http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  3. 3. facebook /gmail/skype: রবরক্ত হওয়া বা Annoy করা http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Vex, Irritate To make sb angry Final of anything Something said or done in reaction to a question Annual বারষ্থক Yearly Answer উত্তর তদওয়া Fulfll, Reply To দু রর, একরদরক, Apart ছারা, বযারেরররক িরনবথন্ধ আরবদন Appeal করা, আকষ্থণ করা At A Distance Aside Application, Call, Cry, Plea, Prayer, Request Request earnestly Come into sight Appear মরন হওয়া Seem Application আরবদন, প্ররয়াগ Appeal, Appreciate িরিকভারব মূ েযায়ন করা Appropriate েথােথ, মানানিই Study, Formal request. Value, Respect, Esteem Esteem highly Applicable, Fit, Correct, Proper, Right, Suitable Fit About, Around, Some Fairly correct, near to the actual Measures, Settlement A plan or preparation that you make so that sth can happen Item, Object, Thing, Writing A piece of writing about a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine. Angle, Attribute, Characteristic, Circumstance, Attitude, Expression Angle of vision প্রায় িরিক Approximately পররমান, রনকিবেথী, প্রায় Arrangement বযবস্থা দদরনক বা Article িামরয়ক পরত্রকায় প্রকারশে রচনা Aspect রূপ, তচহারা, দৃ রষ্টরকাণ Aspects রদক, দৃ শয Attitude, View Point Viewpoint, feature, etc. To be considered Aspiration ু বযাকে বািনা Aim, Ambition, Craving, Desire, Dream, Goal, Eager desire Assault আঘাে, হামো Abuse, Violate, Attack Act of attacking, act of criticizing. Assign কমথারদর দারয়ে ব Allocate অপথন করা Assign দারয়ে বরদয়া Give, Allot, Allocate Assist িাহােয করা Assistance, Attend Association িংগিন Company, Organization িফেকাম হওয়া, Attain েক্ষক্ষয তপেঁ․ছারনা, Accomplish, Achieve, Acquire, Earn, Fulfill, Gain, Get, Obtain, To engage sombody to do somthing To allot as a share or responsibility. Help Group organized for a joint purpose; To achieve, to accomplish. িম্পাদন করা Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  4. 4. facebook /gmail/skype: মরনারোগ তদওয়া, http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Accompany, Assist, To pay attention to what sombody is saying etc. মরনারোগ Care, Observation Act or faculty of applying one’s mind; ভরি, আচরণ, মরনাভাব Approach, Aspect, Behaviour, The way you behave towards sb/sth. Attractive আকষ্থণীয় Lovely, Sweet, Pulling Good-looking Attribute আররাপ করা Ascribe, Assign, Impute, To say or believe that sb is responsible for doing sth. তরাোম-েী, Assembly, Crowd, Listeners, Gathering, Spectators, Viewers The number of people who watch or listen to the same thing. Accessible, At Hand, Convenient, (of things) that you can get, buy or find Calculated by adding several amounts together and dividing the total by the number. That can be prevented. Attend েত্নবান হওয়া Attention Attitude Audience পািকিমাজ পাওয়া োয় এমন, গ্রহণরোগয েভয, Available উপwস্থা
ে Average গর Mean, Medium Avoidable পররহাররোগয Preventable, Stoppable Aware িরচেন, অবরহে, Consciousness, Knowingness িাব ান িরচেনো, Awareness মরনারোগ Conscious, having knowledge Attention, Consciousness Knowing that sth exists. Away দু রর, অনযত্র Not Here At a distance from Awfully প্রচ-ভারব Extremely, Very Fearfully B WORD অথথ SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Balance েুোদন্ড Equity, level Different things exist in equal অনাবৃ েভারব, Hardly, scantily, scarcely Scarcely (barely escaped), scantily রভরত্ত Extablished, Foundation, Basis A part supporting from beneath or serving as a foundation রভরত্ত Underground room Foundation রভরত্তক, তম․রেক, Beginning, introductory, primary, basal Serving as a base; fundamental. Barely Base Basement Basic প্রায়শূ ণযভারব প্রাথরমক Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  5. 5. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com িু ন্দর Pretty, Handsome, gorgeous Having beauty তিৌন্দয়থ Adornment, Attractiveness, That pleases the senses Beck and Call আজ্ঞাবহ Obeying, obedient To obey one’s order Behind রপছরনর রদক At the back At the back of Belch উদ্গীরণ করা Emit, release, discharge To let air come up noisily from your stomach. Beneficial োভজনক, মিেকর Good, salutary Advantageous; having benefits. Advantage An advantage that sth gives or sth has Beautiful Beauty Benifit উপকার, োভ, িু রব া, িু ফে Bewilder অবাক করা Confuse, puzzle Perplex, confuse. Bewildering হেবুরিকর Perplexing, staggering Bewilderment Materials; chemicals etc. That are changed naturally. As substance or chemical that is biodegradable can be changed to a harmless natural state by the action of bacteria. জীবম-ে, প্রাণীমন্ডে, Animal world The part of the earth surface and atmosphere in which plants and animals can live. অ থারমরকর নযায় Wickedness বযাকরিররয়ার মা যরম Biodegrad able অংশিমূ রহ রবরচ্ছন্ন করা োয় এমন। Biosphere Blasphemy Boring কথাবােথা রবররক্তকর প্রস্ত‧কারী Brand প্ররেষ্ঠারনর রচহ্নেু ক্ত To talk impiously Dull, prosaic, Tiresome Trademark A type of product made by a company রবরশষ্ ররনর পণয Breath শ্বাি-প্রশাবি তনয়া Whiff Respiration of air, Breath শ্বাি প্রশাবি Expiration, inhalation, respiration, air, gas, inspiration, The air drawn into and Expelled from the lungs Bright উজ্জে Shining, Cheerful Broaden রবস্তৃে করা বা হওয়া Widen out To become widen to increase Brotherhoo D ভ্রােৃত্বরবা Fraternity Relationship between brothers. Pressure To receive the huge force of sth unpleasant. Brunt কে বা আঘাে Bunch গুচ্ছ Group, gang Things gathered together. Burial কবর তদয়া Put/hide in ground Act of burying a dead body Flammable, lightable, Things which can produce flames and heat by burning. Burnable Business Busy দহনরোগয, দাহয বযবিা বযস্থ, কমথরে Activity of Employment, Engaged, Want more Updates  One’s regular occupation or Occupied or engaged in work etc http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  6. 6. facebook /gmail/skype: - WORD অথথ ারণক্ষমো, ারণশরক্ত, Capacity িামথথয Carelessness অিেকথো পররবেথন িা নকারী Catalyst অপররবরেথে পদাথথ, http://tanbircox.blogspot.com SYNONYMS Ability, Capability, Competence, aptitude, Forgetfulness, uncaring Method অনু ঘিক ENGLISH MEANING Ability to do, have, be The process of not caring for sb/sth. A subltance that causes a change without being changed itself Catastrophic মহাদু রেথাগময় Dangerous, risky Catastrophically ভয়াবহরূরপ Disastrously, ruinously. A sudden event that causes many people to suffer. Century শেবষ্থ A hundred years One hundred years Sure, true, Infallible, undoubtful, positive, convinced, actual, confident, assured, definite. Confident that you know sth or that you are right রনরশ্চেভারব Undoubtedly, absolutely, Surely Challenge পরীক্ষা Test, trial To take part in a contest etc. Or to prove or justify something. Characteristic দবরশষ্টয Feature, quality Typical, distinctive. রনরশ্চে, িরন্দহােীে, Certain অবশযম্ভাবী Certainly Check Cheek তচায়াে Control, stop, hinder, stay Side of the face Cherish োেন করা Foster, nurture Chore তছাি কাজ Chores দদনরন্দন ঘররর কাজ Citizenship নাগররকত্ব Nationality Nationality, residency Civilization িভযো Society, nationl, culture Clap হাে োরে তদয়া Applaud Advanced stage or system of social development Strike with the palm of the hand. Clash Clash রনয়িণ, পরীক্ষা করা িংঘষ্থ, রবররা , অরমে িংঘরষ্থ আিা িংঘষ্থ Want more Updates  Small household work Household tasks Make sure, Side wall of mouth Protect or tend lovingly. Small household work Tedious or routine task, esp. Domestic. Conflict A fight/difference between two Conflict, disagreement Collision of bodies, a fight http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  7. 7. