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Published in Health & Medicine , Technology
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  • 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comআ঩নার ই−বুক বা pdf ররডাররর Menu Bar এর View অ঩শনরি তে রিক করর Auto /Automatically Scroll অ঩শনরি রিরেক্টকরুন (অথবা িরািরর তেরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এবার ↑ up Arrow বা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করর আ঩নার ঩ড়ার িুরবধাঅনুিারর স্ক্রে স্পীড রিক করর রনন। Aquittance Abbreviate Abbreviate Aberration Abhorrence Acceleration Acclamation Acclivity Accompaniment Accumulation Accuracy Addendum Address Adherence Admission Admittance Affable Affection Affluence Aggregate Aggression Albatross Alimony Allegation Alleviate Allocation Ambassador Ambiguous Ambulatory Ameliorate Amenable Anaemia Anaesthesia Annihilate Anniversary Anopheles Antidote Apostrophe Apparatus Appreciate Apprehension Approximation Aquarium Arbitrator Arrogance Arsonist Artillery Ascendancy Assassin Asthma Attorney Audacious Avenge Ballot Banquet Barrack Belittle Bequeath Billiards Bouquet Bouquet Brilliant Burgeoning Cabbage Cafeteria Cannoneer Canonesses Carriage Catalogue Cemetery Challenge Champagne Charlatan Cheque Coalesce Colleague Collision Colonel Commission Committee Commotion Complain Conciliate Confiscated Congenitally Consign Contention Contentious Contravene Contravened Convertible Corpulent Counselor Counteract Countermand Credulous
  • 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Critique Critique Crustaceans Deceive Decimate Deliberate Demographer Denigrated Denigrated Depression Depression Dialogue Diarrhoea Dilemma Diligent Disappointment Domicile Ecstasy Efficacious Efficiency Embarrass Encyclopaedia Enigmatic Entrepreneur Equilibrium Exaggerate Exasperating Excellency Exhort Exhortation Expediency Expeditions Explosive Factitious Fahrenheit Familiar Fascinate Ferocious Flagrant Garage Garrison Garrulous Gauntlet Gazette Gratuitous Gratuitous Gustatory Gymnasium Hallucination Headland Hegemony Hilarious Homogeneous Horrible Humdrum Humiliate Humorous Hurricane Hydraulic Hygienic Hypocrisy Hypothesis Illimitable Illiterate Immemorial Immutable Imprecise Impulsive Inaccessible Inappellable Incoherent Innovation Insignia Interruption Irrational Jurisprudence Kerosene Kindling Kinesthetic Legerdemain Liaison Literature Literature Loquacious Ludicrous Luminosity Magnanimous Maintenance Malaria Malignant Malleable Mammoth Man oeuvre Massiveness Matriarchy Maverick Mediaeval Mediaeval Mediterranean Messenger Metallurgy Metropolitan Military Millionaire Miraculous Miscellaneous Mistress Mitigate Modulate Momentarily Mushroom Mysterious Necessary Negligent Negligible Obeisance Obliterate Occurrence Officiating Olfactory Ominous Oscillation Ostentatious Ostracize Paramilitary Parliament Passenger Passionate Penchant Penicillin Peninsula Perfunctory Peripheral Permission Perseverance Pessimism Philanthropy Picturesque
  • 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Pigeon Plausible Possession Precepts Predecessor Predecessor Preliminary Premier Privilege Procession Prodigality Prodigious Profession Progression Prominent Prominently Promontory Pronunciation Propitiate Proprietor Prosecutor Pseudonym Psychiatrist Psychiatry Psychiatry Psychology Pusillanimous Quarantine Quinine Raccoon Ranches Reappearance Rebellion Recalcitrant Recommendation Redeem Reference Reflection Rehabilitation Relevancy Remuneration Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance Rendezvous Rendezvous Renegade Reprehensible Resonant Restaurant Resurrect Resurrected Resurrection Revealed Revealed Rhododendron Sabotage Sacrilegious Sagacious Sanatorium Sapphire Satellite Saxophone Scaffold Scenario Scientist Scintillating Scissors Sculpture Secretary Seismograph Semester Separation Sheepish Shepherd Signature Simultaneous Souvenir Sovereignty Sparrow Spontaneous Sportsmanlike Stationery Stipulation Submission Substitute Successive Succulent Summarize Sumptuous Supplementary Supposedly Suppression Surgeon Surmised Surrender Suspicion Sycophant Syllogism Symmetry Tentative Terrific Territory Therapeutic Thesaurus Thong fully Timorousness Tomorrow Tongue Transitory Treasure Tremendous Unaccompanied Unendurable Unnecessary Vacillate Vacuum Vagrant Ventured Veterinary Visionary Wrathful
  • 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comইন্টাররনি হরে িংগ্রহীে