The indian mela quiz answers 2013


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The indian mela quiz answers 2013

  1. 1. By Tanay
  2. 2. 1. The name of this language is derived from the Turkish/Mongolian word meaning army encampment. Hence, it is called the language of the army. Armies of a certain period contained soldiers with various native tongues. Hence, this language was chosen to address soldiers as it abridged several languages. Which language?
  3. 3. URDU
  4. 4. 2. In his spare time, X began collecting materials from demolition sites around the city. He recycled these materials into his own vision of the divine kingdom of Sukrani, choosing a gorge in a forest near Sukhna Lake for his work. The gorge had been designated as a land conservancy, a forest buffer established in 1902 that nothing could be built on. X’s work was illegal, but he was able to hide it for eighteen years before it was discovered by the authorities in 1975. By this time, it had grown into a 12-acre (49,000 m2) complex of interlinked courtyards, each filled with hundreds of pottery-covered concrete sculptures of dancers, musicians, and animals. Identify X
  5. 5. NEK CHAND – Chandigarh Rock Garden Fame
  6. 6. 3. Quite simple, Identify the singer Audio 2.mp3
  8. 8. 4. X was an Indian musical composer and teacher from the village of Majorda (near Margao in Goa) who, during the mid-1950s, attempted to merge the symphonies of his Goan heritage with the Hindustani melodies and rhythms in films of the day. He found his first job in the city as a violinist in the group of the composer Naushad in 1943. He taught R.D. Burman and Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma-( member of the Laxmikant Pyarelal team) and worked with most of the legendary composers of the 1950s and 1960s. A few examples of his work are Naya Daur, Waqt, Dillagi, and Haqeeqat. Identify X
  10. 10. 5. The novel ____ ________, originally titled Bazaar-e-Husn , is the tale of an unhappy housewife who is lured away from the path of domestic virtue into becoming a courtesan but then reforms herself and atones by serving as the manager of an orphanage for the young daughters of courtesans, the ____ _______ of the Hindi title. While the Urdu title highlights the fall of the heroine, the Hindi title highlights her redemption, and it is tempting to see the two titles as widely symptomatic of their respective literary cultures. Which novel ?
  11. 11. SEVA SADAN
  12. 12. 6. Dilip Prabhavalkar is a Marathi film, television and theatre actor. He started his acting career in the play ‘Lobh Nasava Hi Vinanti’ written by Vijay Tendulkar. His debut Bollywood movie was Encounter : The Killing, but he achieved nation-wide recognition through a cult movie for which he also won the National Award for Best Supporting Actor. Incidentally, this movie was the first Hindi movie to be screened at the United Nations. What role did Mr. Prabhavalkar play in that movie?
  13. 13. 7. Inspired by Playboy, which Indian magazine? Here, Neetu Singh is shown on the cover.
  14. 14. 8. There once lived a terrifying and powerful asura, called Tripura, who could not be killed by any celestial being. All the Gods went to Lord Shiva, who used a weapon called the Aghhora, the intensity of which killed the asura. Now, Shiva’s heat had to be totally used in summoning the weapon. The heat was too much, even for Shiva. So, he closed his eyes and it absorbed all the heat and melted. What was formed thus ?
  15. 15. RUDRAKSH
  16. 16. 9. Composed by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma & Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia for a movie, this song is one of India’s best known folk songs. The taal of the song is ‘Keherwa’ of Hindustani classical music and the lyrics were penned by X based on a traditional Rajasthani bhajan by Meerabai. Identify X and the song (No part points)
  17. 17. X = Harivansh Rai Bachchan The song is ‘Rang Barse’ from Silsila
  18. 18. 10. Explaining the prefix to his name, this music graduate from the Trinity School of Music, London, says, "During my college days in UK, I picked up this slang from my African-American friends. Literally, translated, it means aapka apna (your own). Today, it has given me a unique identity.” Currently he is the highest-paid musical artist in Bollywood. Who?
  19. 19. 11. Identify the style of painting, also having a Geographical Indicator (GI) status
  21. 21. 12. X belonged to a band of announcers of Radio Ceylon who enjoyed iconic status with millions of listeners. His multitalented brother, Y (an eminent broadcaster in English) was the host of Bournvita Quiz Contest. X helped popularize Radio Ceylon in India and the station ruled the airwaves in the 1950s and 1960s and X was most famous for presenting Binaca Geetmala, a countdown of the most famous songs of every year, between 1953 to 1993. X is still known as the "golden voice" of Indian radio. Identify X
  22. 22. AMEEN SAYANI
  23. 23. 13. What is blanked out ?