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Condition of weather The regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular place. Specialists who study climate Very near Climate জেবায়ু Climatologist জেবায়ূ রবজ্ঞানী Close at hand রনকরি The scientist of climate. Very near িমারি, ছু রি, Conclusion The situation when sth closed Snakch, grip, grasp To hold sb/sth tightly. The land beside or near to the sea. Closure বন্ধকরণ থাবা/রনষ্ঠুর Clutch কবে Coastal ূ উপকেীয় Coastal ূ উপকেীয় Related to coast of sea. Of or near seashore or beach Cockerel বাচ্চা তমারগ A young cock A young cock. িম্পূ ণথ আবৃ ে কররণর মা যরম রক্ষা Wrap, insulate, protect Silky case spun by insect larvae for protection as pupae, protective covering, Collective তেৌথ Assembled, Piled, accumulative Of, by, or relating to a group or society as a whole Colossal রবশাে Enormous, vast, huge Huge and splendid Combine একত্র করা, িংেু ক্ত করা Unite, join, mingle League together আরাম, িান্তবনা Encourage, refresh, relieve, console, ease Things that make life easy or pleasant প্ররেজ্ঞাবি Dedicated devoted Faithful তোগারোগমূ ে ক Ready to talk and impart information. Ready and willing to talk and give Community িম্প্রদায় Group of people Compare েুেনা করা Compete প্ররেরোরগো করা Fight, struggle, battle Take part in a contest etc Competence তোগযো Ability, capacity, quality Quality অরভরোগ করা Protest, criticize, To find fault, রচনা বা রচনা তকৌশে Formation, making, invention, essay build, constitue, frame Act or method of putting together িংক্ষক্ষপ, িংক্ষক্ষিকরন Shortening Reduction in volume Comprise গিন করা Be composed of comprehend, consist of include. To have sb/sth as parts or member. Concentrate মরনারোগ তদয়া Cocoon Comfort Committed Communicative Complain Composítion Compression Concept ারণা Want more Updates  Evaluate Give attention to Idea, notion, thought, Adjacent area of sea. A group of people living in the same place To examine things how they are similar/different Pay attention A notion http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  8. 8. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Concern উরেগ, রচমত্মা Anxiety, worry To involve sb. Concert ঐকোনবাদন Show A musical entertainment Concrete ইি পাথররর দেরী Solid Condition অবি
াা State, stipulation Condition অবি
াা State, form A compound mixture of cement Situation The state that sth is in bad/good excellent etc. Conduct পররচােনা করা To direct a group of people Lead or guide, Confined িীমাবি Restricted, limited Keep or restrict (within certain limits). Conflict িংঘাে Clash, argument A state of opposition. Confusion রবশৃ ঙ্খো Disorder, shame Confusing or being confused Conquer জয় করা, শত্রম্নরক বশ করা Defeat, beat, triumph Overcome by effort, be victorious. Conscious িরচেন Conscious িরচেন, Consequence ফোফে, পররণরে Consider রবরবচনা করা Alert, aware, knowing Aware, sensible, Result, effect, outcome Regard Consider রবরবচনা করা, Think about Take into account Consist গরিে হওয়া Be composed, Have as ingredients. দৃ রষ্ট আকষ্থক, িহরজ তদখা োয় এমন Noticeable eyecatching prominent Clearly visible; attracting, notice noteworthy. Conspiracy ষ্রেি Plan scheme plot Plan scheme plot Constant রি
র Fixed, static Occurring frequently (constant complaints). Constraint িীমাবিো, চাপ, বা যকরণ Restriction A thing that limits or restricts sth Construction রনমথাণ Building Consumption তভাগ, বযবহার Consuming, utilisation Contagious িংক্রামক Infectious, transmittable Conspicuous Contain ারণ করা Be full of,hold Contain ারণ করা Be full of Contribute অবদান রাখা Subscribe Contribute ঘিরে িাহােয করা Have a say/add Knowing something Aware of sth, noticing sth A result of sth that has happened. Take into account, The process or method of building/making sth. The act of using energy, food or materials A-(of a person) likely to transmit a disease by contact. To hold within Hold or be capable of holding within itself Give towards a common purpose. To give sth to help sth/sb তকান বযাপারর অনযরদর Contribute িারথ রকছু তদওয়া বা অংশ গস্খহণ Have a say/add To give or bear a part with others করা Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  9. 9. facebook /gmail/skype: তকান বযাপারর অনযরদর Contribute িারথ রকছু তদয়া বা অংশগ্রহণ করা http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Donate, supply, put in Help to bring about a result, to give sth to help sth/sb Contribution দান, অংশগ্রহণ Donation, part, share Act of contributing. Control রনয়িণ করা Regulate To have power over sb or sth করথাপকথন, িংোপ, Dialogue Conversation আোপআরোচনা Familiar intercourse Convert রূপান্তররে করা Convey বহন করা Alter, change, transform, apply, turn Communicate Courage িাহি Bravery Ability to disregard fear Courtesy তিৌজনযো Courteous behaviour or act. Credit ৃ করেত্ব, ঋণ Crowded ভীর Civility Approval, distraction Throng, multitude, mob, Cruelly রনষ্ঠুরভারব, রনমথমভারব Unkindly Cultivable আবাদরোগয Tillable Cultivation চাষ্াবাদ Production of crops. Cultivation চাষ্ Tillage of land Custom প্রথা Manner WORD অথথ SYNONYMS Deforestation বন উজারকরণ Cutting of trees Devastating ধ্বংিাত্মক Destructive, disastrous. Decibel শরের েীব্রো মাপ করার একক পাথথকয তদখা/রবাঝ, Dropout অংশ গ্রহণ তথরক রবরে হওয়া Want more Updates  Source of honour, pride, etc. Flock into or crowd round; Having a desire to cause pain That can be used to grow crops Use of land for growing plant or crops Prepare and use (soil etc.) For crops or gardening. Usual behaviour ENGLISH MEANING The act of cutting down or burning the trees. Causing a lot of damage. A unit for measuring how loud a sound is. Differ, differentiate Separate or divide by some mark or quality Leave, give up, withdraw, quit Stop taking part in something পৃথক করা তকান কারজ Carry, express Measuring unit. দু রি রজরনরির মর য Distinguish Change in form or function http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  10. 10. facebook /gmail/skype: নািকীয়,চমক Dramatic প্রদনািক িম্বন্ধীয় Distance দু রত্ব http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Theatrical, spectacular Of the drama Remoteness, detachment Remoteness Decline, depreciate Get worse, go down, Nervousness, Worry, fear, anxiety Depriving or being deprived Loss, privation, want Give shares of; deal out Spend out অর কের খারাপ হওয়া, Deteriorate অবনরে ঘিা বা ঘিরনা মররয়া বা তবপররায়া Desperation হরয় ওিা Deprivation বঞ্চনা, অর কার হরণ রবেরণ বা বণ্টন Distribute Dailogue করর তদয়া Colloquy, Discourse, Conversatíon,Co nfabulation Wet, humid, Overwhelming, discouraging িংোপ Discussion between people with different opinions Damp িযােঁেরিেঁরে Moist Daunting ভয়ের Discourage, intimidate. Deceptive প্রোরণামূ েক Likely to deceive or misleading Decision রিিান্ত Act or process of deciding. রিিান্ত Act or process of deciding Decline হ্রাি পাওয়া Decline হ্রািপ্রারি Decline কমারনা Deteriorate; lose strength A continuous decrease in the number. Deteriorate; lose strength or vigour; decrease. প্ররেরক্ষা Defending or protection Guard, রবরে করা, তপৌরছ তদওয়া Distribute (letters, goods, etc.) To their destination(s) Handover Dense ঘন িরন্নরবষ্ট Close, compact, pack Depend Dependent রনভথর করা To rely onsb/sth Unable to do without the help of others Depict বণথনা করা, রচরত্রে Decision Defence Deliver তপৌষ্য, রনভথরশীে করা Deploy Conclusion, adjudication Judgment, settlement choice, result Diminish, decar. Decrease. Lower, decrease, shorten Containing a lot of people. Rely on Needy, reliant, Describe, paint, give a picture of, Describe, show, represent, illustrate Arrange, organise, set up Spread out in a line of battle েু ি করার জনয তরণীবি ভারব Misleading, unreliable, ছরারনা Despite (রকছু ) িরেও In spite of In spite of Despite Destine িরেও In spite of পূ বথ রন থাররে করা In spite of. Be destined to be fated or preordained to Destruction রবনাশ Ruin, devastation Want more Updates  Predetermine The act of destroying sth. http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  11. 11. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Determination িংকল্প Determined িংকল্পবি Develop উন্নরে করা Differentiate পাথথকয করা The quality that makes you continue trying to do sth. Showing sb’s determination to do sth. Come into a state of better position Constitute a difference between Difficult করিন Needing much effort, not easy Difficult করিন, কষ্টিা য Not easy Dilemma উভয় িংকি Predicament Dimension Disabled মাত্রা, আয়েন, বযারি Disaster দু রেথাগ Measurement, length, Deprived of an ability or function An unexpected event Discomfort অস্বরিত্ম Feeling unpleasant Discrimination দবষ্ময Dishonorable অিম্মানজনক Disintegration রবভাজন Treating sb less fairly than others Loss of honour or respect; disgrace. Separation into integral parts Dismal রনরানন্দ Gloomy, miserable Disposal বযবি
াা, অপিারণ The act of getting rid of sth. Disposal Distance অপিারণ, বযবি
াা Act of avoiding sth. দূ রত্ব Being far off Distinction স্বােময¿, পাথথকয Distress চরম দু দথশা Keeping distance Anguish or suffering caused by pain, sorrow, worry, etc. Thing providing a record or evidence of events, agreement, ownership, identification, etc. Of the home, household, or family affairs. Document Domestic chores Douse অক্ষম দরেে ঘররর কাজকমথ উপরর জে Will power, resolve Strong minded, firm Advance, build up Discriminate, disseminate Hard, obstinate, complex, Hard, complicated, complex Difficult situation, Extent Unable Tragedy, ruin, calamity Uneasiness, distress, trouble Prejudice, disparity Humiliating Breakup Dull, depressing Removal, discarding, dumping Removal, discarding Absence, space, Interval Difference Misery Certificates, paper, writing, file, text, article Household work Drench Throw water over ভারব Serious or violent effect on sth. Radically, severly Drive চাোরনা Urge forward, Drought অনাবৃ রষ্ট বা খরা Absence of rain Durable তিকিই, মজবুে Arm With a relatively long useful life Operate, direct A long period of time when there is little or no rain. Leg Constant, stable, permanent During বযাপী, োবৎ, তকান Throughout, in For the time it lasts The way in which people behave and react to each Lively, active, vibrant Drastically ঢাো করিারভারব, প্রচ- Drumstick িময় রর Dynamic গরেশীে Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  12. 12. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com other in a particular situation. WORD অথথ Earthquake ভূ রমকম্প SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Quake tremor, Violent shaking of the earth’s trembling surface. Living creatures in a particular Ecosystem বাস্তুিংিা
ন Bionetwork, flora and area, considered fauna In relation to their physical environment. Effectively কােথকরভারব Impressively, strikingly, Efficient দক্ষ Effective, productive রনবথারচে বা Appoint, মরনারনে করা Choose, Prefer, Select Elect Electric দবদু যরেক, উরত্তজক Exciting, Flashing Thrilling Operatively Productive with minimum waste or effort. Choose by voting or selection Charged with electricity or excitement Element উপাদান Constituent, component A necessary part of something Embed দৃ ঢভারব তগেঁরথ Put deeply into Fix firmly in a Made graceful, beautiful Beautify, adorn. Embellished Embrace তিৌন্দেথভূরষ্ে করা গ্রহন বা আরেিন করা Emerge Accept, Contain, Enfold, Clasp Hold closely in the arms, adopt (a cause, idea, etc.) Appear, Rise, প্রকারশে হওয়া Escape, Come up or out into view Issue Emergency গুরুত্বপূ ণথ Emergency জরুরী অবি
াা Emit রনগথে করা, রনিঃিরণ করা Urgent Unexpected sudden occurrence Urgent Sudden state of danger etc. Requiring immediate action. Release, discharge Emotional আরবরগর িারথ Excited, Emphasis গুরুত্ব Force, importance Emphasize তজার তদওয়া Focus on, highlight Want more Updates  To send out sth such as heat, gas etc. Especially liable to Special importance that is given to somthing Put emphasis on, stress. http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  13. 13. facebook /gmail/skype: Employment Enable Enclose কমথিংিা
ন িক্ষম করা, ক্ষমো প্রদান করা http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Job, livelihood Person's trade or profession. Facilitate Make possible Encircle, Cover, িংগ্ররথে করা Encompass রঘরর তফো, Wrap, Surround তবষ্টন করা, Belt, Enclose, আবৃ ে করা Compass, Gird Surround Inspire, stimulate, Encourage উৎিারহে করা Encourage আশ্বস্থ বা Assure, Cheer, উৎিারহে করা Comfort, Inspire Encroach End অনর কার প্ররবশ করা animate Intrude Give courage or confidence to Give courage or confidence to Intrude on another’s territory etc. িমাি হওয়া বা তশষ্ Close, Finish, করা Endanger A surround with a wall, fence, etc. Terminate, Destroy রবপদগ্রস্থ Put in danger, imperil, করা/হওয়া jeopardize Extreme limit To put sb/sth in a situation in which they could be harmed or damaged. To put sb/sth in a situation in Endanger রবপন্ন করা To be at stake which they could be harmed or damaged. Endanger Endeavour Endow Energetic Energy Enhance Enjoy রবপরদ তফো প্ররচষ্টা িম্পদ দান করা শরক্তশােী কমথশরক্ত, বে বারারনা বা বৃ রি করা উপরভাগ করা আরোকিম্পাে Enlighten করা, অজ্ঞোমুক্ত করা Hazard, Imperil Aim, Attempt, Try earnestly Strive, Try Endue, Enrich, Provide with talent, ability, etc. Furnish, Grant Lively, strong Full of energy, vigorous. Activity, Life, Might Animation Heighten, raise Appreciate , Place or thing in danger. Like , Relish, Love Instruct, giving knowledge Capacity for activity, force, vigour Intensify (qualities, powers, etc.); improve (something already good) Take pleasure in Throw light upon জ্ঞানদান করা, Enlighten অজ্ঞাে বা Clarify, clear up, shed Inform (about a subject). রমথযা রবশ্বাি দূ র light on, sort out 2 (as enlightened adj.) Progressive করা Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  14. 14. facebook /gmail/skype: Enormous Ensure Ensure প্রচুর রনরশ্চে করা, রনরাপদ করা রনরশ্চে করা http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Huge Extremely large Ascertain, assure Complete, Full, Perfect, Pure Make certain. 2 (usu. Foll. By against) make safe Make certain বযয়ভার চারপরয় Implicates, implies, তদওয়া means রবরনাদন করা Amuse, divert Entertaining or being entertained. Entertainment আরমাদ-প্ররমাদ Joy, Amusement Entertaining or being entertained. Enthusiastic উদযমী Devoted, eager Entrails নাররভুরেঁ র Intestines Bowels, intestines. Envy রহংিা করা Jealousy, greed To be jealous Equity িাময, নযায়পরায়ন Fairness, justice Era েু গ An age Entails Entertain Erosion ৃ প্রাকরেক শরক্তর ফরে ক্ষয় Attract by the offer of pleasure or reward. Principles of justice used to correct or supplement the law. Large period, esp. Regarded historically. Corrosion destruction Destruction of some solid things. Erosive Erosion ক্ষয় Wearing away Escort পাহারা তদয়া Accompany, guide প্ররোজনীয়, All important, অপররহােথ necessary, requisite Essential Necessitate or involve unavoidably Affair, Person accompanying a person of the opposite gender socially. Necessary; indispensable Event ঘিনা Evidence প্রমাণ Proof Exactly িরিকভারব Correctly, precisely, Accurately Exceed অরেক্রম করা। Go beyond Cross over somthing Demonstrated, Explanation of sth by showing represented examples. Extending Increase in size or importance. দৃ ষ্টান্ত বা Exemplified উদাহরণ োরা প্রদরশথে Expanding Expansion রবস্তৃেকরণ Happening, episode, A thing that happens. Signs that make you believe that sth is true. Amplification, রবিত্মার Dilation, Increase, Expanding or being expanded Opening"Expect আশা করা Hope, suppose Regard as likely. Expense বযয় Cost, expenditure, Payment of money, Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  15. 15. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Experience অরভজ্ঞো Expert রবরশষ্জ্ঞ Explicit প্রকারশে Exploiting তশাষ্ন করা Abusing, misusing Expose রববরণ To exhibit Expression অরভবযরক্ত Extension রবিত্মার Extent মাত্রা Extinction রবেু রি, রবনাশ Extract Extreme Observation of or practical Extreme WORD Wisdom; knowledge acquaintance with facts or events. Experienced, master, proficient, specialist. Obvious, clear, Expressly stated collaborate Utilize or take advantage of (esp. A person) for one’s own ends. Description related to information Appearance indicating feeling Expansion, Lengthening, Stretching, Dignity, A person with special knowledge. Expressing or being expressed. Part enlarging or added on Scope, degree Range, Extermination, A situation in which a plant, a life destruction etc. Stops existing. তিরন তবর করা, Pull out Draw out for a quotation চরম Acute, exceptional Very great in degree. Greatest, চরম িীমা অথথ Excessive Either of two things as remote or as different as possible SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Alleviate, help Ease (a process etc.) Lack of success িহজ করা, তকান Facilitate কষ্ট বা অিু রব া দূ র করা Failure ৃ অকেকােথো Not a success Fall শরৎকাে Autumn Famine দু রভথক্ষ, চরম খাদযাভাব Famous রবখযাে Famous রবখযাে Fancy অেীক কল্পনা To drop down from a higher level to a lower level. Dearth, shortage Extreme scarcity, esp. Of food. Excellent, wellknown Celebrated; Celebraíed, Great Famed, Eminent Conceive, Think, Like, Imagine Want more Updates  Well-known Faculty of imagination or mental image http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  16. 16. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Fault তদাষ্ Blunder, failing Something wrong Favorable ূ অনু কে Well-disposed; Conducive to friendly suitable. Federal Feeble িঞ্চয় বা চুরক্ত িংক্রান্ত দু বথে রচত্ত, রনরিত্মজ Of a system of government in which selfFederal official, governing States unite for certain functions etc. Decrepit, infirm Lacking strength, energy, or effectiveness. Fell off পরর োওয়া Drop Stitch down Fence তবরা Defence, A barrier put round a garden, Festive আনন্দঘন Mirthful Feast like Figure রারশ, রহিাব করা Calculate, Depict, Compute, Imagine, Finance আরথথক Finance আরথথক বযবি