  24. 24. INDIAN OCEAN
  25. 25. 14. Chutney music is a form indigenous to the southern Caribbean, popular in Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname. It derives elements from traditional Indian music & popular Trinidadian Soca music. It was created in 1940s by Indo-Caribbean people whose ancestors were mainly from Bihar. The lyrics are either Hindi, English or Bhojpuri and are laid down over beats derived from Indian dholak beats, mixed with the soca beat. A chutney song is an up-tempo song, and may be accompanied by instruments like electric guitar, synthesizer, dholak, harmonium, dhantal, tassa drums, etc. Chutney music was introduced in Bollywood last year and become quite a rage. Identify the song which was based on Chutney music.
  26. 26. Audio 3.mp3
  27. 27. 15. The man in the painting was the king of Kosala, a member of the Suryavansha dynasty and one of the forefathers of Rama. He is depicted as showing the way to “someone” and taking her somewhere where she is going to stay. Who is he?
  28. 28. BHAGIRATHA
  29. 29. 16. This dish is described in the writings of Afanasiy Nikitin, a Russian adventurer who travelled to the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century. It was very popular with the Mughals, especially Jahangir. ‘Ain-i-Akbari’, a 16th century document, written by Mughal Emperor, Akbar’s vizier, Abu'l-Fazlibn Mubarak, mentions the recipe for this dish, which gives seven variations. The name is also the Benarsi local name of the Makar Sankranti festival. Identify the dish, whose name you must have heard on TV and later in a movie.
  30. 30. 17. These are some of the movies for which legendary Kathak artist, Pandit Birju Maharaj has choreographed. Give me the next in the list .
  31. 31. 18. Ramchandra Narayanji Dwivedi was a renowned poet and songwriter who is best known for his patriotic song Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo written as a tribute to the soldiers who had died defending the country during the Sino-Indian War. His status as a nationalistic writer got immortalized for writing a daringly patriotic song Door Hato Ae Duniya Walo in India's first golden jubilee hit Kismet (1943) because he was forced to go underground to avoid arrest immediately after the film's release that invited the ire of British government In 1997, he was honoured by India's highest award in Cinema, the Dada Saheb Phalke Award for Lifetime Achievement. He was also made the Rashtrakavi and is known to us by which name?
  32. 32. 19. Which famous person’s debut movie ?
  33. 33. 20. What is the Persian word for ‘to display love to the loved one via speech’ or ‘to exchange talk of love with the loved one’ ?
  34. 34. GHAZAL
  35. 35. 21. Badruddin Tyabji in his memoirs vividly describes an encounter with her in Shimla in 1930s when in midst of a conversation on art and literature she simply took her clothes off and lay naked on the carpet. She is also the subject of a play ‘Aapki ______’ (1992), starring Shabana Azmi and Farookh Sheikh. Who is she, sometimes known as India’s Frida Kahlo ?
  37. 37. 22. Identify the artist
  38. 38. 23. The following quote by X’s creator ascertains its location in South India "I must be absolutely certain about the psychology of the character I am writing about, and I must be equally sure of the background. I know the Tamil and Kannada speaking people most. I know their background. I know how their minds work and almost as if it is happening to me, I know exactly what will happen to them in certain circumstances. And I know how they will react.“ The exact location, however, is a matter of speculation. Many are of the opinion that it may be Coimbatore, with a river on one side, forest on the other, and many similar buildings and lanes as X like Lawley road, Variety Hall, Bombay Anand Bhavan, etc. It is also speculated that it may be located near the river Kaveri , or Yadavgiri in the erstwhile state of Mysore. Identify X.
  39. 39. MALGUDI
  40. 40. 24. According to a fable, X married 27 daughters of Daksha, but truly loved only one of them. His other wives complained about this negligent behavior to Daksha, who cursed him that he would become ugly forever. As a penance, X prayed to Lord Shiva to remove the curse. However, Lord Shiva said that he could not remove the curse completely, but said that whenever X lost his beauty completely, he would again gradually gain his beauty and the cycle would go on. Who is X ?
  41. 41. CHANDRA
  42. 42. 25. Video 1.mp4 Name of the TV show, which began in 1997 and had 120 episodes.