াা Firm শক্ত Flame অরিরশখা Blaze ু ঘন কয়াশার জনয Misty Foggy Folk Money affairs Commerce, Management of (esp. economics Public) money. Solid, compact, fixed, stable, Having strength The flame of a fire Not clear, because of fog িা ারণভারব মানু ষ্, Music in the traditional style of a তোক country রবরদশী, রভনরদশী Formerly পূ রবথর Forward িম্মু খবেথী Foundation Monetary, revenue পররষ্কার নয় এমন Foreigners Forward To calculate an amount or the cost of sth অগ্রবেথী রভরত্ত ৃ Fragmented িুকরাকে Aliens, outlanders Aforetime, anciently, previously Advanced, foremost Advanced Early, Onward Base, basis, ground Uneven, patchy Habitually, Person born in or coming from another country In former times. Towards a place. Towards the front A solid ground or base beneath a building. Part broken off. Frequently বারংবার Fresco প্রাচীররচত্র Mural Furnished িরজ্জে Dressed, decorated (of a house etc.) Let with furniture. Extra In addition to what has just been said Mixture To process or result of joining two or Further Fusion আররা, অর কের দু রর িংরমরণ, গেন Occurring often or in close succession. constantly Want more Updates  A wall painting in water colours on freshy plaster more things together to one http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  17. 17. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com WORD অথথ SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Gain অজথন করা Take, earn, get Achieve, প্রজন্ম, বংরশর Generation একরি পেথায়, All the people who were born at about Age group the same time উৎপাদন,িংঘিন Give up েযাগ করা Resign, part with Abandon Global রবশ্ববযাপী Worldwide, universal The whole world. Globalisation রবশ্বায়ন Glory Graceful েশ, মরহমা তশাভন, িাবেীে The fact that different cultures and Worldwide, universalisation economic systems around the world are becoming connected and similar Exaltation, brilliance, Thing that brings renown, distinction, pride, splendour or pride Beautiful, Easy, becoming Having or showing grace or elegance Gradual ক্রমাগে Continuous Happening slowly over a long period. Gradually ক্রমাগে, ক্রমশ Slowly Over a long period of time িম্মে হওয়া, Grant স্বীকার করা, Sth to agree to give sb what they ask Allowance for তমরন তনয়া Graphic Descriptive, রচত্ররেখ, রচত্রময় illustrative telting, Pictorial Grave কবর Gray ূ ির Of or relating to the visual or descriptive arts Dug in the ground for the burial of a Tomb corpse. Of a colour intermediate between black Ancient and white dull. Greedy তোেু প Covetous, craving Wanting more money power etc. Green horn অনরভজ্ঞ বযরক্ত Inexperienced person. A person who has little experience. Grow বৃ রি হওয়া Increase, develop Growth বৃ রি Gunny sack চরির থরে Development, expansion Sacks/bags made of jute. Want more Updates  Increase in size, height, quantity, degree, Act or process of growing. A large bag made from rough material. http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  18. 18. facebook /gmail/skype: - WORD Habit Habitat Hamper অথথ অভযাি, িা ারণ আচরণ স্বাভারবক বািি
াান http://tanbircox.blogspot.com SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Custom Usual behaviour The place where a particular type The place where a of animal or plant is normally particular type of animal found to live. or plant is normally found. To prevent sb from easily ক্ষরেগ্রস্থ করা Damage িু খী, ভাগযবান Delighted, Harmony ঐকয Agreement Agreement Harsh ককথশ Comfortless Unkind, hard উচ্চো Head, Elevation, Tallness উত্তরা ীকার Inheritance,Legacy, Portion, Bequest Homeless গৃহহীন Destitute, houseless Homemaker গৃহ রনমথাো Human, individual Happy Height Heritage doing. Lucky, Fortunate Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment Measurement from base to top or head to foot What is or may be inherited Having no home The person who manages house রদগরমত্মর Horizontal িমান্তরাে, Flat Parallel to the horizon, flat আনু ভূরমক Household গৃি
াারে িম্পরকথে Family, home Large, great, bulky, gargantuan, Huge রবশাে, রবপুে immense, vast, prodigious, enormous, monstrous, colossal, Humanitarian Humanity Humble Hurry রহতেষ্ী, তোকরহেক র মানবো, িহৃদয়ো, িামনয োরাোরর করর করা Do-gooder, humancentered Humankind Not large Urgency Want more Updates  Occupants of a house as a unit, house and its affairs. Extremely large in size or amount Person who seeks to promote human welfare. The quality of being kind to people or animals Having or showing low self-esteem. Act of moving with haste http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  19. 19. facebook /gmail/skype: - WORD http://tanbircox.blogspot.com অথথ SYNONYMS ENGLISH MEANING Identity অননযো, অরভদ Distinctiveness The state of being the same Imagine কল্পনা করা Conceive, think Immediately েৎক্ষনাৎ Immense প্রচুর Immortal অমর, রচরি
াায়ী At once, at the Moment Form a mental image or concept of. Without pause or delay. Huge, abundant A lot of Not mortal, living for ever A living for ever; not mortal. Of great effect or consequence; Important গুরুত্বপূ ণথ Basic, chief Impose আররাপন করা Imbute, press Lay on Impoverished হে দররদ্র Poor, ruined Made poor. Impoverished গররব Poor, ruined Make poor. Sign, belief One’s notion, belief Unavailability Not accessible, unapproachable Impression রচহ্ন, অস্পষ্ট ারনা রবশ্বাি momentous. অগমযো, Inaccessibility অেভযো, অনরেগমযা Inaugurate অরভরষ্ক্ত বা Begin, Start, উরো ন Install, Commerce করা প্রেযারশে বা কম Affair, Event, গুরুত্বপূ ণথ Episode, ঘিনা Scene, Occurrence অন্তভুথক্ত/ Involve, comprise, consist, অন্তগথে করা take in, enclose, Independent স্বা ীন Free, sovereign Inequality অিমো Disparity, variation Incident Include Admit formally to office or initiate the public use A minor occurrence, or public disturbance To make sb/sth part of sth Not depending on authority or control. Lack of equality. The earliest period of a child’s Infant রশশু, অপ্রািবয়ষ্কা Babe, baby, infantile life, schoolchild below the age of seven years Inflict আররাপ করা Administer, apply burden Want more Updates  Impose sth. On sb http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  20. 20. facebook /gmail/skype: - Influence Influence Influence Informative Ingenious প্রভাব, ক্ষমো, প্রোপ প্রভাব, প্রোপ, প্ররেপরত্ত প্রভাব েথযপূ ণথ, রশক্ষামূ েক উদ্ভাবনরকৌ শে, রবচক্ষন http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Actuate, draw, excite, lead, The power that sb/sth has to prompt, urge, move, make sb/sth behave in a induce, stir, incite. particular way Act upon, charm Power that can be imposed Effect, impact Affect something Educative, instructive Giving useful information Able, Adept, Clever Clever at inventing, organizing, etc. Existing in something as an Inherent িহজাে Natural, inborn essential or permanent attribute. Existing in something as an Inherent অন্তরনথরহে Inborn essential or permanent attribute. Initial আররম্ভক Beginning Of the beginning োর উপর অনযায় Injured করা হরয়রছ Person on whom illegal task has Wounded been done এমন Inward, internal, private, Inner আভযন্তররক Insist রজদারজরদ করা Urge, emphasize, persist Maintain or demand assertively Inspection পরীক্ষা Cheek, scrutiny Look closely at. Installation অরভরষ্ক, িংিা
পন interior, real, secret, Introductlon, Induction, Manipulate, Earnest, Urgent, Pressing, Instant োৎক্ষরণক, জরুরর Instant জরুরী, োৎক্ষরনক Immediate, quick Instantaneous োৎক্ষরনক Immediate, instant Institution প্ররেষ্ঠান Academy, organization Current প্ররেি
াাপন, Institutionalize প্রবেথন, িংিা
পন Charge, commit, send করা Instruction Education,Informat ion, রনরদথশনা Instrument রশক্ষন, Teaching কােথ িা রনর হারেয়ার, েিপারে Tool, material Want more Updates  Interior Place, equipment or thing in position ready for use Occurring immediately Occurring immediately. Occurring or done in an instant. Organization or society founded for a particular purpose. Made dependent after a long period in an institution. Order, direction or teaching A tool used for a particular task http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  21. 21. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com অিীভূ েকর, Consolidation, একািীভবন desegregation, integrating Intelligibility তবা গমযো Clearness, lucidity Interacting রমথরষ্ৃ য়ো Integration Communicating with some one while working Able to be understood. Reciprocally active. Explain, expound, elucidate, বযাখযা করা, Interpret Joining together অনু বাদ করা translate, define, clarify, Expound, translate render Intervention হস্থরক্ষপ Interference Interference, esp. By a State. Introduce পরররচে করারনা Make known, acquaint Known by name to another, িৃ রষ্ট বা Invent Contrive, discover উদ্ভাবন করা Involve Include, entail, affect, cause জররে করা Create by thought, originate (a method, device, etc.) Cause to fix Expression of meaning, often Irony Joke, satire পররহাি humorous or sarcastic, using language of a different or opposite tendency. Word Jam Jelly Jostle Journal Judgement Just অথথ খাবার উপাদান Synonyms English Meaning Stuff One kind of food item খাবার One kind of food item উপাদান াক্কা মারা িামরয়কী রবচার, রায়, িু রবরবচনা নযােয, িরিক Justfication নযােযো, প্ররেপাদক Hustle, push, thurst, jolt, joggle, scramble, shake, Diary, Log, Record, Register Strike against Newspaper, periodical, daily record of events Intellect, sagacity, adjudication, penetration, estimation, verdict, The act of judging decision, rulling. Fair, Good, Due, Exact Morally right or fair Showing the justice or Apology, Píea, Defence, Vindication Want more Updates  correctness of a person, act, assertion, etc. http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  22. 22. facebook /gmail/skype: - Word অথথ Maintain রক্ষা করা Maintenance Major রক্ষণারবক্ষণ, ভরণতপাষ্ণ বৃ হৎ, প্র ান http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Synonyms Control, cause to, continue English Meaning Provide means for The act of keeping sth in good Take-care condition by checking or repairing it regular Bigger, chief, considerable, principal Very large or important অরনযর Malice অপকাররর ইচ্ছা,অশুভ Enmity, bitterness A feeling of hatred for sb that causes a desire to harm কামনা Malnutrition অপুরষ্ট, পুরষ্টহীনো Deficiency disease Manage িংগ্রহ করা Collect, gather Mandatory বা যোমূ েক Manifestation অরভবযরক্ত, প্রকাশ, প্রদশথন Compulsory, obligatory Condition resulting from the lack of foods necessary for health To collect sth. Required by law Demonstration expression Display appearance Making of articles, esp. In a Manufacturing উৎপাদন Producing Marginally প্রারমত্মকভারব Slightly Very slightly. Martial িামররক Warlike, military Of war, Martyrdom শহীরদর আত্মবরে Sacrifice, devotion The death of a martyr Masterpiece Material Maternity Meanwhile Measure রশল্পী বা করবর তরষ্ঠ অবদান বস্তুগে, জর মােৃত্ব, প্রিূ রে হািপাোে Great work Substance Motherhood ইেয-বিরর, ম যবেথী In the meantime, for কাে now, temporarily পররমাপ করা Calculate, evaluate. Want more Updates  factory etc. The best specimen of a work or art Matter from which a thing is made. Motherhood, motherliness In the intervening time, To find the size, quantity etc. http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  23. 23. facebook /gmail/skype: Measure Meditate Melody Mention Mighty Military পররমাপ, যান করা িিীে, িু র, িু ররো ধ্বরন উরেস্নখ করা পরাক্রমশােী, রবরাি দিরনক বা তিনাবারহনী িম্বন্ধী http://tanbircox.blogspot.com Calculate, To judge the importance, value Engage in contemplation Unison, symphony Declare, announce Dynamic, forceful, strong, powerful Plan mentally Sweet music To write or speak about sth. Especially Powerful and massive Of or characteristic of soldiers or Armed forces armed forces Cut down, decrease, Minimise হ্রাি করা, কমারনা Mistake ভুে Error, wrong, Blunder Mode কমথপিরে, রণ, Pattern, method A particular way of doing sth Moment Moral মুহূেথ, পেক দনরেক lessen, diminish. Current, fresh, present To reduce sth Very brief portion of time Concerned with principles of right Ethical and wrong behaviour. রশল্প িারহরেযর মূ ে Motif উপাদান বা প্র ান Image, design, pattern Idea of theme of a work প্রিি Movement Muggy অবি
াান পররবেথন, গরে, আরন্দােন Change of position motion, joint Change revolution িযােঁেরিেঁরে ও Clammy, উষ্ণ moist, Humid Multiplicat ive িমৃি, বর থে effort to bring about some damp, Oppressively humid Generative, Intensified Of multiplication Experienced or done by each of Mutual পরস্পর Reciprocal two or more parties to or towards the other(s) Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks
  24. 24. Want more Updates  Word Nationalism http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks অথথ স্বরদশানু রাগ, তদশাত্নরবা Synonyms English Meaning Patriotisom Patriotic sentiment Naturalization নাগররকত্ব োভ Norm আদশথ, ছােঁচ Ideology Normal িা ারণ, রনয়ম মারফক Normal স্বাভারবক, রনয়মমারফক Notice তদখা Getting citizenship of a Citizenship country A type, a model Accustomed, routine, Usual or ordinary. usual. Usual, Usual or ordinary. Accustomed, common Observe, see, Attention, observation Many, Numerous অরনক, রবপুে িংখযক Manifold, various, several, Being many Diverse, sundry, রবপুে Numerous িংখযক, Huge, various Many, consisting of many অরনক, বহু facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  25. 25. Want more Updates  Word Obligation Obstacle Obvious Occasion http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks অথথ দনরেক বা আইনগে বা যবা কো English Meaning Constraining power of a law, Duty, responsibility duty, contract, etc বা া, প্ররেবন্ধক Hindrance, objection, bar স্পষ্টে প্রেীয়মান, Explicit, apparent, open, পররষ্কার manifest, evident, patent িময়, উপেক্ষ Opportunity, time A special event or happening. At times, from time to Happening irregularly and time infrequently Occasionally মারঝ মর য Offer Synonyms প্রিত্মাব করা, প্রিত্মাব Advance afford, extend, তদয়া give, propose, present Repeatedly, habitually Often প্রায়ই, ঘন ঘন Oily দেোক্ত Greasy, fatty Onset শুরু, আক্রমণ Beginning Operate চাোরনা, রক্রয়াশীে Act, Work, Function regularly Hindrance, an impediment Manifest Make a proposal to Many times Containing or covered with oil. The beginning of sth, especially sth unpleasant. Be in action or function Belíef. Opinion রবশ্বাি, ারণা Fancy, View held as probable Judgment, Idea Opportunity িু রোগ, িু রব া facebook /gmail/skype: - Chance, advantage, convenience An occasion of convenience http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  26. 26. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Favourable chance or opening Opportunity িু রোগ Chance Opposed রবপক্ষক্ষ Opposite, different Opposition রবপক্ষো Oppressive রনষ্ঠুর Cruel, unfair Oppressing. Opt তবরছ তনয়া, মনরির
করা Decide, choice Make a choice, decide Orphanage এরেমখানা Home Place for the orphan. Outstanding অিা ারণ offered by circumstances. Set oneself against Antagonism, hostility, Antagonism conflict Exceptional, remarkable Conspicuous, because of excellence. ঙবরদরশক, িমুরদ্রর অপর Oversea পাররর (রদরশ, তদশ Abroad Foreign Due, yet to be paid Due, ascribable, caused by on তথরক, তদরশর জনয) তদয়, আররাপ Owing করা োয় account of এমন, জনয, তহেু Word অথথ Synonyms English Meaning Participant অংশগ্রাহক Member, contributor A person who is taking part contestant, applicant in an activity Particularly রবরশষ্ে Specially Especially; more than usual Particularly রবরশষ্ করর Distinctly, exceptionally Do sth specially Passion প্রবে অনু রাগ উৎিাহ, Desire Strong emotion তক্রা বা ঘৃ ণা facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  27. 27. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Official document certifying Passport রবরদশ োত্রীরক প্রদত্ত িরকারী ছারপত্র the holder's identity and Pass citizenship, and authorizing travel abroad Pastime অবির রবরনাদন Diversion, recreation To do something for pleasure Of shepherd Pastoral গ্রাময Of a pastor Patronage পৃষ্ঠরপাষ্কো, িমথথন Backing, business Pattern কািারমা Model, form, order Pattern Pattern নমুনা পিরে, আদশথ রীরে ছােঁচ, নমুনা Patron's or customer's support Design, The regular way in which sth Method, order, plan happen. The regular way in which sth Model, process, way happens or is done What is due for services Pay খরচ বহন করা Bear the expenses done, goods received, debts incurred, etc. Payment Peace প্ররদয় শারমত্ম Perfect রনখুেঁে Perform Perform Performance Persist িম্পাদন করা তকান কমথ স্পন্দন করা িম্পাদন, ৃ করেত্ব িম্পন্ন কােথ রিরক থাকা, পরররবশ facebook /gmail/skype: - Fee, salary, .reward, wages Paying or amount paid Agreement, quiet, slience, Harmony Accurately, fully, Quiet or tranquility Denoting a completed action completely or event Accomplish, carr y out, To do something as performance Do, execute Carry into effect Presentation recital, act How well or badly you do sth Preserve, continue Continue firmly or obstinately http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  28. 28. Want more Updates  Personal http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Individual, private, special, বযরক্তগে Physical Perspective দৃ রষ্টরকাণ Outlook, view point Perspective দৃ রষ্টরকাণ One's own Outlook, view Mental view of the relative importance of things. Mental view of the relative importance of things. Urge, entice, coax, Persuade প্রররারচে করা convince, induce, impel, Prevail on allure Fact or occurrence that Phenomenon রবষ্ময়কর বযরক্ত, রবষ্য়, ঘিনা appears or is perceived, esp. Event One of which the cause is in question Phenomenon রবষ্য়, ইরিয়রগাচর Pickle েবনাক্ত জে, রভরনগার, জারক Some thing that happens Fact or occurrence that or exists. appears or is perceived, Food, esp. Vegetables, Marinade preserved in brine, vinegar, mustard, etc Pierce রবি করা Penetrate Find access into Pierce রবি করা Stab, cut, slice open Penetrate Pioneer অগ্রদূ ে Founder, intorducer Pivot তে রপন বা রকছু রক তকি করর তকান রকছু Pleasant িু খকর Poisonous রবষ্াক্ত Polite ভদ্র, িু শীে facebook /gmail/skype: - One who goes before to prepare the way for another Shaft or pin on which Pin, pivot man something turns or oscillates Agreeable, acceptable, Pleasing or attractive. charming Toxic, Causing death or illness Venomous Elegant, gentle, polished, Having or showing good courtly, courteous, civil, manners http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  29. 29. Want more Updates  Polluted http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks দু রষ্ে Contaminated, infected Accepted, Popular liked, admired, জনরপ্রয় Pose তোকগ্রাহয, Familiar তদখারনা Harmful substance. Liked by many people Place, assume a certain attitude Show something জন্মদান করা, উত্থাপন Attitude, position, posture, Pretend to be sb in order to করা stance trick Possesses অর কারী হওয়া, Belong to, Hold as property Possibility িম্ভাবনা Chance, probability, The fact that sth might exist likelihood or happen Poverty দাররদ্র Scarcity, shortage dearth The state of being poor Poverty দাররদ্র Hardship, debt Being poor; want. Practically কােথে Precaution পূ বথ িেকথো Predicated পূ রবথর Predicting পূ বথাভাি Fore telling, forecasting Predictor ভরবষ্যেক্তা Prophet, foreteller Pose Realistically, sensibly Almost; very nearly. distinctly Anticipation, protection, Something that is done in safeguard, insurance. advance to avoide problem. Assert about the subjects Thing done before of a preposition Predicting or being predicted. People or instrument that forecast অর কের Prefer পছন্দ করা Choose, favor Like better Prejudice ু কিংস্কার Superstition A preconceived opinion. Requirement Required as a precondition Pre-requisite আবশযকীয় বস্তু, পূ বথাকরঙ্খে facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  30. 30. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks A person who introduces the Presenter উপি
াাপক Introducer Different sectionsof radio or TV program Preservation Prevent িংরক্ষণ বা া তদওয়া Care, keeping, Keeping safe or free from conservation, sately decay Avert, foil, check, stop To stop sb from doing sth. Arrogance, conceit, Pride গবথ, গবথরবা loftiness, haughtines, boast, vanity, Prison কারাগার বযরক্তগে kept as a punishment for individual, conficdential, exclusive, intimate, বযরক্ত বা পদমেথাদাকারীর Exclusive right, favor খুব িম্ভব a particular person or group immunity, belonging to a পক্ষক্ষই তভাগয Probably Belonging to or for the use of Right, advantage, or তে অর কার তকান রবরশষ্ Privilege proud A building where people are Jail, secure unit Secret, special peculiar, Private The state of feeling of being person, class, or office Likely, perhaps, possibly, That may be expected to may be happen or prove true Probe তখাজা Search, investigate Penetrating investigation. Procedure পিরে Action, method, formula. A way of doing sth. Procedure প্ররক্রয়া, কােথপ্রণােী Method, theory A way of doing sth Process প্ররক্রয়া Theory, method, procedure Procession রমরছে Proctor ছাত্ররদর মর য রনয়ম শৃ ঙ্খো রক্ষার ভারপ্রাি facebook /gmail/skype: - A method of doing or making sth Demonstration, march, A train of persons in a parade formal march An official with various An officer duties, including the maintenance of discipline http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  31. 31. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Among students Product পণয দ্রবয A thing that is grown or Crop, food stuff produced Ability of doing sth well Proficiency পারদরশথো Efficiency, skill, apt because of training and practice Profound গভীর Profuse প্রচুর Progress উন্নরে Having or demanding great Deep, sincere knowledge, study, or insight Plentiful, abundant Copious bountiful Development, improvement The process of improving তকান রকছু করার Project পররকল্পনা করা, Cast, classroom project পররকল্পনা An undertaking requiring concerted effort. Raise, lift, elevate, advance, Promote উৎিারহে করা aid, help, support, To help sth to happen cultivate, Promote পরদান্নরে দান করা, িংবর থে করা Advance, boost Help forward; encourage Prosperous state; wealth; Prosperity িমৃরি Plenty, affluence Protect রক্ষা করা Defend, escort Protection প্ররেররা Cover, defence. The act of protecting sb/sth. Protest প্ররেবাদ করা Claim or complain against A solemn declaration of sth. opinion against sth Proud গরবথে Perky, touchy, Haughty Provide তদয়া Import, give To impart something Give, offer, supply, afford To give sth to sb. Provide প্রদান করা, িরবরাহ করা facebook /gmail/skype: - success. To make sure that sb/sth is not harmed. http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  32. 32. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Supply, prepare, arrange, Provide catter, procure, furnish, তোগারনা To give sth to sb contribute, give, produce. প্রস্তে করর রাখা, Provide তোগারনা cater, procure, furnish, Prepare, supply contribute, give, produce. িংিা
ন করা, েথােথ Provide Supply, prepare, arrange, প্রস্তুে গ্রহণ করা Cater, furnish To make available Take care of a person etc. Provide িরবরাহ করা Afford, allot, donate Psychology মনিত্মাোরত্বক Mental The science of the mind Publish প্রকাশ করা Advertise, reveal Make generally known. Purpose উরিরশয Aim, goal Purpose Proper. উরিশয With money, food, etc. The intention, aim or function of sth Resolve, plan, aim. Object to be attained Word অথথ Synonyms English Meaning Quiet শান্ত Motionless, gentle Being quiet প্রশান্ত, িু রি
র, Silent, calm, still, শান্ত, নম্র pacified, secret Quiet Question প্রশ,ণ প্রশ ণ করা facebook /gmail/skype: - Calm, atrest, gentle, mild Enquiry, interrogation, Sentence worded or expressed so as to investigation seek information or an answer http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  33. 33. Want more Updates  Word Remain Radically Raise Range Range http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks অথথ অবরশষ্ট, অবি
াান Synonyms Continue, English Meaning last, Be in the same place or enduré, stay condition during further time আমূ ে Entirely, completely Fundamental উিারনা, উরত্তােন Acclivity, advance, Put or take into a higher করা ascent position পররির Variety Extent িারররে বা তরণীরে িু রবনযস্থ করা Region between limits of Ambit, array variation, esp. Scope of effective operation Acting or completed in a short Rapid দ্রম্নে Quick, speedy Rapidly দ্রম্নেগরেরে Fast, promptly Rational বুরিবৃ রত্ত িম্পন্ন Intellectual Of or based on reason, sensible Reaction প্ররেরক্রয়া Response Action in return Realize বুঝা Conceive, comprehend To understand Rear োেনপােন করা Raise, bring up To foster time. Happening in a short period of time. Assure, comfort, Reassure রবশ্বাি প্রদান করা encourage, hearten, Give confidence to support. Recognition ৃ স্বীকরে Acceptance Recognition ৃ স্বীকরে Acceptance facebook /gmail/skype: - Recognizing or being recognized. Recognizing or being recognized. http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  34. 34. Want more Updates  Recognize http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks িনাক্ত করা, রচনরে পারা Recommendation িু পাররশ Recover Recreation পুনরুিার রবরনাদন Accredit, acknowledge Identify as already known Approvement, sanction, Suggestion as fit for some praise purpose or use Rally, revive, save, Regain possession, use, regain Enjoyment, pastime, Of refreshment বজথয দ্রবযরক পুনিঃ Recycle বযবহাররর উপরোগী Reprocess, salvage, reuse করা That have already been used sothat they can be used again Reduce কমারনা, হ্রাি করা Abbreviate, abridge Make or become smaller or less Reduction হ্রাি Contraction, decrease Reducing or being reduced. Refabricate পুনিঃ রনমথাণ করা Reproduce, reconstruct To invent false information in order to trick people তকান রকছু র কারণ Refer বা উৎপরত্তস্বরূপ রনরদথশ করা, Pass on Point to as the source or origin of উরেস্নখ করা Reference উরেখ, িূ ত্র, শরন Indication Referring to sth or sb Refine তশা ন করা, Purify Making pure Reflect প্ররেফরেে হওয়া Mirror Show an image of Reflection Reform Regularly প্ররেফেন Shadow, consideration, thinking, meditation Reflecting or being reflected িংরশা ন করা, Regenerate, straighten Make or become better by the িংস্কারকরা out removal of faults and errors রনয়রমেভারব Normally, usually At regular intervals or time. Restore to effectiveness or Rehabilitation পূ নবথািন Reclamation, renewal normal life by training etc., esp. After imprisonment or illness facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  35. 35. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Relaxation আরাম Flexibility, relaxed Relentlessly বারবার Continuously, insistently Rely রনভথর করা Depend on, confide in Remarkable রবখযাে, েক্ষয করার তোগয Feeling relaxed Unrelenting, oppressively constant. Having dependence Famous,extraordin ary conspicuous, noticeable, Distinguished, noteworthy strange, distinguished Render ঘিারনা Cause to be, make To give sb sth. Replace প্ররেি
াাপন করা Restore Take the place of Replace প্ররেি
াাপন করা Refund, restore, Put back in place supersede, reinstate Advertise, Report রববরণ, প্ররেরবদন State as fact or news, narrate or declare,announce, describe or repeat broadcast State in which supreme power প্রজােি িদিযরদর Republic িমান িু রোগ িু রব া is held by the people or their Commonwealth, democracy elected representatives or by an elected or nominated president, আরছ এমন িমাজ not by a monarch etc Reputation খযারে Fame Good name Require আবশযক হওয়া Want, need, necessitate Need; depend on for success Requisite আবশযক Necessary Necessary Reserved চাপা স্বভারবর Held in reserve Unemotional বিবািরে, Resident আবারিক বিবাি কারী Resistant প্ররেররা ক Resource িম্পদ, িংগরে facebook /gmail/skype: - House physician, nonmigratory Defiant, hostile, obstinate Source Permanent inhabitant Not affected by sth. Fortune, fund http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  36. 36. Want more Updates  Respiratory http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks শ্বাি-প্রশাবি িংক্রান্ত Connected with breathing, Breathing Responsibility দারয়ত্ব Liability, duty Responsible দায়ী Accountable, liable Restrain দমন করা Hold back Restriction বা া relating to breathing Reuse Revolt পুনরায় বযবহার করা রবরদ্রাহ, রবরদ্রাহী হওয়া Being responsible. Having the job or duty of doing sth. Check Limit, constraint Confinement restraint Reconstitute, recycle To use sth again. Rebellion A rebellion, rebel Travel, traverse, Be carried on Ride চরা Right অর কার Rival প্ররেে্ী Opponent A competitor Rubbish আবজনথা Debris, litter, trash Things that you throw away Rude অরবনীে, ককথশ Impolite Impolite harsh Deplore, grieve, regret, Repent of; wish to be undone or repent nonexistent Comntryside In, of, or suggesting the country Hurry Enter hastily Rue Rural Rush অনু োপ গ্রামীন, গ্রামি
 দ্রম্নেরবরগ প্ররবশ করা facebook /gmail/skype: - Privilege granted by Just, morally or socially correct state, due http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  37. 37. Want more Updates  Word Sacrifíce http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks অথথ উৎিগ,র্ তকারবারন Synonyms English Meaning Surrender, loss, Voluntary relinquishing of destruciion, offering something valued Safe রনরাপদ Secured Protected from any danger. Safer রনরাপদ Secured Which is safe Sanitation পয়িঃরনষ্কাশন Improving of sanitary Sanitary conditions. জনিা াররণর Sanitary conditions, স্বাি
াে রক্ষার Sanitation রবরশষ্ে দক্ষ মে Sanitization, sanitizing রনি‥াাশরনর maintenance etc. Of these, disposal of sewage and refuse etc বযবি
াা। Satisfactory িরমত্মাষ্জনক Suitable, acceptable Adequate; giving satisfaction. Scale োপনী Range, size, A rule Scarcity অভাব/স্বল্পো Shortage, crisis Shortage sth. Scream রচৎকার করা Shriek, sudden cry Cry out ঋেু, তম․িু ম Interval, spell, while, Section আইরনর ারা Part, slice, sector A clause of law Section ভাগ, শাখা Chapter, fragment Each of the parts of a thing Appear, look Appear, have a show Season Seem তবা হওো, প্রেীয়মান হওয়া Each of the climatic divisions of the year, or Seemingly মরন হওয়া Outwardly, apparently Apparent but perhaps doubtful Segregate রবরচ্ছন্ন Seperate Set apart Selection রনবথাচন Preference Selecting or being selected. Selection রনবথাচন Choice, preference Selecting or being selected. facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  38. 38. Want more Updates  Self reliant Selfsufficient http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks আত্মপ্রেযয়শীে, Autonomous, Reliance on one’s own আত্মরনভথরশীে Selfdependent resources etc.; independence স্বয়ং, িম্পূ ণথ Self-reliant Able to supply one’s own needs; independent. আরোচনা ও Seminar গরবষ্নার জনয A small class for discussion Round table and research তছাি িাশ Sensibility তবা শরক্ত Sensibility অনু ভব শরক্ত, িংরবদনশীেো Intellingence, wiseness The power of feeling Awareness, consciousness Capacity to feel Thinking about things in a Serious ভীষ্ণ Critical Seriously গুরুত্বিহকারর Critically, severely In a serious way. Settlement বিরে Habitation, Settling or being settled, a Community place occupied by settlers. Settlers Several Several বিরে ি
াাপনকারী স্বেি, কেগুরে রেন বা েরোর ক, বহু নয় েরব রকছু careful way. Person who goes to live in a Incomer, immigrant new region. Sundry, divers, separate, various, different, some Distinct, a few More than two but not many; Respective, various a few Murky, gloomy, cloudy, A patch of shade of definite shady, dark, shape নারা তদয়া Shiver, tremble, vibrate Cause to tremble Sharp েীক্ষ্ম Pointed, edged, poignant Having a fine edge or point. Show তদখারনা Indicate Point out Significant গুরুত্বপূ ণথ Important, noteworthy Large or important enough Significant োৎপেথপূণথ Important, noteworthy Expressive Shadow ছায়া Shake facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  39. 39. Want more Updates  Significant Simultaneous Sincerely Situation Situation Skate Slaughter Slide Slope http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks গুরুত্বপূ ণথ Important, major েু গপৎ Coincident, concomitant. আন্তররক, অকপিভারব পরররি

ে বা অবি
াা অবি
াা, অবি
াান তি‥ি, শক্ত কািারমা জবাই করা মিৃ ণ রকছু র উপর রদরয় রপছরে োওয়া ঢাে Socioeconomic আথথ িামারজক Having a meaning; indicative. Purely, frankly, directly, honestly Occurring or operating at the same time In a sincere manner All things that are happening Condition at a particular time. Circumastance Condition location Slip, fall, slide A metallic resister The killing of animals for their Slay, meat. Slip, skate, fall Move along a smooth surface Declivity Inclined position, direction, Related to society and its Comb. Form of society or economy sociology (and) (socioeconomic) Unity, esp. Political or in an Solidarity িমো Unity, harmony Sort out বাছাই করা Select, identify Spark স্ফুরেংগ Flake, flicker, flash Specific িু রনরদথষ্ট Exact, precise definite Detailed and exact. Spectator দশথক Viewer, observer, witness An on-looker দ্রম্নেো Fast, hasty, quick, hurried Rapidity of movement Magic, charm, Fascination exercised by a enchantment person Pay out, use Use up (material etc.). Speed Spell োদু Spend বযয় করা, facebook /gmail/skype: - industrial dispute. Group of similar things etc. A very small burning piece of material. http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  40. 40. Want more Updates  Splendour http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks চমৎকাররত্ব, তগ․রব Brilliance, display, parade Dazzling brightness; magnificence Person who pledges money Sponsor পৃষ্ঠরপাষ্ন করা To a charity etc. In return for Support, pay for another person fulfilling a sporting etc. Spouses স্বামী বা স্ত্রী Spouse Husband/wife Stagger িেমে করা Reel, stumble Totter Steady একিানা Firmly fixed. Firmly fixed or supported; Sterility বন্ধযাত্ব Infertility Straight তিাজা, িরে Direct Not in a curve. Tactical Of or promoting strategy Skill, tact Long-term plan or policy Strategic Strategy Strength তকৌশেগে রবদযা, তকৌশে রবজ্ঞান তকৌশে Not good enough to produce crops. Boldness, energy, force, শরক্তমত্তা, তেজ might broad, large, Being strong extensive, widespread Stretch প্রিাররে করা Spread out, extend Draw, be drawn Stubbornness একগুরয়মী Obstinate, refractory Inflexible Submerge পস্নারবে / জেমি Drowned, inundated Subsequent To go under the surface of water. After, পরবেথী Later, ensuing, following, Following, as a consequence estimation, value Subsequent পররর Following, later Subterfuge ছেনা An artifice, a trick Succeed িাফেযম--ে facebook /gmail/skype: - Concurrent, prosper, flourish, prevail, follow Following, esp. As a consequence. Attempt to avoid blame Have success or be successful http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  41. 41. Want more Updates  Suitable http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks উপেু ক্ত Appropriate, fit, proper Right or appropriate Thing or part added to Supplement বারারনা Add, extra improve or provide further information. Surge Surpass Surroundings জরোচ্ছাি ছারররয় োওয়া পররপাশ্বথ, চেুরদথক তবেঁরচ থাকা বা Survival রবদযমান থাকার অবি
াা Sustain রর রাখা, িহয করা A sudden flood, high tidal To move quickly and with wave force in a particular direction. Beat, Be greater or better than, Exceed, excel, pass outdo Environs, settings That is near or around sth. Endurance, natural selection Carry on, maintain, prolong Surviving, relic Support, bear the weight of, esp. For a long period. 2 encourage, support Sustain চারেরয় তনয়া Maintain, continue Support for a long period. Swamp পস্নারবে হরয়রছে Deluged, flooded An area that is very wet. Swept ভারিরয় তনয়া Washed away Swept over দ্রম্নে বরয় োওয়া Swiftly, brushed away Symbol প্রেীক System বযবি
াা, গিন Method, approach Organized body of things. Systematic রনয়ম মারফক Orderly, According to a system. facebook /gmail/skype: - Sign, icon, mark, character Clean or clear (a room or area etc.) (as) with a broom. To clean a surface. A representation http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  42. 42. Want more Updates  Word Telecast http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks অথথ তিরেরভশরন তে অনু ষ্ঠান প্রচার হয় Synonyms English Meaning Television broad cast Broadcast, show, televise programme or item Calm, controlled, moderate, Free from extremes of heat restrained, disciplined, sober. and cold Temperature োপমাত্রা Heat Measured degree of heat, Temptation তোভ Greed The act of tempting Terminal প্রারমত্মক, Close, ending conclusion, Of or forming a limit or চরম, িমাি finishing terminus Testimony প্রমান, িাক্ষয Proof, evidence Thatched শুকনা খররর ছাউরন Roofed Theatre নািযশাো Playhouse Theme মূ েভাব Idea, topic, matter A keynote Close. Of great or specified extent Fat, crowded, dense between opposite surfaces Temperate Thick নারেশীরোষ্ণ পুরু, ঘন Witness's statement under oath etc. Of-covering of straw, reeds, etc A stage on which actors perform Use threats to cause trouble, Threaten আেংরকে করা Worry Tidal তজায়ার ভািা Flowing and ebbing periodically Till পেথন্ত Turn over To the time of Tips ইরিে Guidelines, instruction A hint facebook /gmail/skype: - hurt The regular rise and fall of the sea. http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  43. 43. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Patience, forbearance, ability Tolerance িহনশীেো to bear the impact of Able to accept what other people say or do. something An instrument used by Tool েি Instrument, utensil Topical বেথমান প্রিি Relevant, About a subject of current Toxic রবষ্াক্ত Poisonous, deadly Containing poison Traditional ঐরেহযবাহী Customary, common Being part of belief workmen Conventional, customary, Traditional ঐরেহযগে Being part of the beliefs or established, historic, custom timehonoured Traits ঙবরশষ্টয Mannerism, pecularity A distinguishing feature Broadcasting, Transmitting or being Transmission প্রচার Sending Trapped আিরক পরররছে Caught Tremendous রবস্ময়কর Marvelous, wonderful, great Astounding Trick ছেনা Artifice, cheat Deception Trip ভ্রমণ Journey, excursion Excursion, esp. For pleasure. Turbulent অরি
রেশীে Unstable, confused Varying irregularly. Exempiary, lllustratíve, Serving as a characteristic symbolical, example Typical দবরশষ্টিু চক facebook /gmail/skype: - transmitted. Situation from which it is hard to escape. http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  44. 44. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Word অথথ Synonyms English Meaning Unemployed তবকার Jobless Out of work, not in use. Unfair Unfortunate অনযােয দু ভথাগযবান দূ ভথাগযজনক, Unfortunate দু িঃখজনক, তশাচনীয় Unique একমাত্র, অেুেনীয় Astonishing, extraordinary biased, dishonest, foul Ill-fated, unlucky Not fair, just, or impartial Having bad luck Inauspicious, unfortunate Unlucky. 2 unhappy person Being the only one of its Only one, single kind; having no like, equal, or parallel. ভারো বা United িহমরমথোর Combined, concerted Got together Agreement, harmony, oneness Being one; বন্ধরন ঐকযবি Unity একো General, whole, total, Universal িবথজনীন Comprehensive, boundless, exhaustive, complete, General worldwide, Universal Universalised UnnecessarilY িবথজনীন দবরশ্বক, িাবথজনীন অপ্ররয়াজনীয়রূপ তা facebook /gmail/skype: - Total, complete, entire Belonging to all; applicable to all cases Globalised Applicable to all cases. Without need, pointlessly More than is needed http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  45. 45. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Unusually অিা ারণ Oddly Uncommon Unwelcome অবারঞ্চে Unwanted Not welcome or acceptable. Upward ঊিথমুখী From Urban নাগররক/শহুরর Town Usually িা ারণে Commonly, generally উপরোরগো Advantage, Utilïty Word lower উপকাররো, Worth, price, মূ েয usefulness Vapour বাস্প Moist Varied রবরব Diverse, various Vast রবশাে Large, colossal Vehicles োনবাহনগুরো Bus, trucks, cars গরে, Rapidly, quickness গরেরবগ rate. Verse করবো facebook /gmail/skype: - Rhyme, stanza, canto important, etc. In the way that is usual or normal avail, benefit, Synonyms Velocity Towards what is higher, more City, civic, town অথথ Value to higher Usefulness, basic and standardized English Meaning Worth as estimated Moisture, or other, substance diffused in one Various Extremely large in areas size, amount etc. A thing that is used for transporting people or good The speed of sth in a particular area Poetry http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  46. 46. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Upright, Vertical খারা Violation েঙ্ঘন Abuse, contravention Transgression Violence প্রচন্ডো Brutality, hostility Vehemence Susceptible Easily wounded or harmed. Vulnerable Word ক্ষরেগ্রস্থ হরে পারর এমন অথথ perpendicular Perpendicular Synonyms English Meaning Fixed regular payment to an Wage মজুরী Cost of labour employee, esp. A manual worker. Part of the human body below Waist তকামর Warfare েু ি, রবগ্রহ War Waging war, campaigning Welfare কেযাণ Prosperity, goodness Betterment Westernise the ribs and above the hips পাশ্চাত্তয িভযোর Introduce western civilization প্রবেথন করা into Wet রভজা Soaked, Covered with water While িময়, েখন Though, as, although, whereas Time, during the time Wide চওরা Broad, large, extensive, open Broad Wide প্রশস্থ, রবিত্মীণথ Across-theboard, allembracing facebook /gmail/skype: - Having sides far apart, broad, not narrow http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  47. 47. Want more Updates  Widening http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks Expanding, broadening Make or become wider. Widespread বযাপক Pervasive Existing over a large area Widespread বহুরবস্তৃে Far-flung Widely distributed Willing Disposed, তবরর চরেরছ ইচ্ছুক Windy বায়ু ময় Wisdom রবজ্ঞো Wit বুরি Withdraw িরর োওয়া, েুরে তনওয়া Withstand বা া তদয়া Wonderful রবস্ময়কর Worshipper পুজারী Worst Worth Wrap িবরচরয় খারাপ রবরশষ্ মূ েয রবরশষ্ট তমারারনা eager, ready, Ready to consent or undertake prepared Stormy, turbulent Consisting of mind Learning, knowledge, reason, Knowledge gained from sense experience Intelligence, wisdom Knowledge; Pull or take aside or back. 2 Adjourn, back away discontinue, cancel, retract Confront, thwart, oppose, face, resist, endure, tolerate, defy. Amazing, awful, Adoration Oppose Very remarkable or admirable A person who pay homage to a duty. Very bad, much bad The poorest quality. Deserving Special Covered, Envelop in folded Give play to (vengeance or one's Wreaked তভরি োওয়া Inflict, cause anger etc.). 2 cause (damage etc.) Wreck ধ্বংশ, রবনাশ facebook /gmail/skype: - Blast, break, ruin, upset Greatly damaged building, thing, or person http://tanbircox.blogspot.com
  48. 48. Want more Updates  http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks ইন্টাররনি হরে িংগ্রহীে  http://techtunes.com.bd/tuner/tanbir_cox  http://tunerpage.com/archives/author/tanbir_cox  http://somewhereinblog.net/tanbircox  http://pchelplinebd.com/archives/author/tanbir_cox  http://prothom-aloblog.com/blog/tanbir_cox http://facebook.com/tanbir.cox http://facebook.com/tanbir.ebooks http://tanbircox.blogspot.com facebook /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com